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My Alter Ego

Watcher in the Woods
My Alter Ego

Ahreeman X
September 10, 2008

Everyone has an alter ego, mine is the “Watcher in the Woods”! Many call it a myth because it is rare to encounter the Watcher! Some say he is an isolated man in the woods, some say he is a wolf, some say it is an entity, but all say: The Watcher, whatever it may be, rests deep in the Dark Woods, watches everything up close and awaits for his momentum ......

The Dog Who Saw The Rainbow!

Some say he is a fictional supernatural figure in the dark …
Some say he is real and he watches over the woods …

Some say he is so dark that he blends in to the Dark Woods. That’s why he is so hard to see!

But at certain evenings of the month, down at the Back Trails of the Rancho Penasquitos Dark Woods in San Diego, you can follow the trail …..

You will see ancient fallen trees crawling all over the trail. They have fallen but not dead! There still exists much life in them. They crawl the dark trails like giant snakes of the Dark Woods ……

After you pass the giant crawling trees, you will reach the Strange Standing Trees! They seem not like trees but strange creatures from the depths of the Dark Woods. Do not be afraid, come closer and you will see one which looks like the Devil! Two horns in the air, two arms reaching for the sky while his body curves like a dancer. He infatuates the observers by his dancing posture! Once they are infatuated and eyes stared and fixated on him like the glue, then they will hear a crawling noise! Come closer, can you hear it?

Just follow the trail, the trail to nowhere you assume, but keep on following the trail pass the Strange Standing Trees, it is now getting dark, yes … follow the dark trail ……

On top of a hill, suddenly you will see a giant tree, so ancient with roots crawling all over the grounds like charming snakes! The tree is tall and thick. The tree reaches the sky, the tree is sacred, and the tree has a history. Take a good look, this is his standing ground. This is where he stands, on top of the crawling roots of the ancient giant tree. He stands tall above the Dark Woods and watches over the woods. The dark figure with steel claws, a dark robe, and an ancient Persian long-sword in his hand stands stoned like a rock. Is he alive? He stands still holding the sword’s handle upside down with the sword pointing to the ground and poking the roots of the tree gently.  The figure is so dark that you can’t see any parts of his body! What is he?

He raises his sword, parallel to his forehead, straight above his head, pointing to the sky. He is alive! Congratulation, you have now entered the Dark Woods. This is the end of the trail. It is getting dark and you are far from the main road. Welcome to the Dark Woods, you have found the Watcher!

And the Watcher watches on ……

Some say he watches after all plants and greens to grow! He is the protector of all plants. He watches over the Dark Woods.

Why I prefer Plant over Human? A Manifestation and My Will

Some say he is there to set the records straight and brings justice to those who are voiceless. Those claws are surely sharp! What does he do with them?

The dark figure points to you with his index finger, claws of steel, a shadow for a face, he is so tall, about 6’ 3” tall, they say. Is it human?

You stare in to the shadow under the hood of his robe, trying to see his face. So dark, not possible, but wait a second, if you make no noise and listen carefully, you will hear a few sounds! The crickets, owls, crawling critters, things who bump in the night and his thoughts. Stare at the shadow in place of his face and he will communicate with you. Voices in the Dark Woods will tell you the whole story, listen to the creatures in the dark, listen to the story of the Dark Woods ……

Trails are home to Mexican migrant workers. These are hard working labors migrating north of the border in search of the American Dream. They stand the avenue, next to the park and offer their labor for whoever who is willing to trade them work for cheap labor. These are hard working decent folks, trying to be a part of the American Dream. They believe that hard work eventually pays off and equals better life. After hard days of work, they rest their bones down in the trails. Those who can afford renting a room, they join in groups of 4 or 5 and rent a room, but the new comers who cannot afford a room, end up down the trails in a tent, a sleeping bag or a cardboard box! Sometimes they build little fires to cook, but they are very careful not to cause brush fires. These are good folks.

Racism has an ugly face. From time to time Aryan Brotherhood or local bigots drop by, destroy these people’s shacks and beat them to death. Sometimes they kill a few. You can hear the screams of the migrant workers while the rednecks shout: “Wetbacks, now you will learn to go back to the hole you came from”! There is a slaughter going on here! At the same time, the local Hezbollah boys and Agents of IRI can be heard on the other side of the woods, pleading for their lives! They have been dragged in to the Dark Woods by acquaintances of the Watcher and they are here to have the most frightening experience of their lives! This is when the Myth becomes Reality! The Watcher makes his move! The Watcher marches forward with his Persian Sword in the attack position.

Once he was human, but now he is full of rage and hate. Once he was care free but now he lives to bring justice to the voiceless. Suddenly the Aryan Brotherhood hears the screams of the Hezbollah on the other side of the Dark Woods! The Bigots look frightened. They have heard of the legend! “It is an Urban Myth”, they whisper to each other! But the Migrant Workers know better! They live down here and they seen him! The screams of Hezbollah stops! No more screams on that side of the woods but on this side of the woods, migrant workers are bleeding and screaming in agony. Their shacks are destroyed, their faces are showered with blood and they are praying to Jesus for the rednecks to seize the beating! Their prayers are answered but not by Jesus!

The beating stops because the rednecks are listening carefully to hear what is happening on the other side of the Dark Woods!   Hezbollah’s screams turns to silence. Dead quiet, but after a little while, the dark figure rushes to help the migrant workers. Rednecks try to run, a couple of them decide to stay and fight. Chaos in the camp. Blood everywhere! Rednecks fade away in the dark. The night consumes them! Migrant workers look up with eyes wide open. They have finally met the Myth! They have felt his presence and encountered an episode which they will one day tell to their grand children! There is always one migrant worker who is brave enough to look up and speak these words to the Dark Figure in Spanish or broken English: “You don’t look like Jesus and I don’t care if you are El Diablo or Satan, but to us, you are the savior!” The bleeding migrant worker with broken bones starts grabbing the Dark Figure’s hand to kiss, but suddenly the Watcher lifts him up from the ground by one hand, holding Mexican's arm with his claws and brings him close to his body. The Watcher hugs the poor migrant worker. The Watcher can feel his pain. The Watcher has been there…….

From Homeless to Corporate Manager, My Life

Migrant Worker cries on the Watcher’s shoulder and holds him tight for comfort. The Watcher pats the migrant worker’s back and holds the poor man’s head with his two strong hands. The Watcher’s claws are covering both sides of migrant worker’s face. The migrant worker stares in to darkness, in to the shadowy face and tries to thank him but he mumbles in between the cries with painful tears. Migrant worker is staring at him with fear and admiration, wondering what is the Watcher going to do while holding his face? Anticipation is over, the Watcher lifts up the migrant worker’s head, points to the Moon, lets go of migrant worker’s head and makes a fist with his left claws while holding the fist with his right claws! The Watcher forms a United Sign of Togetherness and shows it to everyone. The Mexicans nod their heads in total understanding.  Then the Watcher makes a gesture with his both arms and claws on both sides of his body, in to a lifting up posture! Again he points at the Moon! Mexicans get the message: “Lift up your spirits, hold your heads high and look up to the Moon. You are proud people, together you will be victorious”! Watcher does not speak a word but the migrant workers understand the message!

On certain dark nights of the month, way back down in the back trails of Rancho Penasquitos in San Diego where the Dark Woods spread darkness, people tend to disappear! Voiceless people, poor people, undocumented people, small people, no named people, unknown people and no one cares and no one remembers…..

On certain dark nights of the month, way back down in the back trails of Rancho Penasquitos in San Diego where the Dark Woods spread darkness, one man remembers these voiceless people and one man lifts up these voiceless people to the Moon. From time to time, he feeds them, aids them, but most of all he protects them. He brings them medicine, clothes and lifts up their spirits. One man remembers the forgotten voiceless people who are off the radar and legally do not exist! One man remembers ….

On certain dark nights of the month, way back down in the back trails of Rancho Penasquitos in San Diego where the Dark Woods spread darkness, one man sets the records straight and brings justice to the voiceless Underclass!

On these dark nights the justice is served. Hezbollah, IRI Agents, Aryan Brotherhood, local Rednecks and Bigots tend to disappear in to the darkness. No one hears from them again! Dark Woods have that effect on the people! Dark Woods hold many secrets! If these Dark Woods could only talk! What wondrous stories would they tell?

After all the excitement, the hood comes off, the claws come off, and the ancient Persian Sword rests aside. The Watcher stares at the Moon and his spirit gets lifted! When society fails to provide justice for All, then the Watcher will set the records straight and provides Justice for All!

Many people have an alter ego in their fantasy. I act out my fantasies. My alter ego becomes a reality! My alter ego is cautious and he leaves no traces. My alter ego provides justice for the voiceless and underclass. My alter ego solves the Islamist problem! My alter ego sets the records straight! Many say that the “Watcher in the Woods” is an urban myth but the Mexicans down in the trenches and back trails of the Dark Woods know better!

On certain dark nights of the month, way back down in the back trails of Rancho Penasquitos in San Diego where the Dark Woods spread darkness, a dark shadowy figure comes to life. He is known as the “Watcher in the Woods” ……

I am the “Watcher in the Woods”!

…… and the Watcher watches over the Dark Woods ……

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