Reza Pahlavi and Mr. Jew

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Reza Pahlavi and Mr. Jew

Postby Ahreeman X » Tue Jun 19, 2012 3:50 pm

Reza Pahlavi :lemon: and Mr. Jew :jew:
From the Desk of Dr. X
June 19, 2012

Broadcasting from the IPC Networks
Voice of Free Iran
Voice of Sanity amongst the Iranian Community
Voice of Future Iran
Voice of the Futurist Iran
Voice of the Opposition …


A while back, Benjamin Netanyahu prime minister of Israel mentioned that if Israel bombs the military targets in Iran, then the masses will rise up and overthrow the regime (considering that on 2009 not a single armed forces member joined the people in the revolts). Right after that Reza Pahlavi once again started to runaround his kitchen, become political and throw an interview here or there! Reza Pahlavi started to release some “Random Farts” in the wind just so the people would know that he is still alive! One of these interviews was with Israeli media and during this interview Reza Pahlavi replied to Benjamin Netanyahu’s remarks. Reza Pahlavi stated that:

RP: Oh hear yee, hear yee, O’ Mr. Jew please do not bomb my country and people but please o please, o pretty please help the Iranian Opposition.

Of course his reply was not that short but the Fat Ol Chubster kept on going on and on about how Israel should not Bomb but he should support and how Israel should not War but he should “Make Love”!

So this Pacifist Gay Ol Shah, the Geisha (Gay Shah) conducted a Rowzeh and Nowheh with much tears (Akhund Style) to make Israel shed tears and sing “No War, Make Love” songs along with him! After all, Reza Pahlavi is Seyed-e Oulad-e Peyqambar and Descendant of the Arab Shiite Imams! According to his mother (Empress Farah) he is both Seyed of Hussein-i and Hassan-i. Who can ever forget that Bull Shiite web page on Farah Pahlavi’s website about how Reza Pahlavi and herself are both Seyed of Hassani and Husseini, a double whammy Seyeds?! Only after I mocked that ridiculous web page, Empress ordered her web designer to take the page off of her site. Of course the reason she had the web page up was to make Reza Pahlavi popular amongst the Muslims and give him legitimacy as an Arabo-Muslim Seyed descendant. However the tactic backfired because at the time, it was not popular amongst the masses to be a Seyed and for one to connect himself to Hassan and Hussein! At earlier time when Farah uploaded that web page, it was cool to be a Seyed (popular mood) but later on being a Seyed become resentful amongst the masses.

Of course Pahlavis eat the bread by the daily price (Nun ro be nerkhe ruz mikhorand) and they love to fly in the direction of the wind. The opportunists that they are, one day they are Seyeds and the next day they are Persian Nationalists. One day they are Monarchists and the next day they are Republicans! Any which way they can, as long as RP becomes a Shah or somehow return to Iran and rule!

You see, one day he is Seyed Reza Pahlavi and the next day he is Cyrus Reza Pahlavi!
Gahi posht bar zin, gahi zin be posht!

So after my mockery, Farah took the web page down:

The Letter Reza Pahlavi Could Not Answer ... /index.htm

And then of course it followed by this:

Why Reza Pahlavi Cannot Lead Iranian Opposition?

Anyhow, who can forget Reza Pahlavi’s grand sacrifices for Iran and Iranians during the past 33 years:

Reza Pahlavi vs. Fidel Castro

And who can ever forget Reza Pahlavi Shows?

Reza Pahlavi Rat Show ... /index.htm

Reza Pahlavi Eggplant Show ... /index.htm

So once again the Gay Ol Shah is running around, huffs and puffs, releases random farts in the wind and conducts his famous few minutes interviews as a Vajih ol Meleh (populist) to become the martyr for the cause and the Don Quixote of the Iranian Opposition, riding the Gav O Guspandan, ride em cowboy, hee haw:

Riding in Wild Wild East and Fantasies of Iranian Opposition! ... /index.htm

CIA Cinderella's Millions and 1001 Persian Prince Charmings! ... /index.htm

After the latest shenanigan by Reza Pahlavi, once again becoming the spokesperson for the Iranian Opposition, I decided to drop a few lines to Bibi (Binyamin Netanyahu)!

Dear Bibi :007: Jan:

Greetings Mr. Jew, Ahreeman here calling!

Please continue with whatever plan that you may have and do not mind this Gay Ol Boy RP. Do it MOSSAD Style (killing Iranian Nuclear Scientists one by one) and Bomb the hell out of Iranian military targets. We (the Iranian Opposition) could use all the help that we can get.

This Gay Ol Boy, the Gay Pahlavi, the Geisha (Gay Shah) of Iran is a Sissy Faggy Pacifist who has been sitting in his Kitchen in his Mansion in Maryland, cooking, eating, getting fat and making babies for the past 33 years. This Fat Ol Boy is practically a Chicken Making Machine (Mashine Jujeh Keshi) making one chicken per year! He has been trying to make a boy but unsuccessfully so far he made a flock of girls! What is it now 4, 5 or what? All he does is dropping babies like a cow in hope of making a baby boy to carry his legacy, after all in Shiite Islam only a baby boy can become a Shah! Him being a Seyed must produce a baby boy and so far he has been making only girls! Every year RP opens his legs like a fat cow and drops a baby girl and then name her with an Arabic Holy name, after all him and his mother are superstitious religious Muslims. He names his daughters Arabic holy names:

Noor, Iman, Farah, ….. in future maybe …. Eslam, Taqva, Zahra, Fatwa ….

So basically this Chubby Ol Prince who never become a Shah is a great chef and Mom who wears apron, keeps the house clean, cooks and makes babies while his wife goes to work and brings home the bread! This Chubster never had a real education or job in his life! This chubbo is a Desperate House Wife, a pussy and a pacifist.

Dear Mr. Jew please do not take our Gay Ol Price seriously. Our Geisha (Gay Shah) is a Career Exilist and loves to lead the Iranian Revolution from his pantry while sitting in his kitchen or maybe from his Sandoq-khuneh walk in closet. RP’s political assessments and analysis are often sadly flawed and out of touch!

Do not pay attention to his rhetorics asking you to help the Iranian Opposition!

No oh no, I understand that you cannot pay our opposition. I know, I do understand ….. I know that Jews do not pay …..

Jews give lives but they do not give money!
Jun midan vali pul nemidan!
Jun nist, Pul-e!

Of course I understand Jews never financially support anyone but Israel. Jews only send money to Israel and even that is due to reluctance of having no other choice!

Jews are amongst the tightest people in the globe! Who’s tighter?

Jews, Chinese, Indians or Scots?

Jews are the tightest hands and heads down!

And it is very hard to beat the Chinese, Indians and the Scots!

Some of the cheapest sons of bitches in the world …..

So Mr. Jew, I do perfectly understand that you would never give money to anyone.

Jews do not even give dirt to the mortuary man!
Juhud-ha cherk be mordeh shur nemidan!

I don’t know what this Gay Ol Boy means by supporting the Iranian Opposition?

This Gay Boy must be mistaking you with CIA!

CIA money has been funding the VOA (Voice of America in Persian), Monarchist Radios and TVs and Ragazines, Monarchist Cheesy political parties and puppets and …..

But of course Jews rather give their lives than to pay up dough ….

I know I know that Jews never pay a dime …..

C’mon I have Jewish friends; they rather die than to pay a dime …

I know Mr. Jew, I know very well …..

I been hanging around Jews and Jewish Restaurants and Jewish Centers and Jewish folks for so long ….

I know Jews love their money more than their children … I know I feel for yous ….

Forget about this Gay Ol Boy, he does not know you guys like I do …

Israel cannot support Shiite, set aside the Iranian Opposition …..

For Yahweh’s sake just bomb the hell out of Iranian Military targets, kill all the Hezbollah, Basij, IRGC and Ansar …. And then maybe only maybe we can get this sleeping tribe to wake up and make a bloody revolution to overthrow the IRI!

So Mr. Jew thank yee much for concerns about Iran and thank yee much for trying to create a situation which may satisfy both the pot and kettle, but paleese oh pretty paleese ignore this Gay Ol Boy thus this Career Exilist has been sitting on his Big Fat Ass for decades getting chubbier, chubbier and ….. now a blimp!

Thank yee for yer concerns

Shalom Aleichem

Now we dance ….
Hava Nagila Hava ……


Dr. X
Watcher in the woods
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Postby Atusa Qajar » Thu Jun 28, 2012 4:37 pm

Hate to agree, sad but true …
I am a Liberated Woman.
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Re: Reza Pahlavi and Mr. Jew

Postby Ey Iran » Mon Sep 21, 2020 5:11 am

I want to be constructive.

On the one hand I appreciate that you're trying to develop and run this website. Some people are doing nothing, so hats off to you for that.

On the other hand, so much of what is on this site is scattered, disorganized, and almost schizophrenic.

I tried to read this:

"The Letter Reza Pahlavi Could Not Answer ... /index.htm"

Honestly ... I would not respond to that letter either. It's not even clear what you are trying to say. It looks like a little kid went wild with a box of crayons; it rambles on forever without any clear objective.

It's depressing.

I like your overall concept and effort.

But you need a partner to organize the site. It's a mess. There is some good info on it. For example, I agree with you about NIAC,, and being fronts for the Ayatollah regime; but it's so poorly presented on here that most people are bound to ignore it.

BTW I've been visiting your site for years and only discovered that it had a bulletin-board / forum (Why? Because the main site is a mess; it wasn't clear).

Consider a major overhaul of the website and forum. Or create a new one and have this be the legacy-archived site.

I want to encourage you; not demoralize you. But seriously, you've put so much effort into it; you might as well do it right and be more effective.
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Re: Reza Pahlavi and Mr. Jew

Postby Atusa Qajar » Mon Sep 28, 2020 4:25 pm

Reza Pahlavi’s 5-minute self-promotions every few years!

Speaking of the devil! :badgrin:

This stuff is funny :lol: , I almost forgot about it until it was brought up. It is sad but true. As a matter of fact, Reza Pahlavi is once again up to it. ](*,)

RP knows we the opposition are planning future mass protests and riots. People are fed up with executions such as Champ Afkari, inflation, unemployment, suffocation, and oppression. RP knows that scattered protests have already started around the country.

RP is dead all years long but as soon as we plan protests, he jumps in the cameras of the idiotic Iranian TVs and foreign media to take credit for what he has nothing to do with it!

RP is the greatest opportunist, fraud, faker, con artist, lazy charlatan which we have seen in the Iranian politics. We are still waiting for Ahreeman’s piece exposing his deals with the IRI regime.

Look at these self-promos of RP pretending that he is relevant and he is the opposition leader:

Reza Pahlavi’s Self Promo – Iran International

Reza Pahlavi’s Self Promo - VOA

Some uninformed foreigners and Iranians actually may think that RP leads the Iranian opposition amid the fact that he is a clown putting up a clown show every few years. Every time the situation in Iran becomes explosive, RP shows up in front of the cameras to take credit for his no action and all talk.

Losers like RP are really hard to find! :yaking:
I am a Liberated Woman.
I am a Danger to Islam and Muslims.
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