New Improved Prophets for Persians: Raw Humor!

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New Improved Prophets for Persians: Raw Humor!

Postby Atusa Qajar » Sun Aug 21, 2016 9:38 am

New Improved Prophets for Persians: Raw Humor!

New Funny Remake of a Hilarious Classic!

:donkey: Takbir ... begin the Namaz prayer behind Imam Juma'
:moo: :namaz: :sheeple: :namaz: :namaz: :namaz2: :namaz: :namaz2: :ayatollah:

More Prophets = More Shrines & Mourning = More money for Clerics

“ Great News for God and Prophet Thirsty Persians!” (Ahreeman X)
Yadollah Eshtiaq: Tell me more, tell me more?!


Please review at your own risk! Sometimes laughter at tragedy is the best solution! Enjoy:


New Improved Prophets for Persians!
Ahreeman X
1st Edition: June 8, 2007
2nd Edition: August 21, 2016


By "Prophets for Persians Foundation"!

After a long historical brainstorming, your family doctor is offering a Social Service; therefore, we shall post this research in all important Persian Political Net Media! After the fictional story on new Mongolian Religion for Persians by one of our dearly beloved members, also revision and modernization of Islam by our other Neo Muslim …

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New Improved Prophets for Persians!

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