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Free as a Bird!
I Must Be Blessed!
Ahreeman X
July 26, 2007

Friends, Patriots, Persians and Comrades:

Greetings to all,

I am telling you, I must be blessed! I must be the luckiest guy around! Why you ask? Because I do not have any political ambition! I must be a rare specie in the opposition! I must be a random element in political arena of Iran! But I am telling you, to not have a political ambition, has been good to me! I am free as a bird, free from entrapments of political correctness and I can speak my mind out loud and as often as I please! Free as a bird, indeed!

My not having a political ambition, might piss a number of our comrades off! I am sure many of our comrades blame me for it and urge me to have one! On top of the list, there might be Cat and inside Iran comrades indeed. But to tell you the truth, my policy has been great to me!

Of course now days Reza Pahlavi is in a political comatose but while ago I was watching Reza Pahlavi's repeated interview on CSPAN and this interview reminded me of how lucky I am! Are you puzzled? Let me explain myself. Reza Pahlavi was sitting there, responding to a number of callers on the telephone. You could see in his face that he was terribly controlling himself to be politically correct, maintain in control, keep a medium, keep everyone happy, play the role of a leader who is reluctant to lead, and as usual feeding a bunch of same old rhetorics to the interviewer.

Reza Pahlavi kept on repeating the same old material including his fallacy of comparing Iran to South Africa and South America and concluding that we can use the same tactics to free Iran. Then he continued with his old lines on negative struggle, civil disobedient, passive non-violence and etc. He advertised for his website and he over exaggerated his backing inside Iran and the same old disconnected line of phrases that he has been feeding the western media.

I am beginning to know what Reza Pahlavi is going to talk about by heart, the same way that I knew his style of playing soccer for his team (Reza Pahlavi School) against our team (Kharazmi) in the first division Academic League back in Iran. Back then, the league was hot and only the top schools' teams were allowed in this league. Only highest academic and athletic ranked schools could enter the league. Competition was tough and there were worthy teams competing, teams such as Alborz, Hadaf, Kharazmi and Reza Pahlavi School. When Reza Pahlavi played the game, I knew by heart about his future game plan and his team's game plan. He always played the same style and he had his few different moves and plays for a few different plays that our team might had come up with. But God forbid, if we would have come up with a new play and a new game strategy, then Reza Pahlavi and his team would have gotten stuck like a donkey in the quicksand with no prospect of a solution! So basically I knew his routine and I could read through him like a transparent piece of clear paper.

Today, it's the same deal but now, we are not teenagers in the soccer field. Today we are members of opposition and in arena of the Iranian politics but his tactics and game plays are the same and he has his few moves and game plans and I already know them by heart. As soon as he opens his mouth, I know what he is going say next, just like back home in the soccer field, as soon as he had the ball, I knew where he would go with it! He might not know it but I know his speech pattern, his tactics, his moods and his behavior, very well. I used to predict his game plan back then and I can predict his behavior in front of the camera today. He has nothing new for me to explore and I know his routine pretty well. But he is a smart man and I bet every time I talk about an incident, a memory or an episode, he knows pretty well that what am I talking about.

Ahhh, bit by bit, I am revealing more and more about myself! It must be the slip of the tong! Some are beginning to get an idea about my true age, name, family and identity! Not to worry Comrades! For those who already know who I am, well, more power to y'all (that's Southern) and for those curious ones with 101 questions constantly mass E-mailing the IPC office inquiring about my true identity, well folks, not to worry, just be patient, soon all masks will come off and all of you comrades will know my true identity. At the right time and the right place, the whole operation will reveal their identity, but for now, for security's sake and especially for the sake of our comrades inside Iran, patience is a virtue my sweets! The good tradition amongst us is that each person is only to be known by three others! Hee Hee Hee.........

.... and just like this interview, he has been trying to stay on the good side of the masses and keep everyone happy. But you can never keep everyone happy! His statements about the Imperial Regime had pissed off many of the monarchists away from him and his flirtations with Presidency and concept of Republic had made many Nationalists to take distance from him. Later on, his lack of a clear stand on his father's actions and the company that he keeps, made a good number of the Republicans to abandon him. Of course his statement about Communism definitely caused a heartache between him and the communists and then there are Mojaheds who always wanted his head on the stick!

Talking about Iranian communists, are they the last Communists on Earth still in search of an imaginary Utopia of Marx?! First they were Stalinists, then Shiite hit the fan about mass murders of Stalin, then they became Revisionists until CCCP died! Afterward, they became pro China until China became a totalitarian corrupt Capitalist system only under the banner of Communism! Next they worshiped Enwer Hoxha (Anvar Khojeh) of Albania (Shqiperia) as a role model but even Albania, the poorest European nation had abandoned Communism! Today, Vietnam is also moving towards Capitalism! Now, there are half dead regimes of Cuba, North Korea and some banged up African Marxist-Leninist Nations who are about to burn out and fade away............. and at last the only Marxists left on Earth will be the Iranian communists! What a riot! Someone pinch me please! Is it me or Iranian Marxists live in LaLa Land?! Industrial Age has passed them by and claimed Marxism as a malfunction but like Pheasants, they have their heads deep in the snow and their asses stuck out of the ground, so they cannot see the world, the way the rest of us view, yet they see a bizarro world under the snow grounds! Hello, Hey Tavarishes, Ahreeman is calling you, .............. Communism had died in the 80's, wake up and smell Putin's schlong, will ya? These guys are almost as bad as Mojaheds, but the difference is that Mojaheds seek an imaginary Marxist Neo Islamist Utopia of Shariati, but these folks seek imaginary Marxist Utopia of Tavarish Lenin beyond the grave! Dear Lord, must we Iranians always tag along behind the civilized world?!

Would someone please tell Hezbe Tudeh and other Marxists not to leave xeroxed flyers copied from Mardom Newspaper at the local Persian Grocery Store's counter? Hello Communism is dead, haven't you heard the news?

Talking about Mojaheds, every time Monarchists came up with a fad, Mojaheds followed next to not lag behind the hype of the day! First it was waving the Lion and Sun Emblem and Flag, how about Iran flag pins on the Jackets?! Then the gathering of a few famous singers and throwing some Nationalistic Concerts to make some commotion, next came the Referendum Fad and Allah knows what's next?! The funny thing is that through all these episodes, Monarchists believe that they are dragging the Mojaheds to the straight path and soon Mojaheds will sign an alliance with them! I don't know about Monarchists' Dreams, but I know that Mojaheds will even jump hoops only if it makes them to keep up with the latest fad to remain popular amongst the masses! This has been Mojahedin's tactic for a long while and still on going!

Reza Pahlavi must understand that he can never keep everyone happy, so why not show his true feelings and at least keep part of the opposition happy?! First he wanted to be the Shah, then the president, next he supported Reformists and Khatami, afterwards he just wanted to be an opposition member, then he started this referendum deal and back to decision of the people, yet again he talks about the duty that he has and the duty that has been left to him as the Prince and the inheritor of the crown and the throne! If it's not one thing then it's another with him! One day he criticizes Shah and the next day he defends him! One day secularism and next day he becomes a Seyed! One day he offers to go fight Iraqis as a pilot for Iranian Air Force and amongst the ranks of Islamic Republic of Iran against the Ba'ath Party and the Ba'athi Military and the next day he condemns the Islamic Regime for continuation of the war and contribution to get the war going. One day he supports the reforms and one day he condemns Khatami and the Reform Movement.

Reza Pahlavi had never stood a firm ground and stood his grounds like a Rock. Reza Pahlavi always managed to skip the questions, flip flop, avoid serious arguments, jump rope, play both ends, no clear tactic or even strategy and always hide his true feelings behind the political correctness.

This negative struggle, civil disobedient and passive non-violence of him has a long history since his days in the soccer field! He was never taking chances, being aggressive or causing a commotion on the field! He was the conservative showman, just like today! The theme of those days, was to create a great hype about him being a great soccer player by the hands of the media, but the teams and players in the league knew better!

The media hype of today, is to sell him as the alternative to the Iranian opposition and the U.S public. Iranian Government and the wise men who can come up with a win/win situation with America in regard to Iran, know better that he is no chess player! His backing inside Iran is a practical joke that he cannot even stop to laugh about it! What backing?! The man cannot even conduct a simple debate, even on the Internet and to answer questions to the opposition and the Iranian people. I hope you recall this:

The Dialogue Reza Pahlavi II Could Not Enter!

So how can he represent the opposition, unite them and battle the Theocratic Beast of the Islamic Regime? With what charisma, what argumentation power, what logic, what plan, what organization, and most important what Guts and Balls? How can he show the win/win plan for Iran and U.S. to the American Government? The answer is simple, he is not The Man!

When a man clearly declares political ambition, then the man must have balls to "Do" as he preaches! Simple as that my friends, simple as that.

28 + years of rhetorics interviewing American TV Stations and avoiding to answer the active opposition of Iran! Conducting Infomercial Shows of 3 to 5 minutes long with CNN and FOX but not to have the power of analysis, argumentation, trouble shooting and logic to answer the active opposition, masses of Iran or relevant politicians. Reza Pahlavi still jumps rope, zig zags his way dodging questions, debates, discussions and serious issues.

Every single relevant hard core member of the Iranian Opposition clearly knows by now, that Reza Pahlavi is not the Man of the Battle, Leader of Opposition or even a political Debater!

He is great in the kitchen as a chef, good with repetitions like a broken record or a Rap Turn Table and he is good with short run propaganda-like infomercials on American TV, but no back bone to face the opposition, now forget about facing the Islamic Beast! Ahhh, and he is a sad economist who could not even manage his own finances, bad with stock market and practically never ran a business, so figure how will he run the economy of a nation!

Every time I listen to one of his interviews, I deeply feel sorrow for our patriots! It seems like this man has no trace of his Grand Father or even Father in him! This man, with his confused agenda, repetitious few lines of rhetorics, and cheesy faulty books and audio and video clips on his website, is delusional to think that he can damage the Islamic Regime with his passive tactics! The 28 + years has passed by and he has not even created a political party, set aside an Army to invade IRI's Regime nor internal backing of the military or the masses!

He plays his games and keeps his childish Gandhi Figure, present in US Media and believes that he is relevant in politics of Iran! He has become a joke! Hard Core Monarchists, Nationalists, Mojaheds, Communists and Republicans, all and all know that he is an empty shell of a man. All talk and no action, all rhetorics and no money to back it and to support the cause, all cheap chats and no hard core struggle. Except a few Hand Kissers, Ass Kissers, Jurassic SAVAKi, cheesy Monarchists, Bache Soosools, Frauds, Charlatans, Garden Weeds, Exiled Dreaming Fools, and a small number of wishful people inside and outside Iran hoping for him to rescue them, no one but no one believes in his old rhetorics, Bull Shiite and lack of Balls to fight the battle like a man and like his Grand Father. As the great scholar, Fereydoun Hoveyda used to state: "I can't help it but this man (Reza Pahlavi II) sounds to me as a shallow, fake and superficial fellow."

Even true Hard Core Monarchists laugh at his face! Even old Generals of the Imperial Military are disappointed in him or hopelessly follow his baseless repetitions on CNN and FOX, simply because there is no real leader or an alternative hope out there!

For those who are still waiting for him to jump the white horse and come to their rescue, well, I got news for you, wait another 28 years!

Only masses of Iran can help themselves and as I have always stated, the relevant opposition, are the ones with low profiles, fighting the Islamic Beast from inside Iran and all we can do is to support them. Gourmet Chef, Seyed Reza Pahlavi de Tabatabai has been singing the same song for 28 years. There are a few sidekicks left around him hoping to get some dough through him and from the CIA, but the rest have given up a long time ago! A few Iranian Radios, TVs, Ragazines, Bull Shiite Websites and Ball polishers have left around him and that's all my friends. The least that Mr. Pahlavi can do is to be honest with himself!

No United Iranian Opposition
No U.S. Invasion
No Prospect of a near future change in Iran!
Get real and face the music Reza Jan!

The key is:

Moral Revolution

Time to wake up and for those still in denial to jump off the RP Wagon, cause he will be singing this song for another 28 years. Personally I still consider him a fellow opposition member and a good-hearted man but I must say that I am terribly disappointed in him and my disappointment gets larger by the day. Well, at least he is a patriot and not a traitor opportunist criminal like members of Jebhe Meli!

Once a while he shows up on TV and lines up a few lines of Bull Shiite, huffs and puffs about how soon he will organize a movement to overthrow IRI, but suddenly he fades away for another long period of time! Welcome to Reza Pahlavi Show ongoing for over quarter of a century! This must be the longest variety show on the Persian TVs!

I hope, by now, you understand that what I mean by being so lucky and blessed! Why you ask? Because I have no political ambition! I do not have any political ambition; therefore, I can speak my true mind and heart. I can speak my mind and my heart out and without any political correctness and sorrow that I might hurt some group or persons. I do not care to play both ends, keeping everyone happy, shooting rhetorics on CSPAN, acting the part of a concerned citizen patriot in front of the camera, and living an empty charade-like life for 28 years in exile! No sir, I say what I want, when I want and to whomever I want. I do not care to role-play on TV or in public. I do not have to hide my feelings and I certainly do not have to watch my mouth! The only thing I care about is to not deceive the masses and feed them garbage. I maybe painfully straight forward and many will get their touchy Feely emotions hurt by my words, but I have been blunt and dead honest. I shall remain the same until I die. What you see is what you get my friends.

Now you understand that how lucky I am to not have a political ambition; therefore, I do not have to Bull Shiite the masses, put up a show, and play the game like many others do. I certainly do not have to hide my true feelings about the different political and historical issues!

I have no financial needs, no ego trip, no power trip, no alter motives and no political ambition. This is why the masses trust my words. Free as a bird, indeed ......

......... and freedom for all ............

More power to the resistance

A Lover of Iran,

Dr. X

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