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A Journey through my Childhood - Chapter 3
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Jahan Koodak Elementary School Stories
A Journey through my Childhood

Friends, Classmates, Bus-mates and Schoolmates
Chapter Three

Ahreeman X
May 28, 2010

Ahreeman Junior is gazing at the horizon.
The Ahreemanic Deep Thoughts Look!

… and now the conclusion of our story:

Bye-bye Jahan Koodak, Hello Kharazmi!

Pishvai had a beef with me, simply because I did not kiss ass. I was a stubborn, pig headed, my way or highway type of a free spirited troublemaker! Pishvai demanded obedient cattle in his school and I was a wild beast whom he could not tame and domesticate! Years of physical and mental punishment by Pishvai resulted in zilch and he simply could not turn me to another JK Zombie and obedient cattle.

Ahreeman Junior, the child
Before entering Jahan Koodak

Pishvai was such a double talker. With one hand he would give and with the other he would take! He often dragged me aside and told me that I was the same as his son and he loved me, but on the other hand (as I stated above) he would tell me that he should give me extra punishments so other students would not get an idea that he was treating me as a privileged student. Supposedly Pishvai did not want to gain the image of an unfair principal who discriminates amongst his students, but doesn’t this mean for him to treat everyone as equals? Then how come I always got stuck with extra punishments? This is where Pishvai’s hypocrisy was exposed wide open!

Ahreeman Junior, the boy
After graduating Jahan Koodak

As I had mentioned above, we were the first graduating class (elementary school) of the “New Period”. After the 5th grade, we had to move on to Junior High; therefore, Junior Highs were built around Iran.

In Tehran there was Jahan Koodak as the main elementary school and then there were major high schools. The elite high schools of Iran were Alborz, Hadaf, Razi and Kharazmi but what made Kharazmi special was its language program. Kharazmi was the only high school in Iran which did not use the official English text books published by the board of education. In each grade, instead of using the Standard English text book, Kharazmi was using either 2 or 3 different English textbooks by “Penguin Publishers”. Kharazmi’s main English book was as thick as a dictionary! Kharazmi’s English program was very distinguished, difficult and way above other schools. Kharazmi’s English program was college level English major. Throughout the school year, we spoke English in the English classes. We were not allowed to speak Persian in the English classes. So basically if you wanted your kid to really learn English as the second language, then you would send him to Kharazmi. This made Kharazmi the main high school in Iran. It was difficult to get in to Alborz, Hadaf and Razi but it was most difficult to get in to Kharazmi.

So now they had the new period and they had to build junior highs. Naturally all major High Schools of Tehran built their own Junior Highs, and so did Kharazmi. The Kharazmi School Groups were a family of High Schools located in various areas of Tehran. Kharazmi was not just one high school but a multitude of schools. Now, Kharazmi had made a Junior High.

To get in to Kharazmi was not an easy task. You must have had a high GPA, great school records and professional conducts to even be considered to enter Kharazmi. There was also a general entrance exam. Each school year, Kharazmi would accept a limited number of the elite students in to her multitude of high schools around the capital. Once they built the Kharazmi Junior High, the same entrance qualifications went for the Junior High; however, there were a couple of advantages in entering and graduating from the Kharazmi Junior High:

a. The priority for the Kharazmi High Schools were to accept and register all of the graduating students from the Kharazmi Junior High. Only after they registered all of their own Junior High graduates, then they were allowed to register other students from other Junior Highs.

b. If a student had graduated from the Kharazmi Junior High, then he did not have to take and pass the entrance exam for the Kharazmi High Schools to enter the Kharazmi Group.

Suddenly Kharazmi Junior High had become a great concept which looked very attractive, but only if you could get accepted!

Now let’s get back to Jahan Koodak. Pishvai also decided to build a Junior High and add it to his kindergarten and elementary establishment. Jahan Koodak elementary school was a good concept and the place for all the parents wanting to register their kids. On the other hand, Junior High was a whole different ball game. The whole purpose of the Junior High was to gain the proper skills to get ready to enter high school. Everyone in Tehran wanted to enter a major prestigious high school; therefore, once all the major high schools had created their own junior highs, then naturally everyone was jumping over each other’s shoulders to enter these junior highs. Why did everyone wanted to enter these junior highs?

a. Because they were the top junior high schools based on the richness of their educational system.

b. Because by entering these top junior high schools, they would automatically get to enter their mother high schools.

Now picture that Jahan Koodak was an overpriced fancy elementary school for the elite and wanna be elite and that’s why everyone wanted to register their kids in there. As I stated before, Jahan Koodak was not famous for her great educational system but it was famous for her class and fancy outlook. Now Pishvai jumped the bandwagon to not fall behind. He created Jahan Koodak junior high, but who on earth would have wanted to register there? What were the chances of getting in to a major high school if one stayed in JK Junior High for 3 years? JK was just an overpriced private school, a cash and carry degree for the rich and the elite. Jahan Koodak was a fantasy land, but to enter the real world, you needed to graduate from a major high school. And to pass Konkoor and enter university, you needed to graduate from a major high school. This is where staying in Jahan Koodak for Junior High had become obsolete and a blunder. At this point, Jahan Koodak had become one of those good concepts which its blooming time had already came and passed. To remain in Jahan Koodak for junior high was for those rich kids who could not buy their ways in to a real major junior high belonging to a major high school.

In those days, if one had the qualification to enter Alborz, Hadaf, Razi and Specifically Kharazmi, then why on earth would they remain in Jahan Koodak? It seemed like overnight; Jahan Koodak (Elementary), the dream of every kid had turned to Jahan Koodak (Junior High), the hangout for the average or below average leftover rich kids!

Pishvai’s Master Plan

Finally Pishvai had decided to teach me a lesson! He came up with this master plan to give me a great scare! Once we passed the national exams and graduated the 5th grade, he mentioned to my mother that due to my misconducts, he prefers not to register me in JK Junior High. Pishvai had done this to give me and my mother a scare, so she could discipline me in to submission and prepare me to become obedient cattle for his future Junior High. Pishvai assumed that after refusing me in to JK JR, I would start crying and my mother would start begging him to register me! Little did he know that on contrary, my mother would end up giving him the slap of his life!

Pishvai was waiting for my mother to sit around clueless and finally go begging him to register me and promise to control me. Instead, my mother grabbed my hand and told me:

Mother: Now it is time for you to enter a Real School. Do you have it in you to tough it out and get accepted?
AX: I’m not a quitter. I’ll give it my best.

…. And just like that, Bam …. We were at Shahreza Street, across Tehran University and right on the doorsteps of Kharazmi Junior High! My mother surprised me! She had done her homework and now she had put me in the spot!

Mother: Here we are.
AX: Are you kidding me? Kharazmi?
M: You can do it. I have faith in you.

To make the long story short, they reviewed my transcripts, found me qualified, accepted my documents, we were shown around the school, I went home and studied for few weeks, passed the entry exam and one day they gave me the news that I was accepted in Kharazmi Junior High!

I can’t describe on how I felt at that moment! Do you know how it felt to be accepted n Kharazmi? It was like getting accepted in Harvard University! I was not just entering any junior high, not even the best (Alborz, Hadaf and Razi) but I was entering Best of the Best, The Kharazmi Junior High.

Getting Back to Pishvai

I will never forget this night! I believe my mother pre-planned it! There was a party in our house and Pishvai was there. Right in the middle of the party this conversation took place,

Pishvai: So, I haven’t heard from you, what will you do about Ahreeman Junior’s Junior High registration; did you get to register him anywhere? Did any school bothered to accept him?
(with a silly sarcastic smirk on his face, he said these words and he was expecting for my mother to moan and groan and then beg him to register me!)
Mother: Yes, we registered him elsewhere; your services are not needed anymore. I’ll send my chauffeur to pick up his official transcript for the new school. Please get it ready for next week.
P: Oh, I see … so finally some school in some part of town had accepted him, yeh?
M: Oh yes ….
P: So which rinky-dink outfit was it?
M: Kharazmi
P: What?!
(I will never ever forget the expression on Pishvai’s face. He practically jumped a bit above the sofa which he was sitting on and he straightened up his posture, with eyes wide open. It seemed like someone had shoved a certain thick brown wooden ruler (wink wink) up his rectum!)
M: You heard it right.
P: Excuse me madam, you mean Kharazmi accepted Ahreeman Junior? But how? Is it possible?!
M: It is not possible but it is done. Would you like to send the official transcript directly to them?
P: Gasp ….. (mumble …)
(At this point he became disoriented, distracted, confused and all deranged. It seemed like he was mumbling to himself! Finally he got a hold of himself, put himself together and looked at me …)
P: So you must be happy, you finally got rid of me, no? (pointing at me)
AX: Yes I am extremely happy! (with an evil grin)
P: Tokhme Sag … (Persian cuss term equals to Son of a Bitch)

And Pishvai smiled back at me but this smiling face looked more like a face which had just swallowed a cup of poison!

Revenge, sweet revenge and nothing is better than revenge! Pishvai’s face at that moment was worth a million dollar! Thanks to Mom, I was out of JK and in to the real world. Bye-bye Jahan Koodak, hello Kharazmi, we were airborne ….


So I went on to Kharazmi Junior High and then on to Kharazmi High School (# 1 in Sezavar St.). Next, I migrated to USA.

After my departure from JK, Mr. Mosaferi who was always a solid defender of me, had made a fuss about my departure. Mosaferi was a powerful man in JK. Mosaferi told Pishvai and faculty that,

Mosaferi: No one knew this kid better than me. I private tutored him on math. This kid was not stupid and he surely was not out of control. You just did not know how to arise his interest, capture his attention and keep him focused. You did not interest him. All of this conflict was not his fault but your fault.

Wow, I heard this from the grapevine. At least someone stood up for me! More power to Mosaferi.

* Note:
Throughout my school years (until college), I despised math and I never bothered to study it. As much as I loved history, geography, gym and art, yet I hated trigonometry, geometry, calculus, probabilities and modern mathematics, and specifically algebra. I never liked math because I never bothered to read it or even open the books. The books and particularly the teachers did not interest me. I had always achieved the passing grade or I failed and had to go to summer school and retake the exams to pass the courses. I despised math. Once I entered college, I cared about my GPA, so I actually opened up the math books and read them. Once I read the books, I began to like them! Strange as it may sound, I started getting “A” in all my math courses. I truly enjoyed Algebra (subject of my hatred); furthermore, I went as far as taking Differential Equations! I simply could not get enough maths in my system! Maybe all along I was taking all types of math courses in college to make up for all the years of high school which I had deprived myself of learning any math! How ironic! When I was in high school, it would have never occurred to me that in a million years, there would come a day that I would like math courses and morely to take math courses as electives! This is further evidence that overall, the school system, the educational system and the teachers in Iran did not interest the students to learn the subjects; furthermore, they made the students to hate those subjects!

After my departure, many JK kids looked at me as a hero, someone who stood up to Pishvai, showed him the finger and left to better places with pride!

Talking about Mosaferi, I particularly remember that during those private tutoring sessions taking place at the back of cafeteria, he always sipped on Darjeeling tea glass and munched on Mika Bars (Iranian Chocolate) while I was solving math problems and drooling over my lips watching him melting the Mika Bars in his mouth! Those Mika Bars were tasty!

Later on I have met a few of the JK kids in Kharazmi. Ahmad S., Kamran A. and a few others were amongst them.

Age 10 and the Revolution in My Psyche

Age 10 was the age of Revolution. At age 10 a revolution had occurred to me or best put, I revolutionized myself. Suddenly I had grown up from a child to a grown boy. Something had changed in me. Maybe it was all the incidents and events in the 5th grade. My interests had changed. All of a sudden I did not care for gossips, rumors, giving love and relationship advice and participation in poppy loves! All of a sudden I started reading history, geography, news and politics! I started an in depth study of the world nations’ geography, flags and cultures. I become interested in learning linguistics and languages such as English, German, French, Spanish and even Arabic! Suddenly I was not interested in playing around with many girls but instead, I concentrated on affairs and relations with only one special girl at a time. I started reading newspapers, magazines and books. I read everything from sports magazines to caricature and satire magazines all the way to news and political magazines and newspapers. Age 10 was the age of my renaissance. Age 10 was when a jump had occurred in my evolution. Age 10 was when I started to self deprive myself from the joys of child’s play, goofing around, fun and games. Age 10 was when I took a grand step towards growing up. At age 10, something snapped in me, something clicked and I started to think rationally rather than emotionally. I started having interests in sports, soccer, weight lifting and swimming. At age 10, I started building my body and mind. I grown up too fast, good or bad, life had changed and it was never the same again. Welcome to the Real World!

Analysis of the Iranian Educational System

The Iranian educational system had gone from bad (Shah’s era) to worst (IRI era). Corporal punishment, useless courses, badly written text books, lack of proper teaching methods by the teachers and lack of interest by the school administration had resulted in lack of concentration and interest by the student body.

Back then (Shah’s era) we had to pass 3 years of Arabic, Quran and Religious Studies in Junior High and then another 4 years of Religious Studies in High School. In addition, the text books were often not well written, incoherent, distracted and complex.

Today, they teach garbage (Arabic, Quran and Religious Studies) from birth all the way to doctorate degree!
So for instance, if you go to Iran and pick up any of the Iranian history text books, you will notice that our history begins on 651 AD (entrance of Islam to Iran), established at 1501 AD (by Safavids) and becomes great at 1979 AD (IRI era)! Take a good look at the book and you will notice that the whole book is about the past 1300 or 1400 years.

If the book has 300 pages, then there are 100 pages about IRI, 50 pages about Shiite scholars during the Persian Colonial Empire, 50 pages about Safavid Persian Shiite Empire, 50 pages about Early post Islamic period of Iran and Arabs, 40 pages about Golden Era of Islam from Mohammed to Mahdi (12th Shiite Imam) and only 10 pages about 6650 years of Persian history before Islam! This is the Iranian history according to the Shiite, Half-breed, Tazi, so-called historians of IRI! This is what they have done to 8000 years of the Iranian history.

8000 Years of Iranian History

Now you may ask, what qualifications do I have to state these remarks about the Iranian educational system?

You see, according to Pishvai or likes of Pishvai, I was a failure. Well, this failure went all the way to Ph.D., corporate management and then become an educator, a university professor!

Throughout my teachings in the university, I have always insisted on working with specific programs for the brilliant prodigy students who were from lower income families and were underrepresented in the school system. I have defended the underdog and I sincerely believed and preached that Failure is not an option; furthermore, student’s failure is teacher’s failure. I was hiring instructors for various courses in these programs and I always used to tell them: As an educator it is on your head. If a student fails, then it only means that you were not good enough and you did not know how to enter his mind, explore it and capture his imagination. The kid failed because you did not care and you allowed him to fail. You as the educator are directly responsible for his failure. Yes, Iranian School System had gone from Bad to Worst! Corporal Punishment, yes it continues and the chain of abuse also continues which scars the students for life.

Abused students become abused parents and then abusers to their children. Abused students become abusive teachers who will continue the chain of abuse and this chain of abuse will go on forever and ever. As of the results, Iranians have become a nation with many complexes and mental issues. Abuse also makes the children to become slave-like dependant grownups with inferiority complexes (Tu Sari Khor). These weak people produced by the abusive system can never stand up for their own or to stand up and overthrow the system.

This is why after 31 years, IRI is still in power. Throughout the history of Iran, there has always been a slim minority who took a stand against injustice. Look at the past 31 years of IRI. Only a slim minority inside and outside Iran has been fighting the regime. During the 2009 election riots, there were also a slim minority (Iranian Opposition, not pacifist Greens) who stood up and fought the regime. At least Greens made some non violent rallies but the silent majority inside and outside Iran has always been silent and even afraid of their own shadows.

Iranian Revolution has No Colors and Heroes

The average Iranian is even afraid to spell the word “Politics”. It puts shivers on his spine to even speak of politics, state his opinion or read a political site, set aside the actual involvement in politics!

 So as you see, throughout the history of Iran, only a slim minority has been creating the Change. The majority always looks to the person standing next to them to rise up and do something! The majority is always looking for another Reza Khan but Reza Khan is dead and gone (Bless his Great Soul)!

Reza Shah the Great, the Real Story

Majority of Iranian public inside and outside Iran are pansies and pussies! There I said it, now they can freak out and rip their pacifist asses apart! As I always stated:

Today’s Iranians are not Yesterday’s Persians.
This is why once we owned the World but now we own Shiite!
Pacifism, Liberalism and Shiite Islam had made Iranians Lazy, Satisfied, Obedient Slaves of Allah.

This complete culture of Humble, Mystic, Darvish, Pacifist, Shiite Bull Shiite has brought us nothing but Degeneration, Cowardice, Superstition, Religious Garbage, Slavedoom, and Moral Corruption. It killed our Persian Warrior Spirit and Good Persian Purity and Persianhood.

Two issues are notable:

a. Abusive Educational and Social System produces dependant slaves and pacifist cowards which in returns, they will become abusers of the next generation but dare to make a move to overthrow the system.

b. Throughout the history, the educational and social system produces Iranians which are used to a system with some type of a dictator on the top (Shah, Imam, Guru, so on…) dictating the way of life to them and if they step out of line, to severely punish or even kill them. The concepts such as democracy, secularism, federalism and individual rights are either not comprehendible or out of reach to them!

Our culture worships heroes. May they be benevolent or thugs, we love to worship them. Stop hero worship and start relying on yourselves. You are the essence of everything. Stop worshiping Shah, Imam, Rajavi, Mossadeq, Mousavi, Khatami, your supreme spiritual leader, your favorite politician, your guru or your school principal.

It is time to break the chain of abuse and it all starts in the schools.

End Notes

Yes, it was the worst of times and it was the best of times! These memories are irreplaceable. These memories are what makes us who we are. Memories are great as long as we learn from them and use them for further improvement. We often retreat to the past, to the times in which we had good memories, simple memories and fun memories. We enjoy drifting and flashback to the good times, to our youth, to our childhood when things were simple, honest and joyful. It is great to travel back to the memory land; however, avoid living in the past.

We have grown, but many of us still act and behave like we are still 10, 16, or 18. Some of us live our lives the same way that we did at 18. Some of us refuse to grow old, to mature and to act our age. Those of us are often the Old and Out of Place guy in the nightclub, rave or the jam, who is way overdressed, overzealous and overdriven, trying to blend in with the crowd and hang around with kids half his age! You have all seen that old guy in the nightclub and some of you are that old guy in the nightclub. Please enjoy the Memory Land and avoid living in Lala Land!

We can never go back to the way we were. We can never build the present to look like the past. We can never live in the past. All we can do is to live for today and build the tomorrow, but from time to time take a walk down the memory lane, cherish these jewels and reminisce about the way we used to be.

Memories, sweet memories ……

Dr. X


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