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Pictorial History of Iranian Flags
Persian Empire Flags

Pictorial History of Iranian Flags

Lion & Sun Emblem of Iran, Pictorial Historical Analysis 1 (Kaveh Farrokh)
Lion & Sun Emblem of Iran, Pictorial Historical Analysis 2 (Kaveh Farrokh)
Lion & Sun Emblem of Iran, Pictorial Historical Analysis 3 (Kaveh Farrokh)
Meaning of Faravahar, Derafsh Kaviani and Persian Colors (AX)
Iran Flag: Save Persian Lion from becoming a Gay Pussycat! (AX)

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Faravahar History and Art Galleries (AX)
Pictorial History of Faravahar Persian Emblem and Art Galleries
3D Persian Sci-Fi Digital Art Gallery Included
(5 Chapters)
Chapter 1. History of Faravahars
Chapter 2. Historical Faravahars
Chapter 3. Modern Faravahars
Chapter 4. Futurist Faravahars
Chapter 5. Science Fiction Faravahars

Pictorial History of Iranian Flags (AX)
Iran Flags’ History
Book in 14 Chapters

2nd Edition
a book by Ahreeman X

Chapter 1
Iran's Pre Islamic Historical Flags and Emblems
* Chapters Index
* Introduction
* Transitional History and Scientific History
* Iran, Persia and Pars
* 8000 Years of Iranian History
* Periods of Iranian History
* Persian Ancient Civilizations
* Persian Empire
* Original Meaning of Lion and Sun
* Ancient Civilizations Era
* Vedai Era
* Pre-Avesta Era
* Susa Dynasty
* Achaemenid Dynasty
* Arsacid Dynasty
* Sassanid Dynasty


Chapter 2
Iran’s Post Islamic Historical Flags and Emblems
* Saffarid Dynasty
* Qaznavid Dynasty
* Safavid Dynasty
* Afsharid Dynasty
* Zand Dynasty


Chapter 3
Iran's Qajar Imperial Courthouse and National Flags
* Meaning of the Tricolor Flag
* Meaning of the Lion, Sun and Sword
* Qajar Dynasty State
* Qajar Dynasty Courthouse
* Qajar Dynasty Emblems


Chapter 4
Iran's Pahlavi Imperial Flags
* Pahlavi Dynasty

Chapter 5
Iran's Pahlavi Imperial Courthouse Flags
* Pahlavi Dynasty Couthouse

Chapter 6
Imperial Iranian Air Force (IIAF) Flags and Insignias
* Imperial Iranian Air Force

Chapter 7
Imperial Iranian Navy (IIN) Flags and Insignias
* Imperial Iranian Navy

Chapter 8
Imperial Iranian Army (IIA) and Armed Forces (IAF) Flags
* Imperial Iranian Army
* Imperial Armed Forces

* Imperial White Revolution Corps

Chapter 9
Iran's Imperial State, Cabinet and Organizations Flags
* Imperial State
* Imperial Cabinet
* Imperial Organizations

Chapter 10
Interim Government & Islamic Republic of Iran's (IRI) Flags
* Interim Government
* Origins of Islamic Republic of Iran's Flag
* Islamic Republic of Iran

Chapter 11
Iran's Ethnic and Short Lived Republics Flags
* Short Lived Republics
* Separatist Movements
* Ethnic Groups of Iran and Federalism
* Ethnic Groups

Chapter 12
Iran's Designer and Symbolic Flags
* Designer
* Symbolic

Chapter 13
Iran's Organizational Flags
* Political Organizations
* National Organizations
* Commercial Organizations


Chapter 14
Iran Politics Club Flags and Emblems
* Iran Politics Club
* Conclusion
* Sources

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