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The True Meaning of Nationalism

Dr. Kourosh Aryamanesh, A Persian Legend
The True Meaning of Nationalism

Ahreeman X
1934 - 1996 = 2493 - 2555 Shahanshahi (PIY = Persian Imperial Year)
Written: April 29, 2001
1st Edition: October 26, 2006

2nd Edition: January 25, 2015

Dr. Kourosh Aryamanesh
Iran Politics Club’s Lion and Sun with Straight Persian Sword Iran Flags wave on both sides


To the memory of The Master ……

Once upon a time, I knew a man, a simple man, a modest man, a bright man and a friend. This man, along with my Godfather Amir Abbas Hoveyda, my Grandmother and my mother have changed my life and shaped my point of views.

Amir Abbas Hoveyda the Orchid Man, Great Prime Minister of Iran

DeChadorization Day, My Grandmother

Once upon a time I knew a simple man from Mashhad, Iran. This man had made a great impact on a great number of Persians around the globe. This man was not about “Taking” but this man was about “Giving”. This man gave and gave and gave until he had nothing else left to give! This man gave everything to Iran and Iranians until Muslim Baboons and Islamist Murderers by the order of the Blood Thirsty Islamic Republic of Iran have assassinated him.

Once upon a time, in another lifetime, I knew a simple man, a great man who preferred to die standing than living on his knees as a servant to Islam and Islamic Republic of Iran!

Dr. Kourosh Aryamanesh and PFI (Pasdarane Farhange Iran)
"Guardians of the Iranian Culture Organization"

Once upon a time in the West, I have known a man from the East who was my colleague, my friend and my Master …… His name was Kourosh (Cyrus), his fame was Aryamanesh (Aryan Mannered). He was a true Aryan (Noble Man), he was a true lover of Iran and he was a fabulous human being but most important,

Aryamanesh was the True Meaning of Nationalism!

In the name of the “Master”, I will now tell his story to you,

This article is written in the memory of my greatest mentor, Ahura Bless, Dr. Kourosh Aryamanesh and is dedicated to the love of his life, Her Royal Highness Dr. Azadeh Nikbakht. May his great soul shine a light on lovers of Iran until eternity. Dr. Aryamanesh was a professor, historian, author, journalist, criminologist, teacher of truth, and my great mentor. Ahura bless, the greatest exposer of Islam, Shiite, Ayatollahs and Islamic Republic of Iran, assassinated by IRI on May 27th, 1996 (2555 Shahanshahi) in Paris. Dr. was the true meaning of Nationalism.

As a Republican, it is odd to accept Kourosh, a Monarchist, as my Master; however, this is not about Republican or Monarchist, yet this is about Nationalism, this is about Iran, this is about the survival of our culture, race, language and pride. This is about the survival of an 8000 years old culture (Aryamanesh was truly not a monarchist, but a closet Nationalist.)!

Aryamanesh never told people not to read the Quran, on the contrary, he always insisted that the people must read Quran, get informed on what infections lie inside Quran and get to comprehend Quran first hand, so they can judge for themselves on what path to choose. The reality is that Quran is nothing but a sadly compiled Terror Manual, cook book and a pile of superstitious rubbish.


Ahura bless his soul, was born on 1934 (2493 Shahanshahi) at Mashhad. Kourosh was a proud Mashhadi from the race of Abu Moslems. He finished his elementary and middle school in Mashhad, went to draft duty, then continued his education in University of Tabriz. He graduated from University of Tabriz with a degree in Persian Literature. He married Her Royal Highness Dr. Azadeh Nikbakht and ended up having only one child. They moved to Paris and that is where he achieved his First Doctorate in Literature, then he achieved his second Doctorate in Judicial Sociology, and later on in life he achieved a Doctorate in Criminology. His thesis for this doctorate was about "Murders in Muslim Nations", and the subject of the research, forever effected his thought pattern, and to the point that this pattern of thought eventually had cost him his life! Throughout his life, he was a man of principles, determination and hard-core nationalism.

When he went back to Iran, he started teaching Law in the university, then he became the dean. In 1974 (2533 Shahanshahi) he became in charge of the finances for university students nationwide and this official post was in Ministry of Science (Vezarate Olum).

During this position, he done many services for university students. He sent as many worthy and high GPA University Students from all over Iran to abroad. He sent these talented students from the poor families to Europe and America for education, so they could build the Iran of tomorrow without any trace of superstition. From 1976 (2535 Shahanshahi) until a month before the Reaction of 1979 (2538 Shahanshahi) he was the Deputy Assistant to the Minister of Education in Iran. Throughout his educational career, he had done everything in his power to help and bloom the young minds of Iran.

Cyrus and Cyrus!
Cyrus (Kourosh Aryamanesh) and Cyrus (Cylinder)
Dr. Kourosh Aryamanesh (Cyrus) standing next to the text of the Cyrus Cylinder (Cyrus), the first declaration of the human rights in the world.

For more information on Cyrus Cylinder:

Cyrus Cylinder

Despite his young age, he conducted the first International Congress on Criminology in Iran at 1978 (2537 Shahanshahi). He was an extremely popular professor among the university students. His students worshiped him, his knowledge, his teachings, and his sense of justice and generosity for all.

He was also a leader and activist amongst the Women's Rights Movement of Iran. He had done a lot for the movement and women to achieve their natural equal rights worldwide.

After establishment of The Dark Ages by the Mullahs and Ayatollahs in Iran, after the second Arabo-Islamic Invasion-Occupation of Iran (1979), the so called cleansing of universities started, they killed, jailed and exiled all Iranian Brains and anyone who was a free thinker. The Persian Inquisition had started! So, Kourosh ended up getting political asylum from France in 1982 (2541 Shahanshahi).

In Paris he founded the "Guardians of the Iranian Culture Organization" (Pasdarane Farhange Iran) and at the same time he published his famous "Message of Us, The Free" NewsPaper (Payame Ma Azadegan). This organization done great efforts to keep the Persian Culture alive from the second invasion of barbarian Muslims to our nation. The Newspaper was a masterpiece. Each single publication and copy of this newspaper were sold out, and now, each copy of each issue is as valuable as a jewel! Persians safeguard every single issue of it, for instance I made my mother to get a Xerox copy of most of the issues for me and I cherished and safeguarded them, same as my most valuable belongings! My mother had the originals, and they were worth a lot of money. In later years, eventually my mother gave me her complete collection of the original newspapers as a gift.

Dr. Kourosh Aryamanesh at the Mehregan Persian Festival, Sydney 1994

When in exile, he wrote some of his most famous books, "Encyclopedia of Arabic to Persian Terms" (Farhange Vazhehaye Tazi be Farsi) in two parts, "The Treasure of The Persian Glorious Names" (Ganjineye Namhaye Shokuh Afarine Irani) in two parts. I do own an original copy of this book, and it is truly a treasure full of about 30, 000 male Persian names and 10,000 female Persian names, with their meanings and historical references. This book is a masterpiece of our culture indeed. He also wrote his famous "The Stoning" (Sangsar) book which is a study on Islamic tradition of stoning people, especially women.

If we could put Doctor's beliefs in one sentence, it would be that he believed in:
"Islam is a forced religion and the true religion and philosophy of Iranians is Zoroastrianism."


He was a teacher and a mentor until his last minute of life! He had a great role, educating Iranians about their own culture. Finally Islamic Republic of Iran, the greatest terrorist regime of all times, sent an undercover assassin posing as a friend of another false friend. The traitor and the assassin, both went to doctor's house, supposedly to gain information on Persian Culture. On May 28th, 1996 (2555 Shahanshahi) in his house in the City of Certi, South East of Paris, they assassinated him. They shot two bullets in the chest and one bullet in the head (Islamic Style to assure the victim is dead). He was the 8th opposition member in France and the 68th opposition member worldwide, terrored and assassinated by Muslim-Iranian Traitor Dogs (Salman Farsis). "He was the first Persian in exile who lost his life for reviving the Persian Culture!", Iran had lost a True Lover and a great Nationalist!

Dr. Aryamanesh died so Iran could live. He specifically wrote in his will to cremate him and burn his body (a symbolic gesture, so he would burn and from this fire, his knowledge would shine on to all his students, disciples, country men and lovers of Iran.), he wanted to become energy, he wanted to become fire and light, sign of purity, and ultimate knowledge! He did not want to be bagged in a white cloth (kafan) and get dumped 6 feet under in a hole, the same as Muslim Arab Worshipers do to their dead! Kourosh burned and from his ashes, the phoenix of knowledge had risen!

A Symbolic Funeral

On June 3rd, 1996 (2555 Shahanshahi), while the music of "Golden Dreams" (a Piano piece by Master Javad-e Ma'roofi) was played, and the poem of "The Friend's House" (a Poem by Sohrab Sepehri):

The Address (The Friend's House) - Neshani (Sohrab Sepehri)

was recited, his body was set to fire in Per Lashz Cemetery in North of Paris. Doctor became Fire and Light, Pure Energy of Zoroastrianism. In that glorious moment, everyone felt that Kourosh truly became pure knowledge and pure intelligence (Zoroastrian Symbolism: Daneshe Pake Zartoshti).

At that moment, Doctor became Fire (Pure Knowledge and Intelligence), Light (Pure Cultural Education), and he did shine and he did burn, yet from his ashes, many other Kourosh were risen! Kourosh was the Phoenix, he died but was never gone! We shall continue the struggle until the absolute elimination of Islamic Republic of Iran. A man was killed for his cultural beliefs; a man was killed because he was reviving The Pure Persian Pride, and Pure Persian Culture. Islam is a religion that kills people for their thoughts and preaching of their thoughts!

Doctor Died but his Legend will go on and on and on........

On His Times and Life

Many call him the Modern Ferdowsi! Ferdowsi revived the Persian Culture and Language by writing the book of "Shahnameh" (Book of Kings). Dr. Aryamanesh revived the Persian Culture and Language by writing many books on Iranian history, language, culture and politics. If Ferdowsi revived the Persian Language, then Aryamanesh surely had revived the Persian Culture! Muslim Dogs killed our mentor, they put his candle out, yet his fire kept on burning way high in our souls. A small part of Kourosh is in every single True Persian's Heart and Soul.

Doctor wrote many articles, books, and done many research. The funny thing is that, many of his books are still being used and taught inside Iran, yet under different names. He wrote under many aliases and names, because he predicted that Islamic Republic would not allow his books and articles to be taught!

Today, many of his research material and books are used and taught inside Iran, yet under his various aliases. So he was always one step ahead of the Hezbollah! Aryamanesh created many different aliases, but his students also created more aliases and published more of his books under many of these names, so that they could inform the public and transfer the knowledge to our new generation. In a society that one cannot freely read what he wants, this is the way to spread the word!

Dr. Kourosh Aryamanesh with the Derafsh of Faravahar Banner

Dr. was originally named as Reza Mazluman at birth; later on he changed his name to Kourosh Aryamanesh as a pure Persian name. He did not want there to be any conflict between what he preached and his name. He did not want to carry on an Arabic Slave Name meaning:

Reza = Submission to the Will of Allah (also an Imam) + Mazluman = The Innocents

That is why he chose a Persian name for himself.

Doctor wrote 160 Persian articles, 18 French articles, 13 books, and he also has 6 different documented Researches, which are being taught in Iran.

Dr. Aryamanesh, The Books

Amongst his books are:

· "Uninformity and Rot" (Na-Agahi va Pusidegi), a study on the writings of Ruhollah Khomeini
· "Encyclopedia of Arabic to Persian Terms" (Farhange Vazhehaye Tazi be Farsi) in two parts
· "The Treasure of The Persian Glorious Names" (Ganjineye Namhaye Shokuh Afarine Irani) in two parts
· "The Stoning" (Sangsar) book
· "Murdering Women in The Name of Law!" (Zan Koshi dar lavaye Qanun!) which is about murder and oppression of women under the barbaric Islamic Judiciary Laws (Shari'a).

He also has books on Criminology, Forensics, Sociology of Crime, Unjust Judiciary, Cinema and Murder, Media and Murder, Radio/TV and Murder, Role of Education on Avoiding Murder, Alcohol and Murder, and other Criminology books. Dr. is a well documented and published author and his books are still being taught inside and outside Iran.

Dr. Aryamanesh, The Research

Doctor has documented research on:

1. Research on murder in Iran, conducted by actual jail and prison cases.
2. Research on youth criminology in Iran.
3. Research on murders and crimes against women.
4. Research on Drugs and Addiction, with 10,000 addicts and 2,500 prisoners case study.
5. Research on murders in different areas of Tehran.
6. Research on Traffic Accidents.

These researches are still being taught in law, criminology, and police colleges and universities inside Iran. His books are still being taught and quoted from, in universities inside Iran. They can kill the messenger but they can never kill the message!

Dr. Aryamanesh, The Newspaper

And the cream of his crop, his legendary "Message of Us, The Free" (Payam-e Ma Azadegan) Newspaper issues are left for us. This is a collection of valuable historical and political articles and readings on Islam and Iran. Dr. Azadeh Nikbakht was assisting Dr. Aryamanesh in publishing this great newspaper. The wife was side by side working with the husband. As they say, behind every successful man, there is a great woman. The newspaper was a hit and a success. It sold like crazy to history thirsty Persians, who were curious about their true culture, history, tradition and roots.

The Future Perspective

Nobody had ever exposed Islam, Quran, Muhammad, Arabtoxication of The Persian Culture, Arab Worship, Degeneration of Persians, Neo Colonialism of Iran by Muslim Arabs and their Barbarian Sub-Culture, like Ahura Rest his soul, Ahura Bless, Dr. Kourosh Aryamanesh.

In the future of Iran, they will remember his name as a Protector/Reviver of the Persian Culture and Language. They will remember him as the True Mentor and Teacher of the Persian History.

Our Mission

I want to thank all my comrades who are preaching Dr.'s words and doing their best, helping me to revive the Persian Culture. These are hard days in our history, these are crucial days in our history, we have a duty to Iran. We must keep our culture alive at any cost. These are the days that Arab Worshipers, Muslim Murdering Criminals, Persian Traitors (Salman Farsis) are running our country and Uninformed Ignorant Cattle-Like Public are following them. It is only up to you and I to Survive and Revive The Persian Culture, Language, Literature, History, Philosophy, and Traditions. We have a responsibility towards the future generation and if we don't do it, then they will question and condemn us for rest of the history!

I shall cherish his memory and everything he said and everything he wrote. I had and have the pleasure of being his student. He was and is my greatest mentor. Let us remember his effort to keep our culture, history, and language alive.

"Ctesiphon in Smoke, Fire, and Blood!"

I have published one of his greatest yet unfinished books of all times, the famous "Ctesiphon in Smoke, Fire, and Blood!" (Tisfon, dar Dud, Atash va khun!), This is one of his masterpieces and research on the glorious Sassanid Capital, The City of Ctesiphon. Khosrow Parviz Sassanid's Capital near Baghdad, when Persia owned 1/2 of the civilized world! This is the accurate record of what Muhammad, Omar, Ali, Quran, Islam, Muslim Arabs, Persian Traitors, Arab Worshipers, and opportunists had done to Iran about 1355 years ago. Persian, Learn your true history and learn what Arabo-Muslim had done to your ancestors, religion, philosophy, culture, language, and traditions! But ironically the same thing had happened again on 1979! Weren't Ayatollah's actually the second Arabo-Islamic Invasion-Occupation of Iran?! Only by learning your true history and only then, you will start having second thoughts before bending over up and down (Namaz), praying to false Arab gods!

Today, a 1500 years old originally a black stone in Ka'bbah, called Allah, controls your lives! Only then you will have second thoughts naming your flesh and blood, your children, Arabic names such as Mohammad, Ali, Hassan, Hussein, Reza, Fatimah, etc. Only then you will have second thought being an Arab Worshiper, a Foreign Worshiper, a Persian Traitor, a Traitor to Iran and Irani. Persian, read Dr.'s articles and books, educate and inform yourself and your fellow Persian about the true history.

For more information on origins of Allah, read:

Meaning of Crescent and Star

For more information on Salman Farsi (Persian Traitor) and Persian Traitors read:

222 Years of Struggle for Independence of Iran

Persian, live Persian, Die Persian. Persian learn Persian, read Persian, write Persian, name your children Persian, learn Persian History, learn Persian Philosophy, learn Persian Culture, learn Persian Traditions, and learn what it means to be a Persian!

Persian, Live Persian, love Persian and Die as a proud Persian......

"One Dead Persian, Worths more than Ten Live Arab Worshippers."

Dr. Aryamanesh never had the chance to finish writing and publishing this historical masterpiece. Islamic Republic of Iran assassinated him in cold blood, so the true Iranian History would have never be revealed and read! However, before he got assassinated, he managed to publish a major part of this mini series in his newspaper "Payame Ma Azadegan".

You can now read Dr. Aryamanesh’s greatest work in the IPC Iran Online Library, the largest Iranian Online Library on the Internet:

Iran Online Library

For reading a selection of Dr. Aryamanesh’s works, review his index:

Kourosh Aryamanesh Index

For reading the most complete collection of the Persian books banned inside Iran, read:

Iran Online Persian Library

A Blood Oath

By the burning fire from his ashes, I have made a blood oath! I cut my vein, dropped blood on his deathground and made a promise to the fire:

· In the upcoming days, I will publish many of his articles and books, free and online, for the masses to read and to be informed.

· In the upcoming days, I will write articles and books, in his tradition, to continue his path and to keep the Iranian Culture alive.

· In the upcoming days, I will continue his path and make sure that after I expire, others will continue my path.

· In the upcoming days, I shall do my best to expose the true nature of Islam, Shiite, Hezbollah and IRI.

I took a Blood Oath on his Deathground. I took a blood oath to the burning fire of his ashes that I will do the above and one day, no matter when, yet one day in the future, we will avenge his assassination by all means possible. One day soon, we will free our nation from Arabo-Islamic Occupational Government (AIOG).

In the name of The Hero of Iran, Martyr of Iran, Reviver of the Persian Culture, Language, and Traditions, my Greatest Mentor of All Times, in the name of a True Persian Legend, Dr. Kourosh Aryamanesh, I end this article.

I salute you,
Dr. Kourosh Aryamanesh
1934 - 1996 (2493 - 2555 Shahanshahi)

For more information, we recommend these valuable historical books:

Iran Online Bookstore

The Fire Will Burn Within Me Until I Avenge the Master, 100 Times Over!
Pure Persian Pride
(Ahreeman X

May the sun comes out from beneath the clouds of ignorance and superstition ...

May the Fire of Knowledge Burns ......

A Lover of Iran,

Dr. X

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