Ownage Pranks: Funny Animated Prank Calls

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Ownage Pranks: Funny Animated Prank Calls

Postby Ahreeman X » Fri Nov 07, 2014 8:19 pm

Ownage Pranks: Funny Animated Prank Calls
Great Reality Comedy

Ownage Pranks

Ownage the Great Voice Impersonator


Now I am a pretty good accent imitator, voice impersonator and I copy and imitate various ethnic accents to the point that the other party cannot really tell that if I am joking or am I really talking like them with Black, Italian, Vietnamese, Philippino, Japanese, Indian, Arabic, Turkish, Persian and many other accents; but this guy is a great accent imitator, voice impersonator and truly a voice actor. His prank calls are hilarious, animations are superb and his identity is hidden so he will not get in trouble!

Ownage the Devil himself

Review and enjoy some of his best work:

Ownage Animated Prank Calls


Characters in action

Buk Lao calls Chinese Restaurant

Buk Lao calls to remove Antenna

Juan calls for the House for Sale

Abdo calls Kaboby

Tyrone calls for Cheating Girlfriend’s Boyfriend

Rakesh calls Indian Restaurant



Ownage basically has 9 characters:

Buk Lao the Oriental
Abdo the Arab
Tyrone the Black
Rakesh the Indian
Juan the Hispanic
Chris the Gay
John the Nerd
Billy the Hillbilly
Russel Himself



Buk Lao calls Chinese Restaurant
http://youtu.be/MmTiqKPnhiQ?list=PLFSKB ... jADH-KlGT8

Buk Lao calls Indian Restaurant
http://youtu.be/yC0ckO2PrBA?list=PLFSKB ... jADH-KlGT8

Buk Lao calls Somali Mechanic Shop
http://youtu.be/PUj41-0E32s?list=PLFSKB ... jADH-KlGT8

Buk Lao calls for Antenna Removal
http://youtu.be/E2Mx4TBFalI?list=PLFSKB ... jADH-KlGT8

Juan calls Old Lady to buy her house
http://youtu.be/OUh8_Yz-cXg?list=PLFSKB ... jADH-KlGT8

Rakesh calls Indian Restaurant
http://youtu.be/EVSbMyWKdDQ?list=PLFSKB ... jADH-KlGT8

Abdo calls Kaboby Middle Eastern Restaurant
http://youtu.be/OHF_wU1lJo4?list=PLFSKB ... jADH-KlGT8

Tyrone calls Cheating Girlfriend’s Boyfriend
http://youtu.be/PrD0MkDt6WQ?list=PLFSKB ... jADH-KlGT8

Tyrone calls a Gamer
http://youtu.be/q6Lr3V-CZGI?list=PLFSKB ... jADH-KlGT8

Billy calls Cuddling Service
http://youtu.be/AYUe78dBmds?list=PLFSKB ... jADH-KlGT8



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Buk Lao

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