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What does Labor Day Really Mean?

Labor Day Special with Ahreeman X
What does Labor Day Really Mean?
X Diaries Special

Ahreeman X
September 7, 2015

Iranian Woman Labor: That's What We Are! (Ma Inim!)
Iranian Women Labor Force Labor Day Poster

On this lovely and blessed Labor Day, let us turn the page and read a new page from the “X Diaries”. Let’s Roll ……

Happy Labor Day to all. Even though the International Labor Day is on May 1st and the American Labor Day is on September 7th (Originally September 5th but this year on September 7th), yet the intentions are all good and we are celebrating the labors, our beloved labors.

American Woman Labor: Honor Labor!
American Women Labor Force Labor Day Poster

What does Labor Day Really Mean?

Spend a Labor Day with Ahreeman and find out!

Speaking to Stafford, made me think of Aqa Nuri! Now, who is Aqa Nuri?

Labor Day and Aqa Nuri

And who the hell is Stafford? Patience my friends, I shall tell you all about him!

Few days ago, my mailman and I were chatting. His name is Stafford. My friend Stafford is a hardworking black man who has worked all his life for the post office. He is one of those no nonsense hardworking black guys, he is old school. Stafford does not call himself “African American”, none of all that politically correct liberal Bull Shiite! Stafford refers to himself as a black man and “Black”. He hates bureaucracy, hypocrisy and big government corruption.

Stafford has been working so hard and for so long for the USPS. Driving that truck and delivering mail, rain or shine, cold or deadly heat of San Diego, Stafford works. He worked so hard that he has arthritis all over his body. The worst is his neck and hand arthritis. Sometimes it gets so bad that he has to go to the doctor and get cortisone shots!

I am also involved with the lower back pain and when it gets out of control, I get cortisone shots. After all, I have worked hard all of my life since I was 18.

Washing toilets is Beneath You!

I can relate to Stafford. I feel Stafford and I feel his Blues and pain. As a matter of fact, Stafford being an old school black guy, is deeply in to the Blues and old Funk. I am “The Blues Man”; I play the Blues piano, have a great selection of modern or old blues albums and know the history of Blues. I also love Funk. So a few days ago, we were chatting:

A Chat with Stafford

Stafford: X Man, what’s happening?
Ahreeman X: My man Stafford, what’s the deal?
S: Just working hard in this damn heat. What it is?
X: What it is, what it is? That’s what it is!
S: I hear you baby …
X: Working hard, life’s a bitch and then you die!
S: My man, sometimes you amaze me!
X: Why baby?
S: I had no idea that you’re old school and dig that blues until I heard you playing in the garage the other day!

(I have turned 1/3 of my 3 car garage area in to a gym and studio. All my martial art equipment, weight lifting bench, stationary bike, treadmill, punching bag stand and other goodies are on one side and then my synthesizer, amplifier, mics, stereo and musical equipment is on the other side. I have created a fine “man cave” in my estate! Have in mind that my garage is the most organized and clean garage in the neighborhood! Every time a couple walks by and the garage doors are open, the wife tells the husband: This is what a clean garage looks like!)

X: I’m “The Blues Man” baby!
S: Then we talked the other day and I found out that you been listening and playing that old school stuff of the 70s and 80s, and then some of them heavy new stuff of the 0s and 10s (2000s and 2010s) for ages!
X: I’m really in to music.
S: I know, you told me you had a band and at one time a DJ.
X: Nothing like that good old blasting bass guitar and orgasmic electric guitar mixing with piano and drums while playing the Blues or some mind blowing Funk!
S: You never seize to amaze me man!
X: Even though we played Rock and Heavy Metal but I was always into Blues and Funk.
S: Yeah baby!
X: But in Black music, I don’t like none of that new crap. I can’t stand Rap, Hip Hop and all that garbage with baboons jumpin up and down!
S: I know, I hate that stuff too …
X: I’m old school baby. Blues, Funk, Soul and Reggae are art, even the modern heavy electric Blues and Funk is art but that new garbage, Rap and Hip Hop needs to be flushed down the toilet …
S: I feel you baby …
X: You dig baby?
S: I hear you baby …
X: I mean that crap is noise, feel me baby?
S: I feel you baby …
X: I’m Deep Down South, Delta Mississippi, Blasting Electric Blues, mind blow; I wear the shades and jam the piano baby ….
S: I hear ya baby, I hear ya …
X: I’m all about that oozing soothing, soul searching, heart aching, oodles and oodles of blast jamming Blues baby …
S: You know I’m from New Orleans, I feel you baby …
X: Hey, that’s right, you’re a Southern boy, a Cajun boy, you dig it baby …
S: I feel them chords and riffs baby …
X: I just love Louisiana and Cajun culture …
S: All that Jazz and all that Soul baby …
X: If you want Cajun food, you gotta go to New Orleans, none of that junk in California baby ..
S: That’s what I do baby, that’s where I went for vacation …
X: You told me it was a hoot…
S: Your place was green baby; we jammed and raised hell …
X: I’m happy for you baby …

Then Stafford looked puzzled, like there was something on his mind for a while …

S: You know X, I been meaning to ask you something for a while now?
X: Shoot baby, what it is?
S: It’s like I’m puzzled man!
X: What’s the deal? What’s shakin baby?
S: You being an Ex Corporate Manager and old aristocracy, how come your pro labor?

(Dig this:

From Homeless to Corporate Manager, My Life

That’s life education!)

X: Say baby, I worked hard all my life, you know that?!
S: Yeah I hear ya, but you were cussing these pool contractors!

(Stafford Referring to one of my 8 contractor crews who recently remodeled my front courtyard, backyard, patio and my pool.)

X: I am pro labor but not pro bums. These bums unlike the other 7 crews, took their long ass time of 4 and a half months to do the job. Because of their lazy ass procrastination, the complete project took a year and a half rather than a year.
S: I see …
X: I am pro hard working labor, hell I am a labor, I been a labor all my life …
S: I know, you told me …
X: I been working hard since I was 18 …
S: I hear ya baby …
X: I been there and done that, that’s why I am pro labor …
S: I dig ya baby …
X: Before you, Naomi the black mail lady was my bosom buddy …
S: I know …
X: And you know, I’m not slumming, I truly have friends amongst the labor…
S: I hear ya baby ..
X: I love labor, but I hate bums, lazy ass, punk ass bums …
S: I hear ya baby …
X: All my life, I was pro labor; I always used my status to help the labor.
S: Say what?
X: Hell yeah, even back in Iran baby …
S: For reals?
X: Word up baby, for reals …

(All through my corporate management years and even going back to my childhood:

Asadollah Alam: In Darbar, we eat this kind of Mame!

Always pro labor …)

S: Even in youth?
X: Even before I was a big shot …
S: But why?
X: Because I like Real people, not fakes ..
S: What you sayin?
X: I say, by majority, rich folks and upper classes are fake, shallow and superficial.
S: It’s a different crowd …
X: No, it’s a fake crowd …
S: For reals?
X: What do you mean for reals?
S: Well, you’re the only friend I have in the wealthy crowd!
X: You don’t miss much!
S: Say what?
X: Mostly fake baby, they’re not from the heart baby …
S: I dig you baby …
X: This is how it is: I’m from the heart and soul, mostly they’re not, you feel me?
S: I feel ya baby …
X: I grew up in the kitchen with the servants and learned more about life from the servants than the aristocracy, you dig me baby?
S: I dig ya baby …
X: After what I went through in life, I can’t relate to the wealthy, but I can trust the labor. Don’t get me wrong, I cannot stand the bums, low lives, under classes and welfare recipients who don’t want to evolve their lives but I love the labor, the hard working labor …
S: I hear ya baby …
X: More than bums, I hate the rich and “Guilty White Liberals” with “White Guilt” who are slumming and pretending that they’re with the lower classes, minorities, middle classes and the working people …
S: Them fools …
X: I like real folks because I’m from the heart baby …
S: I feel ya baby …
X: That’s why I ‘m with the labor and not with them fools ….
S: What it is, what it is?
X: That’s what it is!

And the dialogue went on ….

S: Damn I been yakking for so long, I got’s to go, before I get in trouble, you know sometimes they send trucks to spy on us and make sure we’re working and not goofing off with friends…
X: Yeah, friends like me …
S: See ya baby, love the new courtyard and the garage doors, I Saw you painting them yourself ..
X: I’m not a “Do it yourselfer” but I do what I can do, myself. Man must know his limitation and he must only do what he is capable of.
S: You’re like my nephew, he does the projects that he can do, all by himself.
X: I knows my limits and I knows what I can do, so I do them works …
S: I hear ya baby ….
X: You dig?
S: Yeah, I hired a bum contractor from my church too, and I ended up doing his work …
X: You know what’s the deal baby?
S: I knows …
X: Get going baby before you get in trouble with the USPS, we don’t want to lose ya!
S: I knows …
X: You know, every time you’re on vacation, the mail gets screwed up! That’s how I can tell you’re on vacation! When you’re not here, your backups FAQ the mail!
S: Thanks bro …
X: It’s true baby …. You’re not allowed to retire until I’m dead!
S: I know I don’t last that long …I’m much older than you!
X: Well, don’t die on me baby, you gots to work until I’m dead, then you can retire!
S: Your funny man … I won’t FAQ your mail …
X: You best recognize, you’re the best baby, …. unlike them FAQ ups, you’re the Real Deal …
S: I surely appreciate your notice man …
X: I ain’t jiving baby, you’re no FAQ up!
S: Loves bro (hand on the heart) …
X: Get going baby …
S: Later X …
X: Stay real baby … Rock on …
S: I’m gone …
X: Gone then …

And Stafford left, on to his rout and hard work, riding the mail truck with a little fan in the dead heat of San Diego … Stafford disappeared in to the horizon …

After Thoughts

This dialogue with Stafford, took me back to the old times, to Aqa Nuri memories in those chaotic early days of the so-called Iranian revolution:

Labor Day and Aqa Nuri

Actually those young fools back in the day, in the line of bread, do remind me of these new fools who cheer for the US – IRI Nuke deal in the streets!

According to my folks in Iran, very few people cheer in the streets of Iran for the US – IRI Nuke Deal, but even if they are few, they are still fools, do you know why?

They Best Recognize!

Those idiots who celebrate this Dirty Deal between Obama and Mullahs, are too stupid to comprehend that this deal will guarantee that Mullahs will stay in power forever or at least for a long time to come!

In 1979, the fathers of these fools handed a progressive and a rich country (Iran) to the most illiterate social class of Iran (Mullahs). After about 36 years, we still cannot take it back!

In 2015, the sons of those fools are celebrating in the streets and dancing for the US – IRI Nuke Deal! Little do they know that this deal will guarantee the Mullahs to stay in power forever!

You Best Recognize

Them Fools Best Recognize:

If you hand a Mullah a penny, you can never get it back!
If you hand a Mullah a country, you will surely having a hell of a time getting it back!
If you hand a Mullah Nukes, good luck ever getting the power back!

Mullahs with oil, riches of Iran and now nukes, good luck ever getting Iran back, set aside establishing freedom, secularism, federalism, democracy and human rights in Iran!

What are Mullahs?

Mullah is the lowest life-form, a parasite and a leech amongst the Iranian social classes. Before 1979, the Mullahs have gone through the centuries of humility and they were the laughing stock of the Iranian society. Before the revolution, people considered Mullahs as backward, fanatical, self serving, stingy, free loading, free boarding, and ignorant cockroaches. Mullahs were the humor reliefs and laughing stocks of the Iranian society. Mullahs were considered ignorant religious fanatics. Mullahs represented Religion which equals fanaticism and illiteracy. Mullahs and Religion were considered enemies of progress, science and prosperity.

Bizarro World!

How on earth and in this upside down social system, after centuries of humility, Mullahs ended up becoming the ruling class?!

Why you ask? Due to ignorance and simplicity of the naïve religious people of the street who wanted democracy! Not that they did not find democracy, but they have turned a progressive, secure and safe dictatorship of the Shah to a Theocratic dictatorship!

Imperial Iran was not a democracy but at least people had personal freedoms, country was progressing, nation was rich and people were civilized! Imperial Iran provided security, safety, economic stability and personal freedoms for the masses.

Now, IRI seized all the freedoms and Mullahs even want to control your dress code, your dress style, type of fabric, the color and type of clothing and possibly the underwear which you wear!

Everything is controlled including but not limited to what you wear, what type of music you listen to, what you watch on TV, what you purchase, where you go, what you do and what you say!

Today’s Iran is not a country, but it is a Giant Theocratic Prison. Even in this prison, people defy the regime and as much as they can, they show their defiance by wearing fashionable clothes, listening and watching what they want, buying what they want, going where they want and specifically cleaning the Persian language from the Arabic words, and using pure Persian terms.

This is called negative struggle and defying the Arabo-Islamic occupying Regime of the Mullahs.

Hang Them Upside Down by the Balls!

God forbid and have mercy on their souls, because once the regime changes, people will rip Mullahs’ asses and tear their limbs apart. Mullahs will be hung upside down by the balls from the tall trees of the Kakh Avenue and other main streets of Iran!

I personally would love to get my hands on some Mullahs’ balls and asses! The things that I will do to the Mullahs, Ansar-e Hezbollah, IRGC and other good old Muslims!

I have a Dream!

I have a dream too! I have dreams baby:

Styles of Torture – Canada Travels

I have this never ending thirst for Holy Muslim Bloodshed, ripping Mullahs’ butts apart and torturing Muslim boys until they bloody scream “Allah O Akbar”! Someone please stop me from going any further because only talking about it, gives me a massive erection and I am getting turned on!

Down Ahreeman, down…. Control yourself, bang on Haji Kuchike’s head with the hammer and behave yourself:

Sex Change Operation by Dr. Haji Kuchike!
Adventures of Haji Kuchike and Haji Bozorge AKA Hojaj

Thus Ahreeman shouted:

“Allah, please stop me, thus I have this urge to crucify your people!”

Watcher in the Woods
My Alter Ego

I Know the Alley!

The bottom line is that I am an Alley cat and I know this Alley!

Them little faggots who cheer, dance and celebrate the US – IRI Dirty Nuke Deal, best recognize that by this celebration, they have dug their own grave! After this deal, you hand nukes to the Mullahs and you can never remove the Nuked Up Mullahs from the power!

After Nuking Up …

The Silent Majority will remain silent as usual.
The Little Faggots and Seasonal Cheerleaders will remain cheering.
The Seasonal Fans of the pro “Wind Party” (Hezb-e Bad) will bend with the direction of the wind, any which way the wind blows.
The IRI Lobby in USA will continue giving blow jobs to the Mullahs:

Iranian Hezbollah Agents, Lobby and Front Businesses in USA

… and the Iranian Liberal Democrat Simpletons continue dancing their ignorant charade, cheering for Democrats (Enemies of Iran) in the US Elections.

Everybody is happy and it will be one large “Islamic Bangarooni for the Kunis”! Everyone except:

The Iranian Opposition and the Iranian People who will get shafted by the US – IRI Nuke Deal.

Once in 1978, Iranians have committed suicide.

Let us not commit suicide once more in 2015!

Nature of the Liberals

Obama does not care about Iran, the same way that Carter did not give a rat’s ass about Iran.

In 1979, Carter gave birth to Khomeini and in return Khomeini gave birth to the Neo Islamic Fundamentalism in the globe:

Reasons for the Birth of IRI

In 2009, Obama did not back the Iranian Revolts and the Iranian Opposition; furthermore, he flirted with the Mullahs and the Ahmadinejad’s Regime.

Carter, Obama and Liberals have created IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) and helped her to grow big and strong. The Ugly Witch of IRI and the Mullahs Regime is the direct result of the US Liberal Democrats’ foreign policy.

Jimmy Carter’s Human Rights Shenanigan and Obama’s Arab Spring policies have given birth to Islamic Fundamentalism and destabilized the whole Middle East.

Now, Liberals wants to hand Nukes to the Mullahs to make sure that:

The Iranian Opposition
The Iranian Student Movement
The Iranian Democratic Movement
The Iranian Freedom Seeking People

Will be doomed forever!

Liberalism always goes hand in hand with Islamism.
Liberals always bend over backwards for the Islamists.

IRI Iranian Hezbollah Agents and Lobbyists in America
Expose Document in 3 Parts

Are Idiots Running America?

Honestly, do idiots run America? America always butts in the Middle East with the slogan of bringing human rights and democracy to the region. Same story with Republicans (Bush) and Democrats (Carter + Obama). Next thing you know, America comes up with master plans to social engineer the Middle East! Master Plans such as “Carter’s Human Rights” and “Obama’s Arab Spring”!

Eventually America destabilizes the whole region! America helps overthrow the “Stable and Secular Dictatorships” and replace them with “Islamic Republics”! This is how this Devolution occurs:

American FAQ Up of Middle East

Stable and Secular Dictatorships
Chaotic Nations
Civil War Infested Nations
Islamic Republics

In other words, America is the master of FAQ-ing Up the Middle East! America turns the Stable Middle East to Islamist Chaos!

What America does not understand is that the Middle Eastern people are used to dictatorship. That is all they know! At least they have stable and secular regimes, but once America butts in, the chaos begins and next it turns to civil wars and then Islamism!

It is not good business neither for America nor for the Middle East to have chaos in the Middle East!

So seriously, are idiots running America?

Difference between UK and US Colonialism

God bless the Imperial Army Colonel Nader Khan (Blondie’s Father) who used to say:

“When colonized, at least the British brought class and civilization to the region, but Americans FAQ up the region and bring chaos and bloodshed!”

How sad but true are those words!

Obama’s Socialist Regime is serving neither America nor Iran but it serves Hussein Obama’s and Liberals’ long suppressed Socialist ambitions.

Obama is not here to shed a tear for Iran. Obama is here to establish his legacy as a world legend (in his own mind) and establish his goal as a Marxist Islamist Activist.

No one cares about us but us. The west, the East and the Middle, FAQ them all! Only Iranians can make a change to save Mother Persia.

Your Human Duty

As an Iranian Nationalist, it is your national duty to support the Iranian Opposition because the Iranian Opposition is the only catalyst for Change towards the freedom of Iran.

As an American Patriot, it is your national duty to expose the IRI Lobby in USA and the Obama – Mullahs Dirty Nuke Deal.

As an Iranian American Patriot, an Iranian Nationalist and an American Patriot, it is your global duty to vote for GOP and not Republican Establishment but the “True Conservatives” in the US Presidential Elections and the Congressional Elections of 2016 and beyond.

A Vote for Democrats = A Vote for Death of Iran

GOP Establishment is no better than Liberal Democrats. They are all politics as usual and Bull Shiite. Republicans and Democrats are the same Shiite! You want change? Then vote for “True Conservatives” and “Tea Party Conservatives”.

No Iranian American Patriot can ever be a Liberal Democrat, because Carter, Obama and Liberal Foreign policies and domestic policies have destroyed Iran and America both!

Labor Day

On this glorious day, we celebrate our brave, proud and hardworking labors. The labors who built America, Iran and the globe. It does not matter if the Labor Day is on September 5 or September 7 or May 1 or whatever or whenever …..

What matters are the intention and the true meaning for celebrating this day. On this day we celebrate labors and labor force all over the world. I celebrate labors, strong and powerful, knowledgeable and aware, hardworking and proud labors all over the world.

I Cherish Labors

I cherish the Iranian labor, American labor and global labor.

I cherish the labors because disregarding my social class, I have been a labor since age 18 and I am still a labor. I cherish labors because I worked hard all of my life. I worked hard when I was down on my luck, when I needed to work, when I did not need to work, when I did hard labor for necessity, when I do hard labor in my garden and estate, when I do hard labor to keep in shape, when I do hard labor for money, need, hobby or just to make an statement!

I celebrate the Labor Day because without the labors, the society will not move forward, progress, evolve and function.

Labors keep this wheel moving forward. I am pro labor, I have always been pro labor and I will always remain pro labor. I am a labor. I am proud to state that I am a labor.

Take a Moment and Think of Labors

While celebrating Labor Day at the beach, at the lake, camping or at home; while grilling, BBQ, picnic and preparing a colorful table cloth full of delicious dishes, take time and ponder a moment about the so many labors who worked so hard to prepare this meal for you. Think about the hardworking farmers, butchers, can factory workers, delivery trailer truck drivers, storage workers, supermarket workers, bakers, pastry makers, produce workers, and even about yourself who worked hard to prepare this meal. Think about the complete hardworking and proud labor force before having the first bite. Think about all the labor which went in to this meal before your first bite.

Thankful for Labors

Be thankful, but be thankful not for some God or Myth; yet, be thankful for all of those hardworking labors. Be thankful for the Labors who make the wheel go round and round!

Allow me to quote Aqa Nuri:

“When sitting and prepare to eat the fruits of my labor, before the meal, I say a prayer. I say a prayer not to God but I pray to both my strong arms which work hard to prepare this meal for myself!”
(With the gesture of keeping his arms crossed, patting his arms’ biceps)

Iranian Women Labor Force

Now let’s dig in to the Labor Day Meal!

Eternal be Our Hardworking Proud Labors.

Let us celebrate this glorious Labor Day and our proud labors.

Happy Labor Day to All.


Dr. X

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