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White Water Rafting Episode

Part 1: The Tournament

Ahreeman X Near Death Experience: American River
White Water Rafting Episode
Part 1: The Tournament

Ahreeman X
May 18, 2008

L. Ahreeman during the White Water Rafting tournament at the American River.
R. The Ahreemanic adrenaline pact smile during the tournament.

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Chapter 1

You are now going for an Ahreemanic ride. Put on your wet suit, gloves, boots, lifesaver jacket, and helmet. You are now entering the Ahreemanic Zone. Enter at your own risk ……

Background Information

Raven in the Dark Skies
Raven, the messenger between the two worlds: The Under and The Above ….


Let us together brows through another chapter of the “X Diaries”. Talking about "Death" My Eternal Love, The Final Woman in my life ............

"Death" My Eternal Love
Death came to me as a maiden!

In the past I had four Near Death Experiences:

Racing With the Death!

More Ahreemanic poetry in:

Iran Poetry Index

Death showed her true face!

Oh yes ............., did you think "Racing with the Death!" is fiction? Hell no! It is truth and nothing but the truth, yet in a poetic form (Edgar Allan Poe style)! I have made "Death" as a Poetic Lover! My Eternal Love!

If you have read the above poem, then you are aware of my past four near death experiences; however, I have never came closer to death, as in my latest experience which has happened on this recent weekend getaway. According to Death, my eternal love (stated in the poem), the fifth encounter had to do the job! Yet, it seems like she missed! What's The Deal?!


As you know, I live life on the edge! I am a man with No Fear (except fear from myself! I scare myself!), how can The Dark One, fear anything?! After all, I am the Essence of the Night! I am a Dead Man walking; therefore, I have a Death Wish and I welcome the Death! She is my Eternal Lover! People are often afraid of Death; they want to live forever! I see Death as yet another form of existence and nothing to be afraid of!

How can life exist without death? How can good exist without evil? They complete one another. Without one, the other is meaningless. The world needs a balance, a balance between the two.

Fear is meaningless to me. That's why I live life on the edge! What is life without danger? I need that testosterone, that adrenaline to flow in my veins, get me hyper, high and gets me going! And if along the way, the End to this form of existence shall come, then I shall embrace the Death! What is life without a little danger and excitement? Unlike many folks, I am not clinging to Life, like glue! Do you want to live forever?!

Some like more Bang for their Buck,
I like more Buck for my Bang!

Life is a Game, only a Game and I am experimenting with it! What matters most is for one to leave a rich legacy behind and accomplish something to leave the world to remember.

I live life on the edge. That's why I do Martial Art Tournaments, Dirt Bike Racing, Motorcycle Jumping, Cliff Diving, Wave Riding, Jet Ski Maneuvering, Bungee Jumping, Kite Flying, Para Gliding, and White Water Rafting indeed! My thing is water sports! I prefer to live my life in the tradition of General Khatamis of the globe, to the full extent! Live and let Die! And to conspiracy theorists, "Yes" Khatami died as a Free Bird on the Kite, crashing Mountains and "No" Alahazrat did not kill him and cover it up, because he was afraid that Khatami would make a coup! Iranian conspiracy Theorists, best in the world, I am telling ya!

White Water Rafting – American River

The scene of our story is taking place at the South Fork American River between Lake Tahoe and Sacramento in California where we were White Water Rafting. The rafting path (from beginning to the end) is divided in to four sections, each with a rapid:

American River Rafting Path Sections

Trouble Maker (Mid Level)
Satan’s Cesspool (Killer Ride)
Bouncing Rock (Fun but Rough)
Hospital Bar (Death Wish)

The river was wild, the tournament was on, the excitement was maxed and the adrenaline was pumping in our veins. (Satan’s Cesspool)

For this particular tournament, there were Referees-Lifeguards present. There were Professional Sports Photographers stationed on top of a few particular cliffs along the tournament path and the Tunnel-Chute.

On this 4 days tournament, in the tradition of the American Wild Spirit, we went White Water Rafting in American River! But the Tide was high, the water level was way high, the current speed was too fast, and the weather condition was unusual. It was not exactly a typical calm day for White Water Rafting! But then, it was a perfect day for us to get the experience of our lives!

Ahreeman X is digging in to the tournament. How odd, Ahreeman rafting at the Satan's Cesspool! (Satan’s Cesspool)

Nothing turns me on like a White Water Rafting sports tournament or leisure ride in a not so good weather condition for the sport! The Speed, The Tide, The High Waves, The Trees and Rocks along the path to crash into, the obstacles, the wet splash, the Showering with cold water when huge waves hit you in the face, the going under the waves for minutes without oxygen, the freezing cold water, the whole shebang, it all turns me on! It is an absolute Rush! I’m telling ya folks, there’s nothing quite like it! A shot of testosterone exploding the adrenaline stream in the body. I do not do drugs, booze, cigarettes or have any other addictions! Danger is my addiction! When one is into danger sports like these, then street clashes and rumbles with local Hezbollah is a fitness exercise for him! So as you see, I live a life of Danger, Horror and speed! I live life on the edge and I love it! I have always been debating between the best way to die! Shall it be during an Action Sports Tournament, Sex or banishing along with hundreds of Islamists in a great explosion while taking them along with me (The Big Bang)?! Either way, I love it to be "Action Pact"!

The tide was high, the waves were huge, and the current was rough and fast. The rougher and faster the current, the better I liked it. Look at my face full of joys. It seems like I am getting an erection from the dangerous bad river conditions. Danger always excites me beyond the limits of joy! Things were getting really wild. The waves were becoming out of control. This is why they call it the Satan’s Cesspool, where Satan drags you down the river and in to his cesspool! Welcome to Hell! That’s what I’m talking about! (Satan’s Cesspool)

I love American Football. The football field is the only place where you can actually hit people and not go to jail. It is all legal! I’m a retired football player (college, university, private league, and semi pro) and I loved every minute of it (Inside LineBacker). But White Water Rafting in harsh conditions is something else. It is sheer heart attack but as joyful and climatic as a passionate love making on a high mountain-top on a tall cliff!

You see, unlike your average conservative or coward Iranian, I have no fear; furthermore, I invite danger, death and demise! I have a Death Wish!

As usual, I managed to talk my entourage (Blondie, Brunettey and Reds) into tagging along my global adventures! They are so gullible! After each trip, they promise that they will never follow me into some unknown archeological search for an Aztec King's tomb in jungles of central Mexico, while thousands of giant mosquitoes bite every inch of your body and swallow you alive, or crossing Deserts of North Africa as a joy walk or definitely not participating in one of my action sports packages! But you know what? They always end up following me and later on they always condemn themselves for letting me to talk them into these insane adventures!

For more information, read my other adventures around the world in the X Diaries:

IPC Founder Index

I have had a Near Death Experience, the closest that I have ever had in my life! I practically had died for minutes and returned back to life! I have never been this close to Death! I felt her touch!

Ahreemanic Near Death Experiences

The first time, was an accident of diving through the window in Iran.
The second time, was a Motorcycle accident in Jersey.
The third time, was a street rumble with Hezbollah in Cali.
The fourth time, was an Automobile accident in Cali.

But this last time, was the closest that I have ever gotten to "Death", my Eternal Love!

"I looked at her eyes,
and Death smiled back at me!
I touched her thighs,
and Death invited me

Death My Eternal Love Maiden

The thrill of it all! Amazingly, she could not manage to take me away on this fifth occasion, as she promised! Once again, I have cheated the Death! I wonder how long I can manage to do that?!

The Death Design

Death has a design indeed! The Design of Death! Once you figure the design, you can cheat the Death! But to figure the design, you must awaken the forbidden Dark Powers! What an intriguing Game of Chance indeed! Hee Hee Hee How Howl ................., but one should be very careful while wrestling with the Unknown Powers!

The Water Condition

The weather condition was bad. The tide was so high that the water level was amazingly way above the desired point. For instance, in normal conditions, there were 15 to 20 feet trees on the sides of the river to view. On the tournament’s day, these trees were practically under the water with only 3 to 6 feet of them (the tree-tops) were above the water. The river was so full of water that all of these trees which normally were on the sides of the river, were now deep inside the river. You could only view the tree-tops, here and there popping above the water. The current was so wild and the water speed was extremely fast.

Look at our faces, we were on top of the world! Nothing is quite like this feeling! (Satan’s Cesspool)

Introducing The Team

Each raft is usually occupied with 7 rafters. One at the center back who steers, navigates, commands and directs (The Captain) and 3 rafters on the right and then 3 on the left who row and move the raft. The Captain must be a good athlete who directs the 6 other rafters by giving directions and commands to row, not to row, forth row, back row, fast row or slow row (depending on the river momentum). Captain commands and navigates the raft.

Here is a diagram of our team:

Center Back (Captain): Brunettey
Left Back: Blondie
Left Center: Hippie Joe
Left Front: Missy Chang
Right Back: Reds
Right Center: Ahreeman X
Right Front: Hans the Nazi Boy

How do yous like the nicknames I give people? I’m great with that!

The Team Diagram
Center Back (Captain): Brunettey
Left Back: Blondie
Left Center: Hippie Joe
Left Front: Missy Chang
Right Back: Reds
Right Center: Ahreeman X
Right Front: Hans the Nazi Boy

Happy Happy Joy Joy (Satan’s Cesspool)

Blondie whistles and Missy Chang is laughing and getting thrills just by looking at the expression on my face. I am having an orgasm from excitement! (Satan’s Cesspool)

What a joy ride, what a feeling

Let’s get it on!

Brunettey (behind me), Ahreeman X (in front) and Reds (on my right) riding the untamed waves.

Whoopi Doo

Ahreeman and the Ahreemanic Entourage
L – R: Blondie, Ahreeman, Brunettey and Reds
Look at Brunettey’s face, she really thinks that she is a hot captain, but she almost got us killed! Women! I’m telling ya …….

Adventures of Blondie and I
Here’s my main squeeze, an independent, intelligent, cute, wild, highly educated and rowdy feminist, what a woman! Blondie is Mullahs’ Worst Nightmare and what Islamists avoid the Persian women to become!
Allah forbid!

Missy Chang in action

If Satan’s Cesspool was not rough enough, now we had entered the ultimate Death Wish ride in the Hospital Bar! Now we were in real rough waters! (Hospital Bar)

And the water suddenly caved in!

Missy Chang, Reds and Ahreeman at the Hospital Bar, American River

The real action begins at the Hospital Bar, American River

Waves were getting higher.

Ride was getting rougher.

Raft is flipping over near a rapid.

Huge waves started to throw us up and down like a toy boat in the river. Raft just jumped above the water level. Look at Blondie’s facial expression, now that’s a million dollar facial expression! Brunetty is getting turned on by the unusually rough water conditions.

Then the raft fell back deep in to the water. Now the raft is practically under the water. Only Blondie, Brunettey and Reds' bodies are visible!

The Tournament

We started the tournament with much passion and much adrenaline pumping. Somewhere in the middle of the tournament, our raft got stuck to a tree-top (About 14 feet of the tree was under the water, but 6 feet of it was above the water level) on the side of the river. The raft almost flipped over. The raft stood stuck to the tree with a 60 degree angle, the left side up in the air and the right side in the water. We all moved quickly to the left to balance the raft and avoid it from flipping over, but suddenly Blondie fell in to the water, was pulled under the raft, stayed down there for a while that I seriously got worried! I was about to jump the raft to her rescue, but she pulled out from under the raft and float herself and grabbed on to the tree. Finally we steered and rowed ourselves free and Blondie jumped back in to the raft. I pulled her back in. she got me worried and going for a while. After all she is my main squeeze. This incident was mostly Brunettey’s fault. She is not that great of a Captain as she believes she is!

A huge wave just hit us and the complete raft is almost under the water. We lost control of the raft and I lost my balance. We are now on very shaky waters and the raft is being dragged to the right and the left …… Welcome to the Hospital Bar! Now you know why they call it the Hospital Bar!

And the Raven had brought the message ……
And the Raven was present ……

What will be the Ahreeman’s fate? Will he survive or will he …… Next page

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