How Independent is Iran?

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How Independent is Iran?

Postby Ahreeman X » Thu Jul 05, 2007 6:12 pm

How Independent is Iran?

Jojo Mojo:

Why do you keep on posting every single topic in the world, under Fouladvand’s topic? Are you trying to get more views by posting more replies? But all these replies are irrelevant to Fouladvand! Why don’t you let go of Fouladvand’s shriveled up balls and start new topics (Only if they are necessary)? Now don’t go creating 100 new topics, all loaded with your gibberish, all over IPC! This one was worthy, so I annexed it and then responded to it.

Jojo Mojo:
“After the Shah, Iran never had an independent government.”

This statement is flawed. Shah’s regime was a puppet regime of CIA. Shah’s complete government was backed and created and then revived (1953) by CIA. Only at the end, Shah became bold and claimed (only claimed) independence and started to scream independence, regional power, separate policy and etc. As soon as Shah started singing independence songs, US Government and CIA along with British Intelligence and UK, killed his regime and sent him to the doom!

Now IRI is a totally different story. IRI may have been created by the help of CIA, MI 6, USA and UK; however, it backfired on their faces. Today’s IRI after 28 + years of independence is one of the most independent governments in the world. IRI has no masters; specifically IRI has been pissing on US government for over 28 years.

They started to sanction Libyan oil from IRI, and they bought it from Venezuela! IRI goes against the world and does not give a rat’s ass! As Ahmadinejad stated: If the world sanctions Iran, they only sanction themselves out of trades with Iran. IRI is almost self-sufficient. IRI has been sanctioned for 28 years and still standing! Unlike Shah’s regime, IRI is not weak. Unlike Imperial Cheesy Military, IRI does not collapse like a Guz overnight (1979)!

West assumed that gas riots would last. What happened? Nothing! Another F U in the face of USA! IRI serves no master. I have to give them credit for that!

But it would be great for IRI to concentrate on creating more refineries than atomic sites, so in the future, Iran will be self-sufficient creating her own gas 100%.

Building refineries is not an easy job. USA has only 5 refineries and that is why they import all their oil. Iran needs to build refineries. 1 refinery in Abadan will not do. It is hard to create refineries when US sells no parts to Iran; however, there are always Russia and China.

Around the region, many do not agree with Islamist policies of IRI; however, they admire IRI for its independent as a strong regional power who serves no masters.

I just got back from Turkey (business, pleasure, political meetings) and even secular Turks admire IRI and Ahmadinejad (for independence) and they are ashamed of their own government who is the servant of USA!

To call IRI a dependant regime is nothing but delusional. To call IRI servant of UK or USA is Bull Shiite and a type of delusion created in the minds of Exiled Monarchists, Conspiracy Theorists and Semi Whacked Jobs!

To call IRI dependant and servant to US and UK is a type of bull Shiite that only Mesbah-Zadeh would write in Kayhan London or Pirouznia would write in SMCCDI! This kind of crap can only come out of Fouladvand’s delusional mind! Nothing but Monarchist delusional Kos O She’r out of Kun Suzi of being in exile and not finding the balls and guts to do something about it (after 28 years)!

IRI is the most independent regime, which has ever established in the modern history of Iran. IRI shows finger to all! IRI serves no master.

Freedoms, elections and social patterns available in IRI, had never existed in the Imperial Regime! IRI is a thorn in the eye of USA and UK.

The problem with IRI is Islam. If we get Islam out of IRI, then everything else is reformable.

If IRI was Islam free, then I would personally go back and try to serve the nation and help reforming the system. My problem with IRI is Islam and Theocracy or else, IRI in many aspects is far more democratic than the Imperial Regime. But one thing is for sure:

Islamic Republic of Iran is 100 times more independent than the Puppet Regime of Shah, which was the servant of CIA and British Intelligence (except the last few years)!

Grasp the reality Jojo; stop living in fantasy (like Monarchists)!

Someone who was born 100 years too early for the Iranians
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Postby Joehohoho » Fri Jul 06, 2007 10:52 am

Dear Ahreeman ...
I hope you had a great time in turkey and I am sure that turkish mobs, in search of excellence, filled you with Iranian pride, because AhmadiNejad ( their ignorant superman) can swear at mighty one. If mobs view is a base for your judgement, then you are in a big trouble, as always.
Freedom is a definition and you can change it's boundaries as you wish. It is a man made term to explain a miserable world he made ( for contrast!!). .
If you think game of election in any form and shape is a sign of freedom then for sure freedom in Iran is powerful. But if freedom points at integrity of a human in choosing his way of life, his believes, his clothes, what he likes to drink or do with his life then every other place on earth is in a better shape than Iran.
***Have you heard about that man from California, who decided to go to Texas while walking in the wrong path, therefore ending in Chicago!!?? Where are you heading? ***

At the present I am buisy but I shall prepare a great response to you shortly.. It will point all the misunderstanding out.. and can heal all the shortcomings. Do you know anything about relativity???? I judge one occasion relative with other... and I am aware of all that you pointed out but it all needs to be looked at with wisdom...
Have fun in Chicago :) :) ):

Love you and I wish your blinders off your eyes
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Postby Ahreeman X » Fri Jul 06, 2007 12:21 pm

“Dear Ahreeman ... “

Yes Dear Jojo Mojo? :devnoid:

“At the present I am buisy but I shall prepare a great response to you shortly..”

at the present time, both of us (Haji Kuchike and I) are also very busy, but we shall both prepare a response to your future response! We shall put our brains together and come out with a masterpiece of a response!
:devgrin: :discobanana:

“It will point all the misunderstanding out.. and can heal all the shortcomings.”

Our response will point out to all the shortcomings and heal all misunderstandings! :beadyeyes:

“Do you know anything about relativity????”

Einstein and I wrote it together! :devbrowed: :scientist:

“I judge one occasion relative with other... “

Everything is relative to another….. :US: :prince:

for instance,

:raton: Reza Pahlavi is similar to a little rat, feeding on CIA cheese (What a great cartoon idea)! Every few years, CIA and State Department throws a piece of cheese (70 or so millions of dollars) to Reza Pahlavi and alike’s faces and in return, they distribute the cheese amongst the great Up-Position Rats (LA, NY and DC TVs, Radios, Media, etc.), of course after biting a big chunk off the cheese! After all Reza Pahlavi is a fat rat and is in need of big chunks! Monarchists are the greatest Nationalists of them all; therefore, they eat them CIA cheese while holding their nose (Ba ekrah Panir mikhorand)! Monarchists eat the CIA cheese and say “Ah Ah”, how bad tasting it is! So as you see, Reza Pahlavi, Monarchists, Iranian Media Mafia, all and all feed on CIA cheese and grow big bones and fat bellies! Now you see how everything is relative?

“and I am aware of all that you pointed out”

But are you aware of the point itself? :fingering:

“but it all needs to be looked at with wisdom...”

But I am Dahati, Aqab Ofdateh and little bit Kheng, so I may have no wisdom! What is this Wisdom that everyone is after? How come they are not after Big Balls (Khayeh)? Reza Khani Balls?

Jojo Mojo I shall impatiently await for your response! I may even hold my peepee and sleep in the back yard (Biruni) on the outdoor bed with a Persian Rug on top of it (Persian Style), so I’ll be right near the Biruni door and near the IPC Club Corridors, so as soon as you respond, I can grab and read it!

:Candle: Jojo Mojo

I love you with or without
But I hope that you finally splurge and buy a new colorful (green, white and red) underwear!
The old one has a hole in it!

PS: Stop changing your respose because I have based my response according to your response, and then you go and revise it again! God Damit, that is cheating! See ya in Chicago!

Ibn Al Muljem X
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Dear Jojo Mojo

Postby Ahreeman X » Thu Aug 30, 2007 10:51 am

Dear Jojo Mojo:

Say Joe, I was cruising the Club and checking out the unanswered topics and I did notice this one. 10 years ago, you went to prepare a response for my last response to your Bang and Bologna statement about the degree of Iranian regimes’ independence! You are still not back!

What happened Haji? Were you stock piling and Talanbaring so much Mohmalat under the Fouladvand topic that you forgot this crucial topic? If I would had taken this long to come up with a response, I would have successfully made a revolution in Iran!

Haji, what happened? As usual, did you get trapped posting Kos o She’r under the Fouladvand topic and you got lost in translation or maybe lost in the desired spiritual world?

Haji did you break a Qoulanj or have you made a Boksovat? Haji did you run on a flat? Panchari begirim? Haji don’t choke on the bone? Let me grab a spoon or a pair of pliers and take the bone out!

Haji stop piling Arajif, frantics, meaningless fragments and unrelated paragraphs under the Fouladvand topic and for once in your life, come up with a reasonable factor which makes sense!

Haji ye takun, Haji do takun, Haji Taryaki safa betakun and get out of your coma and finally come up with a response.

I stood here for so long that the grass grew under my feet!
I stood here for so long that Haji Kuchike got old and fell off the tree!
I stood here for so long and played Arshimalalan with Haji, that the palm of my left hand grew hair on it!

….. and you still did not come up with a response!

Haji let go of the Manqal and Vafur and get back so we can see if you can make one lousy assessment or logic based analysis, will ya?!

Thank you for your consideration


Ibn al Muljim
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Postby Joehohoho » Wed Oct 03, 2007 6:06 am

Dear Ahrieee Jooon :) :) :)
One day some day I shall write a response to you, but who knows, may be by then, you have grown up to be a smart seven years old boy and find the answer by yourself :) :)

Regards and blessings
If you find me ten honest Iranian... I will create The heaven in Iran... Any one like to be tested? Read the book... "Poshteh pardeh-haie enghelab"
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Postby Joehohoho » Wed Oct 03, 2007 1:53 pm

Hello Mr. Ahreeman...
Here is your answer... Catch ========>

Iranian are looking for a fictional ( or real) hero like Kaveh to rise and save them from the misery which is caused and invited by their own ignorance and attitudes. And they expect that the fictional Kaveh save them ( from themselves!!??) without leaning on any foreign support.
In Kaveh time and days, this could have been done, because economy was local, local people were producing and controlling their own food. Population were limited, therefore controllable. Entangled political forces were usually only two, “government versus people.” and the present organized broadcasting Media were un-available, therefore gossips and lies could only travel with the speed of a horse.
The most important factor was the economy which at those time was local or territorial. Therefore it could not be controlled fiercely, by a one or two governments and a handful of bankers. The other main factor was lack of present organized global espionage forces for power, money and control, and its sophisticated tools, speed, financial backing and its vast access to the mobs everywhere and easily.
Today, cities have grown to millions of population, which necessitate a strong organization for its control. Our daily food , is delivered to us from thousands of miles away and it is handled by the government and, it's delivery, needs to be approved by others!. In addition, there are a handful of organized colonizing forces, equipped with money, facilities, trickeries and armed heavily with weapons and a united news media, looking for opportunity, to rob “the rich but weaker and ignorant ” countries by lies, deception, chaos and hunger. They use their vast financial power, military strength and vast news media to misguide people and prevent their unity, and by creating a handful of opposing political groups and faction which are continuously in war with each other, but knowingly or un-knowingly expanding and protecting the interest of organized power and money brokers.
You still do not know what happened to you and your country in the last revolution... You do not know, or your self interest, suppresses your knowing.!!.You still do not know why it happened and how it happened , while many books are trying to point you towards the facts. You and others keep talking without looking and keep spreading gossips and lies without any research and without any feeling that you may need to understand the past events and your own weakness as a preventive tool for the future. You always want some one to point you the way ( news media!), to protect you and feed you with food and news ( even about your own family??) , therefore interested parties, feed you what ever that is in their interest.
Iranian are looking for someone to worship , a hero a prophet or any thing else, while they are ignoring their own god given power of deduction, eyes, memories and understanding. They do not trust their own sight, unless a western man confirm it. That is called inferiority feeling, irresponsibility and laziness.
In today’s organized world with so many vicious forces, lurking in each corner, waiting to loot other countries , the only way to bring some sanity to Iran is by attracting and leaning on one of those forces ( the best available) and then head in to the future with hope. You do not have any other choice.
**** No revolution in the world has happened in the last 100 years, without involvement of a foreign force, and that includes Russian revolution. Therefore.... deary, do not deceive yourself.

for the last 300 years British assigned and brought in power, almost every leader in the world. That includes , “Reza shah the great”, Ataturk and the rest..
Reza Shah a practical geniuses , could see the problem and the only solution. Therefore he accepted to lean on British...., and use their inelegance and political power to drag the country out of a stinky swamp which it was floating on. At the mean time he waited patiently to claim the countries independence in the due time. Reza Shah lost his life for this cause.
***Since he was a practical man and not a dreamy educated PHD, full of theoretical bulshit ( sleepy gonzaleses!! :) :) :) ) He did what he did based on the tough condition he was facing in the country. Did Reza shah has any shortcommings in his charcter? Yes, plenty of shortcommings. Did he do any thing positive? Yes plenty.
His great son was assigned as the king. A young man who had no knowledge to rule the country and no power to decide.. He almost, signed whatever British and American desired to be. Was he happy to do that? No. Was it wise for him to do so ? yes. Mohamad Reza Shah, remembered his father’s fate and cause of it, therefore he waited patiently. Gradually he grew up to be a great politician. He used power of gift giving , persuasion, and boasting about the old Iran’s history to attract multitudes of good friends in US, as a means to build up power and release the country.
On 1971 he succeeded and threw British out of Iran ( while leaning on US) and gradually he succeeded to cut the British influence from the other nations in the Gulf, but like his father he was check mate(d) and lost his life and throne for this purpose and this act. Mohamad Reza Shah like his father was not a perfect man ( we do not have any perfectman, right?) but in general he was a patriotic man with a big dream for Iran.
How can universe grant Iranian any grace when they are always blaming
and pointing finger at those who served them and even lost their lives for their cause? Why our people can see all the defects in others and ignore their goodness and the condition they were facing?
****Can you, once swallow your pride and say thank you to those great people who gave you what ever they could give you, even their own lives?****
Do you expect something better and more which they could not provide for you? Do you read about the condition in Iran in pre- Reza Shah era? But.. But.. you expected more, right? When are you going to grow and accept your errors and pray for forgiveness and mercy???

Do you know that , if Shah has kept acting in the interest of British and US and against yours, he would have been on power know? Do you know that he would have been loved and praised every where as the best king ever? Do you know that, he would have been in the news and praised ten times a day ? Now tell me, Do you, now know, why I am calling most of you remote controlled "Lemmings" (mobs)
Iranian and the rest of the enslaved population of the earth have lost their self respect and self recognition power by years of suppression . Many years of humiliation and slavery took their self recognition and personal independence and judgement away. They think that the western man knows everything and the western man words are final, therefore they listen and broad cast all the bullshit they hear. They do not trust their own eyes and they do not even believe that, they can see and decide according to their own memories and experiences. ****Can you become a wise independent thinker and trust your own eyes, memories and understanding???*** Are you sure that, you are related to those wise ancestor of yours.. I do not see any indication of Saadii, Hafez, Mulana’s wisdom in most of you. What happened? Are you mesmerized by your worthless university degree and therefore laziness and irresponsibility?
* The ignorant folks are the main victims of the crooked man and the thieves.** Are you wise?
Do you know that I personally observed, the Sepah and the Iranian intelligence ( hand in hand?) in action of spreading ignorance between Iranian people? I wonder, for whose interest are they doing that?

"I am the center of the divine mind, I am the point of God conscious life, truth in action”
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If you find me ten honest Iranian... I will create The heaven in Iran... Any one like to be tested? Read the book... "Poshteh pardeh-haie enghelab"
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Postby Ahreeman X » Fri Oct 05, 2007 9:21 am

:restpeace: Joe:

You have responded in a manner in which I had exactly expected! In other words, once more you have dodged the question and had failed to answer. Instead, primarily you belittled me and called me a 6 year old; therefore, you made yourself the older and the wiser Persian! The old episode of Bozorgtar and Kuchektar. Secondly, you wrote a Tumar-e Tavil of frantic snippets about everything from Chicken Milk to Crocodile Dul and told me to read between the lines to find my answer (another elder Iranian method of Bull Shiite); however, the fact is that there was nothing to read between the lines! You still did not answer my question. At last, you brought yourself to the level of God and prophet and gift to Iranians and mankind!

You are posting bits and pieces of history to preach history to me? Pardon me but this is like Samad Aqa teaching history to Malek ol Sho’ara-ye Bahar! Are you forgetting that I am a historian? What is your point? What happened to my answer?

In the past, you used to preach against “Foreign Intervension”, but now you preach that times of “Kaveh” are passed and you bless foreign intervention! You are like Reza Pahlavi. Nun ro be nerkh-e ruz mikhorid! Whatever suits him and whatever bull shiite he can feed the brain dead monarchists, then God Bless him, he shall preach!

One day, we shall beware of foreign interference in our affairs.
One day, the times of Nader Shah and Reza Shah are over; we need to flirt with CIA.

Monarchist Con Artistry and Opportunism of the best kind!

So Shah was a hero and sacrificed himself for Iran? He gave his life and his crown for Iran?

Pardon me but then who was it who ran away like a coward to the west, abandoned Iran and who was the Shah who handed Iran to Islam? Who was the famous Iranian Shah who surrendered to Islam? This is his legacy in history! What was his name again?

You say:
“Since he was a practical man and not a dreamy educated PHD, full of theoretical bulshit ( sleepy gonzaleses)”

Sleepy Gonzales, I like that, you are funny Joe. You made a funny!

:drown: Joe,

If I was a Dreamy Educated Ph.D. full of bull Shiite and if I was not practical, then what do you call IPC Netwroks, as the result of my work?

Is IPC Networks, the result of my impracticality?

How many Iranians do you know or see that have created such a massive Media unit as a massive propaganda machine to hit three birds with stone (Damaging Islam, Hurting IRI and Educating the Masses)?

Tell me Mr. Lala Lander, how impractical am I?

So Shah was practical?

Allow me take this one to the other thread “Monarchy vs. Republic”. This one is too juicy to be wasted and gets lost in this thread! Go there and read my respond to this part.

Now let me tell you what’s the real deal with you:

You are an old school Iranian. Same as all old school Iranians, residents of either inside or outside Iran and the complete Middle East, you are a conspiracy theorist.

The whole region has a separate mindset from the rest of the world. They live in LaLa Land. Recently we had guests from Iran. Blondie’s Uncle, his wife, daughter, etc. All highly educated, doctors, engineers, Millionaire businessmen, etc. But once more I have heard the same story from them! The same story which I have been hearing from every Iranian (old school) who comes from Iran! Same old conspiracy theory!

I know the story by heart:

Bush blew up twin towers.
Israel blew up twin towers.
British are the boss of Mullahs.
Islamic Republic is a puppet of British Government.
London controls and orders Tehran what to do on daily basis.
MI6 controls CIA and CIA controls the globe.
Shah was a victim of MI6 and CIA, otherwise he was independent.
Foreign powers decide Iranians’ destiny.
Without America’s blessings, nothing will change in Iran.
Planes shot down in Iran-Iraq war were all done by USA.
British rule the world.
Invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan were pre-planned years ago before 9/11.
Etc. etc.

This is getting old! No one talks like this but the Middle Easterners who live there or are old school such as you and other Fruitcakes in exile!

As soon as Amu Jan opened his mouth and told me the first conspiracy theory (as I call it) and the first Revealing News (as he calls it), then suddenly I started to hand him the rest of the story! He was amazed that I knew the rest! He told me one of the episodes (9/11) and I handed him the rest of the episodes, which he was going to hand me next!

He told me: Amu jan we are aware of facts (inside Iran) that you guys have no clue about.

I told him: Amu jan, how come you (inside Middle East) are the only people in the world whom are aware of these facts? How come no one else believes in these so-called unveilings? Where do you guys get your news from? What is your source? How come the rest of the world laughs at you?

Amu jan: But we know these facts and I know that you guys make fun of us but it is the truth. You guys are brainwashed by American media!

X: Amu jan, I am a scientist, I deal with proof, not conspiracy theory. Everything you and the rest of the middle says cannot be proven. They are all far fetched, almost fantasy! I deal with logic. Besides, I get my news from 20 different sources around the globe, not CNN! Afterwards I make my own analysis.

Now, listening to you is like listening to Amu Jan, Blondie’s sister, Fouladvand, Dayi Jan Napoleon and the rest of the old school middle easterners. I know the routine by heart. My ears are full of it!

In addition, you are delusional, have a holy superiority complex, believe you are divine, voice of truth, voice of light, voice of holy, and now God and prophet!

:jesus: Joe,

I love Iranians and I am here to serve Iran and Iranians. I don’t make much from IPC Website, but whatever I make, I am willing to share. What the hell, I am willing to pay for your hospitalization in a fine psychiatric clinic. You promise to register and I promise to pay the bills.

In the past, I had offered to pay you not to write Kos o She’r in IPC. You were the first Iranian author in the world, whom has been offered to get paid not to write! But now, we are beyond that! Now you are becoming a serious danger to the sanity of yourself, our readers and even our members! This is serious! As an Iranian, it is my duty to help a fellow Iranian in need.

Joe, you are a sick man in need of therapy and I am too busy to personally take on this task, so as a offer of good deed and to show my sincerity, I offer you my support and will to pay for your therapy at a fine psychiatric establishment such as Sedar Sinai Hospital or Archam Asylum! What say you?

In addition, you have been telling me that I am too juvenile and I need to grow up to be able to understand your gibberish lectures in IPC!

Well, I can’t grow no more! I would like to grow, but I am an old man and in my age, I start shrinking not growing! My height is shrinking, my skull is shrinking, my brain is shrinking, my alertness is shrinking, my motor functions are shrinikng and even Haji Kuchike is shrinking and I can’t do nothing about it! Even Viagra does not help!

So not that I will not grow no more (and I have been drinking my milk and cheerios), yet I am becoming smaller due to old age!

Does this mean that I will never be able to find the wisdom of understanding your rhetorics? Inquiring minds want to know? :question:

And what happened with your trip to Iran? Like Fouladvand, you wanted to go to Iran, put your own life in danger to save Iran? Then a few days later, you made a few more posts in IPC! Was that a short trip or what? Did you go to Iran and come back? Or was it Kos O She’r like Fouladvand (sipping Vodka in Turkey)? Did you die for the cause and now I am speaking to your ghost? Inquiring minds want to know? Inform us?

"I am the center of the divine mind, I am the point of God conscious life, truth in action”

:mixed: Joe, you have lost it! Now you are officially living in LaLa Land!

So Joe, if you make the commitment, I am here for you. Ask for professional help and I’ll pay!

On the bright side, I love your avatar, but your writings .... :D


I am still waiting for my answer. You have talked about everything except answering my question. When will you answer my question? :question:

Someone fed up with Iranian Type of Kos O She’r
Bull Shiite proof X
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Postby Joehohoho » Sat Oct 06, 2007 8:38 am

Dear Ahreeman
I am sorry for making you so uncomfortable. My answer was not pointed at you specifically but it was a general comment about the majority of the university educated in the world including those who are running the affairs of the world through the Europe and the US. I honor you and all your beneficial efforts. I send you my thanks for your efforts in IPC. I even honor those who are lost in their ego, those who sacrifice every one for their own pity desires. My purpose is to be a light and not a thorn, but some times I apply my harsh words as a shock, to awaken those who have fallen in a deeper sleep. I am a universal being, my writing should not be taken as a dagger against any one, but a flash of a strong light in the eyes, and an eraser of darkness. I love you, And the rest of the humanity equally and.... without any discount for the blunders that they are causing...I talk about the past bluntly, to reveal and acknowledge the events further, as a road map to the future, and a means to release the present confusion and tension. My main goal is learning from the past blunders, and creating a condition to bring an overall forgiveness. To forgive an event, you need to understand the event and to know all those who were involved in it ( actually you should forgive yourself first, as the source of the event!!??). While, An event is kept as a secret, it can not be released and forgiven.
Now here is the answer to your questions:
I do not want to see another revolution if......there was a way to change the present government, and remove its evils and damaging sides effects, peacefully................ but 28 years has passed, and things have grown worse, every day.******** :)
I see two faces in the Iranian government and I do not know which one to believe..... but indifference, both are harmful to the society, although one may be more attractive to the fools.
One face (or side) is pointing or representing mullahs, as patriotic but ignorant. This face is very attractive to the fools..
The other face which I observed in Iran with my own eyes is presence of a secret and powerful brotherhood, deep inside the “Sepa” and Iranian intelligence. Their function is: spreading superstition, drugs, prostitution and destruction of economy. This gang is powerful and have been doing this from the beginning of Mullah’s regime without any interrogation and without, any liability for their deeds. People’s mind in Iran is so degraded ( a confusion between today’s values and 19th century of Ghajar??), compared with the past that, its observation can bring tears to any responsible human. This group are acting like an hidden enemy in the belly of the government. Who are they? And why are they doing so much damage to a place they call home? Are they real Iranian?
I would like to mention that, I reject the seemingly Good side( patriotic?) of the ignorant Mullahs for the following reasons. To deliver my message sweetly and simply, I decided to get help from our rich Literature and poetry..************

** :) Here is a powerful story from our wise ancestors: Catch. =======>.

A man had a bear as a friend. The bear would have given his life, to protect this man from harm.....
One day the man and the bear were traveling together on foot. The heat of the day was exhausting to the man, therefore he decided to find a tree and lay down in its shade. He found a tall big tree and he decided to lay under it for a nap, but before closing his eyes, he asked the bear to stay on alert and keep the flies away from his face. Mr. bear, gladly accepted.
After a while, a stubborn fly was attracted to the man and landed on the man’s face. The bear waved his hand and made the fly to take off, but before long the fly was back. After a while, the genius in bear arose and he decided to kill the fly for ever and stop the cycle. He looked for the biggest stone in the surrounding. He picked up the stone and brought it to the scene. He sat beside the man, while holding the stone on top of his head.,waiting for the playful fly to come back. Before long, the fly came and landed on the man’s nose. The smart bear (!? :) ) released the big stone, with a great force, on the top of the fly and killed his best friend (the man). Now lets add this part just for fun :) ................No one really knows, what happened to the fly. One says that, the fly could get away before the stone hit it, and other says that the fly was smashed into the man’s skull ( :) :) ) but indifference to the fly’s fate the man died. He died because he trusted his life into the hand of an ignorant but loving and faithful friend..
Now, let me present you with a famous poem from our literature ( Saadie??). I do not remember the poem exactly but, the meaning is the same. Please feel free to send me the whole poem in a correct form.
Dosh maneh dana beh az nadan doost
Doosh maneh dana bolandat mikonad
Barzaminat mizanat nadan doost.

*I hope I could deliver you the response that you expected , Or... Not
And remember that, It is a war for money. Do not listen to the words or fall for the masterful black magic show they expose you to... Look and see where the money is flowing...Observe the economy and factory production in Iran, labor condition. One day, they assign one to build and give some freedom and the next day, they assign some one to destroy every thing, so it can be rebuild again. Back and forth it goes.. Can you see ????? Your country men are denied life and living...
In regard to the future government for Iran or the leadership: I do not care what kind of system you choose to run your affairs and I do not care who may be your leader. All I know is that, any form of government, even a heavenly system , will fall , if it is executed by an ignorant and un-ethical group over an, un-ethical and ignorant nation. Since a democratic government means many people, not a few in charge, even an ethical group on top will have difficulty in keeping things going straight, because majority ( empowered mobs) are a bunch of irresponsible and ignorant man.
For the first twenty years, in-difference to the kind of government you may choose, you will need to put your efforts and make sure that the people who enter the Parliament are hand picked and pass the ethical test. Beside you need to create many other non profit organization to watch over the daily affairs and handling of people by the government. In addition , for the first twenty years and beyond , the future government should concentrate on correcting the damages which is done to the individual and collective mind of the people by the present government, and......... it needs to concentrate, in raising the level of responsibility and consciousness of the people, based on “ do, say, think right” while exerting all the efforts in feeding them.

I have been listening to, many Iranian's "political point of view" without any pre-conception. A stone is thrown in a deep well by some deceived ignorant man. I am trying to help and find a way to bring the stone out, in the best possible way, and with the least damage to the well.
I see the Prince Reza as the best acceptable alternative, because, he is wise, sincere and loving beside that , his back ground can be an effective tool to collect our broken political forces together and attract the mobs. If all of you accept him and join him without your big ego, you can prevent his future blunders, and together , and hand in hand you can form a system which is beneficial for the whole nation and the world.
Is Reza working with US government? Sure he is, and he has no other choice, and ... If you can point out a strong and capable group, who is active outside of Iran, and is not leaning on the country of their residency, I will be glad to hear about them.
Dear friend all the fiction you have heard about European and American “freedom of speech” is limited in some aspects. It is only true to some extent. It is a truth that me and you can talk, can write about, everything freely. And it is a fact that, this function is not available in Iran and many other countries. We need to thank the fore father of this country and all those watchful groups and organizations who exert their efforts in protecting "this right" for all of us. This freedom is, the only window for the entrance of "light of wisdom", which can melt the ignorance and exposes and stops the wrong doers.
Normally most of the political groups, here, in the Europe and the rest of the world, are formed by the European, US or other government entities, for the control of the masses and for their short or long goals and interest into the future.
Every group which exist, persist and grow is leaning on a government for survival and protection, and it is using that government financial support directly or through a middle man. If you know a independent political group with muscles, please let me know and I will be pleased to meet them. Deary wake up and work with the only tools which is available.

About your offer, for paying for my treatment, I need to say thank you and “ it is nice of you :) :)” But...But..Can you instead, sending me that money which you want to spend on me, in cash or money order, I really need it Deary..., and I promise to stop writing.
PS: Last time I went to the doctor, he said that, I need at least " one million dollar" for my treatment and for taking my wisdom eyes out. I can send you the estimate, upon your request. :) :)
There are so much I like to reveal to you, but it will shock the hell out of you and I can not do so.
All I can tell you is that “ what you see is not, what you want, or think it, to be” If you and your greedy western friends do not change your way, you both will be in a big shit in the near future. Earth is dying!!!!!!!!!!???????
Lets learn from our past mistakes, decide based on love, forgive, hold hand and mend the past. Let’s start the game with some new rules, which is good for all.
You asked me if have been in Iran? Yes, I have been, but only for a short time. Ignorance and misery of people devastated my feeling and emotion.
You said that I went there to start a revolution ( like fouladvand ?)... Dear friend, the only revolution I believe in, is giving information, mending the minds, exposing the lies and standing for truth. When the mind mend, things will change automatically. In another word, you are where you are, because you have to be there. Universe will resolve your short coming in character and belief by mild or sever experiences. No one can harm you unless there is a short coming in yourself.
My only short coming in the game of life is my occasional harsh words in my posts, which makes me susceptible to attack by you and others. But since my purpose is not harming but awakening , I am protected, I forgive myself and I have mercy on those who are cruel to me ( most of the times?? :) :) )?? ***************
Am I selfish?, Am I egoistic? Am I searching for superiority and control by my words?
How can I be any of those when I am not a face with you. In other words, you do not know me (?) and you will never know me in this capacity , which means I have no interest in your praises or condemnations.
Am I encouraging intervention of US and others in the affair of other countries, specially when that intervention is based on selfish profit motives? No. But since I am practical and I can see ... I am looking for the best possible way out of this trap you have dropped yourself in.

“ I am the judge, jury and executioner” “I am the center of divine mind I am the point of God conscious life, truth in action”
I am sure this comment will make you freak out further ...right? :) :) But there are many truth in it, about me, you and the universe, which are, all one at one level.


PS: The universe conforms to its description... Words are magical and I am a magician, so are you. Wake up............................

Love you any way with or without.......
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If you find me ten honest Iranian... I will create The heaven in Iran... Any one like to be tested? Read the book... "Poshteh pardeh-haie enghelab"
Goftareh nik Pendareh nik Kerdar nik and I really mean it...
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Postby Joehohoho » Sat Oct 06, 2007 4:15 pm

Oh the great one... You are right in all those blunders... :)
The great educated ones, can remember, many un-important things goodly, while they miss the meaning..
Forgive me for my crime and blunders master, because " me no speak English"

Thank you Master I will wipe the crime scene shortly :)
Please go and check the rest of my posts and help me to correct them.. I am serious and I even pay you $5 an hour. :) :) You will find a truck load of errors...
Imagine the possibility of me and you working togther as a couple ( for writing only? :) :)). I can write goodly and meaningfully :) , while you can correct my spelling and grammar sweetly.. Vow.. The sky is the limit. :) :)

I love you any way, and you are now, my official English language super hero, for ever and ever....and ever...
If you find me ten honest Iranian... I will create The heaven in Iran... Any one like to be tested? Read the book... "Poshteh pardeh-haie enghelab"
Goftareh nik Pendareh nik Kerdar nik and I really mean it...
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Postby Ahreeman X » Sat Oct 06, 2007 7:44 pm


“I see prince Reza as the best acceptable alternative,”

After everything that I have written about this issue, still you speak in this manner?!

Obviously you have not heard a single word of what I have been saying during the past 7 years. In from one ear, out from the other!

The main issue with Reza Pahlavi is that he never ever wanted to accept responsibility of any sort. Then how can he be the alternative? Alternative in Kun Goshadi? Do you even follow my writings? Do you even know what I went through (for 7 years) with Reza Pahlavi and Monarchists? Or do you just release random farts?

“because, he is wise,”



Does not have a sincere bone in his body!

“and loving”

You mean he bangs young girls on the side?

“ beside that , his back ground can be a an effective tool to collect our broken political forces together”

His background and his personality is enough to scatter whatever opposition we have left! Where have you been the past 29 years? Majority of Iranians cannot stand Pahlavis. Then you have the minority who mistrusts them! And then you have a million or so Monarchists who still live in the 19th century and five times a day sings:

Javid Shah, Chapid Shah, Shashid Shah, Javid Chai, Lalay Lee, Lalay Loo ……

“ and attract the mobs.”

The mob in Iran are Shiite Muslim, they hate Pahlavis.

If this opposition from Mojahed to Marxists and from Jebheis to Tudehis, and from Republicans to Nationalists and from left to the right has one thing in common with each other and with the Muslim is that all and all, everybody hates Pahlavis and specifically Reza Pahlavi!

“ If all of you accept him and join him”

Where have you been? We tried that a few times in the 80s and the 90s but he simply will not accept responsibility! He would like the revolution to happen and we sacrifice All, and then erect him as Shah! Then he will accept our offer and will throne his ass in Tehran and becomes our Shah!

“ without your big ego,”

The Ego is All Reza Pahlavis! Bache Kuni has such a large head that he even won’t respond to any e-mail or letter. He has no bloody education but he refuses to respond to the most educated of this country including but not limited to Sam Ghandchi, myself and many others …………..

Do you really think after that, we would attend his bash in DC to unite this opposition? He does not want to unite this opposition but he only wants a forum to beg more money from CIA, that’s all.

“ you can prevent his future blunders, and together , hand in hand you can form a system which is beneficial for the whole nation and the world. “

We are beyond that. Every group in this opposition hates the others. But everyone is in agreement in one thing:

We all hate that Kuni Reza Pahlavi!

So, I gave up on uniting this opposition. Reza Pahlavi talks about unity but I have actually tried for 7 years to unite this opposition and it did not work.

Now, I am down to “Moral Revolution”, Cultural Revolution and mass education.

“I need at least " one million dollar"”

So you are holding us hostage with your posts and you refuse to move on into a psychiatric clinic until we pay you a million?!

That sounds like Reza Pahlavi! He refuses to pack up and get the hell out of Iranian politics unless CIA pays him a billion!

”All I can tell you is that “ what you see is not, what you want, or think it, to be” If you and your greedy western friends do not change your way, you both will be in a big shit in the near future. Earth is dying!!!!!!!!!!??????? “

Now you sound like Jehovah Witnesses!

“You asked me if have been in Iran? Yes, I have been, but only for a short time. Ignorance and misery of people devastated my feeling and emotion.”

I know how you feel. Usually people go for a visit and they have a ball (booze, cheap whores, drugs, chelo kabob, souvenirs, etc.), but if one stops travelling as a tourist and starts looking at the real social problems, then he will notice that Iranian society is a disaster. In the history of Iran, the differences between the social classes has never been this much!

“No one can harm you unless there is a short coming in yourself.”

This is the first wise and meaningful thing came out of your mouth! Thank you.

“My only short coming in the game of life is my occasional harsh words in my posts, which makes me susceptible to attack by you and others.

Do you remember the first thing came out of your mouth before you joined this club?

You sent me a Cuss E-mail full of Fohsh and Naseza!

Do you remember the first thing came out of your mouth after you joined this club?

You posted a post full of Cuss, towards me! Loaded with fohsh and naseza!

Why did you do that?

Because as a typical Iranian, you think with your heart rather than your brain!

Same as other ignorant Iranians, you saw me criticizing that Guspand Fouladvand, and automatically you assumed that I must be Akhund or Muslim or Tudehi or All!

You did not bother to read a page of my material, or else you would have understood that where does Fouladvand’s information for his show, comes from! But right away you opened your mouth and cuss me out!

Nothing new! Before you and after you, many had done the same thing! I am used to Iranians!

Now, you are claiming Spiritual Guruness?
Tell this Bull Shiite to someone who does not know you and your history!
I grew you up, since you were 5 years old!

“In other words you do not know me (?) “

I know you perfectly!

“and you will never know me in this capacity,”

What capacity?
Capacity of Kos Mashangi?

“which means I have no interest in your praises or condemnations.”

Oh I forgot, last week, you had become a prophet of God! Few days ago, you become God!

“ I am the judge, jury and executioner” “I am the center of divine mind I am the point of God conscious life, truth in action”

I am terribly sorry Joe but I can’t take it anymore, so here it comes:

Zereshk, Zereeeeeeeeeeeeshk, mazeh dareh!
Abesh Hasteh dareh!

“But there are many truth in it, about me, you and the universe, which are, all one at one level.”

Now you sound like a Buddhist Monk!

“PS: The universe conforms to its description... Words are magical and I am a magician, so are you. Wake up............................ “

Words are magical but you fragged the magic!

You are not a magician, but you are a lunatic!
Why are you allowed to walk the streets for free?
There are Asylums for people like you!

“Love you any way with or without.......”


I love you with or without a zipper on the mouth, but ……
I only wished, if you would drop by San Diego, so ….
I could lock you up in the dungeons of the Ahreemanic House O Pleasureful Pains and ….
Throw away the key forever ………..

Camran Mirza to Joe:
“You see, in one line you had five fundamental mistake, both in grammar and concept. “

Joe you have to admit one thing:

How can people read your material and understand it, when your Spell/Grammar errors disallow the reader to follow your chain of thought? Do you get it Mr. Magician with words?

I am not a Mullah Loqati or Linguist Guru like Lori and Camran, but they got a point! Forget about me, because I am a master of languages and accents, so no matter how Fragged up someone’s writing or accent maybe, yet I will understand them, but an average person would have a hard time reading through your random frantic paragraphs (what paragraphs?), stars, gibberish, unrelated sentences (what sentences?) and Pand O Andarz and then get your point!

Please if you must write, then at least write in proper English. At least try, will ya?

Camran is very picky with words, languages and writings. The man just moved to another country to learn a new language!

Joe to Camran Mirza:
“I love you any way, …”

Joe, make up your mind, who do you love? Camran or I? Do you love us both? Do you love the complete humanity? Then by Golly Jee, you must be Jesus!

Do you know what they call a person who loves one, two or more people, set aside the whole humanity?

The term is:

A Whore!

What did you say?

Yes, Jesus was also a Whore!

Now go and behave yourself!


You know I love you with or without,
But I only wished that you could splurge and buy a new pair of shoes!
Because you have been sticking your foot in your mouth,
since you stepped in to IPC, and ..
Practically you had eaten your shoes off!
Now you are in need of a new pair O Shoes!

Joe what would I do without you?!

The Dark1
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Postby Ahreeman X » Mon Oct 08, 2007 9:14 am

Dear Joe:

You have talked so much about the details, improvised and went in to examples and ancient stories plus old poems, that I forgot to respond to the core of your response!

Back to the subject we go …..

So in a nutshell (if I am not mistaking), you are trying to say that:

“Islamic Republic of Iran is independent of the west; however, this independence is killing Iran. On the other hand, Kingdom of Iran was not independent of the west; however, it bloomed Iran.”

Basically after writing a novel of frantics, this is what you are trying to say!

Now, let me respond:

My argument with you (which you had refused to give a straight answer to it), was not about “what type of independence”, but about the “fundamental of independence” from the west.

My point is that, since the end of “Imperial Iran” (Aqa Mohamad Shah of Qajar - 1797) and the beginning of the “Kingdom of Pars” and then “Kingdom of Iran”, until this day, IRI is the most independent regime of Iran.

Monarchists (Pahlaviists) tend to misword and twist the history by naming the Pahlavi Regime, The Imperial Iran. Persian Empire (Imperial Iran) ended on 1797 and Aqa Khan was the last Persian Emperor. On the other hand, Kingdom of Iran ended on 1979 and Mohamad Reza Pahlavi was the last King (Shah) of Iran. The Pahlavi Regime was not an Empire and Mohamad Reza Pahlavi was not an Emperor (Shahanshah). For more information read:

First and Last Persian Emperors ... /index.htm

So now that we have separated the Monarchist (Pahlaviist) Garbage from the Actual History of Iran, then let us continue.

Qajar Regime during Fath Ali Shah was not a populous regime and Shah was not a benevolent Shah.

Pahlavi Regime during Reza Khan was a populous regime and Shah was a benevolent Shah.

So mostly Qajar Kingdom (not Empire) was not positive and Pahlavi Kingdom was mostly positive (during Reza Khan).

But IRI is independent. I do not care if you do not like the IRI system or if Asqar Hezbo loves the IRI system, but the fact is that IRI is independent of the west.

Monarchists can line up conspiracy theories until the next century and Fouladvand can talk Bull Shiite forever, but IRI is the most independent regime that Iran had since 1797.

Actually Reza Khan, father of nation could only dreamed and wished to be so independent of the west. As we both know, Reza Khan was a great Nationalist and a Republican who was forced to become a Shah. He loved the independence of Iran and that is why Allies doomed him.

Step Two
Now our argument moves towards the next step:

How worthy is independence and how much sacrifice should we commit to gain this independence?

In my opinion, Independence is worth every sacrifice. Iran has been under the sanctions for 28 + years but Iran is still alive, standing and is a regional power.

The problem is that Mullahs, Hezbollah and Pasdaran do not know Economics, Administration, Organization and Operation of a Great Nation such as Iran.

If the Iranian regime knew how to run Iran, then Iran would have been both “Independent” and “Prosperous”.

In today’s world, there are many countries, which are independent of the west.

Some are prosperous: Russia, China
Some are not so prosperous: Cuba
Some are moving towards prosperity: Venezuela, Bolivia

Now remember that we are not talking about “Democracy” but we are talking about “Independence”.

So, I believe that it is very realistic and very much possible to have a nation, which is:

Independent (from the East and the West)
Prosperous in Economy

But to own such regime, you must have an Elite Group: “Brightest Minds of Iran” to start up this regime (Democratic Oligarchies).

A Vision for Iran of Tomorrow (Nationalism) ... /index.htm

This ideal regime will be powerful, independent, logical, economically blooming and democratic. This future regime will be build by the Futurists and Visionaries. Gav O Guspand and Illiterate Monarchists (Reza Pahlavi) and Old Farts (Dariush Homayoun)
will have no role in it! Their time has passed and they are dead people and followers of a dead ideology.

You see Buddy,

History cannot and will not go back! You cannot go back in time (without a time machine)!

Monarchy will never return to Iran. Dark Ages will never return to Europe!

This present Republic (Islamic Republic) will Change, transform and Evolve, primarily to a Secular Regime, then a Real Republic, then an independent democracy and finally in to a Democratic Oligarchy.

The present regime of Iran is the government of Hamals and Ramals (Porters and Fortune Tellers).

Iran of Tomorrow will be the Government of Elite (Technocrats, Intellectuals, Economists and Philosophers) for the masses.

The future regime of Iran will be as well “Independent” (the same as IRI), and in addition, it will be prosperous and democratic.

This is not a dream. This is a well-calculated plan, a logical plan. This is a plan, which requires people with balls to make it a reality. The problem is that Iranians by majority do not have balls (perfect example are the Monarchists). I am always in search of Iranians with Balls.

Iranians love to sit on the side and cheer us or tell us how to build the Iran of tomorrow! Iranians never participate; they just love to read IPC in silence!

You see buddy, this is why I am committed to make a “Moral Revolution” which provides a “Cultural Revolution” which will end up in a “Political Revolution” and a “Social Revolution”. This is why I want to change every single aspect of the Iranian present Status Quo.

Independence is the key word. Independence is very important. You better starve to death but remain independent. You better starve to death than to kiss DC or London’s Ass!

We are a rich nation with unlimited resources. We do not need to kiss anyone’s ass. All we need is people of brains to govern Iran, rather than Hamals and Ramals to govern Iran. And trust me, I have no intentions of replacing the present “Hamals and Ramals” in Turbans (Hezbollah) with the “Hamals and Ramals” in 3 piece suits (Shahollah). Gav O Guspand are Gav O Guspand, may they wear turbans or crowns!


Islamic Republic of Iran is independent.
Islamic Republic of Iran is not economically prosperous and democratic.
Islamic Republic of Iran has been under sanctions for 28 + years and has remained self-sufficient in many aspects and remained independent (Have to give them credit).
Islamic Republic of Iran (independence wise) is a good start.

Next step:
To build an independent, economically prosperous, democratic, safe and secure powerful Iran standing on her own feet.

Now I would like to mention 2 issues:

Issue 1: Then and Now
Yesterday, Shah (with all the resources) managed to destroy Iran (suffocate democracy) and hand it to Islam!
Today, us (with no resources) are trying to clean up Shah’s Shiite and rebuild our nation.

Issue 2: Quality not Quantity
Once upon a time, a wise man (Camran Mirza) told me:
“It does not matter if you gather an army of people in IPC, but it matters the type of people you gather in IPC. Why do you need thousands to be here? Why do you need “Siyahi Lashgar” (Extras)? All you need are a few people but the right people.”

I cherish those words.

So in a nutshell (if I am not mistaking), you are trying to say that:

“Islamic Republic of Iran is independent of the west; however, this independence is killing Iran. On the other hand, Kingdom of Iran was not independent of the west; however, it bloomed Iran.”

To this, I say:

Independence is extremely important if not the most important case.
Shah’s regime, at the end, destroyed Iran and handed it to Islam! Progress during the Shah was not fundamental but superficial (San’at-e Montage)!

Diplomatic and Trade Relationships with East and the West are good.
To become a Satellite of the East or West is not good.

I rather starve to death than to allow DC, Moscow or Beijing dictate policy to me!

In this manner,

Shah’s Regime was a puppet of United States.
IRI is an independent regime.

So, above was my whole argument and you have been dodging the question and refusing to respond but you were finally forced in to giving a straight respond.

I am a scientific person. I do not deal with Conspiracy Theories and Bull Shiite (Monarchists), but I deal with facts, logic and scientific history. That’s All.

Fel Khatemah va al Etmam al Maqsud
(mixing some Arabic, only to piss off the cheesy Ultra Nationalists!)


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