New Alborz Province = 31st Province of Iran!

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New Alborz Province = 31st Province of Iran!

Postby IPC » Fri Jul 23, 2010 10:39 am

New Alborz Province = 31st Province of Iran!
IRI have Created yet another Province!
Ahreeman X and IPC
July 3, 2010

Islamic Republic of Iran had yet created another province! Iranian provinces are growing by the speed of light and the same speed that the Iranian population is growing! The policy of dividing the provinces in half had started at the Imperial Iran’s Pahlavi era, for instance dividing Azerbaijan in two parts of Eastern and Western Azerbaijan and Kurdistan to 3 parts scattered in provinces of Kurdistan, Kermanshah and Western Azerbaijan, yet this policy had expanded during the IRI era!


IRI had expanded the provinces of Iran in 4 different occasions. The ever expanding provinces of Iran! For more information, review:

Map of Iran Provinces

In the past, IRI had divided Azerbaijan in to 3 parts, Khorasan in to 3 parts and so on ….

The latest division was to divide Tehran in to 2 parts of Tehran and Alborz!

Alborz province is the latest creation of IRI. Alborz province is located at North West of Tehran province and it has 3 counties of Karaj, Taleqan and Savojbolaq. The capital is Karaj which is also the 5th largest city of Iran (after Tehran, Mashhad, Esfahan and Tabriz).

Presently Iran has 31 provinces and there seems no end to these divisions.

Question: What is the reason for this policy, you may ask?
Answer: Divide and Conquer (The old British policy inherited by Mullahs from their English Masters)!

The more you divide the minorities and various ethnic groups of Iran, the more easily you can control them and suppress them.

Of course there is another solution to this problem. The solution is called Federalism:

History of Federalism in Iran ... /index.htm

It is much more logical, humane and civilized to grant internal autonomy to vast provinces of Iran and keep the Grand Empire of Iran (consisting of various ethnic groups) happy and keeping Iran united; however, this method is neither what Shah (Imperial Iran) nor what IRI had chosen. Instead they have chosen to divide and conquer or shall we say: Divide and Oppress!

Both Imperial Iran (Pahlavi era) and IRI were and are ignorant to Federalism; furthermore, they both have preferred to oppress the minorities and ethnic groups and keep Iran united by severe force rather than gaining the hearts and souls of the minorities by granting them internal autonomy.

Shahollah and Hezbollah reign by force and keep Iran united by suppression of the minorities.
Federalism will reign Iran by Democracy and will keep Iran united by love and cooperate efforts of “All Iranians.”

Until Iranians evolve their mentality and educate themselves to the concepts of secularism, democracy and federalism; there will always be some sort of dictatorship ruling Iran, may it be:

Dictatorship of a Guru (Mossadeqism)
Dictatorship of a Group, Proletariat or Central Committee and Comrade Chairman (Marxism)
Dictatorship of a Cult such as Rajavi Cult (PMOI and Mojahedin)
Dictatorship of a Shah (Constitutional or Absolutist Monarchy)
Dictatorship of Theocracy (IRI Fundamentalists and Reformists)

Or any other sort of dictatorship …..

Yes, any government which is not elected by the people and cannot be removed by the people is considered dictatorship. Any head of state or government who is not elected by the people is considered an unelected official and this is a direct contradiction of democracy (even a constitutional monarch).

A Federal, Secular, Democratic Republic of Iran is the most scientific, up-to-date and logical solution for the Iranian problem; however, Iranians have a long way to go to educate themselves to the true meanings of the concepts such as Secularism, Democracy and most important Federalism.

Political, historical and philosophical illiteracy and lack of education in these fields is the reason for Iranians to constantly repeat the same mistakes of dropping from a puddle to the well (az Chaleh be Chah oftadan).

Iranians want Democracy but they have no clue about the true meaning of the Democracy. This is why they fall deep and deeper in to the holes darker and darker than the one they were originally in!

The chain of dictatorship continues and Iranians blindly fall from Monarchy to Islamic Dictatorship and now falling for the garbage of Islamist Reformism and Con job of the Green Movement!

Just observe the history and witness that it took 222 years (651 AD - 873 AD) for Iranian freedom fighters such as Yaqub Leis Saffarid to get the reign of Islam out of Iran, but then again in 20th century, yet once more Iranians had fallen again under the slavery of Islam (by Half Breed Hezbollah) and established the IRI (1979 – present)! Why have Yaqub liberated Iran? What did freedom fighters died for? So once more we Arabize Iran?!

222 Years of Struggle for Independence of Iran ... /index.htm

This is what we call:

The Iranian Disease ... /index.htm

Lately, they wanted to paint the ugly face of Islamic Fundamentalism (Khamenei and Ahmadinejad) to Islamic Reformism (Mousavi and Khatami) and assume that they have established democracy! In other words they wanted to transform Iran from North Korea (IRI) to China (Neo IRI).

This chain of falling from one form of dictatorship to another will continue until Iranians educate themselves to the true meaning of Democracy. Same will continue with the division of the Iran to 101 provinces to control the minorities by sheer oppression!

This is the reason that we have created IPC, to simply inform and educate Iranians to comprehend the true meanings of the terms Democracy, Secularism and Federalism; furthermore, to teach them political, philosophical and historical literacy so they can save themselves.

The only hope for Iran of the future is to educate the future generation of Iran whom are today’s youth and student movement. This is why we are here and this is what we are doing.

Read more about the new province:

Many are schooled, yet only a few are truly educated!

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