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Postby Jaff Sassani » Wed Jan 13, 2010 10:04 am

We are calling on you PJAK to stop your damaging wars against the Iranian people. We are standing against your wars because of your nonsense wars. Here is why we not like what you are doing.

We read Israel-Kurds publications number 7, December 2009 in Kurdish. The Publications are published in Arbil-Iraq the capital of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) of Barzani family.

In this publications interview with Mossad (Israeli intelligent service) officers whom they helped Barzani Mustafa and trained his son Massoud Barzani in 1966 are saying. Israel had goal to tie down Iraqi Army in Iraq. Shah of Iran had goal to stop the Arab separations in “khuzestan ahvaz region of Iran”. As soon as their missions accomplished they dump Barzani Mustafa and his son Massoud Zebari (Barzani).

The Israeli’s are at war with Iran. They are allies of Turkey. PJAK you think to be so smart, you are not. Barzani tried that and failed. You are getting many young Kurds to get killed and making animosity between Kurds and other Iranians from the same nations (The Airyanem Vaejah nations) for temporary gain. The more you kill, the more you will be hated.

The Kurds are joining the Iranian Governments in large numbers because they see your organizations as “Jash - traders” working for foreigners.
The people know your histories. Most of your leaderships are coming from Senandij – Iran. We know your forefathers (Bani-Ardalan Sassani), you learn how to sale other Kurds. We do not trust you in Kermanshahin, Elam and Kohramabd and even in Kurdistan and Azerbaijani.

Your forefathers reach the power with the help of Yarsan religions. After ward they joined Sunni Islam with Ottoman Empire to betray Iranian people, did not work for them.

Your forefather sold out the Yarsan religions to make more money. Your forefather sold out Kurds during Karim Khan Zand dynasty, they Joined Turks against the Kurds. Your people bring Kurdish people disasters. In Iraq Abraham Ahmed from Senandij betrayed our Kurds, he is from Senandij sold out Jaff people blood to make living with Jalal Talabani. During the Shah you betrayed Iranian people and Kurds. The Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) do not like to hire you, as soon as they do your people will join them. The Kurds do not trust you especially the Jaff people whom had bitter memory of your people. The people in Kermanshah,Elam and Loristan know you very well. They are not falling for your tricks. That is the reason so many people joined IRI in the war against you.

PKK leadership should study history before depending on your ability to organize Iranian.

The Kurdish cases in Iran are different from the cases of Kurds in Turkey, Iraq and Syria. In Iran we Kurds are part of the Airyanem Vaejah nations. We are not separate from Persian, Lor, Elam, Xorasani, Mazendarani, Gilani and others. We have to fight for the Union of Iranian people. Iran is our home and our lands. We are not minority in Iran. The Shah of Iran made mistakes because his Jewish scholars told him what to do. Shah failed to make Iranian enemies of each other. Shah tried to divide and rule, he failed. There are people calling themselves Persian, whom they are trying to build animosity between Kurds and Persian. Those people are Jewish scholars worked for Shah of Iran or Persian sold his dignity to make money. Those Persian knows very well that they are sold out, they sold their own nations to the Arab Sayyied too.
The Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) is doing the same thing so is the Western Imperialist.

We have to fight that, not helping their works.

We called on you to join Iranian people in the war against the IRI. We even called on you to lead the Iranian for liberations but you are lost. You do not understand Iran and Iranian culture.

Today there are fighting between Mullahs’s. Here is our opinion about the fighting.

First: The fight could be tricks to delay the American and Israeli actions until they build their own Atomic Bomb.

Second: If the fight is true then they are fighting about the power and money.

Third: the people should know that President of Iran Ahmadinejad called former President of Iran Rafsanjan thieves. Rafsanjan, Mohammed Khatami, Mir-Hossein Mousavi and Mahdi Karobi are the people build IRI how they are going to destroy it.

They are trying to fool President Obama administrations and Israel. Even if they are truly against Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and Ahmadinejad what difference will make. They ruled Iran before what was the difference during their rules compared to now.

In conclusions we are calling on you PJAK (PKK) to stop the war and find way to unit first the Kurdish people and then Iranian people before fighting IRI.


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