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Night San Diego Stood Still
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The Night San Diego Stood Still
SD Blackout 2011


The Night San Diego Stood Still: SD Blackout 2011
Ahreeman X
September 22, 2011

San Diego Sunset

The Blackout

On September 8, 2011 early afternoon, the lights went out in SD. The finest city in the world was now officially without electricity. Blackouts like this do not often happen in USA. The last major blackout was the NYC (New York City) blackout.

At first, I checked the circuit breaker and outside only to find out that it was not just my estate, yet the whole neighborhood. I assumed that this is just a once a blue moon temporary lights out due to a power glitch. I ignored it and went to the garden to enjoy a tall mug of ice-tea. Later on when Blondie and Brunetty came home, they told me about the depth of the disaster!

San Diego Night

Pitch Black

On the early hours of the afternoon on September 8, 2011 most of San Diego County, parts of Imperial County, parts of Orange County in Southern California, USA and parts of Baja California in Mexico went dark. 1.5 million People in SD and over 4 million people in general were now officially in the dark. The blackout continued through the night and by the early hours of the morning on September 9, 2011 lights had gradually came back. It took 2 days for all areas to regain their powers.

San Diego Blackout

Electricity is Life!

It is amazing on how we do not realize of how much we are depended to electricity. No electricity means no lights, no cable, no TV, no radio, no Internet, no telephone, no warm water, no drinking water (after a while filter pumps stop pumping), no intersection traffic lights, no gas in gas stations, to food or water supply in stores (after a while trucks stop delivering), no restaurants or supermarkets operating, no ground traffic, no air traffic, and eventually everything comes to a halt!

Faith in Humanity

On September 8, 2011 I primarily lost my faith in humanity when I found out that due to massive panic and demand, some grocery / liquor stores started price gouging to the point that one store was selling 1 gallon bottles of water at $ 35.00 a pop! I bet with you that the SOB must have been an Arab, most likely a Chaldean from Iraq because owning corner liquor /grocery stores is their line of work (of course I am not generalizing, not all Arabs are A Holes)! Most of the people panic in situations like this. They start buying everything from water, food, can goods, first aid kits, flash lights, knives, weapons and everything else in the stores. Home Depots were running out of emergency goods like flash lights. Those with cars would rush the supermarkets and those without cars would rush the corner stores, 7/11s and Arco AM/PMs.

Eventually stores started to run out of merchandise, cars started to run out of gas, gas stations seized work (because pumps do not work without electricity and only a few stations had internal backup generators), people got stuck in traffic (because traffic lights seized work) and the city came to a halt!

Some store owners jumped the opportunity and raised the prices of goods. When the night came, also came the prediction of looting, chaos and crimes in SD. Fortunately San Diegans had proved me wrong and restored my faith in humanity! There were very little (almost nonexistent) looting, chaos and crimes through the night. San Diegans have proved to the world that even though San Diego is the 8th largest city in USA, yet it is also the most civilized city in USA. If blackouts such as this would have occurred in New York, Los Angeles or Chicago, the crime rate would have been sky high (like it happened before), but San Diegans kept the order, peace and even shown humanity!

Things went unbelievably smooth. People were taking food to hotels and motels for the out of town hungry travelers who were stuck in the hotels with no lights and no food (restaurants could not operate)! Now this I call the finest show of humanity which can be seen only in places such as San Diego. My faith in humanity was restored.

Importance of San Diego

Everyone knows that San Diego is one of the major tourist attractions and destinations of the world. Hypothetically if one starts visiting the attractions of SD from 7 AM to 7 PM and 24 hours - 7 days a week, for a month straight, one still will not be able to finish viewing them all! San Diego is full of attractions. Cleanest beaches of California, all around green, 16 lane freeways, gorgeous beaches and environment are what make San Diego heaven.

Our freeway system is the best built road system and the largest in the world. Our widest freeway has 22 lanes (I 5 at some points).

Everything You Need in One Place Called San Diego

In San Diego, we have the largest and the cleanest beaches of California to the west 15 minutes away from my home and the Ski Resorts to the north east 45 minutes distance to my home. Desert to the south east for riding dirt bikes and ATVs is 35 minutes to my home. Major attractions (Sea World, Safari Park, Zoo, Soak City, Lego Land, Scripps Aquarium, SD Bay, Seaport Village, etc.) are 25 minutes away from my home. Of course you can drive 30 minutes north or south to get to the shopping malls, outlet centers, clubs and restaurant scene or the Gaslamp Quarter. Local supermarkets, restaurants and shopping centers are 10 minutes away. So everything, every hobby and every environment is within 45 minutes circle around you right smacked in San Diego County.

In San Diego we live large and everything is large. Houses are large, lands are large, real estate is large, parks are large, streets are large, freeways are large and everything is green. No narrow houses and streets (like Europe and East Coast US) in San Diego.

We have a park (Balboa Park) as large as a European City right in the middle of San Diego! Many San Diego major attractions such as the famous San Diego Zoo, museums and houses of nations are located in this park.

For instance, my estate is as large as Sweden, my house is as large as Stockholm and my bathroom is as large as King of Sweden’s palace! OK, maybe I am exaggerating a bit but I could not help looking at your faces behind the monitors (through the web cam) while reading this in Europe! But believe me, San Diego is the opposite of your largest Euro-Pee-On cities. European cities are congested and vertical but San Diego has massive area, horizontal, large and green. Of course we have vertical areas (downtown high-rises) too; however, the city look is large, vast and green.

Beautiful San Diego

San Diego is the “Finest City in America” (our city’s name) but literally it is truly the finest city in the world (trust me; I have been around the world)! San Diego makes Paris, Rome, Madrid, London and Berlin look like dumps!

Traffic, Pollution, Crime and crowd are what make New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Philadelphia unattractive to live but fine destinations to visit. On the contrary San Diego does not have the above problems or at least we have them in a much lesser degree than NYC, LA and others. San Diegans will not allow San Diego to become a zoo like NYC or LA. The NYC, LA and such other cities are great to visit but no place to live.

70 degrees and sunny San Diego all year around makes San Diego a global vacation spot. Anyone who is anybody in USA, naturally owns a villa in San Diego. Is there any wonder why? But San Diego is not only beautiful yet also a major strategical point.

San Diego, the Strategically Significant Town

San Diego County is basically divided to 4 parts:

North County, San Diego Central (City of San Diego), East County and South Bay.

We have:

Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton in Oceanside
Marine Corps Air Station in Miramar
Marine Corps Recruit Depot (MCRD) in San Diego
Naval Base in Coronado and North Island
Naval Base in Point Loma
Naval Base in San Diego

This makes San Diego an important military point and unfortunately a target for the enemies and the global terrorism. Hypothetically, if they ever drop a few bombs on USA, one will surely be landed on San Diego! San Diego is a major military town.

The Night San Diego Stood Still

In their lifetime, San Diegans had not seen blackouts such as this! Of course we were used to these episodes in Iran (I spent the first 16 years of my life in Iran). I, as usual am always prepared for the worst. I have great supplies of can food, dry goods, bottled water, emergency kits, and unlimited number of guns, knives and other weapons stashed around my estate! I am Ready to Rock and Roll! I pity the fools who try home invasion on Ahreeman! They will be greeted with machineguns, assault rifles, live grenades, semi automatics, pistols, swords, daggers, throwing knives, throwing Chinese stars, poison blow guns and the most dangerous weapon of them all which is a 6’ 3” tall and well built Martial Artist Master (4th Dan Black Sash in Snake Style of Shaolin Si System of Kung Fu Branch of Martial Arts) named Ahreeman X!

Unfortunately majority of people (unlike me) do panic, simply because they are not prepared for the worst. I am always prepared for the worst. I am a survivalist militia type. People panic and rush the streets and stores or gas stations. Others lock themselves up in their homes and fortresses. Those who did not panic, stayed home, kicked back in their back yards or balconies, eating their ice creams (before melted in the freezers), had a drink and called Talk Radio Stations to report the news around the town and chit chat. KOGO AM 600 is the major News and Talk Radio Station which people tune in to.

The first thing that I done was to empty the ice from the ice-maker to a Coleman cooler to save ice so I didn’t have to go to the store for ice. Little Crank Handle Radios came handy on this night. They work with batteries and without batteries (internal generators). So that’s what we did. I lit up a couple of torches on both sides of the water fountain, and some candles on an outside table in the patio. Grabbed some backup flashlights and set up the little radio and some grapes, ice cream, munchies and big mugs full of ice and ice cold water on the table. We gathered around the table in the open air and had a little picnic. Our torches and candles lit up the whole area and our chit chats dragged some of the neighbors to also drop by and join us for a moonlight picnic.

Amazingly it was a beautiful night with moonlight and starry sky. No clouds in the sky made the moon and stars to shine bright and light up the night. We picnicked until early hours of the morning.

On the other parts of town, people were panicking, rushing the streets, stores, gas stations and public places. Everyone wanted to know what was really going on! It was near the anniversary of 9/11 so naturally everyone was talking about possible terror attack.

What Really Happened?

After a few hours in to the night, they announced that:

“The power grids coming from the east (Arizona) and from the north (California) to San Diego County were severed!”

After long hours of silence from the authorities and SDG&E (San Diego Gas & Electric Co.), finally the mayor and SDGE CEO came on the radio and announced the most pathetic, unbelievable and fabricated story possible! This is what the officials reported:

“Due to mistakes done by a single maintenance worker at the Arizona State electric plant during a routine maintenance operation, this grand catastrophe had occurred!”

Later on they also admitted that:

“The power grid coming from south (Baja California, Mexico) to San Diego County was also severed.”

So in a way SDG&E released liability and shifted the guilt to the other parties in Arizona and Mexico!

The bottom line is that until this moment the SDG&E’s official position is that one lowly maintenance person in Arizona had mistakenly caused almost the complete San Diego County and parts of Imperial County and Orange County in USA and Baja California in Mexico to go in to a total blackout overnight and it took between 12 hours to 24 hours (in 2 days) to get the complete network back online!


There are 2 possibilities to this theory:

a) It is a true statement.

b) It is a false statement.

If “a” is true then it makes it sadder to know that the Electric Companies of South West USA are so incompetent that a single maintenance guy can bring down 4 counties’ power due to a simple mistake!

In formula:

If a => System is Flawed

If “b” is true, then it only means that 2 possibilities could have occurred:

a) SDG&E lied to cover-up their own grand screw-ups.


b) SDG&E lied to cover-up Terror Attack.

In formula:

If a => SDG&E is Flawed
If b => US Homeland Security is Flawed

Either way, the San Diego Blackout was a grand disaster and it proved how vulnerable the grids and network can be. Either the whole system at the mercy of a single incompetent employee can crash or terrorism can crash the whole system. One way or another SDG&E is responsible because we are SDG&E’s clients who ended up with blackouts. We don’t deal with Arizona and Mexico, but our contractor is SDG&E.

What Do I Believe?

Right away Blondie started with the conspiracy theories, but after a while, the more and more that we heard from the officials, the conspiracy theory started to sound logical and realistic.

So this dialogue occurred,

X: As an engineer, what percentage do you give to terrorism?
Blondie: 100 % for sure.
Brunetty: I give 90 % but surely it is Terrorism and a 9/11 present.
X: You know, I am beginning to start having my doubts too!

I truly avoid conspiracy theories and I always try to be logical and scientific; however, this case stinks like fish and Liberal State and Federal Government Cover-up + Islam is written all over it! I can smell the stench of Islam, Islamic Tactics (Sleeper Cells, Al Qaeda or Other Islamists) and Mosque from a mile away! I can smell the Muslims’ footprints, dirty socks and foot odor due to shoes taken off at the gate of the mosque from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia all way to here!

Government is trying to not cause panic and admit that they are so vulnerable. Accepting terrorism or guilt only reveals that the liberal state and federal governments along with Electric Companies are run like Keystone Cops and Flintstones of Rock Ages! I mean think about it, how can one person cause this grand catastrophe?! Catastrophe and blackout of such magnitude and length can only be as equal or second in the modern history of America to the New York Blackout which occurred a while back! Things like this do not happen in America. USA is not a third world nation and accidents like this do not occur in America.

What Have We Learned?

After this incident, we have learned that we are much dependant to electricity than we have ever thought. We have also learned that this dependency can cripple us. If the blackouts would continue for another 24 hours, then things would get really devastating! By the end of the blackouts, major spoilage at markets had caused a rise in the prices to cover the damage for the businesses. Public panic had also caused immoral price gouging by some business owners (most likely Chaldean Iraqi Arabs because they consider this a business opportunity and advance business practices AKA “Zerangi” to screw people over).

On the other hand we have found out that San Diego is a civilized town (unlike LA and NY) and we are law abiding citizens who care about our town. We do not Shiite where we eat and we are not animals in the zoo (like LA and NY)! The chaos factor was extremely minimal in SD. Remember blackouts and riots in LA and NY? SD situation was the opposite point to them.

Most importantly we have learned that either way, SDG&E, Electric Companies, Homeland Security, State Government, Federal Government, and Big Government Liberals are responsible for this disaster. Either due to bloopers or incompetence, they have covered-up the facts and slipped the Shiite under the Persian Carpet (Persian Expression)!

We should never trust the government with anything. Electric Companies are also under the authority of government so they are as big of liars as the government is! In fact we should never rely on the government to speak the truth, save us or care about us. As a matter of fact, Government is the one which we need to keep an eye on! We need to always be prepared for the worst. We the people must keep the order and avoid the chaos. We the people must always be prepared to protect and serve ourselves.

Government of the people, by the people and for the people ….

…. and if the government gets out of line, we have the guns (power) to form militia (US Constitution) to keep it in line or else create a Revolution (like founding fathers done).

This is why in America people are armed and have 2nd amendment rights. We have guns to keep the government in line.

This is why in Iran, government disarmed the people, so now IRGC and Mullahs can rule over them.

This is why Liberal Democrats and Socialists like Hussein Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Old Pussy (Pelosi) love to take away your guns, so they can do as they please with you.

If nothing, San Diego blackouts had taught me one thing:

In America, we the people don’t work for the government, but the government works for us. Liberals want to change that, but we the patriots shall always make sure to rely on ourselves to prepare, provide, serve, survive and even to protect ourselves. Government cannot be trusted with anything, even national security! Government can even hush hush the crony capitalists such as the incompetent Electric Companies to lie and to cover-up. We the people must always be ready to protect ourselves from the chaos out there and possible government control.

Hold on to your guns at all costs and do not allow liberals to take your guns away. Don’t be a victim and welcome crimes with open arms. Do not allow Liberal Socialist Democrats to change America and format it in the image of some Euro-Pee-On nation! Europe is bankrupt and is collapsing because Socialism does not work.

Let us tell Obama Regime thanks but no thanks for your present (Socialism) and let’s tell the “Chocolate Boy” to shove his present up where it doesn’t shine! Chocolate Boy can always move to Europe or Middle East to live happily ever after under the Socialism and/or Islam!

Those who declare class warfare (Obama) must comprehend that:
America is all about Individualism and not the Government and Social Classes.

San Diego Gold

Rely on yourselves and think for yourselves because you the people are the foundation and fundamental of this society. You have the power to change all.

…. And this was the story of the night San Diego stood still …..

More power to All.


Dr. X

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