Iran Internal and External wars are the work of enemies

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Iran Internal and External wars are the work of enemies

Postby Jaff Sassani » Tue Dec 15, 2009 1:21 am

Iran Internal and External wars are the work of enemies of Iranian people

When any nations on earth are weak other nations are capable to use people against each other. The Iranian people fighting each other about the language differences within Iran while not only Iran but the entire regions from Pakistan to Turkey and From Kurdistan to former Soviet Union countries have only one language called Aryan language.

Emperor Darius the Great recorded history for us 2500 years ago using language he call it Aryan language. The language is usable today by entire Iranian people but those who are making our people to fight each other are Kurdish political leaders, Persian Mullah, Baluch political leaders and others by insisting on the differences of the languages so they can stay in power or making the living.

The Greek used us Iranian to fight each other using the word Persian for Iran instead of Aryan. The Greek was successful to defeat Iranian people by using Persian to fight Median and Elimite people. The Arab come in with their armies used the same method to divide our people under the name of Islamic religions teaching. The Arab are running Iran today and using our people to fight each other for language differences. The Arab Syed families are calming to be Persian using Iranian people to fight each other for language differences while political parties like Kurdish PJAK are clamming to be liberators of Kurdistan using the language for war against the Arab Syed rulers of Iran.

The Western Imperialist and Israel are helping every group to fight each other in Iran so they can take what ever they want for free.

We are calling on Iranian people to not fight each other for Mullah, PJAK, Baluch and others. We are calling on Iranian people to beg the Western Imperialist and Israel to treat our people like they are treating Japanese and other nations. We Iranian are tired of wars, build us Economic Union like EU do not use us against each other any more.

We believe that the Western Imperialist and Israel have power and technology much greater than what we have in Iran. They are capable to stop wars among us because they are creators of those wars.

In conclusions we beg you people to stop killing each other for evil Mullah’s and Western Imperialist interest. We are calling you to get united under the flag of blacksmith Kaveh and the Aryan language written by Darius the Great. We want you to work peacefully to build the Economic Union in Iran by allowing the people to have freedom in every region to do what is best for them and pay five percent tax for the union to run the country instead of interference by Government in Tehran.

The Aryan language should be used for communications, it is the same language used by people in every regions. There are no Kurdish, Persian, Elami, Baluch or other languages; it is dialect of Aryan language.
The European dialects are much different from each other than our dialects but they have peace now within Economic Union.

The Iranian people overseas can help our people to understand what is going on if they like our people to achieve peace internally and externally.


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