Faravahar Fire Temple Wall Pediment

Pre Islamic Era (before 651 AD). 8000 years of Persian History, the oldest civilization in the world.

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Faravahar Fire Temple Wall Pediment

Postby IPC » Thu Jan 06, 2005 11:14 pm

Dear Members:

We would like to share an interesting letter from the founder of IPC to Toscano Gallery. This letter would be very interesting for the historians, archeologists, artists, and artifact collectors. Please view.


IPC Office


Faravahar Fire Temple Wall Pediment

Dear Toscano Reps:

Allow me to share this idea with you.

I have a suggestion for you. I have reviewed your site & I have seen no Persian Historical Item except:

The Persian Griffin
Item # NG32916
http://www.designtoscano.com/images/us/ ... 916_vl.jpg

of this page:
http://www.designtoscano.com/shopping/p ... d=ng-32916

Allow me to state here that Persian Artifacts are very popular amongst the historians and scholars or collectors. Also allow me to remind you that as far as the sales concerns goes, there are:

900,000 Persians in LA County CA
35,000 Persians in Orange County CA
70,000 Persians in San Diego County CA
100,000 Persians in Washington DC
a good number in Chicago where you are located,

Total of 2.5 Million Persians (Iranian Americans)

According to Census Statistics & other Academic Statistics, Persians are the most educated, most professional and the wealthiest Ethnic Group in America.

My point is that if you start replicating Persian Artifacts, you will add a great number of clientel to your customers & make a larger profit.

I can personally advertise for you & garantee that you will sell a great number of merchandise to the Persian Community.

Persian Civilization is the oldest civilization in the globe (8000 years of history)

8000 Years of Iranian History

.... & it is amazing that the western scholars always undermine the Persian Empire, yet emphasize on the Roman/Greek Cultures!

Now you might ask, what would be a great starter as the first best seller Persian Artifact, for us to create?!

First of all, allow me to mention that I am the founder of:

Iran Politics Club

Second, allow me to mention that there are a various number of websites, which are selling cheaply made, poor quality products of historical artifacts replicas of the Persian Empire. For example, check:

This page

from this site



this page

from this site

These International Trade Sites, often sell, small items "only". Also the quality of their products are very sad!

However, as we see, Persians still purchase a great number of these badly made, cheap products!

On the other hand, your company, according to my knowledge & according to my friends, is one of the best companies in the business. You sell high quality, accurate, well made historical replicas with reasonable prices. I have a number of collector friends who are your customers. I am also your customer.

I am a historian and I have written a number of books. You can read some of my works here:

IPC History

I am also a collector of historical books, documents, and artifacts (original and replica). I am only one person, yet I assure you that we have a great number of Persian Collectors who would pay top dollars for good historical replicas. Your company is a great company artistically, yet you are missing out on the Persian Market!

Now back to the point,

The first item which you need to create its replica, should be:


More Examples

Much More Examples
http://members.aol.com/ahreemanx/images ... 20gold.gif

http://hometown.aol.com/ahreemanxii/ima ... 20show.jpg

http://hometown.aol.com/ahreemanxii/ima ... epolis.jpg

And for even more examples, just surf the

Iran Politics Club (IPC Website)

What is Faravahar?

* * *

The Project

This is my suggestion to you and this is what I want you to do:

Item name:

Faravahar Fire Temple Wall Pediment

Create this Faravahar

in the tradition & in a format & dimentions such as this:

Egyptian Temple Wall Pediment
Item # NG32428
http://www.designtoscano.com/images/us/ ... 428_vl.jpg

of this page:
http://www.designtoscano.com/shopping/p ... d=ng-32428

40"Wx2"Dx7½"H. 6 lbs.
would be ideal.

Be creative with the detail colors but keep the main color Gold.

This Farvahar will be the exact replica of the original Faravhars on the Entrance (Gate Tops) of the Zoroastrian Fire Temples. This Faravahar will go on the door tops of the main door or rooms in the houses. There should be a ring mount (the same as the Egyptian Temple Wall Pediment) hooked behind the Faravahar, so people can hang it on their door tops.

See what you can do about the price range. The same price range would be ideal & if they buy 2, then you have the same discount.

Faravahar is the national emblem, a holy logo, a national identity and the meaning of Persianhood for Persians (Iranians). You can create this in the same manner as you create your other art work. Get the contractor artists to create this Faravahar in the same high quality manner that you do your other products and I assure you that Persians, Zoroastrians, collectors & other history enthusiasts will buy them by the sets of two! I and a great number of my comrades and IPC members and readers will be your first customers. I can even market this item for you.

The bottom line is that, today, we do not have a responsible caterer who makes top quality Persian Artifact Replicas. all we have are cheaply made productions. Persian community and other collectors, have no other choice but to purchase these sad products. Once you (your artists) start making top quality products and replicas, you will get the grand market of Persian Artifact Replicas.

But remember one thing:

Once you will be rolling in the sales dollars coming from Persian Artifact Replicas, do not forget who gave you the idea first! You will greatly thank me for turning you on to the idea of Persian Replicas and get you into the Persian and specifically Iranian American Market!

So this is my first project for you. Try it, produce it, well market it, advertise it & you will not regreat it.

Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions regarding this project.

My friends, best wishes and keep up the good work.


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