I’m in Sulk with Persians!

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I’m in Sulk with Persians!

Postby Ahreeman X » Thu Oct 23, 2014 6:02 pm

I’m in Sulk with Persians!


I’m in Sulk with Persians!
Ahreeman X
October 24, 2014


I’m in sulk with Persians! Why you ask? Why not? And do not call me a Sulker or a Sulky person! I maybe sensitive but I am not a sulker and I insist that I am not a sulker! Honestly I am truly in sulk with Persians! Qahr, qahr ta ruz-e qiyamat (sulk, sulk until the judgment day)!

I mean for God’s sake, for your Allah, Ahura, Yahweh, Jesus or whatever god that you worship and I don’t (thus I am an atheist), what the hell is wrong with you Persians? Sometimes I truly doubt that we still can refer to you guys as Persians! How can we call a bunch of Sheeple and Sheepish folks, Persians?!

Today’s Iranians are not Yesterday’s Persians!

As I have always stated, today’s Iranians are not yesterday’s Persians! For God’s sake, Persians had “Balls” but you guys have Hasteh Khorma (Date Seeds AKA Seedy Testicles)! Persians had gigantic balls size of Empire State. Even IPC members, readers and fans have large size balls simply because they are here and you are not! Even I have extra large size balls, maybe not as large as Empire State but surely as large as any Euro-Pee-On Monarch’s palace, mansion or castle! I mean for God’s sake, just look at them, c’mon get a hold of them and see them for yourself and examin them in person! Why do I have extra large size balls you ask? Because I have been with the Iranian opposition for over 35 years, also I created and I actively publish this cyber empire which you are presently in it and reading my article!

Who are Iranians?

Seriously who are Iranians? And by Iranians, I mean the majority, the God Damn Silent Majority which has been silent for God Damn 35 years! Who are you? It is obvious who are the Minority of Iranians. We the Active Iranian Opposition are the Minority and we have been fighting the Islamic Regime for 35 years. No thanks to you, we were and are behind every unrest, protest and riot in Iran during the past 35 years.

The Iranian Opposition, Democratic Movement and Student Movement has been actively fighting the Islamic Beast for 35 years. Where the Frag have you been? I know you are reading this, so do not pretend that you are not here! So, where the Fak have you been?

How do you explain your silence for 35 years? The rich is silently making all the dough, not getting involved with politics, paying the Iranian Mafia’s share (IRI’s share); the poor is working 3 jobs to make ends meet and is too tired to complain but is used to servitude and slavery of Islam and Ruling Muslims; the middle class, forget about it, the ever shrinking and nonexistent middle class which has been dying under pressure! This is the story of the Iranians!

Iranians Revolt on Full Stomach!

You know what? Iranians revolt on full stomach (during Shah’s time) but they never revolt on the empty stomach (IRI Era)! Shah fed them and they revolted and overthrown him! Now IRI has learned her lesson! Keep the Iranians hungry, oppress them, enslave them, treat them like the Shiite that they are and keep them starving, working 3 jobs, so they never even think of revolting! Tu maqzeshun bezan (bang them on their heads)!

Are Iranians Humans?

It is 35 years that we (Iranian Opposition) are waiting for you (Iranian People) to rise up, revolt or at least say something so we know that you are still alive! You have been dead for 35 years with no sign of life! Does Coma sound familiar? Baba shoma ham ye chi begin? Say something so we know that you have not died a few decades ago!

We the Iranian Opposition inside and outside Iran (including myself) have been busting our balls and ripping our asses for 35 years, fighting the Tazi Regime to revive your country, so you can live in a democracy! We have been fighting your fight for 35 years! Are you alive?

Do you ever walk an inch away from your comfort zone? Do you even care for Iran and Iranians? Forget Iran and Iranians but do you even care for yourselves having better lives? Do you care for your children and the future generation to grow up in a democratic and a free society with better and more opportunities? Are you zombies? Are you dead? When will you ever wake up? You know there are more to life than eating, Shiiting, sleeping, making money and have sex?! For God’s sake are you animals or are you humans?

Iranian Bizarro World!

Do Jews worship Nazis?
Do Blacks worship KKK?
Do Czechs, Hungarians or Polish worship Russians and their Red Army?
Do Taiwanese and People of Hong Kong worship Chinese and their People’s Army?
Does the Civilized World worship Muslim Terrorists’ Allah?

Then why the hell are you the Iranians worship the rapists and murderers of your ancestors?

Why do you Arab Worship (Islam)?

Muhammadan Saints: Omar, Ali, Hassan, Hussein and other Arab Dayus raped your mothers, killed your fathers and taken your sisters and brothers to Mecca as concubines and slaves. Arabs occupied your country and it took 222 years to free Iran.

222 Years of Struggle for Independence of Iran (651 AD - 873 AD)
http://iranpoliticsclub.net/library/eng ... /index.htm

But it is 1400 years that you are still worshipping the Arabo-Islamic Religion! You have been worshipping Allah (originally a Black Rock in Ka’bah) for 1400 years; furthermore, you have overthrown the Persian Monarchy and replaced it with the Arabo-Islamic Half-Breed Regime of the Mullahs!

Meaning of Crescent and Star?
http://iranpoliticsclub.net/islam/cresc ... /index.htm

You have brought the most ignorant, fanatical, superstitious, and backward social class of Iran (Mullahs) in to the power and put them in charge of running an 8000 years old Supreme Persian Culture!

Khak Bar Sar-e Khar-etun Bekonand!
May dirt be upon your heads (go 6 feet under)

See, now I am cursing you all! I am placing an Ahreemanic Curse on you all!

Sins of the Fathers

You have sinned against Iran and the Iranians. Do you have remorse? Hell no, obviously not! If you did have remorse, then you would have done something to reverse or at least change the situation! Far away from it! You have been silent for 35 years!

What it is?

You know what?

Government of each of country is the representative of the people of that country.
Iranians must deserve IRI or else they would have revolted 10 times over and overthrow IRI.
How can Iranians remain silent for 35 years and kiss Mullahs’ ass?
Iranians are not Free Thinkers, not even Free Human Beings.
Iranians are nothing but measly slaves to Islam and Arabs.
Iranians are nothing but Arab Worshipers.

What it is, what it is?
That’s what it is!

I Saw A Video …

A while back, I saw a video. In it, the pro IRI folks and Guspandan-e Regime (Muslim Sheeple) were releasing rhetoric such as:

“We want Iran with her Islam.”
“We don’t want Iran without the Islam.”

Some Imam Khamenei picture waving, Muslim whore (Siqeh temporary marriage) in chador was stating this with much Naz O Ada (cute talk and gesture) and another Muslim whore in scarf was nodding her head in agreement to double power her opinion and establish this fact that Iranians love Iran with her Islam!

You pitiful Muslim sluts, you ignorant Muslim tramps, Dig it:

I. Islam has no part in Iran and Islam is not an Iranian philosophy or religion; furthermore, Islam has been and is the enemy of Iran and Iranians.

II. What kind of Iranian woman is still a Muslim? Either a slut who can’t read or a slut who justifies her readings (Islamic Apologist) or else how can you read Quran and still be a Muslim? Islam is clearly an Anti Woman Ideology!

III. If Iranians by majority want Iran with her Islam and not without it, then by all means I will gladly donate my Ahreemanic urine and piss all over that land (The Islamic Iran)!

An Old Dialogue

An old comrade once asked me:

“If Iranians are so ignorant and we can’t commit to a mass uprising to change regime, and if you do not care for Iranians as Muslim people, then what do you love about Iran? If not people, then the empty land?”

I told him:

Yes I love the Iranian Plateau but that is not the only thing I love about Iran. As an Iranian Nationalist, I love the Iranian Culture, Traditions, Poetry, Music, Philosophy, Literary Works and indeed land, that holy land, that rich with best fruits and vegetables land.

What Iran Needs?
http://iranpoliticsclub.net/movement/ir ... /index.htm

If the majority are ignorant to the realities of history and what is for their benefits, then we the “Thinking Iranians” and we the “Free Iranians” must shove some sense in their brains. Does that sounds like dictatorship? Well, if the majority wants Islam and the Islam is poison for Iran, then we must comprehend that:

Islam came to Iran by force and it must leave Iran by force.

People are ignorant, they are like little children. If your child wants to drink poison, don’t you stop him by all means possible?

The Final Solution

Once we eliminate a few hundred thousand or a few million Hezbollahi and Mullahs, then the rest will change their minds! Iranians by majority are cowards and afraid for their lives! Once the Mosque burnings start, once the cutting of chadors, turbans and aba robes at the intersections starts (Reza Khani Style), then the rest will know their place and forget about Islam!

Iranians’ beliefs are so shallow and superficial that a wind can change their fundamental beliefs! Everybody is Muslim today but tomorrow when the wind changes direction, no one will remain Muslim!

Iranians are not True Muslims, but they have been forced in to Islam and they remained Muslims due to propaganda and traditions.

Let’s mass slaughter a few waves of Mullahs, Hezbollah and Muslims, let’s burn some mosques and let’s cut off some Islamic garbs at intersections and suddenly you will see no Muslims in Iran.

I go as far as:

Let’s kill a few Million Muslims and save the other seventy something millions of Iranians. Let’s cleanse Iran out of Islam and Muslims. And that my friends is the:

Final Solution ……
An Islam Free Iran!

It has come down to this, to save Iran!

Do you have a better solution?
I am all ears?
Come out of your coma and speak up your minds?
Knock knock, is there anybody in there (Pink Floyd)?
Or are you all Dead?


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Gorg Ali dar Qorbat

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Re: I’m in Sulk with Persians!

Postby CR » Mon Nov 03, 2014 5:37 pm

An Observation

Ahreeman Wrote:

I’m in sulk with Persians.

Ahreeman Wrote:

Today’s Iranians are not Yesterday’s Persians!

Dear Ahreeman:

Actually you aren’t in sulk with Persians but you are in sulk with Iranians, because today’s Iranians aren’t yesterday’s Persians! :magnify:

So you can’t be in sulk with me because I’m Persian! :sunny:

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