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Unavoidable Change is Coming!

Iranian Media Mafia
Unavoidable Change is Coming!
Ahreeman X
September 13, 2007

The Independent Media is breaking the chains to set the masses free.
The Unavoidable Change is Coming!

Folks, let me tell you all about the "Iranian Media Mafia". Iranian Media Mafia consists of 2 groups.

Iranian Media Mafia:

· Iranian Reformist Media
· Iranian Media Homeless

Iranian Reformist Media

Iranian Reformist Media consists of a few groups.

Iranian Reformist Media:

· Iranian Islamist Reformist Media
· Iranian Liberal Reformist Media
· Iranian Jebhe Meli (Iran National Front) Media

Iranian Reformist Media represents the Reformist Fraction of Hezbollah, Liberal Reformists, Jebhe Meli Iran, National Islamists (Meli Mazhabi) and so called Liberal Left Reformists whom are in cahoots with the Islamic Republic of Iran. These are the groups whom believe in the Reforms under the Islamic Republic of Iran and in the framework of the Islamic Constitution. These are the Liberal Left In-Tell-Egg-Chew-Alls of the Eye-Rainian community. These are the supporters and followers of Mohammad Khatami, Shirin Ebadi, Akbar Ganji and alike. These are the groups, which exist as a block on the way of the True Nationalist Revolution of Iran. This group is the snake in the sleeve of our shirt!

Who Are They?

Iranian Reformist Media consists of all the Iranian Televisions, Radios, Rag Papers, Ragazines and Websites belonging to Islamist Reformists, Liberal Reformists, Jebhe Meli and so on … serving the will of the Liberal Fraction of Hezbollah (Reformists) and Whores of the Opposition (Jebhe Meli).


The perfect example would be:

The Iranian Magazine

Jahanshah Javid with his toy award granted to him by his friends!
JJ the illiterate Tabloid Owner has been named as the Greatest Iranian Journalist by WAALM! This is the same as granting the owner of the People's Magazine Tabloid or Javanan Magazine Tabloid, the Pulitzer Award for Journalism! This is how cheesy WAALM is!

Jahanshah Javid (The Owner) is an old Fundamentalist Hezbollah of yesterday, turned Liberal Reformist of today! This opportunist buffoon goes by the direction of the wind, any which way the wind blows!

What is Their Goal?

To monopolize the Iranian Media any which way they can, so they will be the only voice heard by the Iranians, hence they can effect and brainwash the Iranian minds in to the Liberal Reformist mindset. You see, inside Iran, they have a systematic method of brainwash through schools, propaganda, mosques and even speakers on the intersections of the main streets, but in exile they allow their media to do this chore!

Shiite of the Season Index

28 + Years of Brainwash


To create cheesy mottoes such as:

No War - Make Love, Let Us Unite, Can we all get along? … etc.

To form coalitions, to promote pacifism, to lobby in US Congress, to preach tolerance for all and all to inject in public's brains that:

Islamic Republic of Iran is misunderstood, must be tolerated and any change must come from Reforms from within the Islamic System!

So they portray the Blood thirsty IRI as a Reformable Regime, but their hidden agenda is not a regime change but to prolong the life of the Islamic Republic of Iran so the business can go on as usual.

Reformists scoop as low as using immoral business practices and forming coalitions of Big Boys to keep the outsiders, out forever!

Always remember:

Hezbollah is Hezbollah, may they be Fundamentalists, Moderates or Reformists.

Iranian Media Homeless

Iranian Media Homeless consists of groups varying from Garage Based or Basement Based Iranian Satellite Televisions, 24 Hour Radios, Rag Papers, Ragazines and Cheesy Websites of Monarchists. These are truly not Monarchists but Pahlaviists.

Not Monarchist but Pahlaviist

Why Monarchy has Ended and We Must Start a New?

Role of the 21st Century Monarchs and Monarchists


Best examples would be all these Monarchist TVs, Radios and other media using the "Thug Power" to bully the democratic voices shut! Fouladvand (Anjoman Padeshahi Iran) TV is one example.

Foroud Fouladvand (Fathollah Manouchehri aka Fathollah Kos Khol)
Now Dr. Fouladvand the Monarchist Guru!
Where did this doctorate come from? What University? Monarchist School of Lies indeed!

Foroud Fouladvand (Fathollah Manouchehri) the ex-voice double (Dublor) of the Persian and foreign movies before 1979, is now the self erected, self proclaimed leader of the Monarchists and API (Anjoman Padeshahi Iran). This practically uneducated and illiterate man, a self announced Doctor is now stealing various scholars' material and copy paste it in his TV without their permission (including my material).

This bozo is now the latest Monarchist Guru! Just imagine how baseless and illiterate is the monarchist movement, to have Fathollah Kos Mashang (that is what we used to call him) as the philosophical leader!

Recently Fathollah Kos Khol had taken a trip to a neighboring country near Iran, pretending that he left to Iran to make a Coup! Now API claims that he is possibly assassinated fighting for the motherland! Most likely he is sipping on Pina-Colada in Turkey and this whole ordeal is a publicity stunt for API Television for rating!

Foroud Fouladvand is a little man, a fascist joker, a wanna be Hitler who dreams of glory and re-erection of the Monarchial Dictatorship. Fouladvand uses the Anti Islamic feelings of the naive Iranians to direct them towards a new dictatorship. He is fishing from the muddy waters!

Fouladvand's Arrogance ends in terrorism

Monarchists are the second most illiterate social class of Iran after the Mullahs.

In Monarchist Media, they talk and you listen! No one is allowed to speak except their own! You see, monarchists do not even allow you to see non-monarchist links, specifically IPC links! Censorship is the key to monarchist success! We don't care. We allow you to view all sides of the story and we give you all kinds of information and links. We allow you to judge for yourself.

API Iransara

API Tondar

API No Mullahs

In Monarchist media, Monarchists talk and you listen. Monarchist doctrine dictates that you are either a Monarchist or an Akhund. Anyone who is not a Monarchist, must be an Akhund (Pro IRI)! So you must shut your mouth, listen to Monarchists preach to you about the glory of the Pahlavi Dictatorship or else they will brand you as Akhund and Mullah! This is exactly what they had done to me! They have decided that I am an Akhund. So may as well, I act like an Akhund! So I turned to an Akhund:

Nurollah X - People and I (Hilarious Q & A)

What is Their Goal?

Unlike the "Iranian Reformist Media", their goal is very simple:

To return the Pahlavi Dictatorship to power with Reza Pahlavi as the dictator.

To do the above, they will not hesitate to scoop to the lowest methods possible …


To falsely promote and pretend that all "Nationalists" of Iran are in fact "Monarchists", so the people will ultimately not able to distinguish between the Monarchy (A Dead Ideology) and Nationalism (The Future of Iran).

Warmates - Fereydoun Farrokhzad, The Real Story!

To create cheesy audio, video, web media and hard copy propaganda for the uninformed, so they can preach that the Pahlavi Regime was the Heaven on Earth and Mohamad Reza Pahlavi was a Saint; therefore, we must return Iran back to the Pahlavi Era.

You see, Monarchists have no intention to bring up democracy to Iran, but they love to bring back the Imperial Dictatorship to power.

Monarchists are ruthless and they will use every immoral tactic to monopolize the business.

Where Hezbollah and Shahollah Come Together?

But throughout this charade called the Iranian Media, there are times that "Iranian Reformist Media" and "Iranian Media Homeless" come together!


One example would be the "WAALM Scam"

World Academy of Arts, Literature and Media
Mystic Persian Golden Lioness Award

This is where "Iranian Reformist Media" and "Iranian Media Homeless" comes together and jointly creates the "Iranian Media Mafia"!

It is a zoo out there! Everyone from Jahanshah Javid to Voice of CIA (VOA) all the way to Monarchists are there! Take a look at the members. The members are also the award winners! They are the members, they sit around and then they give each other awards! This is the most cockamamie episode, fabricated for the Iranians in exile!

For instance they sat around and named Jahanshah Javid as Iran's greatest Journalist! This is the same as granting Larry Flint of the Hustler Magazine, the Pulitzer Prize! This is beyond Cheesy!

Do not get me wrong, there are talents amongst the award winners, but by majority, this deal is a cheesy attempt to set standards for the Iranians on what to believe, how to live, what is acceptable and what not! Episodes like WAALM, brainwash the average Iranian in to the desired form.

Yes, when needed, Hezbollah and Shahollah come together to monopolize the business, media and minds!

Go to Jahanshah Javid's Tabloid (The Iranian) and you will see Monarchists are writing articles in there! But you will never see a real Hard-core, Anti IRI, Iranian Opposition article in there!

Iranian Media Mafia

Together, Iranian Reformist Media and Iranian Media Homeless form the "Iranian Media Mafia". This is a closed circle where no one gets in and everyone is kept out unless with the permission from the above!

The Monopoly

Iranian media Mafia loves to monopolize the business. If you are an independent media, they will do their best to marginalize you, isolate you and black ball you!

Inxile and Exile

Back home (Inxile), where people of Iran live in a homely exile, the monopoly of the media existed (Shah's Era) and does exist (Mullah's Era). Before 1979, State controlled the media, what to say and what not. After 1979, state still runs the show, but the only difference is that Shah had been replaced with Mullahs! It is a state controlled media and that is how the monopoly gets done.

Out of Iran (Exile), things are done differently! There exists a free market but the Iranian Media Mafia makes it almost impossible for any "Independent Media" to exist! As always, the "Elite" has the money, power and monopoly! Yesterday's Media Lords (Shahollah) have the old money and today's Media Lords (Hezbollah) have the new money! Where does that leave us? We will end up with the Boner!

The Good Iranian!

You see, this is not about what the masses want to see, hear or read! This is about what Iranian Mainstream Media wants you, the masses to see, hear or read! They will decide what is good for you, what is mainstream and what is acceptable.

Iranian Media Mafia decides what is the acceptable behavior and lifestyle in the norm of the Shallow and Superficial Iranian Community. While your children are bombarded with Arabtoxication in Inxile and Westoxication in exile, the Iranian Media Mafia sets the standard for how to be an acceptable Iranian!

Be a good Iranian, buy a larger diamond ring and a bigger BMW than your neighbor, support your local Cabaret, Disco and Whorehouse! Go to Cheesy Iranian Concerts where Shahram-e Gay and other Bache Kunis shake their hairy asses and sing to you about Kos O She'r. Mass Consumption, Fraud, Chelo Kaboby, concert and Shallow media …… that's the Iranian way!

Frag your fellow Persian up the Shiiter but not to worry, after Lavat and shafting your fellow Iranian, just go to the Mosque, Synagogue, Temple or the Church, and Allah, Yahweh, Ahura or Jesus will wash all your sins away, kiss it and make it all feel better!

Be a good Shiite and go to Ziarat (Pilgrimage) to Imam Reza's Shrine. Donate to buy salvation for your family and friends. Don't spend a dime for the freedom of your country, but make sure to support your local cleric, media lord, celebrity and the favorite Bache Kuni up and coming star in the skies of Iran!

You see, you are an Iranian, you can't digest democracy. You must always live under some thug, a Shah, a Mullah, a Dictator or a Baboon in Exile! This is how it is done, the Iranian Way!

Iranian Media Mafia will blueprint your lifestyle and plan it to the detail. Live life like the cattle, The Iranian way! Let us all live Shallow, Superficial, Cheshm Ham Cheshm, and respectable lives. Let us not make a slight change or even attempt to make a change to possibly break this Aquarium Glass which we live behind it!

Let us not Evolve or Embetter ourselves, thus we are respectable Iranians!

How is it that all of these Iranian Billionaires and Millionaires do not spend a dime to Change the status Quo but they spend unlimited amounts for their pleasures, bellies and under bellies! The funny thing is that they all claim that they are Great Nationalists!

The Alternative

There are a few "Independent Media" out there in the barren deserts and snowy mountains of the Persian Land! One of these Independent Media is IPC. We have created the "Iran Politics Club" as an alternative media to the sad situation of the present Iranian Media Mafia.

Website for Thinking Iranians

We had created IPC to give you, the people, a choice. The choice to think and live freely, an alternative to what they want you to be! We have created IPC to establish "Individualism" in the Iranian Brainwashed Community. Iran Politics Club is the Website for Thinking Iranians. Think outside the box. Do not follow your leaders and do not follow your Iranian Media Mafia. You are an individual; therefore, think for yourselves.

Against all odds, and with no support from Hezbollah, Shahollah and their mouthpieces (Iranian Media Mafia), IPC started to exist, 7 years ago. Where do we get our power? Where do I get my power? Masses of Iran, that's all.

The Youth

Give me the youth, thus the old is dead and dying, unreformable and bound to disappear. I communicate, work and interact with the Student Movement and the Youth. They are the future of Iran. I am working on the future of Iran. There is no sense hanging to the old. The old is diseased and the old stands for all the superficial values, which I hold responsible for the state that we are in! This disaster is created by the old.

If they were pro Khomeini, they helped to destroy Iran ….
If they were pro Shah, they were not worthy to stand and fight for Iran …
The Hell with both!

Let the Old die away …..
Long Live The Youth.

The Tabloid Life

Give me the Student Movement and the Youth and we will build the Iran of tomorrow. Keep the Old Drunk and Addicted to Vodka and Opium in your Cabarets, Discos and tuning in to your Satellite TVs, Radios, Cheesy Websites, Rag Papers and Ragazines full of lies and shallow garbage. Keep the Old tuned in to Tabloids.

Keep the old tuned into tabloids and try to keep the young stupid so they can follow the leader, but this is where I jump in …. To save the youth from your brainwash!

Yes, there are still a few Independent Media out there in the Barren Doomed Persian Lands and IPC is one of them.

Youth of Iran, as long as you want to fight against the superficial acceptable mainstream Iranian society and their cheesy values and their fraudulent lifestyle, then I am with you.

I am a born rebel. In "The Wild One", the Coper asked Marlon Brando: What are you rebelling against? Brando said: What do you got?

I am rebelling against the Status Quo of the Iranian Society, Up-position and Media. I am rebelling against The Establishment. Until My Comrades and I are alive and until there will be a single soul willing to fight, IPC will exist. IPC will exist, so I can offer you a home. Do you want a change? Are you sick and tired of the Iranian Mainstream Media? Are you sick and tired of Iranian Superficial Society? Are you screaming and aching for a Change? Do you want a Change? Then I offer you a Home!

The Revolution, The Change and The Future of Iran, starts right here. Together, we will rebel against The Establishment. Together we will move towards the future. We shall Change everything from the scratch. We shall not belong to any Cults. The Cults are for fools. The Right, The Left, The Center, Hezbollah, Shahollah, Iranian Media, Iranian Respectable society, screw them All.

"Everything they have done in the past was wrong or else we would have not ended up where we are today!"

Sins of the Fathers!

Your parents had destroyed your lives and your country. Your parents are responsible for the present disaster. Now you are alone either living with depression in Inxile or living detached from this dancing drunking Sheeple in Exile!

Your elders took away your country, your roots, your heritage and your identity. Your elders are worthless. They are sitting in exile, leading comfortable lives in their mansions like Reza Pahlavi, not giving a flying fandango about your needs and your lives, or they live beautiful lives in Tehran, ruling the cattle, such as ruling Bazaaris, Corporate Owners, Mullahs and Respectable Hajis!

How can these people relate to you? How can they understand your problems? How can they feel your pain, the pain of you dying inside your shell?

You, the Youth of Iran, you can't even speak, read or write proper Persian! In Inxile you are dying of Arabtoxication and in Exile you are infected with Westoxication. What happened to Persianhood? Who are you? What happened to your identity?

Youth of Iran, if you are willing to fight for your survival, then I am willing to fight for you. Hold my hand and let me hold your hand. Together we will build the future of Iran. Together we will fight to establish Freedom, Secularism, Federalism, Human Rights and Democracy in Iran. Together we will "Change" The Beast.

Fight alongside me, fight alongside me against all odds, fight with me for a Change, fight with me for your existence, fight with me because we only have each other and no one gives a rat's ass about us.

Back home, before 1979, I was rebelling against my own social class (Aristocracy). I despised the Dictatorship of Pahlavis and the Ruling Aristocracy including my own dynasty and family.

From Homeless to Corporate Manager, My Life

Today, I am fighting the Ruling Mullahs. The battle will go on, until we establish Government of the Masses, for the Masses and by the Masses.

There is No Way to Sugar Coat this, so let me be very clear about my intentions:

We Want to Change Everything and All Fabrics.
I Support All Revolutionaries fighting to Change The Status Quo.

The Battle will go on ………

I am down to Change All Fabrics.
I am Down with the Cause.
Are you Down with the Cause?
Help me, Help us to Help you.

I am not keen on Hip-Hop or Rap, but I support All Revolutionary Artists. Allow me to end with these words of wisdom from the great poet, Hich-Kas:

Hich-Kas: Conflict (Ekhtelaf) Free Style

Hich-Kas: Conflict (Ekhtelaf) Mix

Hich-Kas Site

For more Revolutionary Music:

IPC Multimedia

Together we will Change All Fabrics.

Say it loud and say it with pride:

No Gods
No Shahs
No Imams
No Masters
No Prophets
I bow to no Gods.
I serve no Masters.
I control my own destiny.
I am a Thinking Man.
I am a Free Man.


Pure Persian Pride

Ahreeman X

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