Join the Iranian Student’s Day Protests Worldwide Dec 6, 09

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Join the Iranian Student’s Day Protests Worldwide Dec 6, 09

Postby IPC » Sun Dec 06, 2009 6:15 pm

Join the Iranian Student’s Day Protests Worldwide Dec 6, 09

IPC Official Announcement

Join the Iranian Student’s Day Protests Worldwide
Monday December 6, 2009
For 16 Azar

Friends, Opposition Members and Other Comrades:

- If inside Iran, rush the streets of Iran and Challenge the Islamic Regime.
- If outside Iran, join the various scheduled protests in universities and in front of IRI embassies and general consulates worldwide.
Even if you hate both fractions of the Islamic Regime, join the protests.
Even if you believe Hezbollah is Hezbollah and Green Movement is a sham, join the protests.
Even if you despise Fundamentalists and Reformists (Greens) both, join the protests.
Iranian Opposition does not support the Green Movement because we do agree with the Reformists, but we support the Green Movement simply because we are using the Reformists to gradually bring the Islamic Republic down!
This is not about Fundamentalists or Reformists or other groups.
This is about the masses of Iran demanding Freedom, Democracy and Human Rights.
By joining the protests, you are throwing a heavy punch in the face of the Islamic Regime.
We will not protest for Greens, Reds, Pinks or any other colors.
We will protest to end the reign of Islam in Iran.
More power to all Freedom Fighters of Iran.

IPC Office

* * *

Internet Filter Breakers
For Opposition Communication Purposes

Web Proxies

Instant Messenger Proxies


Nasim Software (Inside Iran)

Here are 2 software systems which you can use to fight IRI plan of building a national Internet wall and censoring the flow of information through the World Wide Web to Iran. These 2 systems are different approaches towards resolving the same problem; however, they both serve the same purpose.

Tor Anonymity Software

Psiphon Software

Filter Breakers to Bypass IRI Filters

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* * *
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