Is it necessary for Iran to acquire nuclear arsenal!

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Is it necessary for Iran to acquire nuclear arsenal!

Postby maziar » Sun Oct 02, 2011 5:05 pm

Last several years there has been multinational campaign, led by the United States, against Iran’s nuclear program. I do not understand what all these fusses are about! Let's assume that the present regime of Iran develops two, five, or even one hundred nuclear weapons. Why America, England, France, and even Israel, with more numerous and advanced nuclear weapons with sophisticated delivery system, should be concerned about a few WOMD, even in the hands of mullahs?

It is understandable that mullahs, with past and present bad behaviors, could not be trusted by most members of the world community. But at the same time they have demonstrated that they are not stupid either. They are well aware that using these kinds of weapon against any of those world powers would mean annihilation of Iran. For very this reason the two ex-super powers did not use those weapons against each other during several decades of intense hostilities in “cold-war" era.

One may anticipate that the rouge government of mullahs may sell or smuggle the weapon to the terrorist groups! But with today’s technology, it is easily traceable. In my opinion the intense campaign against Iran acquiring nuclear arsenal, led by the United States, is only a political game play not a military concern.

I personally think that IRI is a rouge and brutal regime and their main goals are their religious mambo jumbos not the well being of Iranian people. But not everything that they do is against the interest of Iran.

I believe that either present regime or the future secular democratic government of Iran should peruse the program and should acquire the weapon, as a deterrent, as long as other countries in any part of the world are allowed to posses theirs. Self defense is the fundamental right of all nations and individuals in the world. It must not be an exclusive right for certain nations and individuals and denied to the others.

One must remember the Iran-Iraq war when Saddam Hussein has used his internationally outlawed chemical weapon against, not just Iranians but on his own Kurdish citizens. I still remember those colored pictures of Kurdish children lying dead in streets of Iraqi Kurdistan.

Neither U.S. nor UN nor any other world power even blinked. Dose anyone thinks that if Iran had chemical weapon capabilities, Iraqis would have used theirs? This means when it comes to breaking the international laws, every country is on its own. The recent passed experience has shown us that the world powers, which control international organizations, do not follow the international laws but only have their own interests in mind. This happened numerous times in recent memories.

Did anyone even have suggested an investigation of dropping two atomic bombs on two populated cities in WWII by Harry Truman! Or so called the "Blanket Bombing" of Vietnam and Cambodia by Nixon in early seventies?

It is against Geneva Convention to drop a bomb on any civilian institution which is not a participant in war activities. In cities and villages there are schools, hospitals, kindergartens, etc. Consequently one must be realistic by not relying on international laws and make sure that the nation is prepared for the worse in the time ahead.

I believe, as far as external threat to the country is concerned, number one concern of present and the future government of Iran should be the neighboring Pakistan with nuclear weapon system in its arsenal. After Saudi Arabia the Sunni Pakistan, since its foundation in 1947, has been the most religious country in the region with largest population of fanatical Islamist in the world.

Sometimes after the country was founded, a secular government led by Zolfaghar Ali- Bhutto came to power but the deeply religious nation could not tolerate a secular regime and in 1977 was overthrown by religious fanatic general Muhammad Zia al-Hagh who declared marshal law and subsequently replaced the previous regime’s modern judiciary system with 7th century Arabian peninsulas Islamic “Shariat”. If the county’s well educated top general is religious fanatic, one must imagine the degree of fanaticism in that country with highest per capita illiteracy rate.

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan (Eslami Jomhuri-e Pakistan) with population of 170 million strong, the sixth most populous country in the world, with world’s seventh largest armed-forces which possesses nuclear capability, since its foundation has been a politically unstable country, in constant turmoil engaging in numerous war and conflicts against its neighboring India. It also has acquired its nuclear capability by defying international treaties and laws.

At the present time the country became a safe haven for multi nationality terrorist organizations with numerous home grown powerful terrorist groups which have infiltrated several corrupt governmental organizations including the armed-forces and the powerful secret service.

The close relation of the high level government employees with various terrorist organizations recently became obvious when it became known that the leader of Al-Ghaideh Ben Laden, the most wanted man by law enforcement of numerous countries and international organizations, including Pakistani armed-forces and powerful secret service has been living in passed six years in a large compound next to an army garrison only thirty kilometer from the capitol.

Secular Saddam Hussein has used his outlawed chemical weapons against Iran for his political and territorial ambitions but the possible future religious fanatic government of Pakistan could use its more devastating legal nuclear weapons against Iran for its more dangerous ideological ambitions to impose its own religious ideologies upon “godless” future secular government of Iran.

History has witnessed the 7th century AD unprovoked invasion of Persia by the Arabo-Islamic forces and also, 14th through 20th century, expansionism of Islamic Ottoman Empire in Western Asia, North Africa and Eastern Europe to the border of Austria with the goal of “Islamisation” of entire globe in mind.
If in the future the fanatics come to power in Pakistan, either the Shiia IRI stays in power or if a secular government come to power in Iran, as far as the fanatic Pakistanis are concerned they both are infields and must be converted to “real Islam”.

With that in mind, as long as the nuclear weapons are not banned for all nations of the world and the present weapon system of those nations that posses such armament are not dismantled, country of Iran should have the right to develop its own nuclear weapon system for defensive and deterrent purposes..
Maziar Aptin
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