What is wrong with Ahmadinejad?

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What is wrong with Ahmadinejad?

Postby Ahreeman X » Sat May 21, 2011 11:59 am

What is wrong with Ahmadinejad?
Ahreeman X
May 21, 2011

According to the Christian Fundamentalists, world supposed to end today! What happened? I’m still writing!

So what is wrong with Ahmadi?

Here is the order of his latest actions and events:

1. Ahmadi fired some cabinet ministers.
2. Ahmadi tried to wipe out any trace of sympathy towards the parliament out of his cabinet.
3. After Imam rehired the fired minister, Ahmadi isolated himself and missed cabinet meetings.
4. Ahmadi defied Imam
5. Some Ayatollahs including Imam sated that Ahmadi is under a spell!
6. Parliament criticized Ahmadi and he lashed back.
7. Ahmadi antagonized the Fundamentalist Parliament (Majlis).
8. Ahmadi antagonized the Fundamentalist Imam.
9. Ahmadi antagonized the Fundamentalist Clerics.
10 Ahmadi appointed himself also as the Oil Minister.
11. Ahmadi intends to attend OPEC meetings.
12. Ahmadi intends to become OPEC head.

Please have in mind that these are not Reformist or Moderate wings of IRI but these people are from the Fundamentalist wing of IRI whom Ahmadi is lashing out on them. Ahmadi is now openly defying, mouthing off, ignoring and playing I’m not talking to you (Qahr Qahr) games with the fundamentalist Imam, Ayatollahs and Parliament!

Beside the fact that Ahmadinejad is an Ultra Conservative pawn, yet he is also the speaker of the IRGC. As of 2005, IRGC had taken over the IRI and has turned IRI from a theocratic regime to a military dictatorship and appointed Ahmadinejad as its speaker and the sitting president. Please review:

Iranian Revolution has No Colors and Heroes!
http://iranpoliticsclub.net/politics/co ... /index.htm

Inside Iran’s IRGC: Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps

So IRGC has Ahmadinejad’s back and IRGC rules Iran. This is why Ahmadinejad is now as bold as defying Imam Khamenei.

After the end of the Green Movement Show, Green Color Games and Green Reformist shenanigans, now the Parliament (Majlis) is in absolute control of the Fundamentalists. Reformists are out of the picture and Moderates (Rafsanjani and Kar Gozaran Crew) are incognito and underground. The complete government is under the power of Fundamentalists, but this is not even good enough for Ahmadinejad!

Ahmadinejad has 2 objectives:

1. To implement his own Ultra Fundamentalist Doctrine ruling Iran by all means possible.
2. To bring on the judgment day and the coming of Mahdi (12th Imam) by all means possible.

To facilitate the coming of Mahdi, he must create world chaos. All his moves are taking steps in that direction. Support of Hamas, Hezbollah and every single Islamist terrorist group in the globe is part of the plan. Going nuclear is also another step.

IRI money, military attaches and guns are supporting Hamas, Hezbollah, Bosnian Islamists, Afghan Shiites, Tajik Fundamentalists, Iraqi Shiite, Yemenis Shiite, Bahraini Rioters and every other Islamist Movement in the Middle East and beyond.

Ahmadinejad is behind all regional Islamist Movements and IRGC is behind Ahmadinejad. This is no more about the Mullahs but it is about the pure Orthodox Islamist Philosophy of Mohammed and recreating the Islamic Empire, yet this time the Shiite version.

IRI is already the second coming of the Safavid Shiite Persian Empire, a regional empire, yet it is moving towards becoming a global empire.

As I always stated,

Yes to a nuclear Iran
No to a nuclear IRI.

Islam and Nukes do not match. Look at Pakistan!

With Obama’s present shenanigans about the Palestine – Israel border going back to the 1960s point and giving Israel a 9 miles breathing ground at her narrowest width, I surely feel sorry for the Jews, because they are caught in between the Shiite (IRI) and the Bull Shiite (Hussein Obama). Hussein is surely huff and puffing for the next year election year.

I also feel sorry for the IRI Lobby groups in America (Trita Parsi and his gang NIAC, PAAIA, AIC, other Dayus ….) because Obama is singing his last serenades and soon it will be 2012 the election year. Obama has failed in every aspect (Economy, Energy Independence, Unemployment, Inflation, Policy, etc.) and once GOP hits the White House, it will be time to seriously deal with these IRI Lobby Groups in America.

Who knows, maybe we can hang Trita Parsi upside down by the balls, but then again people will not be able to tell the difference between his rear end and upper end, they both look the same! Or maybe we should save that for when we get rid of IRI, as we can drag all these servants and agents of IRI including that mutt Trita Parsi back to Tehran for a public trial.

Soon or late we have to deal with the IRI Lobby.

Dir o zud dareh, vali sukht o suz nadarteh! (Persian Expression)
[It may be Soon or late, but we will take action]

Ahmadinejad is surely going berserk and insane or at least the media and the world thinks so; however, there is a discipline to his insanity. It is a step by step plan towards Qiyamat (Judgment Day) and coming of Mahdi (12th Imam)! After all, Ahmadi is the sitting agent for Mahdi on Earth!

Allah O Akbar
Ahmadi Antar

God is Great
Ahmadi is his Ape

I better stop it right here because PETA may sue me for the verbal mistreatment of God’s creatures, primates and apes!

Dr. X
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