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Latest IRI – Hezbollah Cyber Attack on IPC (2009)

Iran Politics Club is back on the Air
Latest IRI – Hezbollah Cyber Attack on IPC (2009)

Ahreeman X and IPC
December 1, 2009

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IPC Official Announcement

Iran Politics Club supports the fight to establish Freedom,
Secularism, Federalism, Human Rights and Democracy in Iran.

IRI – Hezbollah has Once More Cyber Attacked IPC, The War is Not Over!

Dear Members, Sympathizers, Readers and other Comrades:

IPC is back on the air. IPC is now broadcasting for Free Iran.

Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) had launched a calculated cyber attack and managed to knock the IPC Website and Networks off the air for about a month (Late October to Late November of 2009).

L: No Sunni Islam
R: No Shiite Islam

IRI’s Latest Cyber Terrorist Attack Against IPC

For technical and security reasons, we cannot go to details. In a nutshell, IRI conducted a cyber attack in 2 fronts:

* The Decoy Attack from Tehran, Iran by IRI Cyber Terrorist Task Force to distract IPC’s Security System.

* The Main Attack from Beirut, Lebanon by Lebanese Hezbollah (ordered by Iranian Hezbollah) to shatter the IPC Security System and destroy the IPC Website and Networks.

IRI Cyber Terrorist Task Force has used hacking, decoding, viruses, programming and other cyber sabotage methods to destroy the IPC Networks beyond repairs! Obviously all other past tactics had failed, so now, IRI had to go for the jugular:

IRI Banned and Filtered IPC Website

It took us a month to put IPC back in order. In addition to our devoted tech crew, the 3 of us in 3 continents were working every day to put IPC back in order and implement a bullet proof new security system to the server. The present IPC Security System is the most sophisticated and Hi Tech System available. It is IRI – Hezbollah proof!

We have traced the roots of attack to their doorsteps and we are perfectly aware of the logistic location of the cyber terrorists and their command base. We know how they have done it and we know on how to deal with them. Retaliation is unavoidable!

IPC Readers

We appreciate all your e-mails, concerns, support and patience, but rather than responding to all of your e-mails in regards to the interrupted IPC broadcast, we worked hard to get the IPC back on the air.

We have received hundreds of e-mails inquiring what has happened to IPC? Amongst all the e-mails, I am going to only refer to one which caught my eyes.  A dear valuable reader did panic and in his e-mail he wrote:

“ … one day I woke up and surfed the net, punched in the URL to IPC using my favorites and there it was, a blank! Imagine one day you wake up to read New York Times online and you notice that it’s gone! I was shocked! What the hell has happened? One day, two days, three days, weeks came and gone and no IPC! Finally I decided to write to you …”

Folks, it is good to be in demand. It is good to be relevant. It is good to be loved by you. It is because of your devotion, thirst for knowledge and truth that we continue doing this and I continue to write …

I am not going to post some of the many e-mails which we have received about “What Happened to IPC?” but to glance at some of our other sexy, nutty, educational and interesting e-mails, review:

E-mails to Ahreeman X

Cyber Wars of the 21st Century

In the 21st century, wars are fought on the Internet. In Information Age, Internet is the most powerful weapon to prepare the masses to conduct a social, cultural and eventually a political revolution. In 21st century, major wars are not conducted on the ground but on the Internet. Cyber space has made the world a small place! Totalitarian Regimes such as Iran, China, Saudi Arabia and etc. are spending billions of dollars to create National Internet Walls around their cyber space and citizens’ brains. They are doing their best to block the flow of information; however, no matter how hard they try, information manages to somehow leak through openings of their filters, firewalls, and net walls! In 21st century, totalitarian regimes simply cannot block the flow of information! This is what makes the Internet the most powerful weapon in today’s world.

In IPC, we are perfectly aware of this magnificent weapon and we are masters of how to use this weapon!

Who Does IRI Target?

IRI knows best on who to target! Ministry of Information and Islamic Propaganda (Ershad), VEVAK (IRI Secret Service), IRI Internet Police Bureau, IRI Cyber Sabotage Task Force, Hezbollah and other IRI tech saboteurs do not waste time sabotaging, hacking and interrupting the broadcasts of irrelevant so-called Iranian Up-Position websites such as Reza Pahlavi and his Necro-monarchist sycophant flies around him, yet IRI focuses on eliminating the major cyber threats to her existence. IRI knocks out the source of the problem. What better source to interrupt but the IPC Networks?

Why IPC is a Major Threat to IRI?

IPC is a major threat to existence of IRI. Simply because:

I. IPC is the only major Iranian commercial website in English which is actively educating the Iranian youth inside and outside Iran to their Iranian roots, culture, history and heritage while at the same time exposes Islam and the nature of the Shiite Islamic Ideology.

II. IPC is informing the world on what is really going on in Iran and exposes the nature of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s regime.

III. IPC is a free and democratic tribune for all Iranian Opposition Groups to freely express themselves. IPC supports all Iranian opposition groups and propagates for them all.

IV. Every major Iranian book and book series in Persian or English which is banned inside Iran, is available in the IPC Library to the public for free.

V. IPC is the largest Iranian website on the Internet and one of the top 10 most viewed Iranian websites in the world.

VI. IPC is a 24/7 influential Anti IRI propaganda machine which stands for Secularism, Federalism and Democracy in Iran.

VII. IPC is mass informing Iranians on the subjects of Persian history, philosophy, politics, science, art, culture and traditions. IPC is the reviver of the Persian Nationalism and Culture.

These are the reasons that IRI knows best on who to attack!

This is not the first time and it will not be the last time that IRI and Hezbollah are targeting IPC. In the past, there have been a number of tech sabotages and cyber attacks by Islamists to seize the broadcast of IPC, simply because IPC is the largest Iranian website on the net and its goal is to protect and serve the Persian Culture. Islamic Republic of Iran is an Anti Iranian (Anti Persian) regime.

IRI or as we refer to it as the AIOG (Arabo-Islamic Occupational Regime) has been illegally occupying our nation since 1979. Our goal is to end the reign of IRI and Islam in Iran, by all means possible.

Iran Politics Club supports the fight to establish Freedom, Secularism, Federalism, Human Rights and Democracy in Iran.

Background History

Iran has now 20 million Internet users compare to only 4 million users a few years ago. Iranian net users are now having DSL available to them rather than only Dial Up a few years ago.

IRI’s New Wave of Internet Censorship

The IRI’s new cyber war strategy to censor Internet consists of 4 different tactics:

a) Hi Tech Filtering Technology

b) Building a National Internet Wall

c) IRI Internet Police

d) Cyber Terrorism

Now we will elaborate on each tactic.

a) Hi Tech Filtering Technology

IRI has been actively using Internet Filters to filter the Islamically Incorrect and Undesired sites and the Opposition has been actively using the Proxies, filter breakers and anonymous systems and software to flow the information to Iran. Please review:

Filter Breakers and Systems to Bypass IRI Filters Thread

b) Building a National Internet Wall

The desired goal for IRI is to build a solid Internet Wall and Censorship System around Iran. Their present system is the prototype and they are actively working on the final draft, as solid as the Wall of China!

c) IRI Internet Police

IRI Internet Police Bureau, also known as “Iran Internet Crime Police” (created on 2009) is a clear effort to silence the opposition's Internet outlets. Iranian authorities have deployed a special police force to search and sweep websites for political material and prosecute those deemed to be spreading so-called anti regime lies! Most opposition Web sites are already banned, but activists have continued to set up new sites within days of the old ones being blocked and filtered.

The new Internet police force reports directly to the prosecutor's office. Police Colonel Mehrdad Omidi heads this police force. Omidi said:

“Iran Internet Crime Police will go after insults and the spreading of lies by the so-called opposition and enemies of Islam!”

Systematic Brainwash of the masses via Internet Censorship and Massive Islamic Propaganda is an old IRI Tactic!

IRI Authorities know that the Internet is one of the few available channels for the opposition to make its voice heard. They want to silence opposition voices. Iran is using an electronic surveillance system to monitor communications by political dissidents on the Internet. A monitoring center installed by Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) for IranTelecom intercepts Web-based communications and archives them for the Iranian government. As of now, Internet Service Providers (ISP) in Iran are required to store all the data sent or received by each of their clients. ISPs may delete the data no sooner than 3 months after the expiry of each client's contract. This is the ultimate invasion of privacy by IRI! The growing popularity of the Internet has lead to increasing government control of online speech. The Iranian blogosphere has become as one of the largest and most active in the world. Iranian Islamically Incorrect Blogs are basically about politics, religion, poetry, art and culture.

Internet has played a crucial role for the opposition during the Iranian 2009 elections and riots. Internet censorship system in Iran has become one of the most sophisticated in the world. Iran and China are the only countries which aggressively and continuously filter the Internet, using their own sophisticated technologies. Iran's aggressive filtering systems have contributed to the implementation of a centralized filtering strategy and a reduced reliance on the Western technologies.
IRI Internet Police Bureau is the latest IRI shenanigan to battle freedom of speech!

d) Cyber Terrorism

When all the above options do not work and all options come to a halt, then IRI scoops as low as it could get. IRI commits cyber terrorism! IRI Cyber Terrorist Task Force is a high tech unit exclusively drafted as the last option to battle opposition cyber networks.

History of IRI Attacks on IPC

Due to latest political unrests in Iran, IRI Cyber Terrorist Task Force of the Ministry of Information and Islamic Propaganda (Ershad) was ordered to silence major opposition websites and networks. Amongst the networks on top of the list were IPC, the largest Iranian website on the net. So IRI once more attacked IPC.

IRI does not waste time with every petty opposing site to the regime but it only targets major threats to the regime. The most educational, informative and communicative net tool in the hands of the Iranian opposition is IPC; therefore, this network was targeted as a priority!

For the last 30 years, IRI has done its best to interrupt the flow of information to Iran. For the last 10 years IRI has done its best to seize the broadcast of IPC. They have not succeeded and they will not succeed in the future. The cyber war will continue, the struggle will continue and the mass education of the Iranian youth and the student movement, and their preparation to overthrow IRI will continue.

The present situation is only a battle amongst many battles in this war. Ultimately we the Iranian Opposition will win this war. IRI cannot oppress all of the people during all of the times!

To review the IRI’s past cyber sabotages and attacks on IPC, read this article:

IRI Banned and Filtered IPC Website

How to Break IRI National Internet Filters?

To review various suggested systems and proxies to bypass IRI filters and read IPC from inside Iran, read this thread:

Filter Breakers and Systems to Bypass IRI Filters Thread

IRI Lobby in USA and Terrorist Activities Around the Globe

To inform yourselves about the Cyber Sabotage, espionage and other terrorist activities of IRI in Southern California, America and Europe, also the camouflaged IRI Lobby in USA, read:

IRI, Anti Opposition Activities in Southern California

Hezbollah and Suspected Hezbollah in America!
New Tactic: IRI Lobbying in USA!

Iran Politics Club attacked by Hezbollah thread

And read the important articles on this index:

Iran Politics Club Movement

IRI is No More a Theocracy but a Military Dictatorship

On 2005 when I originally wrote about this issue, many laughed at me but now everyone is talking about it! When Ahmadinejad was first Erected (elected) as president, I warned that IRGC (Pasdaran) had made a coup and appointed Ahmadinejad as their spokesman! At that moment, I saw the Reality but it took 4 more years and Re-Erection (re-election) of Ahmadinejad for the 2nd term for the Iranian Intellectuals to reach the same point which I had reached on 2005! Review:

Inside Iran’s IRGC: Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps
Iranian Elections or IRGC Revolutionary Guards’ Coup?

Today, we the Iranian Opposition are not opposing a Theocracy, but a Military Dictatorship!

IPC Retaliation Plan

To fight a brutal Islamic Military Dictatorship, we must fight a more brutal war, Persian Style! To answer Islamic terrorism, we must use Persian violence and counter terrorism!

As you are aware, I am so self-assured that I always put issues in writing on the public Internet, before I implement them! I allow my enemies to know in prior about what exactly it is that I am going to do to them! History of IRI crimes against IPC is nothing new:

IRI Banned and Filtered IPC Website

…. but this time, they went too far!

IPC Retaliation Plan is as follows:

I. IPC is now stronger than before and will continue her broadcast more powerful than ever to educate the Iranian Youth. The youth of Iran will be the ones who will ultimately destroy the reign of Islam in Iran.

II. Exposing of old IRI Lobby Groups in America, IRI Masked Foundations in America, IRI Mosques in California and other IRI – Hezbollah Sleeper Cells will magnify. We will also introduce and expose new IRI Lobby Groups to the public.  

III. In the upcoming months a number of IRI Government Websites will go down!

IV. In the upcoming months a number of IRI Mosques in Southern California will be targeted.

V. In the upcoming months, a number of IRI backed Muslim Student Associations in Southern California will be dealt with.

VI. Our center of operation is San Diego and our sphere of influence is Southern California, but our retaliation ground is the globe.

IRI Government Websites, IRI Cyber Saboteurs, IRI Foundations, IRI Mosques, IRI backed Media, IRI backed Lobby Groups, IRI Muslim Student Associations and other IRI Agents and Businesses are all fair game. This is an open war with no rules. At this point, everything goes!

When Islamic Republic of Iran pushes my back to the wall and puts the knife to my throat, then knocks the IPC broadcast down for a month, then obviously my comrades and I are fighting for our survival. I am clearly announcing on the public Internet that if you have anything to do with IRI – Hezbollah, particularly in Southern California, then be afraid and be very afraid because you are fair game and to me just another casualty of war.

Amongst other battles, another battle was also won by the IRI and Hezbollah; however, this was just a battle in a series of battles in a long war. The War is not over! I love a strong enemy! I prefer to have strong enemies who can wrestle me to the ground and savagely cut me limb to limb than to have weak and useless friends! I respect a brutal enemy but I despise a weak friend!

I never back down from a Good Fight or a War. I respect a strong foe and I believe War is noble. I believe in extreme violence as the perfect response to violent tactics. Cyber Terrorism is a form of Terrorism; therefore, we will draft extreme measures to retaliate by all means possible.

This is not a game. This is not child’s play. It is time to separate Real Men and Women from Mice! Extreme Measures are the only options left.

End Notes

We have implemented state of the art security system on the IPC Networks. These implementations were due to the latest IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) and Hezbollah’s Cyber Sabotage and attack on IPC.

We appreciate your patience, cooperation and support. IPC broadcast shall continue, magnify and our server will be more secure, faster and stronger than ever. In the 21st century, totalitarianism of any sort is not tolerated by the masses. Democracy is the wave of tomorrow and it is smelled all over the world.

We believe in no greens, no reforms and no addition of the pacifist makeup to IRI’s face. Our color is Blood Red and we are Blood Red Nationalist Revolutionaries. We seek an end to the reign of Islam in Iran. We seek an absolute Death to IRI.

No Deals
No Reforms
Only Absolute Overthrow of IRI
More power to the Iranian Opposition

Ahreeman X and IPC Office

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