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Postby Edelge » Wed Apr 18, 2007 9:19 am

Hi Pro.

Glad U asked the question. I personally think that it has nothing to do with “DNA System”, but the direction which piss flows which is a function of downhill. Scientifically, I can give U the Thermodynamics lecture and analogy pertaining working natural laws, but that will cost U $ and I cant remember having received your last payment.

In brief, the direction in question is toward Gay and Lesbianism, BOKON-BOKON Capitalism, Suppression of Individual Freedoms, Police State, and above all Separation of Social Classes to Disadvantaged and Upper-class; the good news is that will last till there is a grand Global Calamity wiping off over-infestation of human populous and cleansing the land to virtues of new global civilization.
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Postby Edelge » Sun Apr 22, 2007 5:45 am

Hi Pro.,

In all honesty, I am not inclined to reply in a qualitative manner. We probably have over 20 points IQ difference rendering any ideological intercourse moot between us. Unless, U pay to my paypal account a generous sum, in which case I will explain to U the 4 laws of thermodynamics and how they impact everything, including political evolutions.

And to throw a free bone for U, behold: Entropy of the Universe is increasing!

But, perhaps U can tell me where the rats are gone? Liby, SOGRA 3-PESTON, SAVAKies, etc.

And, perhaps U can explain why are U saluting to ham sandwich:
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Postby Ahreeman X » Tue Apr 24, 2007 4:49 pm

To Camran Mirza:

Nationalism, I defend. Why is that?

There is no doubt in my mind that the future world will consist of one Global Government of Earth. It will be an International Government. However, until then and until that occurs, the various nations of Earth must come to the proper level of progress, understanding, intellect and science to be able to grasp this new concept. Without this proper education, singing Internationalist Songs such a Marxists, Globalists or Muslim is simply very silly and unrealistic.

Once all global nations, form local unions, such as the European Union or my suggested Persian Union:

then they can concentrate on the big picture and the Global government. Until then, we must proceed step by step. Short steps that is!

Watcher in the woods
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Postby Ahreeman X » Tue Apr 24, 2007 4:50 pm

To Bache Kuni:

On Bokon Bokon Capitalism!

This must be the definition of the type of Capitalism you truly enjoy, no?

On Gay and Lesbianism!

Wouldn’t you just love living in that world? A world which is moving towards the Gay and Lesbianism? But you dropped one thing! You forgot Transsexualism!

Without it, you can’t exist! So you need to change it to,

A world which is moving towards the Gay, Lesbianism and Transsexualism.
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Postby Edelge » Wed Apr 25, 2007 10:01 pm

_________________________Hey X
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Postby Edelge » Sun Apr 29, 2007 9:12 pm

prologicam wrote: .............
I ask again, what happens if a person born in one country and bred in another like millions around the globe? Where do they stand for their sense of nationalism?..........

For once U asked a good question Pro. I was under the impression that by Nationalism you mean the Nazi movement, skinheads, etc.

But to answer your question, the most logical is:

Fuck the place of birth! Your loyalty must be toward that which acted like an uncle to U when U were in hardship.

U may have dropped out of Iran's ass and you may pride yourself for lineage of civilization and kings, but remember that the fucken Iran and the moronic kings cared less if U live or dye! For them U were a subject to be used and abused. It was USA that took you in and gave U an asylum when you were country-orphaned and homeless. It was America that put value on your life and existence when your own country of birth had no value for U. It was USA that treated U as an equal US Citizen under the Constitution, with one exception that U can not become a US-President.

So, your frigid loyalty must be toward your uncle, the Uncle Sam!

Simply said, Long live America! F**k Iran!

PS: But I wish we could send G.W., Romsfeld, Chainy, and few other morons to Iran, since they do belong there!

Just have some dignity & leave a generous will for me before you depart!
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Postby Ahreeman X » Sun Apr 29, 2007 9:39 pm

My Dear Little Faggot:

There is only one problem with your whole theory! Once again you made an assumption and obviously once again you made an ASS of yourself!

Camran does not live in America!

Now don’t you just feel stupid like a sack o Shiite?
When will you learn to:

Study, think, talk ………… in that order?

Adios Malijak

Your Master Ahreeman
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Postby Edelge » Sun Apr 29, 2007 9:52 pm

No moron! I knew that U were peeping, so I was referring to U, the Jewish Prince of SD!
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Postby Ahreeman X » Mon Apr 30, 2007 9:37 am

:fkick: Kuchulu:

:doggy: Donna bite, Donna bite Mali!
:hammerhead: Down Mali, dowwwwwwwwwwwn
:kohezboii: Bad Bad Bad Mali

:fingering: Donna Lie, Donna Lie “Little One” ………..
:coverup: Donna hide the Shiite and the Booboo under the Persian Rug!
:pokey: Or I will “Jizz” you with a “Javalduz”!
:jiz: Or you can self-Jizz yourself with the Javalduz!
:banghead: Just come straight out and bravely admit that,

:hezboz: You are “Tupid”.
You are a “Little One” who is “Tupid”.
In addition, you are also “Dingy”; therefore you are the Dingy Tupid Little One.
Be honest and face the music: You are Tupid.
Now behave or I will Jizz and Fragture you.
:fry: Bad bad bad Bache Kuni.

:intel: …and palease do not try to speak so serious using Big Big words, cause it all ends up to Bokon Bokon, Bache Kuni Style! Do not, and I mean do not put too much preasure on your little fragile brain and strain yourself, because it all puts wrinkles on your eye line and hemorrhoids on your rectum! Just relax and be yourself:

“The Dingy Tupid Little Malijak one” :jump:

And Never Ever forget your duty in IPC, :whip:
You are here for our entertainment.
:shackled: We play with you, torment you, frag you and then if it hurts too much, we will caress your hair and pad you on the back and ass like a good little Malijak.

You are my naughty, nutty little booboo Jan. :sling:

:kissey: Ahhhhhhhh Master is sorry he hurt you phisically and mentaly!
:scared: :beadyeyes: Ahreeman is sorry Booboo!

Hows the world goin? Going towards Gay, Lesbianism and Transsexualism?! :multiple:

Adios Mali :scared: :firedvl:

Your Master X
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Postby Ahreeman X » Tue May 01, 2007 1:47 pm

The Agenda

Rafiq-e Qadimi:

“I ask again, what happens if a person born in one country and bred in another like millions around the globe? Where do they stand for their sense of nationalism?”

Good question.

Depending on the:

I. Character of the person
II. How long he lived in the old country?
III. Cultural factors
IV. Priorities of the person

a) Some are traditional, they stick with old country.
b) Some are easily melted in the new country and absolutely forget the old.
c) Some melt in the new but keep the old traditions.

You see it all depends. For instance:


Condition I
Kaveh Farrokh
One of Iran’s leading historians and scholars and a good friend. Our families were very tight in Iran. Due to his families diplomatic episodes, he was not even born in Iran! Kaveh was born in Greece, bred in Greece and developed in west. But, there is a but…….. Kaveh reads, writes and speaks fluent Persian; furthermore, is an expert in Ancient Iranian history. Kaveh went back to Iran to research history onsite. Kaveh is a linguist and speaks many languages. But even Kaveh cannot comprehend or speak Traditional Persian, using Arabic Rooted Persian words, terms and slangs used in Tehran, Esfahan, Kashan, Shiraz, Abadan, etc.

Condition II
Ahreeman X
I was born in Iran and lived in Iran until age 16. Lived in USA and traveled the globe since then and never went back to Iran (could not). I read, write, speak fluent Persian; furthermore, if you hear me speak Persian, you would freak out on how the hell, can someone who grew up in USA, can speak such traditional Persian, using proverbs, slangs and folkloric ethnic language, sentences and words popular in various cities of Iran. Then you would be amazed on how I am familiar and speak Arabic Rooted Persian words and slangs (also Arabic). The words which I can use are Arabic rooted Persian words used in the most traditional families of Iran. I use old words which only formal Iranians inside or older Iranians inside understand. I also use slangs which only younger Iranians understand. I comprehend and speak Traditional Persian, using Arabic Rooted Persian words, terms and slangs used in Tehran, Esfahan, Kashan, Shiraz, Abadan, etc. When I speak Persian in a formal reception or a party with elders present, they simply stand amazed in a field of prairie with their right hand’s thumb up their rectum and their left hand pinky bitten between their teeth, wondering how the hell an Iranian origin American who grew up here since 16/17, can speak better than them and use all slangs and words of their generation, even folk words and terms from around Iran? They simply can’t believe that I left Iran when I was 16. Right away they ask: Who taught you? And I reply:
Myself! In addition I speak various other languages.

Condition III
Reza USA
Do you remember our friend Reza? I am sure you do! There are millions like Reza USA, if not hundreds of thousands like Reza USA! Girls and Boys with religious background, leave Iran in their teens or twenties. They come to America or West. After 3 months or max 6 months, they forget Islam, Reform Movement, Khatami, Iranian Music, Iranian Culture, Iranian Traditions, even Persian language. In case of Reza, they develop thick Manhattan New York Accent! They start speaking English with Italian, Black, Rap, Southern, British or etc. accents (depending on where they land)! Ask them a question in Persian? They will respond in English or the best they can do is to reply in PenGlish with English or American accent! Ask them what is Mehregan? And they think it is a new Persian Saffron Ice cream! After 3 months, they seize listening to Rowzeh Khani on Moharam and start listening to Black Sabbath and Ozzy!

Above, I given you all 3 main conditions:

Born, Bred and lived in Exile
Born in Iran but Bred and lived in Exile
Born and Bred in Inxile and lived in Exile

Of course there are other conditions but above are the major ones.

What is the point?

The point is that this is all “Cultural” and “Genetical”. It is depending to the way your mind has been developed (Family effect, social effect, personal effect) + the way your Genes are and your background are (Pure Persian Pride or Degenerate)!

Depending on your environment, your personal character and your Genetics/Race, you develop differently. In many cases, it does not matter where were you born, bred or developed and lived! It all depends to the person’s background, personality and blood.

If you were a person of No Culture and “Bi Hoveyat” in Iran until the age of 27 and then moved to America. You will still be a person of No Culture and Bi Hoveyat. You dig? In Iran, you were wearing Rap T-shirts and mixing English words when speaking Persian. In America, after 3 months you lose your Persian accent and in 6 months you forget Persian language, tradition and culture. Then you will become some low life, whore or Faggot like Bache Kuni! You dig?

But on the other hand, you could be born outside Iran and end up like Kaveh Farrokh an Iranian Linguist and historian! You dig?

The most important factor on how one develops is not the environment or genetic/racial characteristics, but in my opinion is the personal characteristics of the person. Then you may argue that the personal characteristics develops due to environment + Genetics! True but many other factors are involved on the psyche of a person to form. It is not just formula A or B.

So my answer to you is:

It all depends.

And depending on all that it depends,

One will end up a Nationalist
And then
One will end up an Arabtoxicated in Ixile
And of course
One will end up a Westoxicated Faggot in Exile

It all depends on to many factors in Sociology, Psychology, Genetics, Raciology, Anthropology, and History.

“The future world of the World Government is already here, it's called the Global Commerce.”

Very interesting analysis and as always you stick with the “Economic” Factor; however, You know very well that you are wrong because this is not what I meant!

You do not have a unified world until you get a global Government of Earth and believe me, UN is not it!

Of course you have Globalism and Global Commerce, but that is not the United Government of Earth, yet until that Global Government in Earth is created, your Global commerce in nothing but a "Global Economic Imperialism" where there exists Sweat Shops in the 3rd world, semi industrial or industrial nations (China) to feed the machine! This is Global Corporate Imperialism. Do not mistake it with the True Global Government and the “United Earth Government” of the future. In the future, there will be a United Earth Government with one leader, one cabinet and one parliament. You are just being mucho symbolic and mucho economic, amigo!

“Freedom of commerce outweighs the freedom of languages, religions and national sovereignty. From that aspect of the view, your nationality only applies to each and all of the countries you reside, no further beyond, cause conflict in interest.”

Do you know one of your interesting characteristics?
For a Republican, you sound a lot like a Monarchist.
For a Western person, you sound a lot like a Traditional Persian.
For a critic of western capitalism, you sound a lot like a Hard-core Globalist Capitalist.

In a way you portray a different aspect but in a way, you critic your own views, debate them with yourself and then analyze them! You are a self-analyst! You are a self-critic!

Of course you have a point. Commerce breaks all boundaries and this happens simply due to necessities of living in today’s global community! World had become too small.

But, there is a but………

I can say the same thing about Information! Cyber space and Information also acts the same way. World is now too small and one!

I can say the same thing about Technology! World is now too small and one!

Freedom of Commerce, Information, Technology or etc. has nothing to do with the Nationalism, Nationalistic Feelings and Ethnic Ingenuity in your blood! It is in your bones, blood and psyche.

Too much of it, you will become a Nationalist
Lack of it, you will become an Internationalist

Globalists, Marxists, Muslim, Pacifists (some), Anarchists (some) and other Internationalists of the present age are lacking on the comprehension of one small issue!

This issue is:

The United Earth Government will be built on Equal Basis. Equal basis for “All” Nations will not be achieved until “All” will have Equal Understanding and Knowledge of the globe, Equal Education and Modern Progressive Mentality, Equal spirit of cooperation, etc.

To achieve a true “United Earth Government”. We must first:

I. Create Sophisticated Progressive Nations to create the Unions.
II. Create the Continental and Regional Unions such as European Union, Persian Union (my plan), etc.
III. Create The United Earth Government.

Otherwise this Globalism and Globalization will become an Economic Imperialism to Frag the poor people, attract westoxicated youth in the 3rd world and Corporate World (US and West) and Totalitarian systems (China) to suck the blood out of the masses! This Globalism is far from the future “United Earth Government”; furthermore, this Globalism is a step short of Kos O She’r (philosophically speaking) in comparison to what I am talking about!

“There is no until then, it is happening right now right where we stand,”

I agree it is happening now, but unlike your belief in Globalism, I believe that Globalism is only one step. It is happening step by step. It had not happened yet! If you believe that it had happened, then you are dead wrong! It will happen in the future centuries from now. It is Sci-Fi now!

“Seven years ago, I said to you; you don't make Revolution but Revolution makes you. One night you are sleep, the nock on the door wakes you up and handles you the gun saying; you wanted to make revolution, it is happening now, you can make it happen NOW! “

“Here we go again; do you make the union, or the union makes you?!”

You almost have a Digital Memory (like me), even after so many years of drinking Araq Sagi (Vodka) with Mast o Khiar and Caviar! It must be the Genes! That brain of yours is still Tic Toc, Tic Toc……..! That is why I have collected your brain and put on the shelves of the IPC Library. You are a frustrated genius who talks a lot of scattered frantics over a belly full of Vodka, but once a while, when you are down to business and really ponder on issues, you crack them wide open (like Atom) and you speak of some brilliant resolutions, solutions, theories and scientific conclusions. That brain of yours is still brilliant and I could never buy it elsewhere even with spending all the money in my global accounts! That is why you are an asset to IPC.

That said, yes, I recall. That (above) was one of your famous lines. One of your famous logics. But my friend, Globalism and Regional Unions had not occurred yet! They are in their primary stages! They are not knocking at my door yet! They are waiting for me to hand them a glass of water, helping them to walk on to my door! They are walking to my door as fast as they can but they need help!

“Who, How, When, is it going to take action?”

Us, gently, now it is taking action!

“Are they gonna happen all at once,”

No, step by step.

“and where will it all start from,”

You and I.

“not America,”

Just because you moved out of USA it does not mean for you to gain such Anti Uncle Sam attitude and become Anti America! Don’t be so Euro-Pee-An-ized! Come back to America, come back to your Uncle?!

“ I trust Madagascar is well situated since it is in the west of Java and the wind is more favourable to blow it over.”

Camy, you are developing a sense of humor! Keep on working on it and soon you may have your stand up on BBC!

“ Please remind me to take my earphones off, cause won't be able to hear the sound of the guns, also to cancel my concertrate for the Aryans band.”


“ It is happening, and going fast, as good as accomplished. I see no reason for not joining the movement as well as trying to be cautious by delaying to pave the way for interweaving all people of all nations. “

OK, tell me how can we join without sacrificing the integrity of our culture, heart and soul (which you talk about) and economic benefits? Do you really believe this is true globalization?

Now even if we want to join, we can’t! Because you and I are nothing and nobodies! We are just a couple of guys talking in a club! We do not govern Iran yet! IRI governs Iran! We are not even in charge! How the hell can we join? Shouldn’t we first:

Free Iran
Create Independent Powerful Progressive Iran
Create Persian Union
Create United Earth Government

In that order?

“These would all have been altered if the world had been walking on a different path from the beginning, but the present path that a united-ship of one form or another is walking on is what I call band tonbooni (lastic de shorts). “

Lastic de Shorts (Riooooooooooooot)! Me like that!
Are you taking private lessons in humor?
Are you sure you are not aiming to become a Stand Up Comic?

Band-e Tunbunet Bedam!
Khoda khafat nakoneh!

Haji, I did not say now, but I said, eventually there will be a United Earth Government.

Now here comes the fundamental of your argument:

“There are two flows in the global system, hence, on-going crises; 1. The Persian way is out of equation.. So, what would you do in such situation? Which path would you choose to walk on? I wouldn't waste my time and energy to repair something that is rotten in the root, however, my other options may well be hard to apply, but in theory, it's possible however it may be improbable.”

So you also agree that:

2. None-Persian way is wrong and beyond repair.

Therefore, we need to concentrate on:

1. The Persian way is out of equation..

The Non Persian Way, both Westoxication (Shah Era – Imperial Era) gotten us to absolute collapse and handed Iran to Islam and IRI.

Shah was a confused person who did not even know what he wanted:

One foot in Haj and Mecca (He was a Muslim)
One foot in Persepolis (He was a Nationalist)
Two hands in Washington DC (He was a Westerner)

Shah’s lack of decision, understanding and conviction had pushed Iran towards Westoxication in which this extreme had handed Iran to Islam and created Arabtoxication!

Shah’s Way in general was a Non Persian Way morely a Confused Way.

Today’s IRI is the opposite extreme which inherited from Shah’s confused system of reign! IRI is Arabtoxication and back to Islam!

IRI’s Way in general is also Non Persian Way.

Non Persian Ways failed. Both Imperial Monarchy and Islam had failed Iran.
Then we had the Side Kicks and Ass Kissers such as Marxists, Mojaheds and Jendeye Meli (Jebhe Meli) whom each helped or shared power with above (Monarchists and IRI) to gain power and remain in power and then all got fragged by Shah and Imams!

Marxists and Mojaheds aided IRI
Jebhe Meli shared power with Imperial Monarchy and IRI

So the Non Persian Way tried and failed Iran

Now we have one solution:

The Persian Way.

However, our today’s Nationalists are having trouble focusing on the issue. They are distracted and sticking to their own cults:

Monarchists, Republican, National Socialists, Liberal Democrats, etc.

Nationalist Movement of today is ill, scattered and unfocused.

Or as you said:
The Persian way is out of equation..
What I am trying to do is to clarify for them that:

Hello, step to the 21st Century please!
Let’s move on to Information Age please!

Hello, Earth is calling and your cults are dead and they have been dead for decades or centuries!

Monarchy is Dead
Jebhe Meli is Dead
Meli Mazhabi is an oxymoron
National Socialism is Racism and Hate is a not a base to build a philosophy or a nation.

These people are stuck in time frames of the past and are accomplishing no good and basically nothing.

For 28 years
Monarchists had their heads in Reza Pahlavi’s ASS
Jebhe Meli had their heads in Mosadeq’s ASS
Mojaheds had their heads in Rajavi’s ASS
Meli Mazhabis are simply confused
And Marxists + Nazis live in LaLa Land!

Their combine efforts as Iranian Opposition had resulted in Zilch! IRI is still in power, way too strong and the Opposition is a small fly powerless to the mighty IRI. Everyone in Iran hates this regime and a small minority of 20% are pro this regime or believe that it is reformable but a smaller minority of 10% are willing to fight and defend this regime. But no one is in agreement and unified to overthrow this regime!

Masses inside Iran combinely either do not trust or out in open hate the Opposition in Exile; especially they hate the Monarchists and Mojaheds.

We need to make this clear:

It does not matter what ideology you have, but if you can put Persian Nationalism first and your ideology second, then join the Nationalist Movement to save Iran by trying the Persian Way.

If these people, these blind people can stop screaming:

Our Way is Shah’s Way
Our Way is Mosadeq’s Way
Our Way is Rajavi’s Way

And start screaming:

Our Way is The Persian Way

Then we will have a sleight hope to achieve our goals.

There is no doubt in my mind that the Nationalist Revolution of Iran will happen. But with these backward, ignorant, cultist, useless people (Monarchists, Jebheis, Mojaheds, Marxists, Nazis, etc.) sticking to their cults, this Revolution will happen in 50 or 100 years but if they open their blind shut eyes to reality and forget the bull shiite that they believe in, and join to try the Persian Way, then we can commit to this Revolution in a few decades.

But, as I have always stated:

Put one Iranian in a room and you will get ingenuity and creativity,
Put two and you will get conflict,
Put three and you will get chaos

The best example are Iranian political cults, fractions, factions and even IPC right here!

Take a look at Monarchists splitting in two occasions simply due to their cult characteristics and ignorance. Monarchists could not Evolve and see beyond their cult! The problem is that these people are obviously not hungry enough to destroy IRI and return to Iran. They are happy living like Exiled Gypsies in Europe and America or else they would have kiss their cults, their Bloody Shah and Mosadeq and Rajavi goodbye and start a New Era to build Iran of Tomorrow.

Ignorant Iranians are the reason Iran is Miran.
Until Miranians of all types become Iranians, we are screwed!

I look at these people with their various political ideologies and cults as “In-Tell-Egg-Chew-All Cattle” and Inferior folks who are missing the Big Picture due to their ignorant Cult Behavior.

These idiots prefer to scream:

Javid Shah
Zendeh Bad Mosadeq
Rajavi Rajavi

Than to forget their bloody leaders and Bull Shiite Beliefs of the past and start believing in the Persian Way and Nationalism to build the Iran of Tomorrow.

If we manage to gather these Cattle (above cultists) in a united front, our task will accelerate.

If we fail to gather these cattle in a united front, then our task will move on slow and it will take half or a full century to establish our goal.

I am trying to mix and match and gather some of the cattle and also accelerate the time factor by using all my means in one basket to jump-start the movement. My hope is the youth inside and outside. I am trying to educate the masses to an open mind, beyond cultism and to make them concentrate on The Persian Way and nothing else.

Screw Shah, Mosadeq, Rajavi, Marx, Mohammed and every other cult leader.

Focus on

The Persian Way (as you stated).

We are trying to accomplish the mission in under 20 years or so. Preferably under 10 years but I doubt it.

I doubt it because the Old Farts of each cult are avoiding the Youth to think clearly and they distract them towards their Dead system of Belief so they cannot concentrate on The Persian Way.

Old farts such as old Imperial Generals and Statesmen.
Old farts such as old Marxists or Jebhei Veterans.

The revolution will start from inside Iran by the hands of the youth inside. Looks like there are more bright youth inside than these cattle outside! We have a number of bright youth outside but they are in minority and even their bright ones are cattle cultists (as you are aware of)!

So in conclusion,

I agree that that The Persian Way is well troubles but it is the only way.

One thing is for sure:

Right here and right now, we are making history. IPC Club is The place for Iranian politics where the master minds hang. Great number of masses inside and outside Iran have been actively reading IPC in silence. That is what we want. Debate, Discuss and Educate. Mission Accomplished.


Always your comrade X
Watcher in the woods
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Postby Edelge » Tue May 01, 2007 8:51 pm

Very informative X, but why did it give me gas?

Who is this Rafiq-e Qadimi? Is he the one and the same as the Pro? Sounds like a Lebanies or half Armani. And, where is Pro's IP from?

There were too many deep loads that U dropped above, so I shall educate gradually, after all I don't want to strain your sensitive Irani muddle! But the main thing is that I always knew that U have a good balanced place between Reza and Liby and finally I think I located it:
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