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Books Banned by IRI, Now available on the net!
Free Book Downloads in Persian
Internet cannot be censored by IRI.
This is the largest Iranian Online Library in both English and Persian Languages, with books on history, science, culture, philosophy, religion, Iran and other subjects, banned by Islamic Republic of Iran. We have gathered all banned books by Islamic Republic, under one roof in IPC Persian Library. Finally I am glad to announce that the great informative books on history of Iran, history of Islam, Shiite, Ayatollah Khomeini's writings, enlightening subjects and other material are available to download as HTML pages, text pages and zip files in Microsoft word format. If you do not have a Zip Software, then Download the latest Zip Software for free (look above under Utilities), then download these books on zip files (Right Mouse Click) and save them on your system or just open them to read (Left Mouse Click). Read them and send it to your friends to read. Please read these valuable books and spread the news and words of wisdom, send it to all your friends. Read what Islamic Republic has been hiding from you for all these years! These are the books that we recommended you to read, yet many of you simply did not have access to them. Now it is at your finger-tips.

These books are by great historians and scholars such as:
Dr. Kourosh Aryamanesh (Historian, Assassinated by IRI)
Dr. Ahmad Kasravi (Historian, Assassinated by Fundamentalist Shiites)
Professor Ali Dashti (Historian, Islamic Scholar)
Salman Rushdie (Great Author)
and many others...

Dr. Aryamanesh, my great mentor's books are written under many aliases such as "Reza Mazluman" (his original name), "Marzban Tavangar" or other names. Many of his books are still being taught in universities inside Iran under different names (Books on Criminology and other subjects); therefore, using aliases was a positive tactic! Mind is a terrible thing to waste for Religious Fanaticism! Read Them, spread the wisdom, shall the truth be learned by all.

"Many are schooled, yet only a few are truly educated."
Educate yourselves, because Islamic Educational System will not!


Darius The Great Achaemenid
The Will
Final Will of Darius The Great
The Will
Vasiyat Nameh-ye Dariush Bozorg


Nadereh Afshari
A liberated woman and a controversial author
Anger, Women and Islam
A New perspective on Anger, Women and Islam
Anger, Women and Islam
Negahi Tazeh be: Khoshunat, Zanan va Eslam

Cleaning the Word
A perspective on the role of religion in the government
Cleaning the Word
Vazhe ra bayad Shost!

Behind Tehran Gate
Another View on the role of Religion in Government
Behind Tehran Gate
Posht-e Darvazeh Tehran
Negahi Diger be Naqsh-e Din dar Hokumat

Green Version
Green Movement Satires, Quotes and Stories
Green Version
Variasion-e Sabz
Tanzha, Naqdha va Qeseha az Jonbesh-e Sabz!

Uncle Massoud’s Hotel
Everything I wrote about the PMOI (People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran):
Uncle Massoud Rajavi’s Mojahedin Hotel!
Uncle Massoud’s Hotel
Hotel-e Amu Massoud

Woman in the Imaginary Government
Role of women in the PMOI (People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran):
Role of Women in the Imaginary Government of Mojahedin
Woman in the Imaginary Government
Zan dar Doulat-e Khial

Hejab, the Islamist Fascist Flag of the 21 Century
Hejab, Parcham-e Eslamism Fascism-e Qarn-e 21

Men I Loved
Mardani ke Dust Dashte’am

Eynollah the Donkey
Eynollah Khareh

No Scarves, No Head Banging, Only Boyfriends
Na Rusari, Na Tusari, Mamlekat-e Dust Pesari

Upside Down Renaissance
Renesans-e Varuneh

Nim Negahi be Sure-ye Toubeh

Zobeydeh the Almond!
Stories and Satires
Zobeydeh the Almond!
Zobeydeh Badum
Dastanha va Tanzha


Hossein Aghvami (Azad)
Persian Encyclopedia – Pure Persian Language
Pure Persian Terms with their Equal Foreign Terms
Persian Encyclopedia (with their Equal Foreign Words)
Farhang-e Parsi (Barabar-e Vazheha-ye Biganeh)
Parsi ra Pas Darim – Parsi ra Pak Darim


Jalal Al-Ahmad
Great Persian Author
Bread and Pen
Nun val Qalam

Se Tar
Se Tar

Tomb Stone
Sang-i bar Gur-i

Earth Condemnation
Nefrin-e Zamin

Modir-e Madreseh

Story of Bee Hives
Sargozasht-e Kanduha


Asadollah Alam
Imperial Minister of Courthouse during the Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, the last Shah of Iran
Alam Diaries: 5 Volumes
Alam Memoirs: Very sensitive insider memoirs from the inside of the Imperial Iran courthouse.
All the dirty secrets, important events, corruptions, positive constructive tasks and Shah’s vast and healthy sexual appetite exposed in this secret diaries!
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5
Yaddashthaye Alam: 5 Bakhsh
Khaterat-e Asadollah Alam, Vazir-e Darbar-e Iran dar zaman-e Mohammad Reza Shah-e Pahlavi – Khaterati besiyar mohem va khandani.
Nokat-e Mosbat va Manfiye Darbar-e Shahanshahi, Masael-e Posht-e Pardeh, Pishrafthaye Iran, Fesad-e Darbar, Havas Parakaniha va Zendegiye Sexiye Shah


Bozorg Alavi
The Gillan Man (Gileh Mard)
Gileh Mard


Mohammad Reza Ameli Tehrani
Pan Iranist Philosopher, Author, Activist and Founder
World Understanding of Nationalism
Neo Global Comprehension of Nationalism
World Understanding of Nationalism
Jahan be Nasionalism Agah Migerayad


Mohammad Amini
Fadaian of Islam and Dreams of the Islamic Government
Fadaian-e Eslam va Soda-ye Hokumat-e Eslami


Dr. Massoud Ansari (Roshangar)
Great Persian scholar explores the truth about Islam and Quran
Cyrus The Great and Muhammad ibn Abdullah
A historical comparison between Cyrus` I (writer of the first human rights declaration in the world and starter of the Persian Empire) and Muhammad The Arab Prophet.
Cyrus The Great and Muhammad ibn Abdullah
Kourosh Bozorg va Mohammad ibn al Abdullah

A New Perspective on Islam
A brand new perspective and look at Islam in 2 parts
A New Perspective on Islam: Part 1 + A New Perspective on Islam: Part 2
Negahi No be Eslam (2 Bakhsh)

From Nomadism to Emperorship
Anti Culture and Anti Civilization Fruits of Islam for Humanity
From Nomadism to Emperorship
Az Badiyeh Neshini ta Emperaturi
Farayandhaye Farhang Suz va Tamadon Setiz-e Eslam Baraye Bashariyat

Atheist Religion Mongers
Din Sazan-e Bi Khoda

Woman in the Trap of the Abrahamic Religions
Zan dar Dam-e Adyan-e Ebrahimi

Judgment Day in Islam (Qiyamat)
Ruz-e Qiyamat dar Eslam

Allah O Akbar
Allah O Akbar

Shiitism and Imam Mahdi
Shi'e Gary va Emam Zaman

Re-Comprehension of Quran
Baz Shenasi-ye Qoran

Popular Justice Trial Play
Dadgah-e Adl-e Mardomi

Role of Religion in Iran’s Modern History
Naqsh-e Rouhaniyat dar Tarikh-e Moaser-e Iran

Islam Comic Book: Mohammed’s Believe it or Else!
Introduction and Comic Book
Very true and very funny Comic Book
Author: Dr. Abdullah Aziz + Translation: Dr. Massoud Ansari
Islam Comic Book: Introduction [English]
Quran va Hadis dar Tasvir: Moqadameh va Tafsir
Islam Comic Book: Comics
Quran va Hadis dar Tasvir: Majeleh Mosavar
Neveshteh: Dr. Abdullah Aziz + Tarjomeh: Dr. Massoud Ansari
Besiyar Vaqei va Besiyar Komedi


Maziar Aptin
Author and Researcher (Nevisandeh va pazhuheshgar)
Story of Abu Salim
Story of an Iranian living under the Arabo-Muslim Occupation in 8th Century AD
Story of Abu Salim (Introduction)
Story of Abu Salim
Dastan-e Abu Salim
Dastan-e zendegi-ye ruzmareh-ye yek Irani dar zaman-e yuresh va eshqal-e Iran tavasot-e Arabha


Dr. Kourosh Aryamanesh
Great Persian and Islamic historian, researcher, scholar and author
From "Guardians of the Persian Culture" Group
(Pasdaran-e Farhang-e Iran)
Uninformity and Rot
Book Series (A Study on Ayatollah Rouhollah Khomeini's Writings) under the alias: Marzban Tavangar
[Na-Agahi va Pusidegi (Seyri dar neveshtehaye Seyed Rouhollah Khomeini)] ba esmeh mosta'ar: Marzban Tavangar
Uninformity and Rot (Complete Book Series)
Na-Agahi va Pusidegi (Seri-ye Kamel-e Ketab)
(Seyri dar Neveshteha-ye Seyed Rouhollah Khomeini)
Book 1: Discovery of Secrets
Ketab 1: Kashf-e Asrar
Book 2: Supreme Religious Leadership
Ketab 2: Velayat-e Faqih

Ctesiphon in Smoke, Fire and Blood!
(Dr. Aryamanesh's Final Book)
Do you know what Arabo-Muslims have done to your ancestors?
Do you know how Islam has entered Iran?
Ctesiphon in Smoke, Fire and Blood! - Book Review [English] (AX)
Tisfon, dar Dud, Atash va Khun (Moqadameh va Motale'e)
Ctesiphon in Smoke, Fire and Blood!
Tisfon, dar Dud, Atash va Khun
(Hamle-ye Arab be Iran va Virani-ye Iran Zamin)

Persian Culture versus Arab Culture
From "Guardians of the Persian Culture" Group
(Pasdaran-e Farhang-e Iran)
Dr. Kourosh Aryamanesh Works and Comparisons were used in this book
Persian Culture vs. Arab Culture
Sanjesh-e Farhang-e Parsi va Farhang-e Tazi


Seyed Jamal e-din Asadabadi
Tthe Iranian Revolutionary Rebel
Collected Works
Historical and Political Letters and papers
Collected Works
Maqalat va Nameh-ha


Dr. Siavash Avesta
Nationalist author’s research about the history of Iran and the history of Islam
Quran, a Poem in Persian Style!
Controversial Book about the true face of Islam. Comprehension of True Islam and Quran
Quran, a Poem in Persian Style!
Quran, Sorudei be Sabk-e Parsi

From Mitra to Muhammad
Scholar deeply explores the history of religion in Iran from Mithraism all the way to Zoroastrianism, Manichaeism, Mazdakism and Islam.
From Mitra to Muhammad
Az Mitra ta Mohammad

Shariati, Greatest Fraud of Our Century
Expose on Dr. Shariati, the Father of Neo Intellectual Moderate Islam and Father of Mojahedin (PMOI) Organization. Shariati the greatest Sugar Coater of Islam! Ali Shariati, the great storyteller, enchanter and the sweet talker, Real Deal or Fake?!
Shariati, Greatest Fraud of Our Century
Shariati, Farib-e Bozorg-e Qarn-e Ma
Doktor Shariati, Safsateh Gar-e Shayad
Doktor Shariati, Afsaneh Pardaz va Afsungar-e Shirin Sokhan

Espionage Organization of Allah
A research on the organizational hierarchy, tactics and strategies of the IRI espionage and secret service organizations
Espionage Organization of Allah
Sazman-e Jasusi-ye Allah

Religion of Avesta
A’in-e Avesta

I Saw God in My Dream, He was Crying Hard!
Khoda ra dar Khab Didam, Zar Zar Gerye Mikard!

Religion and Logic
Din Dari va Kherad Gerayi

I Danced with God
Man ba Khoda Raqsidam


Subhi Azal
Collected Works
Mujmal al Badi (Short History of Bayani Faith)
Resaleh Muluk (On relation of rulers with the people), and other works.
Collected Works
Majmu'e Ketab-ha va Maqalat


Dr. Abdullah Aziz
Islam Comic Book: Mohammed’s Believe it or Else!
Introduction and Comic Book
Very true and very funny Comic Book
Islam Comic Book: Introduction [English]
Quran va Hadis dar Tasvir: Moqadameh va Tafsir
Islam Comic Book: Comics
Quran va Hadis dar Tasvir: Majeleh Mosavar
Besiyar Vaqei va Besiyar Komedi


Dr. A. B.
Researcher and Author Unveils
And Man Created God
Controversial Document
And Man Created God
Va Ensan Khoda ra Afarid


Seyed Ali Muhammad Bab Shirazi (Bab)
Book of Justice
"Sahifeh-ye Adliyyeh" book was written in 1846 while under house arrest in Shiraz.
Book of Justice
Ketab-e Edalat


Dr. Shapour Bakhtiar
Last Prime Minister of the Imperial Iran and an Iranian Opposition Legend, Symbol of Resistance
37 Days after 37 Years
Interviews with Dr. Bakhtiar about his days in office
37 Days after 37 Years
37 Ruz Pas az 37 Sal
Chand Goftogu ba Doktor Shapour Bakhtiar dar Moured-e Douran-e Zamamdariash

One Color
Dr. Bakhtiar’s Auto Biographical review of his brief biography, struggles against the Imperial Regime, Times in Office as the Prime Minister, his resistance to the Islamist Regime, and his Democratic Ideology
One Color
Otobiografi-ye Doktor Shapour Bakhtiar


Hojat Barzegar
Human, Religion and Science
Ensan, Mazaheb va Elm va Danesh

A study of Muhammad’s words and deeds, and his followers
Bar Resi-ye Ejmali-ye Goftar va Kerdar-e Mohammad va Peyrovan-e U


Amir Kabir
Amir Kabir

Apolon (Poetry)
Apolon (She'r)


Samad Behrangi
One of Iran's Greatest Revolutionary Authors and Children Story Tellers
24 Hours in Sleep and Awakening
24 Sa'at dar Khab va Bidari


The Little Black Fish
Mahi-ye Siyah-e Kuchulu

1 Peach, a Thousand Peaches
Yek Holu, Hezar Holu

Legend of Kindness
Afsaneh Mohabat

Baldheaded Pigeon Flyer
Kachal-e Kaftar-baz

Blind Oqlu and Bald Hamzeh
Kur Oqlu va Kachal Hamzeh

Hot Beets Street Vender Boy
Pesarak-e Labu Forush

Old Lady and Her Golden Chicken
Pir-e Zan va Jujeh Talaiash

Talkhun and Other Stories
Talkhun va Dastanha-ye Digar

Ulduz and the Talking Doll
Ulduz va Arusak-e Sokhan-gu

A Word on the History Lesson
Sokhani da Bareye Dars-e Tarikh

Azerbaijan During the Constitutionalist Revolution of Iran
Azarbaijan Dar Jonbesh-e Mashruteh

Samad Behrangi Stories and Books
Qeseha va Dastanha-ye Samad Behrangi


Ari Ben-Menashe
Investigative Author
Blood Money
A document about the treason and treachery of the Mullahs and the Iranian statesmen of the 1980s
Translation: Dr. Massoud Ansari
Blood Money
Pul-e Khun


S. Bina
Quran and System of the Universe
Fantasy or Miracle of Science?
Quran on Universe versus Science
Author digs deep in the psyche of Muhammad to find out the secrets of the Universe through his eyes. A travel through space and Universe through the mind of Muhammad, words of Allah, text of Quran and the eyes of the Arab nomads.
Quran and System of the Universe
Nezam-e Ka’enat dar Qoran
Afsaneh ya E’jaz-e Elmi?


Bahram Gur
Bahram Gur

The Worm of 7 Vad
Kerm-e Haft Vad


Dan Brown
Best Selling Author
Deception Point
Translation of Dan Brown’s energy pact Sci-Fi thriller, Deception Point
Translation: Amid Haghighatjoo
Deception Point - English Introduction (AX)
Tazvir - Moqadameh
Deception Point
Tazvir - Dastani por majera dar morede ayandeh, elm va siasat


Dr. Aleh Dalfak
Nationalist Author and Researcher
From "Guardians of the Persian Culture" Group
(Pasdaran-e Farhang-e Iran)
Ali, Symbol of Shiitism
A research about Imam Ali
Ali, Symbol of Shiitism
Ali, Namad-e Shi'e-gary

Crown and Turban
Why and how the Crown was replaced with the Turban?
Crown and Turban
Taj va Amameh

Slaves in Quran
Slaves, Concubines and Slavery in Islam and Quran
Slaves in Quran
Bardeh va Kaniz dar Quran va Eslam

Story of Moses
Dastan-e Musa

Islam and Shiite are based on Lies!
A Research on Islam and Shiite
Islam and Shiite are Based on Lies
Din-e Eslam va Mazhab-e Shi'e bar Paye'e Doruq Bana Nahad-e Shodeh.

Persian Culture versus Arab Culture
From "Guardians of the Persian Culture" Group
(Pasdaran-e Farhang-e Iran)
Dr. Kourosh Aryamanesh Works and Comparisons were used in this book
Persian Culture vs. Arab Culture
Sanjesh-e Farhang-e Parsi va Farhang-e Tazi


Rahman Darkeshideh
Exposing Author
Summer of 67 Massacre
History of the 67 Summer Massacre
Summer of 67 Massacre
Tarikh, Tabestan-e 67 ra Hargez Faramush Nakhahad Kard!


Charles Darwin
Father of Evolution, Great Scientist, Elaborator of the Evolution Theory
A Study on Evolution
A tribute and a review on Evolution
A Study on Evolution
Ta’amoli bar Nazariyeh Takamol

Origin of Species
Darwin’s controversial masterpiece on Evolution
Origin of Species
Mansha’e Anva’


Professor Ali Dashti
Great Islamic Scholar and historian
The 23 Years
(True History of the prophecy years of Muhammad The Prophet)
The 23 Years (23 Sal)
23 Sal
(Tarikh-e vaqe'iye bist-o se sal be'sat-e Mohammad Payambar-e Eslam)

The 55
Analysis of the 55 years of Pahlavi Dynasty’s Reign in Iran
The 55
Panjah O Panj Sal Saltanat-e Pahlavi – Barresi va Mushekafi

Bed of Steel
Takht-e Pulad


Richard Dawkins
Famous Rationalist Author
The God Delusion
Translation: Farzam
The God Delusion
Pendar-e Khoda


Ali Akbar Dehkhoda
Great Persian Scholar
Nonsense and Rhetoric
Various issues about Persian Society
Nonsense and Rhetoric
Charand O Parand


Igor Diakonoff
Valuable Historian
History of Media
History of the Median Dynasty and Kingdom of Iran
History of Media
Tarikh-e Mad
Tarikh-e Tamadon-e Mad


Mohsen Ebrahimi
Rise and Fall of the Political Islam
So'ud va Soqut-e Eslam-e Siyasi


Friedrich Engels

Government and Religion
Doulat va Mazhab


Dr. Kourosh Erfani
Progressive and Analytical Persian Author
Social Psychology of Dictatorship
Survival of Dictatorship in Iran and the Iranians’ Culture of Dictatorship are Cause and Effect to One Another!
Social Psychology of Dictatorship
Ravanshenasi-ye Ejtema’i-ye Estebdad Zadegi
Baqa-ye Estebdad dar Iran va Estebdad Maneshi-ye Iranian, Elat O Ma’lul-e Yekdigarand!

Left and Leftism
Chap Namayi va Chap Gerayi

Revotution in Revolutionism
Enqelab dar Enqelabigari

Freedom of the Iranian Human
Azadiye Ensan-e Irani


Farda Ba Ou
How was Quran Gathered?
Qoran chegune Jam’ Avari Shod?


Abolqasem Ferdowsi
Great Persian Poet and the reviver of the Persian Language
Shahnameh: Epic of the Persian Kings
Shahnameh (Book of Kings) is part fiction and part non fictional history of Iran in epic poetry.
Shahnameh: Epic of the Persian Kings (Poetry)
Shahnameh Ferdowsi


Sam Ghandchi
The progressive Futurist Iranian author, journalist and philosopher explores and analyzes various subjects about Iran, Futurism, terrorism, politics, religion and philosophy.
A Walnut under the Microscope: Science, Religion, Philosophy & Change
Exploring Philosophy
A Walnut under the Microscope: Science, Religion, Philosophy & Change
Gerduyi Zir-e Mikroskop: Elm, Mazhab, Falsafe va Taqyir

Futurist: Humanity's Nowruz in 21st Century
New Variant to Meet Human Needs
Solving Human’s Socio Economic Issues
New Variant to Meet Human Needs
Variant-e Jadid Baraye Ta’min-e Niyazha-ye Bashar

Futurist Iran
Analyzing Iran and Futurism
Futurist Iran: Futurism versus Terrorism
Iran Ayandeh Negar: Ayandeh Negari dar Barabar-e Terorizm

Kurds and Central Government in Iran
Kord-ha va Shekl Giri-ye Doulat-e Markazi dar Iran

Secularism, Pluralism and other papers
Sekularizm, Pluralizm va Chand Resaleh-ye Digar

Persian Articles
A selection of Persian Articles
A selection of articles in Persian
Maqalat-e Parsi


Ernesto Che Guevara (Che)
Motorcycle Diaries
The great revolutionary's diary of his South American Trip
The Motorcycle Diaries
Khaterat-e Safar ba Motorsiklet


Massoud Golestan and Mohammad Rajabi
Iranian Religions
History of Religion in Iran
Iranian Religions
Part 1: Before Islam
Part 2: Islam in Iran
Adyan-e Irani
Bakhsh-e 1: Pish az Eslam
Bakhsh-e 2: Eslam dar Iran


Amid Haghighatjoo
Author, Translator and Islamic Scholar
Quran: In-Depth Analysis
Islam: The Religion and The Constitution (Exposing Islam)
Quran: In-Depth Analysis (English Introduction)
Quran: In-Depth Analysis
Ta’amoqi dar Qoran
Din-e Eslam va Asasname-ye An
(Vaqe'yat-e Eslam)

Mahdi: A Thriller
Translation of A. J. Quinnell’s best selling political thriller, The Mahdi
Mahdi: A Thriller (English Introduction)
Mahdi: A Thriller
Mahdaviat va Siasat
Dastani hayajan-avar dar gerdagerde dasisehaye siasiye beinolmelali

Man on Fire
Translation of A. J. Quinnell’s best selling thriller, Man on Fire
Man on Fire (English Introduction)
Man on Fire
Mard-i bar Atash
Dastani hayajan angiz az seri dastanhaye Marcus Creasy

Deception Point
Translation of Dan Brown’s best seller Sci-Fi thriller, Deception Point
Deception Point (English Introduction)
Deception Point
Dastani por majera dar morede ayandeh, elm va siasat


Mariwan Halabjaee
Controversial Kurdish Author
Sex, Sharia and Women in the History of Islam
A critical and scientific look to the place of women in Islam
Sex, Sharia and Women in the History of Islam
Sex va Shar’ va Zan dar Tarikh-e Eslam
Jaygah-e Zan dar Din-e Eslam


Qasem Hasheminezhad
Ardeshir Babakan
Karnameh-ye Ardeshir Babakan


Sadeq Hedayat
Master of Persian Literature, Edgar Allan Poe of Iran, Sadeq Hedayat explores and exposes Islam!
Caravan of Islam
Introduction by Bahram Choobineh - Hedayat on Islam
Caravan of Islam
Karevan-e Eslam

Blind Owl
Sadeq Hedayat’s Masterpiece
Blind Owl
Buf-e Kur

Miss Alaviyeh
Alaviyeh Khanom va Velengary

Fire Worshiper
Atash Parast

Last Smile
Akharin Labkhand

Fraudulent Land

Noise Maker
Vaq Vaq Sahab

Ball of Pearl
Tup Morvari

Haji Aqa
Haji Aqa

Myth of Creation
Afsaneh-ye Afarinesh

Water of Life
Ab-e Zendegi

Davoud the Hunchback
Davud Guzh Posht

Haji Morad
Haji Morad

Short Stories
Dastanha-ye Kutah

By Franz Kafka, the Popular Author
One of the greatest literary works of all times
Translation: Sadeq Hedayat


Adolf Hitler
Founder of Nazism (National Socialism) Doctrine and the German Nazi Party
Mein Kampf (My Struggle)
Life, Times and the Mission of Adolf Hitler (The Fuhrer); the Tactics, Strategy and the Program for the Nazi Party is well discussed in this book.
Translation: Nazi Center of Iran
Mein Kampf (My Struggle)
Nabard-e Man


Fritz Erik Hoevels
Atheists - Bikhodayan
Atheists (Godless)
Bikhodayan: Tashakol-e Bikhodayan az che Jahat?


Dariush Homayoun
Veteran Politician who changed many ideologies including but not limited to:
Nazism, Nationalism, Monarchism and Liberal Monarchism
Welcoming the 3rd Millennium
A travel through the past history and welcoming the future events
Welcoming the 3rd Millennium
Pishbaz-e Hezare-ye Sevom


Bozorgmehr Hosseinpour
Adventures of Tintin in Tehran Comic Book
Persian Knockoff Adventures of Tintin
Cover: Zartosht Soltani
Adventures of Tintin in Tehran Comic Book - Introduction & Review
Majeraha-ye Tantan: Tantan dar Tehran - Moqadameh va Tafsir
Adventures of Tintin in Tehran Comic Book
Majeraha-ye Tantan, Khabarnegar-e Javan: Tantan dar Tehran


Dr. Ahmad Irani
Free Thinker and Scholar
Impurities of the Iranian Culture
A critic on Mysticism and Sufism
Impurities of the Iranian Culture
Aludegiha-ye Farhang-e Irani (Naqdi bar Sufi-gari va Erfan)

Value of Woman in Different Religions
A Comparison on the value of women in various religions
Value of Woman in Different Religions
Arzesh-e Zan dar Dinha-ye Asemani

No Communism, No Capitalism
The Liberating Philosophy: Lecture on the liberating philosophy
No Communism, No Capitalism
Na Komonizm, Na Kapitalizm

Origin and the Evolution of Religion
The scientific views on the issue
Origin and the Evolution of Religion: The Scientific Views
Nazarhaye Elmi dar Bareye Peydayesh va Takamol-e Din

Philosophical Message of Khayyam
On the Philosophy of Omar Khayyam the great Persian Poet, Mathematician, Astronomer and Philosopher
Philosophical Message of Khayyam
Payam-e Falsafi-ye Khayyam

Words to Ponder About
Religion, Dictatorship, Freedom, Democracy
Words to Ponder About
Sokhanani Baraye Andishidan
Din, Diktatory, Aazadi, Demokrasi


Mohammad Jalali Chimeh (M. Sahar)
Persian Language and Iranian Identity
Zaban-e Parsi va Hoveyat-e Irani


Haj Mirza Jani Kashani
Ketab-e Nuqtat al Kaf
Introduction by Professor Edward G. Browne
The earliest history of the Bayani (Babi) movement
Ketab-e Nuqtat al Kaf
Ketab-e Noqtat al Kaf - Tarihk-e Bayani


Farzad Jasemi
Islamic Scolar explores Islam and Quran
Islam, Religion of Sex and Passion
Is Islam all about sex and sexual related issues?
Islam, Religion of Sex and Passion
Eslam, Kish-e Sex va Shahvat

Islam, Superstition and the Anti Women Declaration
Eslam, Khorafat va Manshur-e Zan Setizi

Quran, Islam and Miscomprehension
Qoran, Eslam va Kaj Fahmiha

Quran, without any Message for Us!
Quran, bi Hich Payami baraye Ma!

The Sole Prophet
The only Prophet!
Book 1 + Book 2
Tanha Payambar (2 Jeld)


Mohamad Ali Jazayeri
On Dr. Ahmad Kasravi
Analyzing Dr. Kasravi’s views on this important subject
Kasravi and The Cultural Conflict between the East and The West
Kasravi va Barkhord-e Farhangi-ye Sharq ba Qarb


Nasrin Jazayeri
Islamic Imperialism
Eslam: Ideolozhi va Abzar-e Tabaqat-e Estesmar-gar


Hamilton Jordan
Behind the curtain secret events which occurred during the final days of Shah, Islamic Revolution and the Hostage Takings in Iran
Translation: Mahmoud Mashreqi
Crisis (3 Parts)
Crisis 1, Crisis 2, Crisis 3
Bohran (3 Bakhsh)
Posht-e Pardeha-ye Enqelab-e Eslami Che Gozasht?


Franz Kafka
Popular Author
One of the greatest literary works of all times
Translation: Sadeq Hedayat


Siavash Kasrai
Wonderful Persian Poet
Arash Kamangir (Poetry)
Arash Kamangir

Dr. Ahmad Kasravi
Master Kasravi, enlightener of the Iranians
The Great Persian Free Thinker's Valuable Works:
Shiitism (Shi'e-gary): Exposing Shiitism

Sufism (Sufi-gary): Exposing Sufism and Mysticism

Baha'ism (Baha'i-gary): Exposing Baha'ism
Baha'ism in 2 Parts
Baha'ism 1 + Baha'ism 2

The Lion and The Sun
Hidtory of the Persian Emblem: Lion and Sun
History of The Lion and The Sun
Tarikhche-ye Shir O Khorshid

History of the Iranian Constitutionalism
Complete history of Iranian Constitution and Constitutionalist Revolution
History of the Iranian Constitutionalism (2 Books: 9 Parts)
Book 1: Part 1, Part 2 , Part 3, Part 4 - 5
Book 2: Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9
Tarikh-e Mashrute-ye Iran

Religion and The World
Discussing Religion and the World
Religion and the World
Din va Jahan

Chat with 3 Haji Bazaaries
Exploring the depth of the psyche of Haji Bazaaries (Muslim Merchants)
Chat with 3 Haji Bazaaries
Goft O Shenid: Goft O Guyi ba 3 Tan az Bazarian

Haji Bazaaries Religion
Haji Bazaaries With Cargo Storages, What Religion do They Have?
Haji Bazaaries (Muslim Merchants) storing and withholding the merchandise to jack up the prices, own what religion?
Haji Bazaaries Religion
Hajiha-ye Anbar-dar che Dini Darand?

Bazarian che dini darand?

Pure Persian Language
Pure and Clean Persian: On Persian Language and how to cleans it from the foreign words
Pure Persian Language
Zaban-e Pak: Pak kardan-e Zaban-e Parsi az Vazheha-ye Biganeh

Persian Encyclopedia: Pure Persian
Pure Persian Words with their equal Foreign Terms
Cleansing the Persian Language
Persian Encyclopedia: Pure Persian
Vazhe-nameh Zaban-e Pak - Parsi Pak
Vazhehaye Parsi va Vazhehaye Barabar-e Biganeh

Our Sisters and Our Daughters
Hijab, Education, Human rights and other issues surrounding Women
Our Sisters and Our Daughters
Khaharan va Dokhtaran-e Ma

My Life
Autobiography of Dr. Kasravi
My Life
Zendegani-ye Man

Hafez: What does Hafez Say?
Exploring Hafez and his philosophy
Hafez: What does Hafez Say?
Hafez Che Miguyad?

Strong Foundation
Varjavand Boniad

On The Road of Politics
Dar Rah-e Siasat

Path to Salvation
Rah-e Rastegari

Answer to the Enemies
Dar Pasokh-e Bad Khahan

On Religion

What is Culture?
Exploring the Depth and the Definition of Culture
What is Culture?
Farhang Chist?

What Do We Want?
Ma Che Mikhahim?

Us and Our Neighbors
Discussing our neighbors
Us and Our Neighbors
Ma va Hamsayeganeman

Government Should Answer Us
Doulat be Ma Pasokh Dahad

Culture or Deception?
Farhang ast Ya Neyrang?

About Intelligence
What is intelligence and wisdom?
About Intelligence
Dar Piramun-e Kherad

About Islam
Dissecting and Exploring Islam
About Islam (Text and Images)
Dar Piramun-e Eslam (Neveshteh va Ax)
Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5
About Islam (Text Only)
About Islam
Dar Piramun-e Eslam (Neveshteh)

About Spiritualism
Discussing Spiritualism
(All Text)
About Spiritualism (Text)
Dar Piramun-e Ravan (Neveshteh)
(All Images)
About Spiritualism (Images)
Dar Piramun-e Ravan (Peykareh = Ax)


Message to the European and American Scientists
Payam be Daneshmandan-e Orupai va Amrikai

What will be the Destiny of Iran? (Azerbaijan)
Sarnevesht-e Iran che Khahad Bud? (Azarbaijan)

Azeri or the Ancient Language of Azerbaijan
Azari ya Zaban-e Bastan-e Azarbaijan

Work, Job and Money
Kar, Pisheh va Pul

Today, what is the solution?
Emruz Chareh Chist?

Good Behavior

God is with us!
Khoda ba Mast!

Our Officers
Afsaran-e Ma

Forgotten Rulers
Iranian Rulers Lost in the History
Forgotten Rulers
Shahriaran-e Gomnam


Mirza Aqa Khan Kermani
Collected Works
Writings of the famous Constitutionalist on history, freedom, and the Bayani (Babi) - Baha'i Conflict including:
a) Hasht Behesht
b) Resaleh
Collected Works
Al A'mal al Kamelah (Majmu'e-ye Assar)


Reza Kermani
Introduction to PanIranism
Pan Iranism and Pan Iranists
Introduction to PanIranism
Pan Iranism va Hezb-e Pan Iranist, Ashena Shavim
Ashenayi ba Pan Iranism


Hamid Khajeh Nasiri (Parand)
Controversial Author
Inheritor of the Iranian Nation
Scholar explores the Indian heritage and roots of Imam Khomeini and how Khomeini had stolen and copy/pasted the Sikh logo and implemented it on the Iranian Flag as the new Allah logo! Scholar discusses Khomeini’s hatred for Iran and his plan to destroy Iran via the gimmick of Islam.
Inheritor of the Iranian Nation
Vares-e Molk-e Kian


Mehdi Khalaj
Erotic Islam
Eroticism, Womanizing and Polygamy in Islam
Erotic Islam
Eslam-e Erotik, Eslam-e Zan Bareh


Mahmoud Khalili
Methods of Torture in IRI
Various Styles of Torture exercised by the IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran)
Methods of Torture in Islamic Republic of Iran
Shiveha-ye Shekanjeh dar Jomhuri-ye Eslami


Is Quran Word of God?
Aya Qor’an Kalam-e Afaridegar Ast?


Parviz Khatibi
Islamic Jokes of IRI
A collection of Islamic Jokes on Islamic Republic of Iran (Islamic Humor)
Islamic Jokes of IRI
Tozih-ol Lataef: Majmu’e Jokha-ye Jomhuri-ye Eslami


Omar Khayyam
Rubaiyat (Quatrains) of Omar Khayyam
Omar Khayyam, the great Persian poet, mathematician, astronomer and philosopher explores the meaning of love and life in his Rubaiyat.
Rubaiyat (Quatrains) of Omar Khayyam (Poetry)
Robaiyat-e Omar Khayyam


Imam Ruhollah Khomeini (Grand Ayatollah)
Founding Father of Global Neo Islamism, Shiite Islam, and IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran)
Resaleh of Imam Khomeini (Doctrine)
Amazing and outrageous words of wisdom by the Founder of IRI and Father of the Neo Islamic Fundamentalism!
Resaleh of Imam Khomeini (Doctrine)
Resaleh: Touzih-ol Masael-e Hazrat-e Emam Khomeini

Discovery of Secrets
Fantastic Revealing of Historical, Islamic, Social and Political Secrets by the Founder of IRI and Father of the Neo Islamic Fundamentalism Imam Ruhollah Khomeini (Grand Ayatollah)!
Discovery of Secrets
Kashf-e Asrar: Kashf-ol Asrar-e Hazrat-e Emam Khomeini

Tahrir Al Wasilah (Guide for Shiite Muslims)
Ayatollah Khomeini’s views on life and how the Shiite Muslims must live it. Shiite Islamic Guide for Shiite Muslims on how to live their lives reaching salvation. Imam Khomeini's book in 4 volumes.
Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3, Volume 4
Tahrir Al Vasileh-ye Hazrat-e Emam Khomeini dar 4 jeld


Amir Hossein Khonji
Historical researcher and author
Destruction of the Sassanid Empire
An exploration about the causes, the effects and the history of the Sassanid Empire’s destruction by the Arabo-Muslims
Destruction of the Sassanid Empire
Forupashi-ye Shahanshahi-ye Sassani

A Study on Azeri History and Language, A View on Iran and Iranian Races
Kand o Kavi Gozara dar Tarikh va Zaban-e Mardom-e Azarbaijan

Shiite, Sunni and Khavarej
Shi'e, Sonni va Khavarej

Terror of Omar Ibn Al Khatab
The Iranian Role in the terror of Omar Ibn Al Khatab
Terror of Omar Ibn Al Khatab
Naqsh-e Iranian dar Teror-e Omar ibn al Khatab

Qizilbash in Iran
Role of the Safavid’s Qizilbash Militia in the Iranian History
Qizilbash in Iran
Qezelbashan dar Iran
Naqsh-e Qezelbashan-e Safavi dar Tarikh-e Iran Zamin

Shah Ismail Safavid History
Tarikh-e Shah Esmail-e Safavi


Azam Kiakojoori
Encyclopedia of the Iranian Prison Slangs
Prison terms popular to the political prisoners
Encyclopedia of Slang for Political Prisoners
Farhang-e Estelahat-e Zendanian-e Siasi


Stephen Kinzer
All The Shah's Men
Translation: Reza Baliq
Informative History
All The Shah's Men
Hame-ye Mardan-e Shah


Heidemarie Koch
Valuable Iranologist and Historian
So Says King Darius
History, Sources, Quotes, Life and Times of Darius The Great Persian Emperor
So Says King Darius
Az Zaban-e Dariush
Tarikh, Manabe’, Gofteha, Zendegi va Ahval-e Dariush Bozorg Hakhamaneshi


Harold Lamb
Valuable Historian
Cyrus The Great
History of Cyrus The Great, Starter of the Persian Achaemenid Empire
Cyrus The Great
Kourosh Kabir
Tarikh-e Kourosh Kabir, Bonyangozar-e Shahanshahi Iran


Vladimir Ilyich Lenin
Mazhab az Dideh Lenin


Massoud Loghman
Babak Khoramdin
Story of the great Iranian Revolutionary and Freedom Fighter, Babak.
Babak Khoramdin
Dastan-e Babak Khoramdin va Tahrif-e Tarikh-e Azarbaijan


Sentimental Narrating Biographer
Musician in Blood (Fereydoun Farrokhzad)
How IRI Murdered Farrokhzad?
Life, Times, Songs, Poems, Mission, Understanding and Murder of Dr. Fereydoun Farrokhzad, the great Persian singer, poet, activist and lover of Iran
Musician in Blood (Fereydoun Farrokhzad)
Khonyagar dar Khun (Fereydoun Farrokhzad)


Fatemeh Marnisi
The Women Behind the Curtain
Zanan-e Pardeh Neshin va Nokhbeh-gane Joshan-push


Abbas Maroufi
Fereydoun Had 3 Sons
Fereydoun 3 Pesar Dasht


Dr. Mohammad Javad Mashkur
Great Persian historian and scholar
Persian Gulf in History
A review on the historical name of the “Persian Gulf”
Persian Gulf in History
Nam-e Khalij-e Pars dar Tul-e Tarikh


Ernst Mayr
Scholar and Evolutionist
What Evolution is?
Analysis and Elaboration on Evolution
What Evolution is?
Takamol Chist?
Barresi, touzih va Tafsir-e Nazariyeh Takamol


Ali Akbar Mazaheri
Persian Family before Islam
A research on the Persian Family before Islam
Translation: Abdullah Tavakoli
Persian Family before Islam (2 Volumes)
Persian Family before Islam: Part 1 + Persian Family before Islam: Part 2
Khanevade-ye Irani dar Doran-e Pish az Eslam (2 Bakhsh)


Omid Mehri
History of Political Terror in Islam
The history of terror during the golden age of Islam
Terror in Islam
Teror-haye Siasi dar Sadr-e Eslam


Abbas Milani
Investigative Author and Researching Scholar
Riddle of Hoveyda
Research around life and times of Amir Abbas Hoveyda, the Great Prime Minister of Iran murdered by IRI.
Riddle of Hoveyda
Moama-ye Hoveyda

Modernity and Modernity Quarrel in Iran
Why many Iranians are against modernity and modernization?
Modernity and Modernity Quarrel in Iran
Tajadod va Tajadod Setizi dar Iran


Iraj Mirza
Great Persian Poet, Satirist and critic of Islam and the Mullahs
Divan Iraj Mirza
Divan (Book of Poetry) is the complete volume of Iraj Mirza’s poems and satirical poems. Divan is one of Iran’s greatest poetry books and surely Iran’s top satirical poetry book.
Divan Iraj Mirza (Poetry)
Divan-e Iraj Mirza


Naser Mohajer
Murder and Disaster
IRI Murders and Scandals
Murder and Disaster
Jenayat va Mokafat


Ali Mirfetros
Author and Researcher
Everything you need to know about Islam
Islamology (2 Volumes)
Islamology I (Eslam Shenasi 1) + Islamology II (Eslam Shenasi 2)
Eslam Shenasi (Dar Do Jeld)

Notes on the History of Iran
Why Iranian society is backward?
Reasons for the Iranian society being backward and regressing
Notes on the History of Iran
Molahezati dar Tarikh-e Iran


Hooshang Moinzadeh
Free Thinker and Author
Is God Dead?
On the subject of God
Is God Dead?
Aya Khoda Mordeh Ast?

Messengers of Intelligence
Payambaran-e Kherad

Good News, God Returns to His Birthplace!
Besharat, Khoda be Zadgahash Baz Migardad!

Comedy of Gods
Komedi-ye Khodayan

Beyond the Mirage
Ansu-ye Sarab

God’s Final Will
Vasiyat Nameh-ye Khoda

Reappearance, Story of Mahdi and I
Zohur, Dastan-e Man O Emam Zaman

Khayyam and that Heartwarming Lie!
A Sentimental Subject
Khayyam and that Heartwarming Lie
Khayyam va an Doruq-e Del-aviz


Baqer Momeni
Constitutionalist Revolution of Iran
Enqelab-e Mashrutiyat

First Individual Political Terrors & Group Massacres in Islamic Civil Society
Nakhostin Koshtarha-ye Fardi va Jam'i dar Jame'e-ye Madani Eslami


Ayatollah Hussein Ali Montazeri
Memoirs: Complete Memoirs of Ayatollah Montazeri
Khaterat (Khaterat-e Kamel-e Ayatollah Montazeri)


Arash Monzavi-Kia
Compact History of Iran from Persepolis to Jamaran
Farsinameh: From Persepolis to Jamaran (Introduction)
Farsinameh: Mokhtasar Dastan-e Iranian, Takhte Jamshid ta Jamaran


Friedrich Nietzsche
Great German Philosopher, Poet, Author and Composer. He wrote critics on culture, religion, morality, philosophy and science. He was fond of original thoughts, metaphor and irony. Amongst his concepts were “Will to Power”, “Perspectivism”, “Uber-Mensch” (Superman), “Death of God”, “Anti-Christ” (Anti Institution of Christianity) and “Affirmation of the Realities of Life”. He was a Realist rather than a Super-naturalist. He was a believer in “Now” rather than a believer in the “Life Beyond”. Nietzsche believed that the Strong will survive and we cannot sacrifice the Strong by artificially equalizing the Weak with the Strong, because this is unnatural!
Thus Spoke Zarathustra
Nietzsche loved and respected Zarathustra, and he literally bowed to Zarathustra as a great philosopher.
Chronicles of the Fictional Zarathustra, the founder of the Zoroastrianism Philosophy. Nietzsche’s Zarathustra is a revolutionary philosopher who seeks “Transvaluation of Values” (Revaluation of All Values) and he seeks to turn the Value System upside down.
Translation: Dariush Ashuri
Thus Spoke Zarathustra
Chenin Goft Zartosht

Beyond Good and Evil
Nietzsche explores beyond the shallow, superficial, traditional, social values defining the Good and the Evil. Nietzsche unveils the baseless religious value system and the meaningless definitions such as “Pure Good” and “Pure Evil”. There is no Absolute Good or Evil. Nietzsche mocks God and Religion and he mocks the Religious Morality but he adores the Natural History of the Morality. Nietzsche speaks of the flawed religious view of the subject, yet his view of the subject is the scientific and the natural historical view. This book is one of Nietzsche’s best.
Translation: Dariush Ashuri
Beyond Good and Evil
Farasu-ye Nik O Bad

The Gay Science
"God is Dead!"
The first occurrence of Nietzsche’s famous phrase
The book depicts the parable of the madman who is searching for God. He accuses us all of being the murderers of God. “’Where is God?' he cried; 'I will tell you. We have killed him, … you and I. All of us are his murderers...’”
“After Buddha was dead, people showed his shadow for centuries afterwards in a cave, … an immense frightful shadow. God is dead:
… but as the human race is constituted, there will perhaps be caves for millenniums yet, in which people will show his shadow. … And we … we have still to overcome his shadow!”
This is the most personal book of Nietzsche full of new ideas and poems. In this book, Nietzsche experiments with the notion of “Power” but does not advance any systematic theory. The book contains Nietzsche's first consideration of the idea of the “Eternal Recurrence”, a concept which would become critical in his future works. This book is a masterpiece of Nietzsche.
The Gay Science
Hekmat-e Shadan


Esmail Nooriala
Researcher and Author
Political Sociology of Shiite
Jame’e Shenasi-ye Siyasi-ye Tashayo’e Asna Ashari


Dr. Alireza Nourizadeh
Fallahian, the man for all seasons of murder!
Fallahian, the man for all seasons of murder! (2 Parts)
Part 1, Part 2
Fallahiyan, Mardi Baraye Hameye Fosul-e Jenayat (Do Bakhsh)

The Chain Murders
On the IRI chain murders
Untold about the Chain Murders
Nagofteha dar Parvandeye Qatlhaye Zanjirei


Sultan Izziyyeh Khanum-e Nuri
Awakening the Sleeping
"Tanbih an Na'imin" or "Aunt's Epistle"
(Resaleh of the Aunt Sultan Khanum)
Awakening the Sleeping
Tanbih an Na'imin (Barkhizandan-e Khofteh)


Mohammad Reza Pahlavi
Answer to History: Final Version 1979
Shah of Iran’s most unveiling and important book
Shah of Iran’s answer to history about the Islamic Revolution
Pre and Post Iranian Revolution Events and timeline
Answer to History – Introduction and Review [English] (AX)
Pasokh be Tarikh (Moqadameh va Bar-resi)
Answer to History: Final Version [Persian] (Mohammad Reza Pahlavi)
Pasokh be Tarikh (Ketab dar 4 bakhsh)

Toward the Great Civilization 1977
Shah of Iran Book about his Grand Plans for the Future Iran
Toward the Great Civilization – Introduction and review [English] (AX)
Be Suye Tamadon-e Bozorg (Moqadameh va Bar-resi)
Toward the Great Civilization [Persian] (Mohammad Reza Pahlavi)
Be Suye Tamadon-e Bozorg (Ketab dar 5 Bakhsh

White Revolution of Shah and People 1966
Complete Elaboration of the White Revolution of Iran
White Revolution - Introduction and Review [English] (AX)
Enqelab-e Sefid (Moqadameh va Bar-resi)
White Revolution [Persian] (Mohammad Reza Pahlavi)
Enqelab-e Sefid (Ketab-e Kamel dar 12 bakhsh)

Shah of Iran Comic Book: Recaptured Glory 1977
Recaptured Glory - Graphic Novel in Persian
Collector’s Item Propaganda Comic Book
Shah of Iran Comic Book: Recaptured Glory - Introduction [English] (AX)
Azemat-e Bazyafteh – Majeleh Mosavar (Moqadameh va Bar-resi)
Shah of Iran Comic Book: Recaptured Glory (Mohammad Reza Pahlavi)
Azemat-e Bazyafteh (Majeleh Mosavar)


Reza Pahlavi I (Reza Shah The Great)
Travel Diaries of Khuzestan
Reza Shah the Great, Reza Pahlavi I, Father of Nation, Reza Khan’s Khuzestan Province Travel Diaries
Travel Diaries of Khuzestan
Safarnameh Khuzestan


Arsham Parsi
Darius the Great
A research on deeds, life and times of Darius the Great
Darius the Great
Dariush-e Bozorg


Ardeshir Payandeh
Does God Exist?
Aya Khoda Vojud Darad? (Naqd-e Borhan-haye Vojud-e Khoda)


Persian Language
Pure Persian Language
Zaban-e Parsi
Parsi-ye Pak

Hossein Aghvami (Azad)
Persian Encyclopedia – Pure Persian Language
Pure Persian Terms with their Equal Foreign Terms
Persian Encyclopedia (with their Equal Foreign Words)
Farhang-e Parsi (Barabar-e Vazheha-ye Biganeh)
Parsi ra Pas Darim – Parsi ra Pak Darim

Dr. Ahmad Kasravi
Master Kasravi, enlightener of the Iranians
The Great Persian Free Thinker's Valuable Works on Persian Language:
Persian Encyclopedia: Pure Persian
Pure Persian Words with their equal Foreign Terms
Cleansing the Persian Language
Persian Encyclopedia: Pure Persian
Vazhe-nameh Zaban-e Pak - Parsi Pak
Vazhehaye Parsi va Vazhehaye Barabar-e Biganeh

Pure Persian Language
Pure and Clean Persian: On Persian Language and how to cleans it from the foreign words
Pure Persian Language
Zaban-e Pak: Pak kardan-e Zaban-e Parsi az Vazheha-ye Biganeh


Persian Proverbs
Collection of Persian Proverbs
A Collection of Famous Persian Proverbs
Persian Proverbs
Zarb-ol Masalha-ye Parsi


Persian Slang
Encyclopedia of the Persian Slang Terms
Everyday Slang words used in the Persian Language
Persian Slang
Farhang-e Parsi Ameh: Majmu'e-ye Kalemat-e Avaman-e Parsi


Iliya Pavlovich Petrushevski
Islam in Iran
Exploring Islam in Iran since the start
Translation: Karim Keshavarz
Islam in Iran
Eslam dar Iran


Mohsen Pezeshkpour
Pan Iranist Founder
What do We Want?
What do Pan Iranists Want?
What do We Want?
Ma Che Mikhahim?
Pan Iranist-ha Che Mikhahand?


Iraj Pezeshkzad
Great Persian Satirist
Cheeky Boys Internationalism
Political Humor
Cheeky Boys Internationalism
Anternasional-e Bache Poruha


George Politzer
Elementary Principles of Philosophy
A Masterpiece in Philosophy by a great author and philosopher
Elementary Principles of Philosophy
Osul-e Moqadamati-ye Falsafeh


A. J. Quinnell
Best Selling English Thriller Novelist
The Mahdi
Persian Translation of A. J. Quinnell’s The Mahdi, by Amid Haghighatjoo
Mahdi: A Thriller - English Introduction (AX)
The Mahdi
Mahdi - Mahdaviat va Siasat
Dastani hayajan-avar dar gerdagerde dasisehaye siasi-ye beinolmelali

Man on Fire
Persian Translation of A. J. Quinnell’s Man on Fire by Amid Haghighatjoo
Man on Fire - English Introduction (AX)
Man on Fire
Mardi bar Atash


R. Rasekh
Imam Ali
Life, Times and Deeds of Imam Ali - True Face of Ali Exposed
Imam Ali - The Shinning Transcript!
Karnameh-ye Derakhshan-e Zendegi-ye Emam Ali

Bits of Persian History
Bits and pieces of the Persian History (2 Volumes)
Part 1, Part 2
Borideha-yi az Tarikh-e Iran (Do Jeld)


Naser Rasainiya
A collection of the Laws of Sharia' on Punishments in Islam
A Collection of The Sharia' Laws
Majmu'e Qavanin-e Mojazat-e Eslami (Qanun-e Shari'e)


Hashem Razi
Religion and Culture of Ancient Iran before Zarathustra
Din va Farhang-e Irani Pish az Asr-e Zartosht


Salman Rushdie
Best selling controversial author
Satanic Verses
A poetic controversial testimony and a classic piece of literature exposing Muhammad, Quran and Islam.
Translation: Roshanak Irani
Satanic Verses
Ayat-e Sheytani (Dar Do Jeld)



Bertrand Russell
Great Author and Philosopher
Why I am Not Christian?
Chera Masihi Nistam?

Impact of Science on Society
Ta’sir-e Elm bar Ejtema’

World as I Know it (Interview)
Jahani ke Man Mishenasam (Mosahebe)

Marriage and Morals
Zanashuyi va Akhlaq

Mysticism and Logic
Erfan va Manteq

Problems of Philosophy
Masae’l-e Falsafeh

Religion and Science
Nabard-e Din ba Elm

The Future of Mankind
Ayandeh Bashar

The Scientific Outlook
Jahan Bini-ye Elmi


Parmis Sa'di
The Inherited Religion
Din-e Ersi

Zoroastrian Elements in Quran
Anasor-e Zartoshti da Qoran va Sonnat


Ali Akbar Saidi Sirjani
Valuable Iranian Author and Poet
Sin of Sirjani - One Night and Two Views
Gonah-e Saidi Sirjani - Yek Shab va Do Manzareh

Face of 2 Women
Sima-ye Do Zan

Shaikh of San'an
Sheykh-e San'an

Shaikh of Deception (Poetry)
Sheykh-e Riya


Marjane Satrapi
Persian Popular Graphic Novel Illustrator and Author
Persepolis (Graphic Novel)
A Story of a Childhood
Dastan-e Kudaki - Ketab-e Mosavar


Sohrab Sepehri
Great Persian Poet and Painter
Footsteps of Water (Poetry)
Seda-ye Pa-ye Ab

Shojaedin Shafa
Great Islamic Scholar unveils the True Islam
The ReBirth
Tavalodi Digar: A review on the realities of The Mono-God (Mono-thesis) Religions, analyzed by 300 Western Scholars and Researchers. An exposing piece about religion and a masterpiece by Shojaedin Shafa.
Tavalodi Digar
Seyri dar Vaqe'yat-haye Mazaheb-e Touhidi bar Asas-e Elm

After 1400 Years
Everything a 3rd Millennium Persian must know about the 14 centuries of Iran’s Islamic history!
After 1400 Years in 2 Volumes:
After 1400 Years – Part 1 + After 1400 Years – Part 2
Pas az 1400 Sal (2 Bakhsh)
Anche har Irani-ye Hezare-ye Sevom mibayad dar bare-ye vaqe’yat-haye 14 Qarn Tarikh-e Eslami-ye Keshvarash Bedanad!

Human Law, Testicle Law and Atomic Bomb
Story of the Pure Muhammadan Islam in Iran!
Human Law, Testicle Law and Atomic Bomb
Qanun-e Bashar, Qanun-e Beyzeh va Bomb-e Atomi
Eslam-e Nab-e Mohammadi dar Iran!

Murder and Catastrophe (Book Series)
Islamic Revolution of Iran = The Black Reaction
Part 1: What Occurred Inside the House?
Murder and Catastrophe 1
Part 2: What Occurred Outside the House?
Murder and Catastrophe 2
Jenayat va Mokafat (2 Bakhsh): Darun va Birun-e Iran Che Gozasht?!
Bar-resi-ye Tarikhi-ye Karnameh-ye Jomhuri-ye Eslami

Resaleh: From Koleini to Khomeini
Everything you need to know about Islam. Answers to all of your Islamic questions according to Quran, Hadith and the Great Islamic Scholars: From Koleini all the way to Khomeini
Resaleh: From Koleini to Khomeini
Tozih-ol Masael: Az Koleini ta Khomeini

Legend of Gods
Afsaneh Khodayan


Jafar Shafizadeh
Ex commander of the IRI Islamic Special Forces
Ex body guard of Imam Khomeini
Behind the Curtains of Revolution
Controversial Confessions of Jafar Shafizadeh
Behind the Curtains of Revolution
Dar Posht-e Pardeha-ye Enqelab
Eterafat-e Jafar Shafizadeh Mohafez-e Khomeini


Gene Sharp
From Dictatorship to Democracy
A Great Study in Philosophy and Sociology
From Dictatorship to Democracy
Az Diktatori be Demokrasi


Shahriar Shirazi
Prophets of Intelligence
Prophets of Intelligence in War with Millenniums of Darkness
Prophets of Intelligence
Payambaran-e Kherad


William Shirer
Master Historian and Scholar
The Rise and Fall of The Third Reich
One of the greatest WWII historical books of all times, the masterpiece of William Shirer on the history of Nazi Germany
Part 1, Part 2
Zohur va Soqut-e Raish-e Sevom
Tarikh-e Alman-e Nazi


Adam Smith
Wealth of Nations
Father of Free Market Economy, Capitalist Economist and Philosopher, discusses Free Market Economy and Capitalism.
Wealth of Nations
Servat-e Melal


Robert Spencer
Author, Researcher and Authority in Islamic History
The Truth about Muhammad
Founder of the Most Intolerant Religion
The Truth about Muhammad
Haqiqat dar bareye Mohammad
Bonyangozar-e Namotesamehtarin Din-e Jahan


Zarathustra Spitmata (Zartosht)
Great Persian Philosopher, Poet and Founder of the Zoroastrian Philosophy
Hymns of Zarathustra (Zarathustra’s Poems)
Zartosht's Magnificent book of philosophical poetry
Translation, Interpretation, Analysis and Encyclopedia of the Avestan Terms
Translation: Professor Abbas Shooshtari Mehrin
Gatha (Zartosht)

Doctrine of Zarathustra (Khordeh Avesta)
Translation, Interpretation and Analysis
Translation: Mobed Ardeshir Azargoshasb
Avesta (Zartosht)


Hamid Taqvaei
Mazhab va Shiveh Barkhord be An


Unknown Author
Women in Islam
Women in Islam
Zan dar Eslam


Erich Von Daniken
Revolutionary Ancient Aliens Theorist and Best Selling Author
Chariots of the Gods
Were Gods Aliens?
Were Prophets Ancient Alien Astronauts?
Father of the Ancient Aliens Theory elaborates his theory and philosophy on life, evolution, creation, space, science and science fiction.
Translation: Dr. Mohammad Ali Najafi
Chariots of the Gods
Arabe-ye Khodayan


Ibn Warraq
Great research author and Islamic scholar
Why I Am Not a Muslim
Exploring the roots and rots of Islam
Translator: Dr. Massoud Ansari
Why I Am Not A Muslim
Eslam va Mosalmani
Chera Man Yek Mosalman Nistam


Erik Wielenberg
Critical Thinker and Scholar
Value and Virtue in a Godless Universe
Universe without God?
Value and Virtue in a Godless Universe
Arzesh va Khubi dar Jahan-e Bedun-e Khoda


Obeyd Zakani
Great Persian Poet, Satirist and critic of Islam and the Mullahs
Koliyat Obeyd Zakani
Koliyat (Complete Works) is the complete volume of Obeyd Zakani’s poems, satirical poems, satire and literature. Koliyat is one of Iran’s greatest Humor Works.
Koliyat Obeyd Zakani (Poetry)
Koliyat-e Obeyd Zakani


Dr. Abdolhossein Zarrinkoob
Great Persian historian, researcher, scholar and author
Transcript of Islam
Exploring the history of Islam and its end results
Transcript of Islam
Karnameh Eslam

Two Centuries of Silence
Events of the first 2 centuries of Arabo-Islamic Invasion Occupation of Iran
Two Centuries of Silence
Do Qarn Sokut

History of the Iranian People
Tarikh-e Mardom-e Iran (2 Bakhsh)
Part 1: Before Islam
History of the Pre-Islamic Iran
Tarikh-e Iran Qabl Az Eslam
Part 2: After Islam
History of the Post-Islamic Iran
End of Sassanid Empire to End of Buyyid Dynasty
Tarikh-e Iran Pas Az Eslam
Az Payan-e Sassanian ta Payan-e All-e Buyeh

History of the Post-Islamic Iran
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7
Tarikh-e Iran Pas Az Eslam (7 Bakhsh)

Dusk of Islam
History of Islam and Fall of the Islamic Empire (The Caliphate)
Dusk of Islam
Bamdad-e Eslam
Tarikh-e Eslam va Soqut-e Emperaturi-ye Eslami


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