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IRI Banned and Filtered IPC Website
Ahreeman X and IPC Operations
July 19, 2008

IPC Official Announcement
In solidarity with Iranian Resistance and Student Movement
From: IPC Operations' External, Internal and Liaison Teams
To: Masses of Iran
Special Announcement for "Inside Iran" Friends, Readers, Members and Comrades
IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) Banned and Filtered IPC (Iran Politics Club) Website.
July 19, 2008

Iran Politics Club supports the fight to establish Freedom,
Secularism, Federalism, Human Rights and Democracy in Iran.

To be distributed in:

Tehran University
Shahid Beheshti (Melli) University
Amir Kabir University
Sharif (Aryamehr) University
Science and Technology University
Esfahan University
Mashhad Medical University
Karaj University
Computer Jonub University
Shahryar Shahre Qods University
Shiraz University
and other major universities of Iran.

Friends, please help distributing this message by E-mail, posting on Iranian Forums, publishing on Iranian Websites, informing the global public or any other method you see fit. Friends, helping IPC means helping Iranian Opposition.

* * * * * *

Friends, Readers, Members and Comrades:

Down with Censorship of Internet.

As of July 1, 2008, Islamic Republic of Iran had officially ordered all Iranian ISPs to filter and ban the IPC Website and Club.

IPC Website

IPC Club

Index of sections:
I. Introduction
II. 8 years of Islamist cyber sabotage against IPC
III. IRI banned IPC
IV. How to log on IPC through filter breakers?
V. IPC future plans


Internet is the future. Internet is the alternative source of global communication. Internet is the means for revolution. Internet is the greatest tool for war against Islamic Republic of Iran. Khomeini exported his Islamic Revolution via cassettes recorded in France, secretly sent to Iran, played and distributed thorugh the mosques. Aryamanesh only dreamt of using Internet as a tool for revolution, set aside creation of a cyber empire such as IPC. Both Master Aryamanesh and Beast Khomeini could only dream and would love to have had the Internet as a tool to export their revolution and ideas to Iran. Today the dream is a reality. Today Aryamanesh’s dream has come true. The Persian Cyber Empire named IPC is alive and now kicking for 8 years and ongoing. The IPC’s mission is to protect and serve the Persian Culture. The goal is to support the fight to establish Freedom, Secularism, Federalism, Human Rights and Democracy in Iran. The means are the student movement, the youth and the young professionals. The goal is to facilitate all means for the ultimate end: Nationalist Revolution of Iran and to end the reign of Islam in Iran.

About 4 years ago, there were only 4 million Iranians on the net (inside Iran). Today there are over 11 million Iranians on the net! Internet is no more a communication tool, but a weapon. I know perfectly on how to use this weapon. I am a master when it comes to weapons: guns, knives, other traditional and modern weapons, but my mastery becomes unveiled and fruitful when it comes to using Internet as a weapon. The power of Internet is not deniable. Internet cannot be censored. For every censor tactic produced by IRI, the opposition comes up with an Anti Tactic to uncensor Internet. This is a war between Iranian Opposition and Islamic Republic of Iran. This most important battle series are called the “Cyber Wars”.

Internet is where we transform the idea of freedom to Iran. Internet is how we will build the future generation’s mindset. Internet is where we mold the brains of the future generation. Internet is the greatest means for the future revolution. Internet will be the death of Islamic Republic of Iran.

We are privileged to have the weapon of Internet in our hands and know how to use it. Internet is the greatest weapon, which has ever been used for a regime change or transformation of an idea. After all:

Words cannot break your bones,
But they can permanently scar you!

And we are perfectly aware of this fact!

Today, we are fighting to protect and serve our 8000 years old Persian Culture. Today we are fighting for the survival of our culture. Any thinking Iranian at some point of his or her life must choose between:

Iran or Islam?

You can’t be
A Nazi Jew,
A Black KKK,
A Christian Evolutionist,

And certainly not a Muslim Iranian!
They are simply Oxymorons! They are contradictory and flawed concepts!

This is only one battle from a war that we are fighting with IRI. The war will go on until the ultimate victory to revive Iran and end the reign of Islam in Iran.

8 years of Islamist cyber sabotage against IPC

2000 to 2008 in chronological order:
1. Technical Malfunctions of the old IPC Club in yahoo.
2. Technical malfunctions of the old IPC Website on AOL.
3. Hacking the old IPC Website on AOL and taking it off the air for few hours at a time.
4. Sabotage of IPC Surveys and records by petty Islamist Agents.
5. Sabotage of IPC Network of Communication (inside and outside Iran) on Net Meeting/Video Conferencing and Instant Messenging to stop the line of communication between our external members and student members in universities of Iran/other internal members.
6. Major technical sabotage of IPC Networks and Web Operations by Hezbollah cyber criminals.
7. Mass E-mails and repeated complains to yahoo on how IPC insults Islam.
8. Mass E-mails and repeated complains to AOL on how IPC insults Islam.
9. Pressure and Forcing yahoo to take the old IPC Club off the air.
10. Pressure and Forcing AOL to take the old IPC Website off the air.
11. Taking old IPC Club hosted by yahoo off the air.
12. Taking old IPC Website hosted by AOL off the air.
13. Technical Malfunctions of the new IPC Club.
14. Filter and ban of the new IPC Website and Club on all Iranian ISPs (March 1, 12006).
15. Filter and ban of the new IPC Website and Club on all Iranian ISPs (July 1, 12008).

IRI banned IPC

On 2004, we had started the operation of the new IPC Website and Club on our own secure domain and server. Hezbollah had done one failed attempt to sabotage the new IPC Club. Afterwards, we secured the Club with the highest system of security available. Seeing no other alternative to block IPC's net broadcast, Islamic Republic of Iran had decided to force all Iranian ISPs to block IPC.

IRI’s First Banning of IPC

As of March 1, 2006, Islamic Republic of Iran had officially ordered all Iranian ISPs to filter and ban the IPC Website and Club.

Later on the ban was lifted; however, various ISPs inside Iran, on their own started to filter IPC! It was a type of self-censor before the major censor by Ershad (Ministry of Islamic Propaganda) would kick in!

IRI’s Second Banning of IPC

On July 1, 2008, once again Ershad had ordered a general ban of IPC.

An Experiment

As of July 1, 2008 we have analyzed the statistics results from 4 different statistics sites which are monitoring IPC (Buttons on the bottom left corner of the homepage). We have noticed that:

I. Viewership from inside Iran had dropped from 2nd place (after USA) to the 4th place (after USA, UK and Canada)!

II. Direct viewership from inside Iran dropped drastically while the indirect proxy (filter breaker) viewership had risen astronomically!

III. Comrades inside Iran using various ISPs (Internet Service Providers) started reporting that IPC is filtered.

Important Note

Please note that IPC is the only Iranian Website-Network outside Iran and in English Language with a “major Iranian viewership” (inside Iran), often 2nd place only after the USA Viewership. IPC readers are basically high school and college students, student movement, youth intellectuals and young professionals inside and outside Iran.

Earlier this month, while we were experimenting and collecting information about the severity of the latest ban, I had noticed that even though almost all ISPs inside Iran had filtered IPC, yet we still have direct log in to IPC from inside Iran! How can this be?

I had a dialogue with Sam Ghandchi, the Information Technology expert:

“But you know what? Still some accounts log in direct from Iran! They must be Hezbollah! Or maybe they log in from Government Administration offices with access to all filtered websites! What do you think?”

Sam Ghandchi:
“Neither. It is Iran :)
When filtering means creating a business to sell unfiltered service just as banning satellite dish meant a new business to sell satellite dish in black market.”

Afterwards, I sent a small questionnaire to various comrades in different cities of Iran:

I. Can you connect to IPC without proxy (filter breakers)?

II. Can you connect to IPC with proxy (filter breakers)?

III. What proxies succeed and which ones fail?

IV. What is your ISP?

After collecting all these information, I responded to Sam Ghandchi:

“You were correct. After reviewing various comrades’ e-mails from various locations of Iran, we have reached the conclusion that again, IRI had officially banned and filtered IPC! Our Iranian viewership had dropped from 2nd place (after America) to 4th place (after America, UK and Canada). Our proxy viewership increased drastically. You told me to inform you of IPC status. Well, you can officially add IPC back to the banned sites!

You are also correct about the publicity and economic gimmick by IRI to sell accounts on new ISPs as Filter free ISPs, the same as they collect the satellites to sell them again in the black market. This is confirmed by comrades inside Iran.

They filter sites like IPC, then suddenly an old or a brand new ISP starts to spread the rumors that this is the best ISP which you can dial all banned sites with it. All of a sudden their sales goes up! Same bull Shiite goes on and on and on ….

Banning sites like collecting satellites is an economic gimmick to make money. Of course pasdars and government get their shares. You’re a wise man.”

... and the episode goes on ...

Banning Sites, a New Business for the Corrupt IRI Government

This is as ridiculous as it can get! This is the way the game is played:

Censorship = Dollars Game
Step by Step Method

I. IRI, Ershad (Ministry of Islamic Propaganda) bans Websites and TV Satellites, so people will not have access to “Islamically Incorrect” Websites and TV channels!

II. IRI orders all ISPs (Internet Service Providers) to filter the undesired sites. IRI goons collect all TV Satellites from people’s homes.

III. IRI connected or IRI partner ISP companies or brand new ISPs created by IRI or in cahoots with IRI start a rumor about their brand new service including the filter free access to all banned sites! IRI connected businesses also start the underground advertisement about their new TV Satellites which can dial all undesired channels!

IV. People join these ISPs by hundreds of thousands to have access to the filtered sites! People buy these satellites by tens of thousands to have access to the undesired TV Channels!

V. ISP Companies, Satellite Companies and related businesses make a killing and a fortune. Government, Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) and Police get their shares of the profit. People get ripped off and stuck with one set of useless ISP subscriptions and repossessed satellites, but still they are happy that they have access to new ISPs and new Satellites accessed from the “Black Market”, supposedly behind IRI’s back but actually with IRI’s blessings!

VI. Another fruitful month loaded with treachery and corruption passes by in Islamic Republic of Iran. Rich gets richer, poor gets poorer, people remain quiet, occupied and happy. IRI gets to live another year! Ain’t Islam great?

Important Note about E-mails

Have in mind that e-mails registered via ISPs inside Iran are tapped; however, e-mails registered using services and companies from outside Iran are not tapped. It is recommended to acquire your e-mail accounts not from your ISPs, Search Engines, Websites and companies inside Iran, but to get your e-mail accounts from ISPs, Search Engines, Websites and companies outside Iran. Why is that? So IRI agents with too much time on their hands will not tap your e-mail conversations!

Important Note about Hezbollah Friendly Sites and Forums outside Iran.

If you are a political person or you often travel to Iran, yet you are a critic of IRI, then by all means avoid posting on Hezbollah Friendly websites, forums and surely do not register for their services or e-mails.

It is very easy to trace you all the way to your doorsteps from your e-mail, registration, forum post, sent article, fax, Instant Message, Private Message or any other opening. For the list of some of the Hezbollah Friendly Websites, review:

Hezbollah and Suspected Hezbollah in America, IRI Lobby

How to log on IPC through filter breakers?

Fight The Islamic Censorship
A new list of Filter Breakers

Islamic Republic of Iran is forcing the Iranian ISPs to filter the Internet. Many Iranian Political Sites are blocked and filtered. Islamic Republic of Iran, Islamic Information Agency, Ministry of Information and Propaganda, IRIB, Islamist Technicians, many Arabo-Islamic Nations and ISPs are filtering the Internet. Battle the censorship. Use Proxies to log on to "All" Banned sites. Here is a list of free proxies and how to use them:

Step by step manual on how to use proxy sites (Filter Breakers) to log on IPC Website:

1. Go to any of these proxy sites:

more proxy sites (filter breakers)
Yahoo Proxies

2. Type in the IPC (or any other banned site's) URL in the provided text box:

3. Select or unselect (optional) desired boxes for browsing options. The options such as these:

- Includes a mini URL-form on every HTML page
- Remove client-side scripting (i.e. Javascript)
- Accept HTTP cookies
- Show images
- Show referring website in HTTP headers
- Use rotate13 encoding on the URL
- Use base64 encoding on the URL
- Strip meta HTML tags
- Strip Website title
- Store cookies for this session only
- Open URL in a new window

4. Click on provided browse button or click on "Enter" button on your keyboard pad.

5. Enjoy free and secure, anonymous browsing of IPC or any other banned website.

Important Articles and Videos

Proxies, IRI Filter Breakers and Bypassing IRI Internet Wall (Sam Ghandchi) Video

How to Neutralize IRI Filtering 1 and 2

How to Neutralize IRI Filtering 3

Filter Breakers to Bypass IRI Filters Thread

IRI Proxy Battles

These days, IRI even filters the filter breakers, so we have to constantly come up with new filter breakers for the comrades inside Iran or we can use a method explained in this video:

Proxies, IRI Filter Breakers and Bypassing IRI Internet Wall (Sam Ghandchi) Video

Psiphon Software

The method is Psiphon:

Psiphon Software

In the above video, Sam Ghandchi vastly explains the how to use method of this software.

IPC Future Plans

For any cheap Islamist tactic, Iranian Opposition will create an Anti Tactic! We will not allow Islamic Republic of Iran or any other Totalitarian Regime to censor the Internet. Internet is the last source of information flow to Iran and we will not allow the Islamist Terrorist Regime of Iran to block it.

Call for Global Uncensorable Internet

As of July 1, 2008, Islamic Republic of Iran had officially ordered all Iranian ISPs to filter and ban the IPC Website and Club again! By doing so, in the short run, IRI will cut our inside Iran readers at least by half! Even though, Iranian Internet surfers are very Hi-Tech, yet most likely, only half of our readers are likely to be aware of the new proxy sites and filter breakers. We are hoping to eventually educate all our old viewers and prospect future viewers about the usage of the new proxy sites and filter breakers.

There are also other hi tech plans, programs, plots and solutions as the new aces in our bag! Due to the security purposes we cannot reveal the nature of these new techniques to fight the cyber war with IRI.

We congratulate the unlawful and un-elected Theocratic Terrorist Regime of Mullahs for temporary blockage of IPC and Iranian Opposition's stream of information to Iran, but make no mistake, by no means, this is surrender!

We will spread the word and teach the usage of filter breakers to all the student movement, youth, resistance and freedom fighters of Iran. We will not allow Islamist Terrorist Regime of Tehran to censor the Internet.

The battle will continue until the ultimate victory of democracy over dictatorship.

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Freedom Sweet Freedom
Down with Censorship
Fight For Freedom

You can kill the messenger but you can never kill the message!

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