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Why Persian Imperial Year?
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Why Persian Imperial Year Calendar?
PIY Iranian Calendar


Why Persian Imperial Year (PIY) Iranian Calendar?
Ahreeman X
Revised: November 24, 2006 = 2565 Shahanshahi

Friends, Comrades and Fellow Persians:

Many uninformed Iranians are still confused on,
"Why PIY Calendar is The Iranian Official Calendar System?"
"Why believing and practicing PIY Calendar, has nothing to do with being a monarchist?"

So, I was forced, yet once more, to clarify this issue for All; therefore, here we go again:

Cyrus The Great
Cyrus II Achaemenid
Starter of The Persian Empire

Yaqub Leis Saffarid
Liberator of Iran
Reviver of the Persian Culture

Abolqasem Ferdowsi Tusi
Nationalist Poet
Reviver of the Persian Language

Why Imperial Calendar Year?

Q: Why Shahanshahi Year (Imperial Year) considers to be the legitimate Persian year?

A: Because the calendar base is 559 BC, Coronation of Cyrus The Great, beginning of the First Persian Empire (1st Pars). As of this date Persian Kingdom became Persian Empire.

For more information on 1st Pars, 2nd Pars and 3rd Pars, review:

A vision for Iran of tomorrow (Nationalism) Thread
Part Five: 3rd Pars


A Vision for Iran of Tomorrow (Nationalism)


Persian Empire

First Pars: First Persian Empire 539 BC - 651 AD (Achaemenid - Sassanid)
Second Pars: Second Persian Empire 1501 AD - 1797 AD (Safavid - Qajar)
Third Pars: The Future Revival of The Persian Empire

First Pars (539 BC - 651 AD)

First Pars (1st Persian Empire) started by Cyrus The Great (1st Persian Emperor) on 539 BC and ended by the First AIOG (Arabo-Islamic Occupational Government) on 651 AD. Cyrus The Great of Achaemenid Dynasty's reign were during 559 BC - 530 BC; however, by 539 BC he had built the Persian Empire. So the official starting date of the "1st Pars" were since Cyrus had started the Persian Empire (539 BC) until the end point of Yazdgird III, the last emperor of the Sassanid Dynasty (651 AD). This period covers the Iranian history during Achaemenids, Arsacids (Ashkanids) and Sassanids Dynasties of Iran.

Second Pars (1501 AD - 1797 AD)

Second Pars (2nd Persian Empire) started by Shah Islamil I Safavid on 1501 AD and ended by the reign of Aqa Mohamad Khan Qajar (Last Persian Emperor) on 1797 AD. Shah Ismail I (1501 AD - 1524 AD) was the reviver of the Persian Empire. Aqa Mohamad Khan (1794 AD - 1797 AD) was a worthy Shahanshah who maintained the integrity of the Persian Empire. Aqa Mohamad Khan was the Last Persian Emperor. After his reign the unworthy Shahs of Qajar caused the decline of the Persian Empire and its transformation to the Kingdom of Pars. This period covers the Iranian history during Safavids, Afsharids, Zand and Qajar (Only The 1st Qajar Emperor) Dynasties of Iran.

Third Pars (Future Dates)

Third Pars (3rd Persian Empire) will and must become a reality. Pan Iranists all around the globe believe that it is crucial for the survival of the Iranian people to create a "Persian Union" and to once more, unite all Iranian teritories including: Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, A Small Part of Russia (Ossetia), Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Parts of Iraq including Kurdistan and more, Bahrain, Part of Pakistan (Baluchistan), and Iran. We must deal with the Second AIOG (Arabo-Islamic Occupational Government) with unshakable determination and extreme prejudice. Destruction of AIOG is crucial to rebirth of Iran. For once and for all and for the last time in history, Islamic Abomination must be dealt with. No doubt, Persian Empire will rise again.

Back to the subject,

Q: Why not Hejri-ye Shamsi or Qamari Calendar base years?

A: Because,

Hejri Qamari is a Sunni based Calendar according to Hejrat (movement) of Muhammad from Mecca to Medinah, and in accordance to the lunar positions. This Calendar is a Tazi based system.

Hejri Shamsi is a Shiite based Calendar according to Hejrat (movement) of Muhammad from Mecca to Medinah, and in accordance to the Solar position. This Calendar is a Tazi based system.

We are Aryan, Persian at least majority are! We are not Tazi nor our culture is inferior to Tazi, neither we should copy and follow Tazi based Calendar System.

One of the main methods for degeneration of our culture, along with forcing Arabic words, language, religion, traditions, celebrations, mentality and other Barbaric Sub Cultural elements in to our Aryan culture and injection of "Pure Persian Pride" with Backwarded Arabo_Islamic Infection, is to degenerate our culture with:

"Islamic Calendar, either Hejri Qamari or Shamsi."

To destroy our culture, they had tried for 1400 years to destroy our language, poetry, literature, philosophy, religion, race, traditions, celebrations, music, arts, and of course our Calendar.

AIOG (Arabo_Islamic Occupational Government) would love to enforce Hejri Shamsi Calnedar; that is more reasons for you, as an Iranian to defend your Shahanshahi Calendar!

We do consider our legitimate Calendar base:

"The Imperial Calendar".

We do so, not because we are Monarchists, but because we are Persian. Some of our brothers and sisters are Monarchists, some are not, but we are all Persian.

The Difference between a Persian and a Degenerate

A Persian, celebrates the starting point of his calendar as the starting point of The Persian Empire by Cyrus.

A Degenerate Half-Breed Arabo-Muslim Iranian, celebrates the beginning base of his calendar as an Arab Bandit, Criminal, Pedophile Muhammad's travel from Mecca to Medinah.

Are you a Persian, or are you a Degenerate?

Do you want to revive our culture, or do you want to destroy our culture?

As soon as this degenerated Regime changes and the Free Democratic Government of Iran starts its rule, the calendar base will go back to:

"The Imperial Calendar"

Any degenerate half-breed who does not like it, they can stick with Blowing Tazi Savages and praying to Allah The Arab Rock, as they do it in the Mosques now. They are always welcomed to Blow Arab Schlongs, deep throat it all the way in their throats and be blessed by The Arabic Book of Garbage, Quran.

But the degeneration of a nation will stop right there and then, and as soon as the government changes.

How to transform to PIY?

For those still stranger to their own Calendar:

Persian Imperial Year = Western Year + 559 Years (Coronation/Declaration of Empire by Cyrus)
eg: 2565 Shahanshahi = 2006 AD + 559

Persian Imperial Year = Hejri Shamsi Year + 1180 Years
eg: 2565 Shahanshahi = 1385 H.SH + 1180

Persian Imperial Year = Hejri Qamari Year + 1138 Years
eg: 2565 Shahanshahi = 1427 H.Q + 1138

Shahanshahi means Shah of Shahs, King of Kings, like Cyrus The Great, starter of Persian Empire which became the only super power in the known world for about 229 years.

Shah of Iran had flaws, he was a human, all human beings have flaws and he was no exception; however, the total sum of all his positive actions for the nation was 5 times more than the total sum of his negative actions.

Shahanshahi means the last time Iran was a civilized nation until 1979. It means the prosperity during his majesty's rule, as he used to be called:

"Alahazrat Homayoun, Shahanshah Aryamehr, Bozorg Artesh Daran, Nure Aryai, Shahe Iran Zamin, Pedare Tajdar, Shahe Shahan, Mohamad Reza Shahe Pahlavi, Pahlavi The Second."
(Underneath all the dozen of titles carried before his name, he was just a simple nationalist.)

His Royal Majesty (HRM), created an Independent powerful Prosperous Iran, and this was a sin for many including British Intelligence Service and their Ayatollah Servants, Haji Bazaari's, and other Feudals and degenerates.

The Western World sacrificed the security of the region and independence of Iran for "Cheap Oil".

As of 1979, degenerates changed our calendar to Islamic Hejri Shamsi Calendar.

I am Persian; therefore, my calendar base is a Persian Calendar base, starting from Coronation of Cyrus and when Persian Kingdom (Median Kingdom) became Persian Empire (Achaemenid Empire). Even though, Iran has 8000 years of history (read my book in 8 chapters):

8000 Years of Iranian History

Yet it has properly chosen for 559 BC to be the starting point as the starter of Persian Empire coronated, and due to the fact that Cyrus is the writer of the very first Human Rights Document on Earth (Cyrus Cylinder), then I shall respect Cyrus as the greatest Persian ever and keep my Shahanshahi Calendar base and leave the Shamsi or Qamari Calendar base of when some Arab bandit traveled from Mecca to Medinah, for all the Arabo-Muslim and their Iranian Half-Breeds! As you see, to cherish the "Persian Imperial Year" (PIY), has nothing to do with being or not being a Monarchist!

Simply read my historical book in twelve chapters:

222 Years of Struggle for Independence of Iran

So you will understand The High Price that our ancestors paid to free Iran from Pan Arabist (Islamic) Slavery after 222 years of colonialism by Arabo_Muslim Oppressors, only then you will understand how valuable is our 8000 years Persian Culture; therefore, you will not sell it away so cheap by using Sunni or Shiite Arabic based calendar, instead of your glorious Persian based system which is based on beginning of the transformation of The Persian Kingdom to Persian Empire by Cyrus The Great who had also wrote the First Human Rights Declaration Document in The World named, The Cyrus Cylinder. The same Cyrus who banned slavery in the known world, way back then and he freed 42,000 Jews from the slavery of Babylon Kingdom and returned them to their homeland of Israel to live as free human beings. Cyrus is the patron Saint of the Jews (Torah)! Yaqub Leis Saffarid did not devote all his life and sacrifice so many Persian lives to regain our freedom after 222 years, so you can give it away so cheap to the murderers of your ancestors!

Why did Yaqub fight for the independence of Iran? Why did Yaqub force the Iranian universities to re-start teaching in Parsi rather than Arabic? Why did Yaqub revive our culture, if you are going to spit in his face?

Ask yourselves, are you Persian or are you degenerates?

Only then, you will comprehend the great responsibility and the true meaning of "Being Persian." If we lose our culture, then we will lose our identity and if we lose our identity, then we will have nothing left, we will remain living as Domesticated Sub Human Slaves to Bedouin Tazi Nomads, we will continue living a lowly cattle-like life! Welcome to the Slow Death of The Persian Culture!

Face the mirror!

I want you to face the mirror now,
Do you recognize yourselves?
Face yourselves now,
Stop Arab Worship now,
Face the mirror and tell yourselves:

I am Iranian
My God is Cyrus
My Prophet is Yaqub
My Imam is Ferdowsi
My Religion is Iran
I am Iranian

Face the mirror everyday for a month and remind yourselves of your national identity!

I am a son of Cyrus The Great and Yaqub Leis, will you tell me who you are?

Once a while we need to be reminded of who we really are!

Pure Persian Pride

Dr. X

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