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Country, People and Language, Which is Correct and Why?

Iran or Persia? Iranian or Persian? Farsi or Persian?
Country, People and Language, Which is Correct and Why?

Ahreeman X
August 11, 2009

L. Darius The Great, a Founding Father of the Persian Empire
R. Faravahar, the Persian Emblem
- IPC Official Faravahar Emblem


Is the Country’s name Iran or Persia?
Are the People living there, Iranian or Persian?
Is the Language they speak, Farsi or Persian?

This is a crucial issue which over and over, time after time, I have been asked to clarify for all. Now, I am going to for once and for all, clarify this issue, right here and right now in IPC. Various parties from various corners of the political spectrum have been releasing lectures about this issue. Many so-called scholars have also been releasing rhetorics about this issue. Most of these papers, essays and lectures have been so far politically biased or scholarly flawed. So far, I have not read or heard a single essay or lecture about this issue which has been objective (factual) rather than subjective (opinion). I have to admit that there are some good ones; however, the good ones are not covering the complete historical, linguistic and cultural analysis.

L. Abolqasem Ferdowsi Tusi, Reviver of the Persian Language
R. Yaqub Leis Saffarid, Liberator of Iran and Reviver of the Persian Culture

Most of these experts speak of this issue either with:

- Insufficient historical knowledge,
- Biased political opinion,
- He said, she said based quotes,
- Rhetorics rather than facts!

I am going to dissect this issue wide open and use scientific historical information, linguistic and cultural research and factual logic to at last clarify this subject for all.

Darius The Great of Achaemenid

General Assumptions about Iran

General public is uninformed about Iran. They believe that:

Iran is a little desert land.
Iranians speak Arabic.
Iranians ride camels.
Iranians wear Arabic Head Scarves (Qutrah) which is kept on the head via a band (Egal).
Iranians are all short, fat, dark, and hairy with eggplant noses!
Iranian women are belly dancers.
Iranians are primitive savages!

Many in the west still cannot correctly pronounce the name of the country!
They pronounce Iran as “Eye-Ran” rather than “Ee-Run”!

Eye-Rainian and Iranian

They have no clue that Iran is a massive land with many climates varying from Mediterranean (Caspian Sea Shores), Snowy Cold in winter with snow up to the knee (North West), 4 seasons (North Central), Dry deserts (Central), Tropical humid (Persian Gulf shores) and many other types of climates all over the land!

They have no clue that Iran is a land of many races such as White Aryans, Oriental Turkmens, Semite Jews, Hemite Arabs, Blacks of South, Dark Indians, Mixed Races and so on.

Social Darwinism and Science of Raciology

They have no clue that Iran is not a small country with a specific climate, race, religion, culture and language. Iran is basically an Empire consisting of various climates, races, languages and cultures.

They have no clue that Iranians have invented Polo, Back Gammon, Beer and developed and perfected wrestling, chess and classical rhymed poetry.

They have no clue that 2/3 of college students in Iran are women and Persian women are basically more educated, knowledgeable, fashionable, westernized and outspoken than the western women!

They have no clue that Iran is an industrialized country which is pretty much self-sufficient and has 15 automotive companies producing 50 different automobiles.  Iran produces everything from bottle and aluminum can soft drinks, canned goods, food products, and technological equipments all the way to fighter planes and long range missiles!

They have no clue that Iran exports goods to all over Middle East and Central Asia!

They have no clue that Iran is mostly self-sufficient. This is why Iran has survived 30 years of Western Sanctions.

They have no clue that Iran is one of the richest lands on Earth, blessed with vast natural resources of oil, gas, uranium, gold, silver, iron, copper, lead, zinc, chromite and so many other mining products, fruits, vegetables, seafood , poultry and livestock which you can think of.

They have no clue that Iranians are one of the most schooled, educated, creative and talented professional nation on Earth.

They have no clue that Iran is a regional (Middle East) and Continental (Asia) power.

The Iranian Exception

Iran is the only country in Middle East where the people love America but the government hates America! Mostly everywhere else in Middle East, the people hate America but the governments love America (except Israel)! Why? Because the governments are US Puppets!


What does it mean to be Persian? Who is Persian? What is Persianhood?

Persianhood is not in the blood or race, but it is a mindset. You don’t have to be born in Iran to be Persian. Persianhood is the psyche and essence of being Persian. Persianhood is in your soul, in your heart, in your mind and in your bone marrow.

I am aware of foreign born Iranian Americans who are True Persians and then I am also aware of the Iranians born in Iran which are degenerated, Arab Worshipers, Seyed, and Arabo-Muslim lovers!

Today’s Iranians are not Yesterday’s Persians!

Pay close attention to what I am about to state here. It is crucial material for your personal mind development and self education:

Yesterday (before Islam), we owned and ruled the world. We were either the sole super power on Earth or one of the two (Rome was the other)! We gained mastery in science, literature, poetry, military, government and academics! Why? Because back then, it was “Persians” who occupied the land!

Today (after Islam), step by step we have declined and dragged down by the Arabo-Muslim and along with them down to the present status of in the IRI era. It is 30 years that we are involved with a Theocratic Government, a Totalitarian Islamic Dictatorship and a Terrorist Regime which we cannot get rid of! The Regime has been playing the Fundamentalist, Moderate and Reformist Games and Muppet Characters as a show and time occupier for the public for 30 years! We still cannot get rid of IRI! Why? Because today, it is “Iranians” who occupy the land (present Iran)!

Yes my friends, harsh but true, sad but real, Today’s Iranians are not Yesterday’s Persians!

We are in need of a Cultural Revolution, a Social Revolution, a Political Revolution but mostly all will be provided via a Moral Revolution:

Moral Revolution, the Ultimate Tactic

History of the Persian Language

People of today’s Iran and yesterday’s Iran AKA the Greater Iran (consisting of all past states and present independent countries in Middle East and Central Asia) speak the Persian Language. It is called “Persian”, not “Iranian” and not “Farsi” but in Latin, it is called “Persian”.

Surviving the Arabo-Muslim Invasion

Notice that there are still places in Iran which have for most, kept their race, language and culture pure and they have survived the Hemitic Arab Race, Arabic Language and Bedu Sub Culture. These places are the closest which you can find the Pure Persian Pride. Amongst such places are:

Talesh (Gilan)
Sangsar (Semnan)
Central (Lorestan)

You may ask why and how these places survived and remained pure?

The answer is very simple! Because these places are surrounded with high ranges, isolated from the rest of the Iranian Plateau and located on mountain tops or other hard to reach geographical areas. For instance, Arabo-Muslim has fought for centuries to capture certain locations in Gilan, Mazandaran, Azerbaijan, Semnan and Lorerstan. Damavand and Zagros Ranges made natural defense barriers for the Persian Freedom Fighters:

222 Years of Struggle for Independence of Iran

Through the years, Persian Language has evolved. Here are the Evolution of the Persian Language in historical order:

* Note: I am going to include in the list, the local Talesh Gilaki Language which is practically a form of Pahlavi Language, so the reader can study the range of how some points in Iran had survived the Arabo-Muslim Lingual Infection and remained almost pure!

Historical Types of the Persian Language

Persian Language (Timeframe Spoken)
Proto Persian (1600 BC – 1000 BC)
Gathic Avestan Persian (1000 BC – 200 AD)
Young Avestan Persian (200 AD – 650 AD)
Median (700 BC – 560 BC)
Ancient Persian (500 BC – 350 BC)
Parthian Pahlavi (200 BC – 250 AD)
Sassanian Pahlavi (200 AD – 660 AD)
Middle Age Persian (660 AD – 870 AD)
Talesh Gilaki (200 AD – Present)
Modern Persian (870 AD – Present)

To view the evolution of the Persian terms, you need to trace them throughout the history of the Persian Language. For instance, let us take a look at some popular words in Persian throughout the years.

Evolution of the Persian Language

Word: Father (Persian Language)
Pitara (Proto Persian)
Pitara (Gathic Avestan Persian)
Pitar (Young Avestan Persian)
Piyar (Median)
Pitar (Ancient Persian)
Pid (Parthian Pahlavi)
Pidar (Sassanian Pahlavi)
Pidar (Middle Age Persian)
Peder (Talesh Gilaki)
Pedar (Modern Persian)

Word: Mother (Persian Language)
Matra (Proto Persian)
Matara (Gathic Avestan Persian)
Matar (Young Avestan Persian)
Makar (Median)
Matar (Ancient Persian)
Madar (Parthian Pahlavi)
Madar (Sassanian Pahlavi)
Madar (Middle Age Persian)
Mar (Talesh Gilaki)
Madar (Modern Persian)

Word: Brother (Persian Language)
Bratra (Proto Persian)
Bratara (Gathic Avestan Persian)
Bratar (Young Avestan Persian)
Birara (Median)
Bratar (Ancient Persian)
Brad (Parthian Pahlavi)
Bradar (Sassanian Pahlavi)
Barader (Middle Age Persian)
Berar (Talesh Gilaki)
Baradar (Modern Persian)

Word: Sister (Persian Language)
Khakhera (Proto Persian)
Khahera (Gathic Avestan Persian)
Khaher (Young Avestan Persian)
Khwesker (Median)
Khaher (Ancient Persian)
Khakh (Parthian Pahlavi)
Khakher (Sassanian Pahlavi)
Khawahar (Middle Age Persian)
Khakhor (Talesh Gilaki)
Khahar (Modern Persian)

Word: Man (Persian Language)
Masima (Proto Persian)
Masim (Gathic Avestan Persian)
Masya (Young Avestan Persian)
Merda (Median)
Martiya (Ancient Persian)
Mard (Parthian Pahlavi)
Mard (Sassanian Pahlavi)
Mard (Middle Age Persian)
Merd (Talesh Gilaki)
Mard (Modern Persian)

Word: Woman (Persian Language)
Hairisa (Proto Persian)
Hairisi (Gathic Avestan Persian)
Nairika (Young Avestan Persian)
Zeniya (Median)
Zhan (Ancient Persian)
Zhan (Parthian Pahlavi)
Zhan (Sassanian Pahlavi)
Zan (Middle Age Persian)
Zen (Talesh Gilaki)
Zan (Modern Persian)

Word: Boy (Persian Language)
Puora (Proto Persian)
Puora (Gathic Avestan Persian)
Pura (Young Avestan Persian)
Puka (Median)
Pusa (Ancient Persian)
Puhr (Parthian Pahlavi)
Pur (Sassanian Pahlavi)
Pusar (Middle Age Persian)
Reh (Talesh Gilaki)
Pesar (Modern Persian)

Word: Girl (Persian Language)
Dukhoara (Proto Persian)
Dukhoart (Gathic Avestan Persian)
Dukhoar (Young Avestan Persian)
Dotar (Median)
Dokht (Ancient Persian)
Dukhtar (Parthian Pahlavi)
Dukhtar (Sassanian Pahlavi)
Dukhtar (Middle Age Persian)
Kor (Talesh Gilaki)
Dokhtar (Modern Persian)

A Walk back in History

Persia is the Latin term for Iran; therefore, Persia means Iran. Pars is also the Persian term for Iran. Before 1935 Iran used to be named Pars. On March 1935, Reza Shah The Great had officially changed the English term "Persia" and the Persian term “Pars” to Iran. On this date, Reza Khan had officially changed the name of the country to Iran which means “Land of Aryans”. So, Iran, Persia and Pars are the same.

Reza Shah the Great, the Real Story

Iran Before 1935

Before you read this part, please review:

Monarchs and Dynasties of Iran for 8000 Years

Before 1935, the name of the country was Persia (in Latin) and Pars (in Persian).

Term Definitions

Arya (Aryan) = Noble
Iran = Land of Aryans
Iran (Modern Persian) = Aryanam (Proto Persian) = Airyanem (Gathic Avestan)
Parsa = Good
Pars (Persia) = Land of Good People
Pars = A region (province) in South of Iran
Pars = Persian Name for Iran before 1935
Parse = Pars (in Old Persian)
Parsi (Persian) = Persian Language
Parsi (Persian) = Persian People, Folks living in Iran
Farsi = Arabic term for Parsi
Persia = Latin Term for Pars or Iran
Persia (Latin Root) = Persis (Greek Root) = Perses (Old Greek)
Iran or Persia?

Throughout the globe and in Latin, they are known as:

Persian Carpet, not Iranian Carpet
Persian Cat, not Iranian Cat
Persian Caviar, not Iranian Caviar
Persian New Year, not Iranian New Year
Persian Melon, not Iranian Melon
Persian Pistachio, not Iranian Pistachio
Persian Food, not Iranian Food
Persian Gulf, not Iranian Gulf
and indeed
Persian Language, not Irani or Farsi

Name of the Country Iran throughout the History

The Legend:

Latin Name
(Historical Period)
Persian Name
(Exact Latin Translation)

The official names of the country were:

Pahlavi Dynasty
Iran (during Pahlavi era)
Iran (Iran)

Qajar Dynasty
Persian Kingdom (after Aqa Mohamad Khan)
Mamalek-e Mahruse-ye Pars (Secured Nations of Persia)

Qajar Dynasty
Grand Imperial Persia (during the reign of the last Persian Emperor, Aqa Mohamad Khan)
Emperaturi-ye Azime-ye Pars (Grand Empire of Persia)


First and the Last Persian Emperors and Kings

Zand Dynasty
Royalty of Persia (during the Zand era)
Doulat-e Fakhime-ye Pars (Glorious Government of Persia)

Afsharid Dynasty
Empire of Persis (during Afsharid era)
Doulat-e Shahanshahi-ye Pars (Imperial Government of Persia)

Safavid Dynasty
Persian Empire (during Safavid era)
Emperaturi-ye Pars (The Persian Empire)

Saffarid Dynasty
Persis (during Saffarid era)
Keshvar-e Motahed-e Parse (United Nation of Persia)

* Note:
Have in mind that Yaqub Leis Saffarid, liberator of Iran and the greatest freedom fighter of Iran used to emphasize on the term “Keshvar-e Motahed” (United Nation), because primarily after the liberation of Iran from the Arabo-Muslim, he united most of the past Khashtarah (states) of Iran under one flag and created the independent Iran. Yaqub practically revived the Persian culture and nation. For more information, review:

222 Years of Struggle for Independence of Iran

* Note 2:
Notice that during Saffarid era, Iran was still named as “Parse” which is the old form of the term “Pars”.

Sassanid Dynasty
Sassanian Persis Empire (during Sassanid era)
Shahanshahi Sassani Parse (Sassanian Royal Persian Empire)

* Note:
A number of uninformed scholars documented that the name of the country during the Sassanid era was “Iran”. This is farfetched, illogical and historically inaccurate. The term Iran did not officially appear in the history of the nation until 1935. Before this date it was only mentioned in literary works such as Shahnameh by Ferdowsi. The terms Aryanam and alike were existed; however, the term Iran was never an official name for any Persian Courthouse, regime or empire before 1935.

Achaemenid Dynasty
Perse Empire (during Achaemenid era)
Shahanshahi Parse (The Royal Persian Empire)

Name of the Country

Do you want to know why the country (before 1935) was named Persia (Pars)? Because before 2568 years ago, Iran (Land of Aryans) was either a city state (Susa) or a Kingdom (Media); however, at exactly 2568 years ago, Achaemenid Persians, to be precise, Cyrus had transformed the Kingdom to an Empire. Persians created the Persian Empire and to honor them, the name of the land had become Persia. Through the years, the name stuck with the country, even though there were times that the rulers were not Persians!

For instance, even during the revival of the 2nd Iranian Empire, the Safavid Turks (Azeri) still called her the Persian Empire. During Afsharid, still she was the Persian Empire. Even though Afsharid were part Parthian (Khorasani) and part Turk (Turkmen)! Why? Because the Empire was built by the Persians. It is an honorary term to remember who built the Empire!

It is kind of like why we called Mohamad Reza Pahlavi, “Shahanshah”! He was not technically a Shahanshah (Emperor) AKA King of Kings, because during his reign, Iran was not an Empire. Technically we had to call him a Shah (King); however, due to many goods that he had done for Iran, we granted him the name Shahanshah, even though he was not one! Review:

First and Last Persian Emperors and Kings

8000 Years of Iranian History

Iran means Land of the Aryans

On 1935 Reza Khan changed the name of the country to Iran (Land of Aryans) which was a very controversial term because technically it was a Racial term and until this day, when you slightly mention the term Aryan, the world freaks out!

Keep in mind that during WWII, even though Iran was not part of the Axis, yet Reza Khan was Germano-feel and had sympathy for the Axis.

The world did not see it as one’s (Reza Khan) love for his own race, heritage and land, but they saw it as a Racist term!

Reza Shah the Great, the Real Story

Pros and Cons

Pro Reza Khan Iranians’ logic was that the term Iran would geographically cover the whole nation rather than only a region (Persia). So the correct term must be Iran.

Anti Reza Khan Iranians’ logic was that Iran is a racist term and it promotes the Aryan Race and Persian Ultra Nationalism.

On the other hand, even during Reza Khan, the Separatist Kurds, Azeris, Gilaks, Arabs, Turkmens and Baluchis had problems with the central government! Reza Khan invented the Term “Iran” (as it exists today); however, the conflict between Persians and minorities went on and on. As you know, down the road, Reza Khan had crushed the separatist movements of Azeri, Arab, Gilak and Kurd.

The Separatist Problems in Iran

One of Shah’s (Mohamad Reza Pahlavi) and his historical advisors’ gravest mistakes was to not include the Median History and add it to the 2500 Years Celebration of the Persian Empire and make it 3000 years! Neither Shah nor his advisors were historically illiterate, so there is no justification for this behavior except “Persian Racism”! Back then, they excluded 500 years off of our history (including Median local rulers before the Median Kingdom). Back then, they only knew as much as 3000 years, but now we know 8000 years:

8000 Years of Iranian History

Kurds and Shah had one thing in common! They were both illiterate about the racial nature of the Median Kingdom!

Shah assumed that the Median Kingdom were Kurds, so he excluded them from the Iranian history to not encourage separatism!

Kurds assumed that Median Kingdom was only about them, so they considered Media as Kurds.

Reality Check for Persians and Kurds

Kurds were only a part of the Median Kingdom. Khashtarah (state) of Kordun which was consisting of today’s Greater Kurdistan (Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Syrian parts) was only a state of the Median Kingdom. Kordun was a major state of the Median kingdom but by no means the whole Median Kingdom belonged to the Kurds!

The last I remembered was that the capital of Media was Ecbatana (Hamedan) and not Sanandaj! Hamedan City and Province, the same as Kermanshah (Kambaden back then) were and are only partially Kurd. They are not pure Kurd or even majority Kurd in contrary to the Kurdistan of Iran or Western Azerbaijan (Mohabad) which are majority Kurd!

In fact today’s Tehran (the city and province) was right in the middle of Media!

On My Ethnicity

Technically I am only ¼ Kurd from Kermanshah but I consider myself pure Median Persian because I am from Tehran and I am Aryan; therefore, geographically I am racially Med. Any Aryan Tehrani is a Med (Mad), so as you see to consider the Median Kingdom a Kurdish state is pure fantasy.  Check:

Social Darwinism and Science of Raciology

History of National Socialism in Iran

Kurdish Historical Identity

Kurds needed a historical identity; therefore, they took the identity of Media and named it their own! Median Kingdom by no means was belonged only to the Kurds!

Shah also undermined the Median Kingdom and excluded it from the Iranian History because he was a Centralist rather than a Federalist.

Shah and Kurds were both wrong and historically illiterate to the racial makeup of the Median Kingdom.

Not Median Empire but Kingdom

Media was never an Empire so to call it the Median Empire is pure fantasy. Only Nationalist and Separatist Kurds (Intentionally) and Greeks (Due to historical ignorance) call Media an Empire! Western history sources are also Greco-Roman; therefore, it is only natural that the term “Median Empire” also appears in the western texts! The geographical land under the Median rule was never as huge and as diverse to be called an Empire. Media was a Kingdom.

I am a very proud Median Aryan and extremely proud of the Median Kingdom’s history. Media was a bright moment in the history of Iran, but let’s not go overboard and exaggerate the history of Media like Kurds do!

Iran has 8000 years of history:

Iran Dynasties and Monarchs of 8000 Years

As a matter of fact I am so found of the Median History that I had named my Estate, “Ecbatana”, so as you see, I live in Ecbatana!

Root Causes of the Separatist Problem

Some minorities blame Darius and the Achaemenids for the present Separatist problems and the conflicts between the Persians and minorities such as Kurds. Root Causes of the problem and conflict were not Darius or Achaemenids!

If anything, Achaemenids ran a Federal Empire. Achaemenids invented the Federalism (in a primitive form). All Khashtarahs (States) had absolute internal autonomy. They even went one step further and granted semi Military autonomy to the states. Only foreign policy and trade treaties were dictated by Persepolis (capital of the Persian Empire).

Achaemenid Empire was a Federal Empire, but later on Parthian and Sassanid Empires become less Federal and post Islam, concepts of Centralism and Slavery had entered Iran.

So as I mentioned, Kurds cannot blame Achaemenids or Darius as the roots of their problem! The Kurd scholars who say so, are historically uninformed and so are many other Kurds!

As I mentioned, if Kurds consider the Median Kingdom as one of their own (which is false), then they have to blame Cyrus for ending the Median Kingdom’s reign. Why are they blaming Darius?!

Darius at the Campaign
Darius The Great at the Battleground takes a sip of wine and then drops the wine cup to the ground to quench the thirst of the Fallen Persians. Darius drops a cup of wine on the ground for the memory of those brave Persian Soldiers we have lost. Darius then draws his famous Persian Sword, raves up and excites his Immortal Guards and Persian Troops to get ready for the battle. Shadows of Pasargad, Cyrus The Great’s Mausoleum is at the background. Cyrus, head of the Achaemenid Dynasty and starter of the Persian Empire watches over Darius.

Cyrus Cylinder (The 1st Human Rights Declaration in the World)

Darius ran a Federal Empire. Cyrus started the Empire but Darius established the Empire.

Was Darius firm and brutal?
Yes indeed! He had to be. To run an Empire, you must be firm.
Was Darius not a nobleman and an honorable man?
Not at all! He was a great honorable man.
Was Darius not fair?
Not at all! He was the fairest Emperor in his own timeframe!

What Kurdish Nationalist authors write has no historical value. It is basically some Kurdish Nationalist Rhetorics such as we heard many times before. It only promotes separatism rather than Aryan Unity. They state opinion and not put forward any evidence!

These Kurdish so-called scholars trash Darius! Do you know what this is similar to?
This is similar to a little fly trashing Albert Einstein!
Darius is a Legend. Darius is a Founding Father. If there was no Darius, then today’s Iran would have not been in today’s shape or form!
Anyone can open their mouths and spew nonsense!
Where is the historical evidence?

Darius Inscription

As I stated, Media was not an Empire, but a kingdom and it surely did not belong to Kurds! The Kurds were only a major state of this Kingdom.

Media belonged to the Kurds as much as Persia belonged to Persians!
Persia belonged to 101 cultures and races! By no means Persia belonged to only Persians!
Media also belonged to many cultures and races. One of them were Kurds!

“Persia = Federalism” and “Islam = Centralism”

Who is responsible for our divisions?

I. Historically, Racially and Culturally Ignorant Kurds who created a historical identity for themselves by naming the Median Kingdom an Empire and calling it a Kurdish Empire! Go to these cheesy Kurdish forums and listen to their separatist rants and rhetorics!

The same goes for Azeri, Turkmen, Arab, Baluch, Gilak and other minority Iranians!

II. Ultra Nationalist Racist Persians whom are ignorant to the fact that Centralism and Slavery did not exist in Iran before Islam:

History of Slavery in Iran

Historical Relation between Monarchy and Shiite

Centralism, Slavery and Bigotry entered Iran via Islam. Persian Racism before Islam (1400 years ago) was at % 10; however, after Islam it had risen to % 100!

Achaemenids were not racist, slave owners or bigots!

Amazing Multiplication of Provinces by IRI

Who is behind our divisions?

Originally Islam enflamed the conflict! Why? Divide and Conquer!

Arabo-Muslim had to control and rule the Persian Empire and what better way to divide and conquer?

They divided the Persian Empire to Kurds, Azeris, Baluch, Turkmen, Gilak, Lors, Persians and etc.

Persian Empire became many states and governorships under the control of Caliph.

In today’s Iran, you see the same concept!
Before 1979 Islamic Revolution, we had only a few states!
Today, IRI had invented 30 states (Provinces)!
Azerbaijan had become 3 parts! Kurdistan scattered in many states!
Khorasan in 3 parts!
Why do you think that is?
The technical jargon is all Bull Shiite!
IRI is afraid of minorities and what better way to control them by than to divide and conquer?
Creating states out of their rectums up to 30 states is the modern way for Arabo-Muslim (Mullahs and Hezbollah) to rule Iran.

Iran is technically an Empire of many races and cultures. Instead of granting them federalism and equal rights, they divide and conquer with Centralism!

Who is feeding our division from both sides of Persians and Kurds and …?

Arabo-Muslim and their Iranian version (Mullahs and Hezbollah)!
To a lesser point, other foreigners and West.
Remember that Iran has no conflict with the Jews and West, but it is Islam which has a conflict with both West and the Jews!

An Islamic Iran has conflict with both West and the Jews.
Take Islam out of the picture and the same as Achaemenid Era, Iran will become the savior and protector of the Jews and merciful to the West.

Cyrus Cylinder

We defeated and took over Rome in 3 separate occasions but we did not destroy Rome! The Roman Emperors burned and destroyed Rome (Caligula and Nero) but we did not!

Civilization: Persia vs. Greece and Rome

A Strong Iran is an Arabo-Muslim Tragedy!

Why we are not getting along?

Historical Ignorance, Racial Ignorance, Religious Ignorance, Sunni and Shiite Bull Shiite, Centralism, Separatism, Regional Nationalism, other petty divisions caused by Arabo-Muslim and Islam to divide and conquer.

A strong and united Iran, a massive Persian Empire is an Arab Nightmare! Arabs are already terrified of IRI (The 2nd Shiite Empire of Iran after Safavids); just imagine if we revive the Greater Persian Empire as once was! Review:

Pan Iranism and Islam (Pan Arabism)

This birth of the 3rd Pars would only mean reduction of Arabs to irrelevant economical, social and political factors. They will lose all their bargaining chips in the Middle East, Asia and the World!

Why we are not thinking like Europeans who created the EU?

Because we are infected with the “Allahic Virus” (Islam)!

A Muslim is a fanatic who is blind to progress. A Muslim nation or nations cannot see beyond the tips of their noses! An Economic Union (Persian Union) or as some call it the Aryan Union is out of question! Personal greed and petty conflicts caused by the Islamic mindset does not allow evolution:

The Iranian Disease

When are we going to put our differences aside to rebuild our country?

When Secularism replaces State Religion and Theocracy.
When Federalism replaces Centralism.
When Islam goes back to the Mosque.
When Racism promoted by Ultra Nationalists and Separatists, dies.
When our people not only school but to educate themselves.
When our people think with their minds rather than their hearts.
When logic rather than emotions rules our people.
When Kurdish and other minorities’ cheesy wanna be scholars stop creating imaginary history out of their rectums!
When Persian Monarchists and Hezbollah comprehend the benefits of Federalism for the greater good of the greater Iran.
When our ignorant people stop creating false identities for themselves around the world such as Kurds, Azeris, Afghans, Tajiks, Baluchis, Turkmens, Uzbeks, etc. and understand that they are all Iranians. The only identity that they have and need is the “Iranian Identity”.

What is the best solution?

Long Term: Education ….. not schooling but True Education.

Short Term: A Revolution in Iran (1st Step), Creation of the Persian (Iranian) Economic Union (2nd Step) and Revival of the Persian (Iranian) Empire (3rd Step). In other words, destruction of IRI will bring prospect of the Unified Greater Iran to the whole Middle East and Central Asia.
What is the Goal?

People must comprehend that Ideologies are not the Goal. Monarchy, Islam, Republic, etc, are all garbage! The Goal is Reunification of the Greater Iran as an Economic and later on as a Social and Political Empire. This is a guarantee for the survival of our race.

Why we are not thinking like Ancient Persians?

Because we are Arabized and Islamicized! It is called Islamization, kind of like Circumcision, Islamic Style!

Because we are no more “Persians” but “Iranians”!

We need to take responsibility for our own mistakes. The cause of our misery is our own ignorance and nothing else. Islam caused our misery but we have chosen to remain Muslim and continue to be miserable and ignorant!

Islam did not only drag Arabs behind the West but it also dragged us behind the global progress. Renaissance and Enlightenment had never occurred in Islamic nations. Why? Because Islam is such a reactionary ideology that is not reformable. You can reform a religion like Christianity, but Islam is not a religion! Islam is a dangerous political ideology. Islam is a cancer and a virus which kills and it is highly epidemic.

Islam, a Dangerous Political Ideology


After stating all the facts above, it all comes down to this:

Reza Khan, father of the nation had made a controversial move on 1935 and changed the name of the country from Pars (Persia) to Iran.

The Persian name of the country (Pars) and the English (Latin) name of the country (Persia) had both become Iran. As I stated earlier, this move had both pros and cons:

Pro Reza Khan Iranians’ logic was that the term Iran would cover the whole nation rather than only a region (Persia). So the correct term must be Iran.

Anti Reza Khan Iranians’ logic was that Iran is a racist term and it promotes the Aryan Race and Persian Ultra Nationalism.

Wrong or right, today we are stuck with the Term “Iran”! It is neither practical nor logical that in the 21st century, once more, we make a change and go back to Pars (Persia). Iran is the name of the country, globally known and nationally accepted; however, the name of the people who live in Iran and the name of their language is another story.

It is commonly known, yet not commonly accepted that the people who live in Iran of today and even in the Greater Iran (all past states and present independent countries located in Middle East and Central Asia) are called Persian.

As I vastly explained above, a Persian is not only a person from the state (province) of Pars (Fars), yet all the citizens of present and past Persia are named Persians. The Persian is an honorary name to Achaemenids because Persians were the ones who created the Persian Empire and transformed the Persian Kingdom to the Persian Empire.

So like it or not, we are all Persians. Even though many do aggressively fight the term and openly call themselves “Iranians”, yet the reality is that for thousands of years we lived in Persia and we are Persians. They can name us Iranian, Ducks, Pheasants, or Cock-a Doodle-Doos; however, this does not change the fact that we are Persians.

You can be Kurd, Turk, Azeri, Turkmen, Baluch, Gilak, Lor, Jew, Arab, Black, Indian, Khorasani or Persian Iranian but like it or not at the end of the day you are Persian!

Persian, Iranian or Farsi Language?

Now about the language, it is somewhat silly to even name it “Iranian”! There is no such language as the Iranian Language! Maybe in a family tree of the Indo-European Languages branch, you can name a major mother sub-branch as the “Iranian Languages”, which I even have a problem with that; however, there exists no such living language named as the “Iranian Language”.

The correct term for the language is “Parsi” and not Farsi. The term “Farsi” is technically an Arabic term because Arabs cannot pronounce the Persian Letters of “P, Ch, Zh and G”; therefore, they don’t even have the letter “P” and that is the reason which they say “F” rather than “P”. So they say “Farsi” rather than “Parsi”. So Farsi is a Tazi (Arabic) term and it is not even Persian!

But the point is that Parsi or Farsi are the Persian terms for the language, so why on Earth, some Iranian Muslims, misguided Iranians, uninformed Iranians or Hezbollah are trying to change the English (Latin) name of the language to “Farsi”?

The name of the language in Latin is not Farsi but it is “Persian”! To call “Persian” as “Farsi” is a blunder and a grave error!

Who calls us Iranians and calls our language Farsi?

People who internationally refer to us as Iranians and call our language Farsi are either doing this act due to historical and cultural ignorance and uninformity or else due to intentional political purpose to undermine the Persian Culture and Language and to promote the Arabo-Islamic Culture and Language. Now let me go one step further:

People who call us Iranians and our language Farsi are not even Persians! If living outside Iran, they are uninformed foreigners and if living inside Iran, they are Half-Breed Arabo-Muslim Hezbollah or servants of IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran)!

So let’s dig it up that who calls us Iranians and calls our language Farsi?

Who named us Iranians and our Language Farsi?

I. The Uninformed who does it unintentionally due to historical ignorance.

II. The informed who does it intentionally due to Anti Iranian Agenda.

Logical  and Factual Review

* In Latin, it is not necessarily correct, yet it is technically acceptable to refer to the country as Iran rather than Persia.

* In Latin, it is technically flawed to refer to the people as Iranians and refer to the language as Farsi.

For instance, citizens of Netherland are called Dutch who also speak Dutch.

So are citizens of Iran are called Persians who also speak Persian.

In Latin, there is no such person as Netherlandian and no language as Netherlandish!

In Latin, there is no such person as Iranian and no such language as Farsi!

In other words, the correct terms are:

In Persian,
Country = Iran
People = Irani
Language = Parsi

In Latin,
Country = Iran
People = Persian
Language = Persian

So you can call yourself LaLa Landish from LaLa Land who speaks LaLoo, but the reality is that:

You are Persian from Iran who speak Persian.

For more information, review:

Meaning of Faravahar Persian Emblem

Pictorial History of Iranian Flags

Maps of Iran and Persian Empire

I believe that after this vast analysis, this issue is now solved and clarified for all.

Persian Ring of Power
In Ancient Persia, it was granted from Ahuramazda to the future Shahanshah or Shahbanu else they would not have the blessing and legitimacy to become the next Shahanshah or Shahbanu!

Youth of Iran,

Please Self-Educate yourselves because surely the IRI School System and the Western School System will not!

Many are schooled, yet only a few are truly educated!

Dr. X

*       *       *


For sources, review the sources for these books written by me:
8000 Years of Iranian History
222 Years of Struggle for Independence of Iran
Plus my historical, linguistic and cultural knowledge of Iran, studied, researched and documented throughout my life.

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