The establishment of the AU or ATU

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The establishment of the AU or ATU

Postby Jaff Sassani » Sun Jan 11, 2009 4:06 am

Dear Reader
We are pleased at the “Jaff Sassani Organizations (SKDC)” if you can support the establishment of the AU or ATU. Your support does mean a lot for our organizations’. We appreciate your work with others regarding our proposed Eryan (Aryan or Iranian) Economic Union (AU) or with Turkish people (ATU). The problems are the Turks of Turkey; they are depending on the lobbyist in the Washington D.C. and EU to form the “Turkic Economic Union”. The Turks plan are going to eliminate 20-30 million Kurds; for them to make such a Union plus few hundred years of war in the region. We are going to listen to your advice; please fell free to send us message and emails.
Our goals are clear. We want peace and stable region. We are hoping that the USA, EU, Russian, India and Israel will hear our call for peaceful solutions instead of Turkey’s war plan and distractions’.
We really appreciate your support and hope for peace and prosperity for the Middle East and Asian’s people in the region.
Read more about our works and support for our plan in the
Sassani News agency ... ws-Sassani

In Favor of the AU or ATU Economic Union Plan by Jaff Sassani's "SKDC" - OpEdNews

In Favor of the AU or ATU Economic Union Plan by Jaff Sassani's "SKDC"
OpEdNews,�PA�- 1 hour ago
by Mullah Mohammad Afgahani Page 1 of 1 page(s) For the last one year I have been monitoring the activity of the Jaff Sassani organizations (SKDC) in Iran
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