There's a thin line between Business & Principles!

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There's a thin line between Business & Principles!

Postby Ahreeman X » Fri Jan 09, 2009 8:53 am

There's a thin line between Business and Principles!


There is a very thin line between the business and principles harmony!

I am posting an e-mail which I have recently sent to a business associate. I am posting the exact e-mail excluding her name, the name of her business and the name of the business she has with IPC. I am posting this e-mail because I believe it is beneficial for all to comprehend the very thin line between business and principles is very fragile. All must also realize that how I conduct business while having the principles in mind. This is how I operate. This is my way.

* * *

To S…

Dear S…:

I hope you and your family are healthy, happy and prosperous. It has been years since I last had a dialogue with you. I am taking time to have this discussion with you because I truly like you and care about what you do; therefore, I am going to cut through the chase and go exactly to the point.

We both know that in reality IPC is your greatest sponsor. I have 5 statistics sites monitoring IPC and I know exactly how much traffic goes from IPC to your site. Majority of your traffic comes from IPC. The greatest business move that you have ever made was that when we created the new (2nd) IPC website, to become IPC’s associate … site. Today, IPC being the largest Iranian Website – Netwrok in the world, gives you great traffic.

In the past I told you that I do appreciate what you do and what you are trying to do. As a … and … of … site, you provide information and connection for the Iranian community. Today you do this for Southern California, tomorrow the whole world. Good cause and good job you are doing.

In the past I have told you that I will give you my word to support you. I have done so, not only by permanent free ads and directory listing but by linking you as our … site of choice, linked to all pages of IPC, right there on top of each page through the … buttons. I even told you to link your main site on top of the … page, so the readers which view your … will find their way to go to your main site. I want you to grow, be prosperous and have prospect of creating much revenue through your site in the future. When you will be successful, then you provide better service and it is all good for the Iranian community. Your success is my desire.

We both know that it means nothing to me if you do or do not link to IPC, because your link only means a handful of traffic to me. On the other hand most of your traffic comes from IPC. In other words, IPC links (through …) is your lifeline.

In the past you and my webmistress had a verbal episode and you handed her an excuse that because of our modeling section, you can’t link to us. We told you that we did not care if you link to us or not, but all that matters to us is for you to maintain a consistent … so we can rely on you and link to you. Provide a good service, so we can choose you as our choice of ….

You see, I am a type of guy who prefers to have bread and cheese (Nun o Panir) with an Iranian labor from Downtown LA in his humble room rather than to have Champaign and Caviar with an Iranian billionaire in his mansion in Beverly Hills. Why you ask? Because offering of that Nun o Panir to me from the poor guy means a world to me, much more than sitting in that mansion in Beverly Hills. Throughout my life, I have lived in Mansions with aristocracy and then I have been homeless, I have been up and down and seen both extreme sides and I always take the side of the underdog, the working class and the labor over my own social class (aristocracy).

I told you that I could be careless if you do or don’t link to IPC. It is not beneficial for me a bit; however, for you to acknowledge that IPC is your greatest sponsor by linking IPC on top of all your sponsors on your homepage, means that the least you respect us and our relationship.

In the past I did not care about this issue and accepted your typical Iranian traditional hang ups and fanaticism (Omoli) towards nude modeling as an excuse.

Few days ago accidentally I browsed your site and I have seen lobby groups, lobby personalities, political groups and political personalities as your sponsors! Without naming names, I shall tell you that some of these people are under investigation by us and the authorities. I am not accusing anyone but I am telling you that they are “Suspected IRI Lobbyists”.

So now, I see that IPC link as your greater sponsor is not there but instead you have suspected IRI lobbyists as sponsors to your site!

In my book, there are no areas of grays. Either you are with us (Iranian Opposition) or with them (Islamic Republic of Iran). You may say you are neutral, but neutrality does not seem to be the case with you!

You and the Iranian community know very well that:

I make political parties and I break political parties.
I make political personalities and I break political personalities.
I make authors and I break authors.
I make music bands and I break music bands.
I make media and I break media.
I make Iranian businesses and I break Iranian businesses.

We have been exposing these lobby groups one after another. As soon as we destroy the reputation of one and make these IRI backed media or lobby or political groups known to public, IRI creates 3 more! We destroy one and IRI creates 3 more! This is war.

In this war I am, on the side of Iran and not Islam.

I don’t mind if you don’t link to IPC. I don’t mind if you don’t link to any political group. On the contrary, when your site and … becomes a propaganda tool for certain political groups and then you still bring excuses and refuse to acknowledge that we are your greatest sponsor, then this becomes fishy!

It is very simple. We are linking to your …. Your … becomes a tool to propagate Liberal Reformists and IRI Lobbyists to public. What does this makes me to look? What does this makes IPC to look? What will Iranian opposition think of us? What will Iranian people think of us?

I am not telling you what to do and I am not asking you of what you should do, but I am only giving you friendly advice. As an old time ex corporate manager who has been there and done that, I am giving you the same advice that I have been giving to various other Iranian music bands, comedians, music promoters, media lords, and business women such as yourself:

You are living in America and you are making a living through Iranian consumers. Stick with business and avoid taking sides in this war. make money, build your business and have a prosperous future. Once you take sides between Iranian Nationalists (us) and Hezbollah (them), then you must realize that your salary as an Iranian business in America, does not come from Tehran (like IRI backed businesses), but it comes from the Iranian community. IPC is the largest Iranian website on the net. Any thinking Iranian and even not so thinking Iranian on the web reads IPC. As I stated before, I make and I break people.

My prerogative is to protect and serve the Persian culture. No matter how much I like someone, but today’s friends can become tomorrow’s enemies. Ideology and freedom of Iran comes first.

It is all about business. Hypothetically your linking to IPC and acknowledgment that IPC is your greatest sponsor, means only a handful of traffic for me; however, IPC links to your site are your major traffic and your major lifeline.

Hypothetically, tomorrow I can replace our … site from you to another Iranian site.
Hypothetically, I can even close down the … section, take off the buttons and replace them with IPC Book Store buttons on top of each page and sell more books than I already do! It is surely much more beneficial for me!
Hypothetically, you must ask yourself is it beneficial for you to lose all the IPC traffic?

As a businessman and businesswoman, profit and cost analysis is good to do; however, principles are more important to me than money. In fact principle means everything to me. All I have is my good name and that is why people care about what I write and what I say. People trust my word. Principles mean everything.

You are a sound and sane businesswoman and Iranian service provider. You do realize how far you came and how hard you worked to be here. You also realize that there is a possible prospect of a great beneficial and profiting future in this business for you. This is why you started this business at the first place! You must do a cost analysis and conclude that:

a) Which decision will benefit you most?
b) Which decision will hurt you most?
c) Who is your friend?
d) Who is your enemy?

Be very smart because the decision which you make today will mark the future fate of your business in the Iranian community. We monitor every move of everyone in the Iranian community. Your next move by itself will speak a thousand words.

This was only a friendly advice from an old associate who still likes you.

Best wishes and cheers

Ahreeman X
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