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White Water Rafting Episode

Part 2: Near Death Experience

Ahreeman X Near Death Experience: American River
White Water Rafting Episode
Part 2: Near Death Experience

Ahreeman X
May 18, 2008

Ahreeman is going down baby! This last wave was a killer. Will this be Ahreeman’s final adventure?

Chapter 2

And now the rest of the story ……

Near Death Experience

After a while, we hit a fast rapid and a rough stream. The ride had become bumpy. Suddenly the raft was thrown above the water and then back down deep in to the water. I was thrown out of the raft. I dove through the river. The water speed was fast, the tide was so high, the water condition was so rough and the current simply took me under. I was dragged 6 feet under the stream and pulling down! Before I went down, I tried to swim near the raft, but the waves were so high and the current was so speedy that they would not allow me to even get near the raft!

Ahreeman is hitting the water at the Hospital Bar, American River.

Guys were trying to catch me and pull me out of the river, but I could not even get close to the raft. Suddenly I got disoriented and deranged. It is amazing, you always practice and prepare to expect the unexpected and not to panic, but at the moment of accident, you never know that how you will react?! For few seconds, I froze. I simply froze and these few seconds can be lethal! Few seconds of freezing and just floating like a log. These few seconds can cause catastrophe and cost your life! These few seconds caused me to lose the momentum to put myself together, swim to the raft and be pulled back in. Now it was too late. I froze for few seconds and then the waves and current pushed me away from the raft. The speed of the current blew me away and took me away. From the distance, I had heard Brunettey shouting: “I have never seen such a limp body”! That bitch!

Look at the expressions on their faces!
Missy Chang with mouth wide open is looking at my fall and shouting.
Hippie Joe stares at my fall.
Blondie is stunned!
Brunettey is shouting and ordering the Reds to drop the row and grab my leg.
Reds is frozen and shocked.
Hans the Nazi Boy is rowing and steering the raft because no one else does!
I am diving outside the raft and almost in to the water.
This is an awesome shot. I have to give credit to the Sports Photographers on top of the cliffs for taking such amazing shots.

Finally I was pulled down about 6 feet below the water level and was pushed further down! I practically saw death with my own eyes! I was in the limbo, in the gray, or as we say in Spanish, I was in the Intermedio (in between Life and Death)!

I am now half way in the water.

Ironically and against the common belief, I did not see a light at the end of the tunnel! All I saw was slow motion, time freeze, and gray! For few seconds, I died. I was stoned as a rock, numb as a log, sinking deeper and deeper in to the water. I was numb, motionless, I simply froze!

The raft is now officially in state of chaos. Brunettey is now trying to grab my leg by herself. Reds is trying to row and help Hans the Nazi Boy with steering the raft, because Brunettey (the Captain) is now officially out of commission. Missy Chang, Hippie Joe and Blondie are still in state of shock with mouths wide open, and staring at my fall!

After a few seconds, I had noticed that the speed of the river current has been moving me and dragging me so fast (like a rubber doll). I was pulled down and pushed to the sides, left and right and then moved forward extremely fast. I had noticed that it would be only a matter of time until the current speed throws me towards a side tree or a rock. I could easily crack my skull or get seriously injured. I was floating like a puppet and moving down the stream, very fast.

Ahreeman is now in the roaring waters. Brunettey is getting a hold of herself and orders the crew to lean to the left (of the picture) so the raft won’t flip over. Total chaos.

Many rafters wear the complete gear and helmet to protect themselves but I had to be the macho guy without the gear and the helmet! Now I was unprotected and ready for a major injury!

Finally I put myself together. I got alert and pulled myself above the water. At this point, our raft was way ahead of me, they passed me and surely they could not pick me up.

Look at the expressions on their faces. They are still in state of shock! They simply can’t believe it! The current is speeding my body down the river. We must do something because down the stream, there is a sheer rapid and fall.

I saw a Referee- Lifeguard raft approaching and I tried to grab them, but the river was roaring! They tried to catch me and I tried to grab them but the river speed was unstoppable! They disappeared down the river. I looked forward and I looked backward, but no one was in sight. Suddenly it hit me that I was all alone in the middle of a roaring speedy giant of a river. All alone by myself …., not far away there was a fall ahead. I had to save myself before I hit the fall.

Now it was matter of life or death. I saved, pulled together and used every bit of stamina, energy and power, which was in my body, jumped up and I started swimming to the right side of the river. I had made a sudden decision. There was only few seconds to think logically and make a decision and stick by it. I had made mine. I decided to swim to the right (slower current speed) and pull myself out of the speedy current and giant waves. My goal was to reach a cliff, grab it, hang on to it and when the momentum comes and in between the high waves, jump the cliff and drag myself out of the river.

Blondie and Reds are shouting at me and directing me to get close to the raft and try to get back in but the current is speeding away my body down the stream.

Finally I swam against the current and the waves (story of my life), to the side, but I also used the flow of the river and the direction of the current for my benefit to reach the river side. I was swimming partially against the current and partially along with the current! Finally my unshakable determination made me to reach a rock and then a cliff.

Brunettey: I have never seen such a limp body (bitch shouted at me while I was drowning). Blondie and Reds are screaming at me and navigating me to get back to the raft. Missy Chang is still stone shocked. This was the last stop at the Hospital Bar.

Death dragged me down the river and this 5th incident meant to be the final one (as she promised). We almost reached each other’s hands and joined in the eternal union, but she underestimated my Ahreemanic Super Powers! Death my Eternal Love was undermined by The Dark One. She had forgotten that who she was dealing with! It was not quite the time for our passionate union!

Racing with the Death

This is where I finally came back up to save myself and get myself to the right side of the river to jump on a cliff.

I grabbed a rock, dragged myself to the top of a cliff and stood on top of a cliff, then climbed another one and stood tall on top of a high cliff and looked down in to the middle of the river, in to the abyss, in to the moment of demise. A few seconds delay and it would all be over!

Rafting Crash, White Water Rafting Tournament, American River
Now if you think that we had it bad, then take a look at these other rafts in the tournament starting with this one!
Awesome shot.

I stood on top of the cliff and smiled back at her. She was 6 feet under the water and reaching her hand for me. She smiled and I smiled back at her. I had studied the Design of Death and once more I have cheated her by knowing her own design and predicting her next move. Death and I have been playing this Chess Game for a long time …

Rafting Crash, White Water Rafting Tournament, American River - an amazing flip over crash

Suddenly I slipped and I was about to fall and crack my head wide open! I think this was just a reminder and a pat on the back from the Death, a statement to tell me to always watch my back! In a way she congratulated me on my victory but also reminded me that there will always be an inch and a quick step between life and death! Now that would be very ironic and funny if I was to survive the drowning and pulling myself out of the river and on to the top of the cliff, but then fall from the cliff and die by cracking my head wide open on the rocks! That would be a joke on me!

Rafting Crash, White Water Rafting Tournament, American River – crash at a rapid fall

So my teammates in distance looked back from their raft and they saw me on top of a cliff. I waved at them and they took a deep breath and exhaled. They made sure that I was still alive and I had saved myself (as usual).

Rafting Crash, White Water Rafting Tournament, American River – right before the crash

A Referee-Lifeguard raft approached the rock and I jumped in it and they took me back to the end of the tournament. Even though our team went through tough times, but we did not end up last! I met everyone at the end line Tunnel-Chute. We all had a good laugh and we all found yet another story to always reminisce about for the rest of our lives!

Rafting Crash, White Water Rafting Tournament, American River – raft is thrown up in the air. Hee Haw, ride em cowboy!

The great thing about this whole ordeal was that professional sports photographers were taking photos of this tournament. They were stationed on top of the various cliffs along the river path and shooting while we were riding the rafts. The funny thing is that they almost captured my whole demise on the camera. While I was struggling to survive death, one photographer was shouting from top of a cliff: “Great Shot”! I heard that son of a bitch while I was wrestling with the death (at the beginning of my drowning episode). Later on I enlarged and focused some of these photos with the use of the software. Overall it was a great action pact episode.

Rafting Crash, White Water Rafting Tournament, American River – these guys were one of the toughest competitors at the tournament but look what happened to them in the final stages of the tournament!

Adios Buddy …. Bon Voyage!

Kayak Crash, Kayak Race, American River – after the rafting tournament, there held a kayak race alongside the river. Kayakers were not much luckier than the rafters! Take a look at this one!

Kayak Crash, Kayak Race, American River

Kayak Crash, Kayak Race, American River – rest in peace buddy!

Down and out of the race!

A Referee-Lifeguard Raft
Referee-Lifeguard Rafts were monitoring the White Water Rafting Tournament to make sure that everything would go smooth. Little did they know that the water conditions would create chaos during the tournament!

End Notes

Folks, whatever that doesn’t kill you, it will surely make you stronger! We are on this planet and in this form of existence for a limited amount of time, so why not making it exciting? Living on the edge is my policy. Throughout my life, I have always fought for the just cause and I have always aligned with the working class, labors, under dogs and the oppressed. I am a sucker for lost causes. Give me a cause with a slim chance to achieve success, give me a challenge, show me a river which I must swim in it upstream, give me an uphill battle and a cause to rebel and I will be the first one to take on the challenge. Show me an organized and established cult, religion, hierarchical bureaucracy, totalitarian regime, dictatorial government and any form of conning oppressive establishment and I’ll pick up the axe to cut its roots. I was born a rebel and I will die a rebel. One foot in the cradle and one foot in the saddle, I was born a rebel.

White Water Rafting Tournament, American River - rafters before entering the Satan’s Cesspool

I have always done it My Way. I analyzed, logic, estimated the risk factor, engaged and barely regretted my decisions. Mostly, I had made rational and logical decisions. If not rational, at least I had made noble and righteous decisions. Against all odds, I had always taken the challenge and for most parts I came out glorious and achieved results. The bottom line is that people like me; we do not follow the society like cattle.

White Water Rafting Tournament, American River – Satan’s Cesspool section of the river

By majority, an Iranian is so concerned to not stand out as an odd person out of the Persian Herd (Community). They want to be a part of the big picture, a follower of the traditions, a good member of the community, a mechanical piece of the machine.

I do not belong; I lead.
I do not worship; I destroy Gods.
I do not maintain status quo; I make revolutions.
I do not follow the traditions; I create new traditions.
I do not follow community leaders; I change leaders.
I do not follow the society; I create a new social pattern.
I do not follow fads and fashions; I create my own style.
I do not become part of the machine; I destroy the machine.
I do not obey laws and regulations; I create new constitutions.
I do not follow the community standards; I invent new standards.
I do not follow the herd; I create a followership amongst the herd.
I do not remain an obedient member of the community; I change the system.
I do not remain a good citizen; I commit to a revolution and Change all social patterns.

I do not follow the mainstream establishment, community elders, superficial fads, shallow pears, rotten traditions and status quo. I pioneer a new style, system, movement, and agenda. I make a decision and stick by it in good times and bad times. I am not a seasonal fan, friend and ally. I stick to the goal and the plan until the bitter end. I believe in death before dishonor.

American River – Scenic

White Water Rafting Tournament, American River – professional sports photographers were stationed on top of the various strategical cliffs throughout the tournament. This is one of the stations. Look at the photographers on the top left side of the photo. They have done a great job and took some awesome shots. All the sports shots in this episode of the X Diaries were taken by these sports photographers. This specific shot was taken from the sports photographers by another group of sports photographers standing on a nearby higher cliff. It was during my fall when I heard one of these guys was shouting: “Great Shot”. I was struggling not to drown, when this guy was trying to capture a great sports shot of my fall! That son of a bitch!

I am not here to win a popularity contest, but I am here to make a social revolution.

Unlike the majority, I do not live for the people. I do not set my life according to the will of the society, community and mainstream rules and regulations. I do not care what the people may or may not say or think about me. I do not live for the people. I live for myself. I am an individual. I have a brain of my own. I am the Thinking Man. I make the decision, I set the agenda and I live my own life, the way I like to live. Most of all, I have been doing it and I will continue to do it My Way.

My Way


There are 3 types of people in the world:
Ones who make things happen.
Ones who watch things happen!
Ones who wonder what happened

A few belong to the first type, many belong to the second type, but the majority of people belong to the third type. Ponder on that a bit if you can.

Famous Persian Quotes – X Bits of Wisdom

Tunnel Chute, American River

Rafts in the Tunnel, American River


Life is a game, one large Chess Game. We play our parts and it is up to us to enjoy the most fun while we are alive. This is it folks. This is the only life you get. So live it up and then die. The God, Religion and Afterlife are all Bull Shiite and creations of the human fear.

Religion, Living in Fantasy

Iran Philosophy Index

This day was a good day to live and a great day to die!
Every day is a good day to live and a great day to die!
This is the Ahreemanic Way ……

Now I shall leave you. Until next time, stay real and keep real.

And the Raven had brought the message ……
And the Raven was present ……

No Gods
No Shahs
No Imams
No Masters
No Prophets
I bow to no Gods.
I serve no Masters.
I control my own destiny.
I am a Thinking Man.
I am a Free Man.

Someone who lives in Intermedio (in between Life and Death)!
De Intermedio X

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