Ahmadinejad UN Speech 2011 Analysis

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Ahmadinejad UN Speech 2011 Analysis

Postby Ahreeman X » Fri Sep 23, 2011 1:01 pm

Ahmadinejad UN Speech 2011 Analysis
Ahreeman X
September 23, 2011

Some readers ask me how come you delay publishing the link to Ahmadinejad’s latest speech at UN? The answer is very simple. Is there anything new to this speech than the year before and the year before that and the year ……?

I mean come on, every year this so-called Doctor, yet illiterate, fanatical, backward, superstitious, overzealously religious, psychologically unbalanced, Mahdi awaiting lunatic travels to UN and runs the same old garbage out of his rectum, oops sorry I meant mouth!

UN is a baseless, useless and powerless organization within itself. This guy runs the same garbage through your ears on yearly basis. What is his speech all about?

Let’s see, hmmmmm ……

American Imperialism, America murdering Middle Eastern people, America bombing women and children, Zionist oppression, Anti Semitism, Israel must pack up and leave Asia to relocate in Americas or Europe, Necessity of IR to go nuclear, Nuclear rights for Iran, peaceful nuclear means, military might of IRI, Muslim brotherhood, Right of poor Muslims, etc.

Of course all throughout his speech, he refers to verses of Quran, holy Hadith, scripture and Islamic expressions. Sometimes the listener may assume that this guy is basically reciting Quran as a preacher or Imam!

The difference is that this year, Iran is actually a nuclear power because the Bushehr plant is operational and IRI is working to make another 10 plants operational soon. But of course Hussein Obama’s Regime is still in denial.

You often ask me what do I think of the nuclear Iran?

I say:

No to a Nuclear IRI
Yes to a Nuclear Iran

I have no problem with a nuclear Iran, but when Iran will be run by a civilized government and not by Islamic Republic of Iran! Once Islam, Theocracy and IRGC are out of the picture and once the future Iranian regime is a civilized and democratic government then more power to a nuclear Iran. Islamist Regime of Mullahs which is the largest and most powerful terrorist sponsor regime in the world cannot go nuclear.

Today’s IRI funds, trains guerrillas, sends guns, and sends military attaches around the world to support every single Islamist Terrorist Organization existing! Organizations such as Hamas, Hezbollah, PLO, Al Fatah, Bosnian Islamists, Muslim Brotherhood, Al Jihad, Tajik Islamists, Afghan Shiites, etc. are either created by IRI or funded by IRI. One way or another they are IRI satellites!

So the question is that as a civilized citizen of the world, do you want a nuclear IRI?

Ahmadinejad always talks about violations of human rights by America and Israel; however, he never talks about the violation of human rights in Iran or better said total violation of the complete Iranian population for the last 33 years! He never talks about the fact that his presidency is in fact illegal and he is not the president due to the popular vote, yet due to the power of IRGC and Theocracy.

After once more running the same garbage out of his mouth or during the time that he runs the garbage out of his mouth, representatives get up and leave or at least half the representatives get up and leave! OK let me correct myself; the civilized world’s representatives get up and leave right in the middle of his speech.

Of course, Russian, Chinese, North Korean, Syrian, Palestinian and other totalitarian regimes’ representatives sit till the end and applause for him. Then there are other nations’ representatives which sit around and tag along just to see what the hell is he going to say this time in hope of hearing possibly something different than last year! And lastly there are those weak nations of the region who are afraid to get up and leave because they are afraid they may hurt his feelings and direct the wrath of IRI towards their little Arab or Non Arab nations in the Middle East, so out of common courtesy and fear they also sit around and listen to his Bull Shiite, nations such as Iraq, Afghanistan, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, etc.

So basically you got 4 types of representatives reacting to his speech:

I. Civilized Nations: Those who get up and leave (USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, etc.)
2. Totaitarian Nations: Those who sit and listen and applaud (Russia, China, North Korea, Syria, Palestine, etc.)
3. Curious Nations: Those who sit and listen for the hell of it (India, Turkey, etc.)
4. Fearful Nations: Those who sit and listen due to fear of IRI (Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Iraq, Bahrain, Qatar, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, etc.)

So as you can see, the same dog and pony show goes on year after year after year …..

…. And I got news for you,

We have to hear this same old boring speech year after year unless:

I. A Bloody Revolution occurs in Iran
(Presently I doubt it because only a slim minority of the Iranians are active opposition and as usual the Silent Majority (Aksariat-e Iranian-e Kun Goshad) are in coma (like they have always been, even in 2009)!

2. US Invasion / Liberation of Iran
(Presently I doubt t it because Obama’s Socialist Regime is occupying the White House. Primarily we have to end Obama’s regime to get any type of support for the Iranian Opposition or any hostile action towards IRI)!

Now let me ask you something:

Would you truly miss anything important if hypothetically for one year I do not post the link to this pathetic show of Bull Shiite while the Monkey gives a speech and the 4 types of audience behave the same way as they done year after year?!

OK, just to make you happy, I will once more post the link for this year’s Bang O Salavat Show. Welcome to Allah’s Baboon Show:

Ahmadinejad UN Speech 2011 (Russian TV)

Ahmadinejad UN Speech 2011 (PBS)

Enjoy and Adios

Watcher in the woods
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Postby IPC » Sat Sep 24, 2011 12:10 pm

No one can help us but ourselves. We have nothing to fear but sloth. Together we can do everything we desire but clinging together is our problem. If you have the will, there is a way but people (silent majority) must have the will and determination. If determination will be there then bringing down IRI is a piece of cake.
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Diplomats walking out on Ahmadinejad at UN

Postby CR » Wed Oct 05, 2011 12:48 pm

Diplomats walking out on Ahmadinejad at UN

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Ahmadinejad 2011 UN Speech

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