AHREEMAN: Just thought I would bring this to your attention

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AHREEMAN: Just thought I would bring this to your attention

Postby yaninikolai » Mon Jun 01, 2009 11:18 pm

I came across a Blog written by some Islamo-Monarchist in 2007 under the alias of Aryamehr. You might have come across this before but I thought I would bring it to your attention just incase you have not yet.

http://aryamehr11.blogspot.com/2007/05/ ... -club.html
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Postby Ahreeman X » Tue Jun 02, 2009 5:44 pm


Don’t you know who this guy is? This guy is Liberator. Do you remember that kid whom I taught him everything that he knows about everything? He was a protégé of mine. I don’t want to name his real name because it is not my style to do so, but unlike me, this boy or many like him do not hesitate to smear me and use everything in their power to trash me.

This boy is not the first and will not be the last who attempted to trash me. In fact in my opinion and according to statistics, “No publicity is bad publicity.” In other words, all publicity are good publicity, negative or positive. Every person reading this blog would find his way to IPC and if new to IPC, then he discovers a new world, he will educate himself and then has a good laugh about what this boy wrote about me! You see, people are not stupid and they know perfectly that IPC stands for democracy and it is the only free Iranian tribune on the net. They also know that Monarchists have a history of censorship, lies and dictatorship. Any attempt from monarchists to bash me is actually a great publicity for me. This would be further proof for me being a true democrat and a nationalist.

Do you know how many monarchists like this boy have had published rubbish about me? Just search the web and read them:

Shirin Neshat
Anjoman Padeshahi
Jebhe Nejat

So many monarchists have been lining up garbage about me. The funny thing is that the knowledgeable monarchists deeply respect me for my 30 years of service to the Iranian opposition. They disagree with me but they deeply respect me. These guys who bash me are mostly illiterate jokers of the monarchist community and even they are solid readers of everything that I write!

You do understand that I can trace every single IPC reader to the doorstep of his house and I know who reads IPC. Every single monarchist from Reza Pahlavi to Dariush Homayoun all the way to all of these Jujeh Monarchist cheeseballs read IPC and follow my writings religiously. Why? Because they even know that the only place that they can get true historical and political knowledge is IPC. They may agree or disagree but all of them read everything that I write.

The funny thing and the common denominator between Hezbollah and Shahollah is the fact that they both bash me but they both read IPC religiously! Even Hezbollah and Shahollah educate themselves by reading IPC!

Now this particular boy, if you recall, could not hack it as an IPC member. He was too lazy to take responsibility and too intellectually limited to develop his political, philosophical and economical studies.

His basic conflict with me started when I officially, philosophically and logically had put the final nails in the coffin of monarchy, Reza Pahlavi and monarchists. As everyone knows, I have proved that Monarchy is illogical and flawed, so therefore, a monarchist in this day and age is nothing but a fanatic who believes in an outdated ideology only due to his blind faith.

Monarchy or Republic?

This is why we call them Necro Monarcho Youth Amnesiacs!

Necro Monarcho because they have been dead for 30 years and they don’t even know it!
Youth Amnesiac because they tend to forget everything which is not for their benefit!

Obviously being a Kiss Ass to Reza Pahlavi, he started a routine sabotage in IPC, getting in touch with IPC authors and bad mouthing me and feeding them lies and finally writing garbage about me.

Do you notice how angry and revengeful his writings are? Do you see how personal his attacks are? And imagine he writes all this rubbish while everything that he knows about everything is taught to him by me!

Do you recall that long time ago what I told you? I told you:

People have different levels of intellects, potentials to evolve, capacities to educate themselves and once they reach the bottleneck and the maximum level of their capacities, then they slow down and tend to seize evolvement. Some have small capacity and some have great capacity to evolve. This boy is a perfect example of those with little capacity to evolve. Once his fundamental fanatical belief system was threatened (God, Shah, Monarchy) then he seized evolvement. No matter how logical my facts were, yet he seized progress and even turned on me like a rabid wild dog!

As I told you, not everyone has the courage, determination and brain capacity to evolve towards excellence! My goal is to expand the capacity of our youth, open their minds, teach them free thinking and avoid them from absolution and fanaticism. Blind faith is our enemy. Remember:

“Blind Fanatical Faith towards an entity (God), an ideology (Marxism), a person (Shah), a religion (Islam) or whatever other factor will seize the Thinking Mind and will drag you down in to the Well of Ignorance and Fanaticism.”

This is why majority of our people are worshiping Dead Ideologies rather than grasping the Future, Progress and Science:

Muslim stuck in 7th century AD
Mosadeqists stuck in 1953
Monarchists stuck in 1970s
Marxists stuck in 1980s
Mojaheds are simply confused bastards mixed up between Islam and Marxism!

We are here to free their minds from their Masters, whoever they may be! So they can think freely on their own and they can evolve their brains and bodies.

This is why IPC exists.

As I told you, this mission may take 100 years, but eventually the future generation will be educated and eventually they will overthrow IRI and replace it not with another totalitarian dictatorship or regress back to Monarchy, yet they will replace it with Democracy.

Why do we do it? Because if you and I don’t do it, then who will?
Who will educate this nation?

Chew on that if you can!

Is Gordon Brown, Obama’s brother or what? Who is the worst Socialist? Are they having a race to see which one can destroy the economy and fabrics of UK or US sooner? What the Frag is going on in England? Is sharia’ law, the law of the land yet?

Socialism is a failed system and Europe is now having second thoughts about it, but Obama is dragging America towards a failed ideology! Nationalization, Public Care, Socialization and eventually Fragging Up America. Europe is like a Donkey stuck in a quicksand of Socialism and trying hard to escape it, but Obama is focusing on Europe as a role model!

I don’t know which is worst, Obama or Brown?

Obama just barfed in a speech and said:
“America is one of the grandest Muslim Countries in the world!”
(Because we have 6 million Muslim population)
Can you believe it?


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