Dear Aryan (Iranian) people, lets Eat Islam Aziz

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Dear Aryan (Iranian) people, lets Eat Islam Aziz

Postby Jaff Sassani » Tue Dec 02, 2008 9:11 am

Dear Aryan (Iranian) people please read our work in the media and comment on our articles.
We are not stupid or less than others who took our countries. The Arab Imperialist and Turkish conquerors of our land are openly organizing themselves to take more of our lands.
We are afraid to say we are Aryan (Iranian). Where is the Persian educated people, always calming to be knowledgeable than other Aryan groups. They did want to melt all the Aryan with their wisdom in the past and look what happen to us.
Read and read more. Wake up we are behind Turks nomads now my guru Persian brother and sister. We are good for internal fighting among ourselves. While our territory are disappearing among Turks and Arabs.
Where is the Persian Gulf? They even fight us for three Islands. But they took the western part of the Persian Gulf. Hello people when you are going to know that.
We have to eat Islam Aziz from now on. Or we have to send more of our women’s to Arabs in the Gulf countries so we can live on earth. What Islam Aziz bring us.
Jaff Sassani
From the SKDC

Establishment of Parliamentary Assembly of Turkic-Speaking Countries is a significant event

Rustam Mammadov: "I consider this step will enable to prevent impacts against Turkic world".
“Establishment of Parliamentary Assembly of Turkic-Speaking Countries is a significant event”. The political scientist Rustam Mammadov said. To him, establishment of the Assembly will serve formation of the idea of unity in Turkic world: “Because establishment of Parliamentary Assembly of Turkic-Speaking Countries means joint discussion and solution of the problems of Turkic world on governmental level. This step of Turkic-speaking countries is a way escape, independence and self-introduction of Turkic world at the time when world globalization is ongoing and different states carry out policy against each other and display selfishness”.

Turkey in the Middle of the Enemies
Date : Sat, 29 Nov 2008 20:21:49 -0800 Nov 28 2008 Turkey in the Middle of the Enemies by Jaff Sassani The Turks moved in to the Middle East after the Arab Islamic army destroyed the Sassanid ...

Full Story: Groong Armenian News Network
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ICG Report, Turkey, Iraq, 'Kurdistan', and the Nefarious, Age-Old Franco-Mongol Alliance

Not even 20% of those described within this Report as "Kurds" support either the Barzani death squads or the Talabani Mafia.
Read full story from
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