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Achaemenid Persian Empire

Chapter 2. Iran Historical Maps
Achaemenid Persian Empire 1

020 Achaemenid Persian Empire of Cyrus and Darius 559 BC - 330 BC Map
Persian Achaemenid Empire
Achaemenid Dynasty: 559 BC – 330 BC
Cyrus and Darius The Greats
The Empire of Darius The Great of Achaemenid, 486 BC. Iran was the sole super power on Earth and she owned half of the known world at the time. The Great Persian Empire, Achaemenid Dynasty, 539 BC - 330 BC, The Era of Cyrus The Great and Darius the Great. Cyrus I, built The Persian Empire and started the Achaemenid Dynasty's reign era (559 BC). Darius The Great had organized the empire and established Persia as the sole super power on Earth.

021 Persian Empire in Bible Map

022 Achaemenid Persian Empire 559 BC - 339 BC Map

023 Persian Empire 500 BC Map
Achaemenid Empire: region of Darius I (500 BC)

024 Achaemenid Persian Empire 500 BC Map

025 Achaemenid Persian Empire roads 521 BC - 486 BC Map

026 Persian Empire 490 BC Map

027 Achaemenid Persian Empire under Darius The Great 490 BC Map

028 Achaemenid Persian Empire of Xerxes The Great 300 BC Map
Persian Empire during Xerxes’ reign and its greatest extent about 300 BC.
Xerxes The Great's Era and Boundaries of Darius The Great. Naval and land campaigns of Xerxes at Greece opened a foothold in Balkans and established a base in Europe. Persian Empire was extended North-South from Central Russia to Napata (Ancient Libya) in North Africa and East-West from Borders of China to Central Greece in Europe. Persian Empire stretched in three continents.

029 Achaemenid Persian Empire boundaries Map

030 Achaemenid Persian Empire under Artaxerxes III 343 BC Map
Artaxerxes III reconsolidated The Empire in 343 BC

031 Achaemenid Persian Empire Eras Map

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