Mark Dice: How Stupid are Americans? - Funny Interviews

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Mark Dice: How Stupid are Americans? - Funny Interviews

Postby CR » Mon Dec 12, 2016 7:50 am

How stupid are Americans?
Funny Street Interviews!
Mark Dice

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Hilariously Funny but sad to know how Americans are so ignorant by majority!

Mark Dice interviews Americans in the streets and at the beach, hitting them with bogus info and questions to test their intelligence!

It is amazing how Millennials and Americans in general are so ignorant about the global and the domestic affairs, news, history, geography, current affairs and the latest events! They are ignorant but they play along pretending that they are aware of the issues and even give an opinion on them!




4th of July Zombies
Americans Don't Know Why We Celebrate Fourth of July!

Liberals Want New American Flag with Rainbow Stripes for "Diversity"
Current Design "Offensive"

Liberal Morality on Incest

Millennials on Safe Space

What's Wrong with Millennials?

Trump's Sons Kill a Triceratops on Hunting Safari
Liberals Believe, And They're Very Upset

Can You Name An Author of a Book? Any Author?

Americans Who Don't Know the Capital of the United States!!!

Americans Don’t Know Who Washington D.C. is Named After!!!

Moronic Millennials Think Karl Marx is 3rd Party Presidential Candidate
Challenging Hillary & Trump



Mark Dice Street Interviews on YouTube ... -z5jhPuxVV

Mark Dice YouTube

Mark Dice FaceBook


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How dumb are people in California?

Postby Atusa Qajar » Tue Feb 14, 2017 7:22 am

How dumb are people in California? :-k
Observe and find out!

Dumbest People in California!
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