Iran Flag History: Save Persian Lion not become a Pussycat!

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Iran Flag History: Save Persian Lion not become a Pussycat!

Postby Ahreeman X » Wed Nov 05, 2014 11:54 am

Iran Flag History: Save Persian Lion from becoming a Gay Pussycat!
Everything you need to know about the Iranian Flags
Everything you need you know about the History of Lion, Sun and the Sword
Ahreeman X
November 5, 2014


Young Generation of Iran:

Self Educate Yourselves because your Teachers, Professors, Elders, Community and Society Won’t! They are either Islamists or Liberals. The Liberalism always ends up Appeasing the Islamism. Liberalism is the best friend to Islamism. Liberalism and Islamism go hand in hand. In Iran of yesterday (1979), Liberals handed the government to the Islamists. In America of today (Obama’s Socialist Regime), Liberals are appeasing and slow dancing with the Islamists (IRI, Taliban, etc.).

Yesterday's Liberals (Jimmy Carter) gave birth to the Islamists (Khomeini) and Khomeini gave birth to the global Islamism (IRI, Hezbollah, Hamas, Al Jihad, Taliban, Al Qaeda, ISIS, etc.).

Today's Liberals (Hussein Obama Regime) and their Iranian versions (Iranian American Democrats, Iranians for Peace and IRI Lobbyists) are appeasing the Islamists, legitimize them (IRI) and helping them to grow.

“Liberalism is a weak immune system which invites the Virus of Islamism to enter and destroy a healthy and civilized, democratic social body!”
(Ahreeman X)

Liberalism is a Mental Disorder and Pacifism is a Human Syphilis!

Lion and Sword Banner of Ahreeman Persian Iran Flag
The more Liberals and Islamists hate it, the longer my Persian Curved Sword (Scimitar) gets!

Banner of Ahreeman Persian - The Blood-Trim
The New Banner of Ahreeman - Blood Version
Iran Politics Club Lion and Sword Ahreeman Persian Blood Trim Banner Iran Flag
The Battle Ready Ahreemanic Lion with Long Curved Sword Roaring

Futurist Faravahar Iran Flag
Latest Iran Politics Club Banner

Futurist Faravahar Iran Flag
Present Green, White and Red Order Iran Flag
Iran Politics Club Futurist Faravahar Tricolor Iran Flag


True Persians

Greetings Folks

I would love all “True Persians” (Lovers of Iran) to know the true history of the Iranian Flag. I could be careless if the “Eye-Rainians“, the “Half-Sleep Inxilists” and the “Career Exilists” know or learn about the true history of the Iranian Flags, and I surely do not give a Flying Fandango if the “Arab Worshipers” know, not know, learn, not learn, live or die!

Lifesaving Advice

We have enough Iranian “Career Exilists” and “Islamic Apologists” abroad; we also have enough Iranian “Half-Sleep Inxilists” and “Arab Worshipers” inside Iran, so do not become one!
Enough being a:

Career Exilist = Making a career out of being in Exile
Islamic Apologist = Apologizing for Islam and sugar coating it to look good
Half-Sleep Inxilist = Silent Majority sleep now for decades exiled inside their own country Iran
Arab Worshiper = Iranian Muslim
Eye-Rainian = Those who keep their eyes to the sky for the rain to pour and fertile the land rather than get off their asses and irrigate the land themselves!

Start being a:

True Persian to your own culture, tradition, philosophy, race, language and lifestyle; wake up the Beast of “Persianhood” and remain Persian for eternity!

Read more about the history of Eye-Rainian and Iranian:

Eye-Rainian and Iranian – Eye-Rainian Chapter I

Eye-Rainian Red-Neck Goes to Gun Club – Eye-Rainian Chapter II ... /index.htm

My Word is ……

My word is with the young generation, the future generation of Iran. Forget the old, let them die in peace and ignorance, thus they are no use to me, to Iran, to Nationalist Revolution of Iran and to the Future of Iran.


Truth about Lion and Sun Emblem

It seems like after everything that us, the True Iranian Nationalists have written and done, still the average Iranian is clueless about the history and the true meaning of the “Lion, Sun and Sword” Persian Emblem. It seems like the average Iranian is still in the daze and haze about the facts that:

Lion, Sun and Sword Iranian Emblem,

* Goes back thousands of years as far as 8000 years
* Did not originated by the Monarchists or Mojahedin
* Was not created by the Pahlavi Dynasty
* It represents Iran and Iranians

Reality Check:

Lion, Sun and Sword Persian Emblem is the true emblem of Iran and the Iranian Flag.

Lion, Sun and Sword Emblem’s roots goes back thousands of years.

Lion, Sun and Sword Emblem is our Iranian Heritage.

Democracy versus Islam

Democracy = Government of the People by the People for the People
Islam = Government of Allah by the Terrorists for the Mullahs and Hezbollah

In Persian:

Islam = Government of Allah by the Ramals for the Hamals

Ramal = Fortune Tellers, Mullahs
Hamal = Porters, Ignorants

Sins of the Fathers

What Your Fathers have Done?

Your ignorant fathers committed a sin, “Sin of the Fathers” (1979 Islamic Revolution) and today, you the “Sons and Daughters” are paying for their Sins!

Your ignorant fathers replaced this:

True Flag of Iran

Flag of Reza Shah the Great (1933 AD – 1964 AD)
Reza Shah the Great: 1925 AD – 1941 AD
Pahlavi Dynasty: 1925 AD – 1979 AD
The Lion and Sun Flag of Reza Shah the Great (1933 - 1964). His Majesty Reza Shah the Great, Pahlavi I, Father of Nation, Founder and Head of The Pahlavi Dynasty has set this flag as the very essence and fabric of the Iranian Pride and Glory since 1933. The Lion and Sun Emblem have 8000 years old roots dating back to the very first Persian Civilization of Shush (Susa). This specific flag was used from 1933 until 1964.

With this:

Spider Looking Allah Flag of Mullahs

Flag of Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI)
The IRI Allah Flag (1980 - ?)

They might as well have had replaced it with this:

Spider Flag of Muslim Iranians

IRI Allah Spider Flag of Iran!
This is a wise remark and statement on Allah Logo of IRI
Islamic Republic has an Allah Spider-looking Emblem, so why not create a Real and Full Spider Logo for the good Muslim to cherish and worship?!

Or better have replaced it with this:

Light of Allah IRI Iran Flag

IRI Light of Allah Flag
IRI Imam Khomeini Shines the Light of Allah Emblem on Iran Flag
On 1979 Imam Khomeini had unveiled the “Light of Allah” to the Iranian people!
Since then, the “Light of Allah” has been shining on Iran and Iranians!
IRI Light of Allah Flag designed by Admzad

Don’t you just wanna shove the Arabic “Allah” up Mullahs rectums, where the sun never shines, where the Vaseline corrosion (Anal Sex) always exists, and where the soap and water barely reaches?!

View more:

Admzad Iranian Political Collage Graphic Designs – Chapter 2: Neo Iran Flags ... /index.htm

Then You Got the Liberals ….

Liberals who want to cut off the Lions’ sword, make him look amputated, crippled and gay!

Liberal Handicapped Gay Lion Iran Flag

Iran Flag - Handicapped Gay Liberal Lion

Liberals want to replace the Mighty Persian Lion with their Gay Liberal Lion:

Iran Logo - Gay Liberal Lion

Liberalism and Islamism Always Goes Hand in Hand!

Who is Worst?

I honestly do not know who is worst? Liberals or Islamists? They both want to revise the True Iranian Flag, Iranian Heritage and Iranian Culture! If you notice, Liberalism always ends up with the appeasement of the Islamism. Liberals always end up appeasing the Islamists rather than fighting them. Take a good look at the Iranian American Democrats, Mainstream Iranian American Media, Pacifists, Jebhe Meli, Reformists, Islamic Apologists, Liberal Democrats, Social Democrats, IRI Lobbyists and other Iranians for Peace (Eye-Rainians for Piss) groups!

Read more on how Liberals want to change Iran’s Heritage of Lion, Sun and Sword Emblem:

Iran's Flag: Save Persian Lion from becoming a Gay Pussycat! ... /index.htm

The Original Meaning of Lion and Sun

Lion represents: the Aryan protector, Aryan root force, Aryan ingenuity and Aryan power.
Sun represents: light, warmth and wisdom, which shines upon the Aryans.

Aryan means Noble People (Ancient Iranian Lingo)

Lion and Sun goes thousands of years back:

Ancient Lion and Sun Iran Banner

Modern Anahita and Mitra Banner
Aryan Lion, Mitra (Sun) and Anahita, 4th Century BC
Oldest trace of this emblem goes back to Shahanshah Artaxerxes II of Achaemenid Dynasty's (404 BC - 359 BC) Era during 4th Century BC. Anahita (Ancient Persian Goddess) on Aryan Lion's back, holding a barsam, while Mitra (the Holy Sun Goddess) represented by the sun, shines behind her. All in front of the Persian Tricolor Banner waving in background.

Read more:

Persian Mythology, Gods and Goddesses – Chapter 2: Goddesses ... /index.htm



Educate Yourselves

Self Educate yourselves because your schools, your elders, your media and your society won’t!

Your teachers, professors, elders, media and community inside Iran are either Islamists or Liberals; and outside Iran in the west, are surely liberals!

Muslims and Liberals do not make good Teachers

Muslims and Liberals do not make good teachers because they are both biased, revisionists and falsifiers of true information, knowledge and history. That is why you need to self educate yourselves.

Self Educate Yourselves:

About the History of Iranian Flags + Lion and Sun Emblem

Read more:

Everything you need to know about the Iranian Flags

Iran's Flag: Save Persian Lion from becoming a Gay Pussycat! ... /index.htm

Pictorial History of Iranian Flags Book - Chapter 14: Iran Politics Club Flags

Pictorial History of Iranian Flags Book - Chapter 10: IRI Flags

Pictorial History of Iranian Flags Book - Chapter 1: Historical Iranian Flags

Pictorial History of Iranian Flags Book (14 Chapters)

Iran Flag Index

Iran History Index

Mind is a terrible thing to waste, because you only live once!

Pure Persian Pride

Dr. X
Watcher in the woods
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Re: Iran Flag History: Save Persian Lion not become a Pussyc

Postby CR » Thu Nov 20, 2014 7:43 am

Amen Brother Ahreeman

Persian Lion without a sword is like a soldier without a gun and a warrior without a weapon.

Sister of Zeynab
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