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X Diaries: Canada

Styles of Torture!
X Diaries: Canada

Ahreeman X

Republished: August 28, 2007

Dr. is in The House

Welcome to my Nightmare
Welcome to Doctor's Wild Ride!
Youhaha Haha Ha (Gothic Mad Scientist Laugh)

Come on in, leave the door open boys and girls, for the other boys and girls to come in! Now you are entering another page from the diaries of The Mad Dr. Evil, grab a drink of your favorite poison, sit down behind your monitor, relax and get ready for the ride.

We will take control of your monitor, we will control the horizontal, the vertical, the color and the sharpness, We will take control of your vision, and Virtual Reality.

You are now entering through The Outer Limits to The Evil Zone.

In my latest trip to Canada, I was visiting the Wax Museum in Victoria, the beautiful historical capital of British Colombia Province. Even though the displays were fine, yet I preferred the Anaheim Wax Museum of Orange County USA. This was due to the fact that the statues are more realistic, specifically the hands are very real, also the texture that they use in Anaheim is so real like human flesh. It all reminds me of that horror movie about the Wax Museum and the crazy scientist Doctor Who was putting real human inside the wax works and wax them up with hot wax! The movie was called The Wax Works!

Any how in Victoria, what was interesting was Madam Tuseu's display who started this fine art of Wax Works since the French Revolution. She started waxing and making wax Masks from the faces of the Executed French Aristocracy, Imperial Family, and other Anti Revolutionary persons for historical documentation. Many even hired her to do their faces Masked. So the display was showing her sitting behind her desk making masks of the famous people executed by the revolutionaries. The cut heads of the people beheaded by Guillotines were all over her desk and some in the basket next to her desk, even her assistant was bringing more fresh heads in the basket for her, coming into the door of her office.

It was like as soon as they were executing people in Paris, he was grabbing the selected famous heads and bring them to Tuseu! Imagine her work environment, and what kind of person she might have been! On the bookshelves behind her was a display of the masks and heads duplicated from the real heads of people like Marry Antoinette, Louie, etc. I was standing there staring at this scene for a while. People next to me were coming and going but I was just fascinated by this display and like hypnotized people staring at it! My bosom buddy said, you are sick, I know what you are thinking and you are probably having all kinds of deranged thoughts! But the fact was that I was just stunned and amazed that how would it feel to have a job like Madam Tuseu, and how creative and artistic she was indeed!

Then I observed some of the masterpieces in Madam Tuseu's Wax Work! The best display was the Chamber of Horror! You know Horror and Sci Fi is my most favorite!

Ahreeman tricks, takes advantage and corrupts the Pious Nun and turns her in to a Sinner Nun! Ahreeman works in mysterious ways!

In one display there were Hitler and Eichmann both with their feet chained, Hitler was saying Sieg Heil with Nazi Salute, Eichmann was sitting on a chair and looking at the people, they were both behind the bars in the slammer! I particularly did not like the way they had them behind the bars and in jail, not that I preach Nazism, yet they were historical men. Hitler even created a political ideology, right or wrong even by Canada's Socialist political correctness standards, they should not have put them behind the bars with feet chained like Animals! Think of it if Germans would have won the war, would they do the same with statues of Roosevelt and Churchill or Stalin?! But the funny thing was that the word slammer made me think of our IPC members such as Reza the Queen Boy. Also The Nazi display and Hitler Saluting, made me feel lonesome for a Mussolini display and by looking and thinking these thoughts, I ended up thinking about Jehu in a black shirt, pants tucked in the Jack boots Saluting, yet the Italian style with the right hand up ward and bent at the elbow, Fascist style, unlike the right hand straight forward like Nazi style! So I was having these thoughts and picturing Jehu standing next to Adolf that suddenly someone pulled my hand!

Blondie: Yo, hey Dr. you know what?
X: What?
B: We should put you in the slammer next to Adolf.
X: Me!?
B: Ye you nutcase, move on, why are you staring so much at the weird displays?!

She had no idea of all the thoughts I was having connected to IPC and IPC members!

So she dragged me to the other displays, all the guys were there, "Oh boy the fine displays of the Torture Chambers has started!" I told myself!

First there was the Pendulum and The Pound display! There was this pound area where they had a woman probably accused of being a witch during Inquisitions of Catholic Church back in the Dark Ages Europe, lying on the floor, all hands and feet tied up in 4 different directions and a huge pendulum like clock pendulum with a sharp Blade at the bottom part going to the right and left while it was getting lower and lower due to the fact that the Executioners were lowering the rope which was holding the pendulum! Tick Tock, Tick Tock …

Eventually the pendulum would touch the warm flesh of the woman gently cutting her flesh going to the right and the left like a Grand Father clock pendulum. Just imagine you are the victim lying helpless on the ground with hands and feet tied up in four different directions and stretched wide. There is nothing you can do but to watch the pendulum lower and lower, going to the right, going to the left, starting from 12 feet above lowering inch by inch until it cuts you Length wise in to half. Pendulum going right, going left, tic tock, tic tock, tic tock, the waiting, the anticipation, can you feel it? No wonder many had died of the Heart Attack while watching this before even the pendulum touched their belly or chest flesh, cutting them lengthwise!

And then I was thinking of all the women, scientists, and intellectuals who were tortured and killed by the Pendulum in the Pound during the Dark ages in the 11th, 12th and the 13th century or even during the 14th or 15th century by the Catholic Priests, Popes, Rome, Spaniards or Portuguese Holy Imperial orders! Religion at its best, ain't Religion great?! If the Intellectuals had confessed to their sins, or women to their Witchcraft, or Scientists to their Atheist Sacrilege, they would have given the Pendulum type of a deal!

Now the funny thing is that, on the display wall, it mentioned that by any chance if these Victims would have survived the Pendulum (cause the pendulum was made to go so far and cut so far) and if these victims would just get their stomachs and chests cut in half lengthwise, yet by some miracle, managed to survive, The Church would have asked them once more, if they would have liked to confess to their sins? If they would still reject to confess that they were witches and wizards, then they would have dragged these victims' half wounded and half dead bodies to the Gallops and then hang them by the neck with the Noose!

Do you even know how many Scientists, Free Thinkers, Intellectuals, Brave Independent Women, etc. had been tortured and pendulumed, Hung or Beheaded by the Guillotines of the Church in that era? Yet I assure you one thing, as many as the Catholic Church had murdered in the Dark Ages and the Early Colonial Days, they could not possibly come near the amount in which the Arabo-Muslim had murdered during The First Arabo-Islamic Invasion-Occupation of Iran. Historical Facts prove that Arabs raped our women by tens of thousands, killed our youth via beheadings by hundreds of thousands at a time, they raped young girls and boys (due to homosexual nature of the Islamic culture, even though the Mullahs do Gay Bash and condemn Gays, yet they are the biggest Homosexuals themselves) and then they would strangle and choke the young boys to death and send the young girls as young as 9 (according to Islam it is OK to marry a 9 year old as long as you read the verse of Quran) back to Arabian Peninsula to their Masters and Caliphs.

We do not even mention about all the slaughtered prisoners of the war from the Persian military even after surrendering to the Muslim Armies! Arabs were to specifically murder and cut to pieces, the fine members of the mighty Immortals, the best of the Imperial Elite Guards. Therefore Immortals knew better not to surrender; they simply had to fight to death.

The funny thing is that during the Second Arabo-Islamic Invasion-Occupation of Iran on 1979, Muslim Murderers had done the same to the Immortals! Gard-e Javidan, the new Imperial Guard members were the only units which were fighting to the death, cause they knew that Muslim Dogs would have slaughtered them one by one as prisoners of the war or not! Against any international law. A Muslim is a savage and he knows no international law, no civilized law, he is a brain dead follower who follows what his Masters like Imam Ali had thought him, to behead the Infidels and the Atheists including anyone who does not believe in what they do and what they believe. This is the Islamic way.

Anyhow, then came the Guillotine chamber during the French Revolution. The man was bent over with knees bent kneeling on the ground and his head in the gear, blade coming down, and in a basket under the guillotine blade was a bunch of cut heads! So the victim would have been staring at these heads in the basket some with eyes wide open looking back at him, while waiting for the Executioner to drop the blade, scary enough to get a Heart Attack, again before he actually gets executed!

The position that the victim was bending over reminded me of how the Muslims bend over while praying to the Allah and putting their forehead on the Mohr a piece of cooked sand, supposedly holy! Isn't it amazing how they kneel to Allah, put their heads down in the slave format for Allah to do as he pleases to them, shall he cut them or leash them like dogs that they are or have mercy on them is up to his Glory or his merciful soul? Allah's anger or love will decide their fate! Muslim and in general religious people are slaves to Allah and God! And that is Islam for you, the religion of Submitting oneself to Allah, Philosophy. Isn't it funny how non of these holy books had recommend individuality, self decision, self control, Man in charge of his own Destiny?! They all preach that the Weak Minded Public shall submit themselves to the will of Allah, Lord, Yahweh or whatever other supreme being to have mercy on their souls or to condemn them and to send them to the Hell or the Heaven! God is to give these lambs (weak-minded public) a reason to live!

How pitiful it must be for a living thinking brain to submit himself to a supernatural imaginary creation of his own mind! This is like Enslaving of oneself by oneself.

Anyhow, this display also gave me an idea, how about lying the victim on his back while the guillotine blade comes down?! So he would face the blade, not back to the blade, this would indeed give him a heart attack before the actual beheading! Wow Awesome thought (Little Evil Me). So I was deep in thoughts of torture and history and then suddenly something woke me up!

The ultimate physical torture, The Famous Algerian Hook Display!

Algerian Hook is like a butcher shop hook, which butchers hang the dead corps of the cattle after cleaning the skin and fur on it. The only difference is that the butcher shop hook is smaller but Algerian hook is very large.

So imagine a very large metal hook hanging from the ceiling of the chamber as large as the human waist size. The executioner would stick the hook into one side of victim's chest and out from the other side of his chest while a few other assistant executioners hold the screaming victim down. This must be done professionally, cause the metal hook must go under the rib cage (Medical people know what I mean) so the rib cage in whole can go above the hook and the ribs can hold the weight of the victim without breaking apart so the body would rip and fall on the ground. Instead the body would hang from the hook in the mid air, hanging only by a small area of flesh, skin and of course the ribs. Got the picture? Yummy ha? For some reason, this episode reminds me of the BBQ Pork Ribs, yum yum, gimme some! Down Ahreeman, Down … sorry, for a second, I had lost my political correctness and humanity! Well, what can I say, after all I am Ahreeman!

Whip them good and whip them in to submission, Demoness!

So the victim would hang in the air with blood and gut gushing on the ground, screaming in pain until he gradually dies with excruciating pains! And they would also put another prisoner with the victim in the cell for just watching him, so he would learn what will become of him next! Now that is creativity Algerian Style, that's how the Europe learned of this style of Torture/Murder! This was not just physical torture, but also psychological trauma for the To Be victims!

Then of course there was the famous Rack where they would lay the victim down and tie both hands and feet with the ropes to the four sides of the rectangular wood frame bed with wheels on four sides. Victim then would have been put up in the mid air, cause the executioner would pull the ropes from four sides in all opposite directions, so the victim would have looked like kind of getting crucified but worst! All four wheels were connected to the main large wheel on the side of the rack. All ropes were connected to this wheel, so while the executioner would pull this wheel and roll it, all victim's parts, both hands and feet would stretch in four opposite directions. He would pull until the victim would come apart, shoulders dislocate, leg joints tear apart, etc. But The Executioner would pull little by little so the victim would stretch in pain for a long time and torture would go on for days and months before he actually would kill him!

I was practically analyzing and studying these torture methods and machines while all the people and my comrades were just looking at them superficially and passing by!

The only thing I didn't do was to actually make diagrams! She told me; hey Doc why don't you take a picture it will last longer! Sarcastic Blonde one that is!

While observing and studying these torture methods I was thinking about other methods that I knew of and they were not displayed there, like Chinese Torture which has been used in Vietnam, Korea and China to American Pilots and Officers to snitch the words out!

What it was, very simple, They would simply tie them down to beds in four directions by hands and feet like the Rack but painless. They would make the head stand stable, directly upwards looking to the sky. They would use a sink and turn the faucet close but not all the way, so there would be a leaky faucet dripping water drops piece by piece making a slight noise. But in a quiet isolated dark cell, when the prisoner is tied down with nothing to see but the darkness, this sound going on and on for days becomes unbearable, tic tock, tic tock, tic tock, splish, splash!

Then they would get rid of the sink, so the drops would land on the floor with a splashing sound and an echo! So He would suffer more by hearing this water echo sound on and on for days in the dark. After the first few hours, the slight sound of water drop would become an exploding sound of the bomb in victim's mind! Just imagine on and on. Total darkness and silence with only water drop echoes blasting in your minds!

Then they would ultimately, put the victim under the faucet where the drops would drop on the center of his forehead, splash, splash, splash. By this time the victim would for sure have had lost his sanity and suffer from the physical pain of the ear lobes, yet a much more serious pain of the psychological kind would come up on him which by years of therapy would not even go away. The Awesome Chinese Torture at its best! Each water drop becomes a canon blast destroying your sanity … hee hee hee how Howl Howling!

Now it is interesting for you to know that Islamic Republic of Iran has one of the most sophisticated systematic chambers of torture using the most sophisticated and Nostalgic models of torture known to human kind!

SAVAK of Shah, CIA, KGB, Israeli Mossad, Intelligence Service of UK, Chinese Intelligence, even Nazi Concentration Camp SS Units or Stalin's Communist Siberian Camp units (Soviet Gulags) have never ever in their whole existence been using such sophisticated, detailed, progressed systems, machines, and models of old and new torture systems as today's VEVAK (Islamic Republic of Iran's Ministry of Intelligence and Security) uses!

The Executioners of Islamic Republic of Iran are professional Murderers of the most Sadistic type. They truly love their jobs, the pay is great, they get to do what they love and get paid for it too! According to a comrade of ours (Iranian opposition), a famous executioner of IRI's famous VEVAK Iranian secret service organization, had told him that "Boy I would do this for free, and they want to pay me for it too!"

VEVAK is one of the many secret service organizations in Iran but the most important, the largest and infamously the dangerous one. When the political prisoner gets to the main jails of Iran, such as the Evin Prison (which they do not look nothing like the Hotel Jails in America), after days of abuse in a rotten cell, public and then isolation, dark leaky cells with cracked pipes leaking, Persian roaches and beatles size of the gulf balls, Rats as large as your arms, stinking blankets smelling like month old cheese and sheets still dirty from the last tortured victim's blood, then the main show begins! When the prisoner gets all screwed up in the head, scared and shocked by all this new environment, then they take him to the torture chambers, so he can play with the professional big boys of VEVAK Executioners. In these special political jails, chambers and cells, these big boys will make you talk, will make you spill your guts about anything you know, from your mother, family, job, all the way to your comrades, political affiliation, rank, position, opposition information, etc.

That's why any active partisan, guerrilla, commando, or member of the opposition is well pre trained to survive the torture variety of the VEVAK and not to spill a word. We use highly sophisticated methods to go under many simulation styles of torture and other harsh situations to be prepared. The Guerrilla units or any Transportation, Interconnection, or Covert units of the opposition go through months of training, learning Martial Arts, Meditation, Acceptance of Pain Capacity, Survival in the worst conditions, situations before they go on the missions which they suppose to go. All these preparations are just in case they get caught!

It is very hard to survive the methods of VEVAK but when it comes to the point of actually running money, guns, documents, audio/video transportation or Guerrilla missions inside Iran or even a simple none contact or non combatant missions inside IRI by the opposition members, they are well trained to take it all in case of the arrests. However depending on the mission's importance, many of our comrades prefer to die and send as many Revolutionary Guards (Pasdars) or IRI Police dogs to Hell along with themselves rather than getting arrested. As I said before:

"This is a War and they do not spread Candy in a War, they spread Bullets."

VEVAK uses Electric Shock Machines, Finger Nail Pulling Tools, Head or Arm Squishing Pressure Gears, Striped Metal Cable Whips, Wood Branch Whips, Electrocution Chairs with different degrees of electrocution from slight pain to death zone, Fire Torches, Eye Gouging tools and pence to take the eyes out of the sockets in the skull, Amputation tools to cut the finger joints and hand joints, Electric Wired Beds, Eye Torches, Needle Pokers, Pinch Clips, Gag Balls, Neck chokers, Nose Drills, The modern Racks, Sharp Shaving blades poach bags to make the prisoner chew on them while by pulling the neck choker leash to punish him if he disobeys, and much more.

So while I was viewing the Museum I was also deep in thoughts about all these torturous, political, historical episodes while spending quite a long period of time in the chamber of horrors and the Torture section of the chamber! By this time everybody were waiting for me by the door so finally we could all go to lunch. She yelled at me, "Dr. God damit, are you going to come or would you rather stay here as a part of the displays?!"

Damn I been there for so long that I felt as a part of the display! By the way have I told you that while looking at the Algerian Hook, for some weird reason I was thinking of the Queen Boy our beloved Reza NY! I don't know but suddenly an S&M enthusiast, which I am, I had the urge to give some pain to a Muslim boy! Damn I was in Victoria Canada far from San Diego, so I could not gather my good old boys and find me some Muslim Student Association Boys to submit some pain on to! Too far from home, no one to release the frustration into, and the funny thing was that I did not day dream about torturing and inflicting pain to the leaders of IRI like Afatollah Sed Ali Memeyi (Khamenei) the Leader, not even that Puppet President Matami (Khatami)! But I actually had visions of being alone in the Algerian Hook Cell with the Queen Boy and of course the infamous Algerian Hook! Hey, maybe I should write a new song called: "Me, The Boy and The Hook," what do yous think? Lordi lordi Lord, me and my visions! Hey maybe I am the next prophet and Allah is really sending me these visions! Maybe they have true meanings!

Remember the story of Ebrahim and Esmail (Abraham and Ismael), How the father had to sacrifice the son for Allah with cut throat, Islamic style (Zebh al Eslami) his neck side to side with the knife like a Lamb?! Maybe Allah is trying to tell me something? That was Prophet Abraham, I am prophet Ahreeman, no?!

Well as I had figured the story of Abraham in the Bible, Quran and Torah could be relevant to yours truly Dr. X. I was actually getting turned on by the thoughts of Me, The Muslim Boy and the Hook, and the both of us praying to Allah, him praying for Allah to stop the sacrifice at the last minute like the story of Abraham, and I praying for the Allah to finally accept yours truly's sincerity in faith by sacrificing the Boy! What a wild vision! So I was in the middle of torturously sacrificing the Queen Boy and waiting for Allah's word to stop or not, while the Boy was screaming now: "Where the hell are you Allah, why don't you save my butt?" and I was saying: "Silence boy, Allah is wise, there must be a reason for you to get sacrificed like the baby Lamb that you are, you are just a merely Earth Ling, Allah is wise and he had chosen you for a reason, prays be upon Allah, praise the Lord! Allah is merciful!

So I was just getting to enjoy my S&M Fantasy or more like a Visual Holy Vision, that she just grabbed my hand and screamed: "OK Damn you get your ass out of here before I Wax Work you, everybody is waiting for your ass to get the hell out of here, so we can go to lunch!"

Ding Ding Ding, Dalang Dulung …. Wake up call,
Back to life,
Back to reality,
Back to life,
Back to reality,
Remember that dance song?
I said, back to life, back to reality,
C'mon do it now, back to life, back to reality
(I just sometimes kill myself, what a riot)!
OK Boils and Ghouls (Boys and Girls), now the Doctor must go away. He must go to the Laboratory with his computers, elements, tools, and Hooks! All this torture stuff and Dr. is getting a woody just to think about it! Dr. Will go bye byes now.
Back to our dungeon we go ….

That's what I'm talking about. Demonesses must have some prime meat on their bones (Persian Style)!

We will now return the control of your monitors back to you.
You are now leaving The Evil Zone through The Outer Limits, The outer limits of your imagination.

Dr. is now Exiting to The Beyond
Youhaha Haha ha ha ha Haaaaw … (Evil Mad Scientist style of Laugh)
Fading … fading … faded …

And back to Dr.'s House of Pleasureful Pains in San Diego, we go...........

Ahreeman bless you'all (that is Southern)!

Dr. X

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