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Alireza Pahlavi’s Suicide and IRI Lobby in USA
Ahreeman X
January 7, 2010

Left: Alireza Pahlavi shot himself in the head due to depression.
Right: Trita Parsi shot himself in the foot due to sticking his foot in his mouth (Foot Mouth Disease)!

Opening Notes

Now you may ask yourselves:
What on earth does Alireza Pahlavi’s death has to do with the IRI Lobby in USA?

Do not be restless, be patient my friends. Patience is a virtue. Read the complete article and you shall discover the connection. By the end of the article, curtains will be lifted and you will not just learn the hidden treasures about both Alireza Pahlavi and the IRI Lobby in USA, yet you will also discover the connection between the two. At the end of the line, only those with patience shall gain the virtue! Thus spake Ahreeman ……

On Tuesday, the 44 year old Alireza Pahlavi had shot himself in the head at Boston. He was the second Pahlavi sibling who committed suicide in exile since the 1979 Islamic Revolution of Iran.

Leila Pahlavi committed suicide by drug overdose.
Alireza Pahlavi committed suicide by shooting himself in the head.

L: Alireza the Happy man. On the surface, Alireza Pahlavi was a smiling warm person.
R: Alireza the Sad man. Deep inside, Alireza Pahlavi carried large wounds.

Due to severe depression, Leila Pahlavi was addicted to narcotics. Alireza Pahlavi was not addicted to drugs but he was addicted to depression. Both siblings had problems adjusting themselves from the royal lifestyle in Iran to living in exile. Both siblings had missed and lost their father in their early youth. Both siblings had private and personal misfortunes in love and life. Both siblings were severely depressed.

Leila Pahlavi at age 31 committed suicide via drug overdose (2001).

Alireza Pahlavi at age 44 committed suicide via shooting himself in the head (2011).

Alireza Pahlavi studied Ancient Iranian Studies and Music. He was surely an ancient history enthusiast. One thing was for sure that Alireza was more militant, nationalistic and passionate about the Iranian affairs than his older mellow yellow pacifist brother, Reza Pahlavi II.

What would a Military Commander do?

Fardia Pars, a monarchist insider to the Pahlavi Family stated:
“Alireza Pahlavi’s style even in taking his life was militaristic in nature, reflecting his royal background. Like an army commander, he shot himself. He was a very disciplined man."

It is true that Alireza Pahlavi was more militant than his pacifist older brother, Reza Pahlavi; however, a military commander, a militant activist and a well disciplined man does not choose the cowardice way out of any trouble such as depression. Suicide is the most cowardly way and solution for any problem.

Pahlavi Siblings when everyone was alive!
L to R: Pahlavi Siblings - Leila Pahlavi, Alireza Pahlavi, Farahnaz Pahlavi and Reza Pahlavi

If I was Alireza Pahlavi and if I had my mind set on suicide (which I never will), then I would have planned a perfect mission to target an Iranian populated city in USA and attend one of the many popular IRI Foundations or Mosques of this city during a Friday prayer and mourning on Moharam (Islamic month of fasting and mourning), possibly on Tasua or Ashura days, when all the big local IRI shots and 5th column such as the local clerics, front businessmen, Hezbollah leads, spies and other agents are present. I would disguise myself, attend the mosque and blow up myself along with the complete mosque! At least, this way I would go out with a bang, go down fighting and register my name in the history of the Iranian Opposition as a Hero and a Martyr who has sent a great number of Hezbollah and Islamists to their doom for visiting Allah! I mean if you must kill yourself, then at least do it constructively rather than cowardly, so it will mean something and it will be remembered by many people.

Pahlavi Family strolling in the garden
L to R: Leila, Alireza, Farahnaz, Reza and Yasmine Pahlavi (Reza’s spouse)

Yes, a military commander or an opposition activist does not kill himself and even if he does, then he will not do it for no apparent results to achieve a greater good! This is not Means to justify any Ends!

My Depression Theory

With all due respect and with condolences to Empress Farah Pahlavi for her third grave loss (Mohammad Reza Shah, Leila and Alireza), I can’t help myself not being blunt, after all, neither Empress Farah, nor the Iranian community would like me to be a fake. The Iranian community expects me to be blunt, real and controversial about this issue, the same as every other issue.

I am not a sycophant and a Persian Flatterer; therefore, I shall analyze and boldly dig deep in to this issue rationally, truthfully and fairly. Same as always, I shall do it My Way!

Pahlavi Family during the Good Old Days in Iran
L to R: Pahlavi Family - Farahnaz Pahlavi, Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, Reza Pahlavi, Leila Pahlavi, Shahbanu Farah Pahlavi and Alireza Pahlavi

Speaking as an experienced outcast member of the Iranian aristocracy and royalty, I shall state here that very wealthy people including but not limited to the Iranian Royalty and Aristocracy in exile are often the victims of this so-called western disease named “Depression”! In the west, specifically America, the Liberal Establishment, Educational System and Medical Gurus do tend to create all types of medical disorders (both physical and mental) out of their rectums! They just love to brand everyone including preschoolers and children with some sort of disorder, disease and illness well fabricated in their scholarly politically correct liberal universe!

Depression is also a tricky one! Like it or not, I do not believe that depression is a “Real Disease”! A while back, I was having a chatter with a couple of IPC comrades (Robert and Camran Mirza) about depression. I boldly stated that depression is disease of the rich. The rich has too much money and too much time on their hands and this is why they get depressed.

Who gets depressed?

If we dig deeper, we will notice that by majority, a few types of people often get depressed:

I. People with too much money.

II. People with too much time.

III. People with no jobs, too much money and too much time.

So all the above people often fall as the poor victims of depression! Now let us break it down to the Iranian Community in Exile:

Iranian Career Exilists, Iranian Career Opposition, Iranian Super Wealthy, Iranian Aristocracy and indeed Iranian Royalty are no exceptions to this law!

Having no job, no career, no hobby, no purpose in life, yet having too much money and too much time on their hands, leads them to depression. Down the road, depression leads to suicide.

I strongly believe that depression is basically not a chemical imbalance, but it is often a disease, specific to the rich with too much time on their hands! Allow me to put it in to formulas:

Formulas for Depression

No Work + Too much money + Too much time on hands = Depression => Suicide

On the contrary,

Too much Work + No Time to waste = No Time for Depression => No Suicidal Thoughts

Leila Pahlavi had a history of anorexia, bulimia, drug abuse and psychological problems. Alireza Pahlavi was a Moody Blue and both Pahlavis had no jobs (same as all Pahlavis), no career, no responsibility, no purpose in life, no hobby, no personal family and no commitment, yet too much money and too much time on their hands. This is the perfect scenario for depression leading to suicide!

People who have had everything provided for them and well fed with the silver spoons all throughout their lives, lose interest in life itself. People who never worked a day in their lives, have no skills and have no goals and purpose, will naturally become sad, isolated and feel deprived. They call this depression.

Alireza Pahlavi was an educated and well schooled person. Even though the fields of his study were not money making fields and he never used his education to do something with it, yet still he was a well schooled man. Unlike Reza Pahlavi who is a college dropout, unsophisticated, uneducated and somewhat illiterate man, Alireza was the opposite. But still, the man was severely depressed.

Who doesn’t have time to get depressed?

You see, people who work for the living, juggle many tasks, do many chores and have many responsibilities, do not have time to get depressed!

People who run around from morning to night working to provide daily bread for their families, also do not have time to get depressed.

How come I don’t get depressed?

Between jobs, chores, hobbies and juggling everything at once, I have no time to get depressed! From 1979 until this day, I have had 101 reasons to get depressed (read X Diaries) and I truly love to get depressed; however, it simply will not happen! I ask for depression but it never comes!

I have been working since I was 18 years old. After my first 16 years of luxurious life in Iran, due to severe conflict with my family and dynasty, I had cut relations, pulled up my sleeves, got down and dirty, self taught myself everything from auto mechanics, house maintenance, fixture repairs, social skills and street wisdom, all the way to cooking Persian cuisine, gardening, auto details, house chores and washing toilets!

There was a period of my life in which I preferred to be homeless and living in the streets rather than begging the Arab Kings for money to bail me out (such as Reza Pahlavi had done).

At last, I got myself out of the homeless situation and I worked my way up to corporate management. Without any help from anyone, I have done it “My Way”.

Harsh reality of life did hit me hard and dragged me down from the “Upper Class” to the “Under Class”, and from “Royalty” to “Transient”, but I never gave in to my family and social class and I surely never given up on hope and life.

My life was a roller coaster of having it all to having none and then having it all again! Even when I was down in the gutter, I was not out and I surely was never a “Bum”, a “Beggar” and a self pitying sorrowful “Depressed” weakling! Read my memoirs from those days:

My Life, from Homeless to Corporate Manager

Depressed Pahlavis

Let’s be honest, all the “Relevant Pahlavis” whom done something for Iran and all the “Relevant Pahlavis” in relation to the freedom of Iran (Reza Khan, Mohammad Reza Shah, Shahriar Shafiq, etc.) are dead and gone. The living Pahlavis are no good and no use to Iran and Iranians. They have never done anything to free Iran. Dead or Alive, they mean nothing to Iran. Amongst them, are many depressed Pahlavis with too much money and too much time on their hands! In a future article, I will vastly analyze the historical judgment of the Pahlavi Dynasty.

Reza Pahlavi’s Method of Fighting Depression!

Reza Pahlavi has created a wonderful method of fighting depression! He has created a hobby for himself pretending that he is a politician and a political activist! He ordered some cheesy books to be written under his name and he ordered a cheesy website to be created under his name. Every few years, when unrests breakout inside Iran, he huffs and puffs, runs out to CNN, MSNBC and FOX studios to do his legendary 3 minutes interviews just shouting to the world that he is still alive!

In reality, for 31 + years, he has never ever taken one lousy step or lift a pinky finger towards the freedom of Iran! I speak of firsthand knowledge and experience. The “Bum” has been waiting for 31 years for the Iranians to make a revolution and then grant him the Persian Throne and Crown by naming him the Shah!

The “Bum” has always been a coward, never lifted a finger to free Iran, never worked a day in his life, always have been bailed out by his family and Arab Kings to avoid falling flat on his face. The “Bum” is a historical disgrace to Iran and Iranians. To IRI, he is as safe as a defective matchbox (Kebrit-e Bi Khatar)! He is the last person on earth whom IRI is worried about! Observe:

Reza Pahlavi vs. Fidel Castro!

Reza Pahlavi (Mr. Mom), his pacifism, his cheesy books, his flawed logic, his empty slogans, his all cheap talks, his non action, his imitation activism, his wanna be leadership and his cheap 3 minute lectures every 3 to 5 years on American TVs, have become laughable. Reza Pahlavi has become a joke, but like it or not, he still wants to become Shah and a slim number (single digit percentage) of the Iranian population (mostly in exile) still dance with the beat of his Tonbak (Persian Percussion), solely due to his last name (Pahlavi) and him being son of the Shah and grandson of Reza Khan.

Pahlavi Family back in Iran
L to R: Alireza, Leila, Farah, Farahnaz and Reza Pahlavi

In reality, he has no trace of neither Reza Shah the Great nor Mohammad Reza Shah in his genes!

Reza Shah the Great, the Real Story

In fact, due to 31 + years of his “No Action”, presently “Reza Khan” is shaking in his grave! Reza Pahlavi should change his name from “Reza Pahlavi II” to “Mellow Jell-O Liquid Jell”. Reza Pahlavi’s legacy of the past 31 years has been a legacy of Leech-like Life, No Action, Living in the Kitchen, and Beg and Borrow when falling flat on his face in the stock market! Reza Pahlavi is nothing but a “Bum” but a “Bold Bum” who still wants to become a Shah! For more information, read:

Why Reza Pahlavi Cannot Lead the Iranian Opposition

The Dialogue Reza Pahlavi could not Enter!

Monarchist vs. Republican Views

Why Monarchy has ended and we must start a new?

Not Monarchist but Pahlaviist

Now read these enlightening historical papers:

Nature of Monarchy and Role of the 21st Century Monarchs and Monarchists

The Historical Relation between Monarchy and Shiite!

IRI Lobby Groups

This ugly mutt is the top IRI Lobbyist in America. Amongst all the multiplying IRI Lobby Groups born and fed by the terrorist regime of the Mullahs, this weasel is the top dog in IRI’s arsenal:

Trita Parsi, top IRI Lobbyist in USA

In this day and age, IRI is using the American Democratic Political System for her benefit. IRI has successfully established a 5th Column (IRI Lobby) in America to win the war against the “Great Satan” (America) by corrupting the American political body from the within! According to the US law, no person or group in USA can lobby for a State Sponsor Terrorism or a Terrorist Regime. If so, then how the hell do you explain the existence of all these IRI Lobby Groups in USA?

Take a good look at this list:

Iranian Political Organizations and Media index: Part 4 =>
IRI Lobby Groups, Media and Personalities outside Iran Section

Iranian Political Organizations and Media index: Part 4

Then read this article:

IRI Lobby in USA

There is No Iranian American Lobby Group in America.

All of these lobby groups are active solely due to a trick! The trick is that they are all claiming that they lobby for the “Iranian Americans” and not for the IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran)! In reality, there exists no Iranian American Lobby Group in America. We have no Iranian American Lobby Groups, but we only have IRI Lobby Groups.

Why there Exists No Iranian American Lobby Groups but Only IRI Lobby Groups?


I. Iranian Americans are an ethnic (not racial) minority in America. They are not an independent nation or a regime to have a specific political lobby group.

II. IRI is a nation, a regime, and she needs lobby groups to lobby for her in America.

III. Iranian Americans by grand majority despise the IRI regime and seek an end to its reign, then how is it that every single one of these Lobby Groups wants to prolong the IRI’s lifespan?

IV. How come all of these lobby groups are Anti War with IRI, Anti Sanctions against IRI, Pro Appeasement with IRI, Pro Trades with IRI and Pro Normalization of Diplomatic Relations with IRI?

V. How come every single one of these lobby groups are politically liberal democrats, vote for democrats and draft Iranian Americans to vote for Democrats?

VI. How come all of these lobby groups preach tolerance for Islamists, Muslims, building a Mosque at Ground Zero and no tolerance for profiling suspicious Muslims at airports, seaports, train stations and borders?

VII. How come board members of these lobby groups freely travel back and forth to Iran and openly wheel and deal and conduct business with Multi Billion Dollar Government and Private Corporations, Industries, and Oil Companies in Iran?

Think about it, how come board members and members of these lobby groups like Trita Parsi travel back and forth to Iran and Siamak Namazi practically lives in Iran? How is it that Patriotic Americans and Nationalist Iranians amongst the 2.7 million living in USA, such as myself cannot do this?

Iranian Population inside and outside Iran, 2010

I mean IRI welcomes us to go to Iran, but we must purchase a one way ticket because there will be no coming back! As soon as we get off the planes in Tehran, we will be directed by the very informative and hospitable IRGC, Basij, VEVAK and local police to the famous Evin or Vanak grand hotels (prisons)! After our short luxurious stays at these wonderful hotels, we will be directed towards afterlife (via execution) to be rehabilitated by Mahdi, Imam Hussein or Satan (Khomeini) himself!

For more information about IRGC and Elections, review:

Inside Iran’s IRGC: Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps

Iranian Revolution has No Colors and Heroes!

Hussein Obama, President of Choice for IRI Lobby Groups

No president in the history of America pleases the IRI Lobby more than Obama, simply because he is the worst and most incompetent president in the history of America. I did not believe that any president could ever top Carter, but obviously Obama proved me wrong!

Every single IRI Lobbyist, IRI Media, IRI Agent and other Petty Snitch members of the IRI 5th Column in America have voted for Hussein Obama. It is no secret that all Liberal Reformists (Reformist Fraction of IRI) in America do vote for Democrats; however, on 2008, they have outdone their efforts and overwhelmingly drafted the naïve cattle (uninformed Iranian American youth) by the herd to erect Obama as the president.

In 2008, the IRI Lobby in USA had conducted a massive campaign to elect Obama and shove him in to the White House. Obama was erected not only by the American Lame Stream (Mainstream) Liberal Media, Special Interest (George Soros, his empire and other leftist billionaires), Corrupt Labor Unions (AFL, CIO, etc.), Corrupt Community Organizations (ACORN, etc.), Uninformed American Youth (MTV Viewers, etc.) and the Arab Oil, but also by the IRI Lobby in USA. Observe:

Who Voted for Hussein Obama (Article)?

Who Voted for Hussein Obama (Photo Album)?

Obama Bows to Abdullah

Every single above group has been rewarded with a healthy kickback and reward for erecting Obama in to the White House. For instance Arab Oil has been rewarded greatly by Obama seizing the domestic oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and postpone the drilling in Alaska to postpone America’s energy independence and to remain dependent to the Arab Oil. Obama has also been extremely keen on Muslims and harsh towards Israel.

The same goes for IRI Lobby in USA. They were given the green light to openly lobby in the US Congress and Senate. It is no secret that Obama’s Appeasement Policies and bending over backwards for Muslims and Islamists have made IRI more confident to pursue nukes and to expand her Islamic Empire in the Middle East. Mullahs are now assured that Obama has turned America to a paper tiger which is no threat to them. Mullahs are convinced that while Obama is in office, no invasion, liberation and not even serious sanctions will be coming towards Iran; furthermore, Obama would love to meet face to face with Ahmadinejad, other IRI Officials and possibly even give a blow job to Imam Khamenei!

Hussein Obama is an out in open Socialist and a Closet Muslim; furthermore, the president of choice for the Arab Oil, Islamist Terrorists, Muslim World and indeed IRI. Allah bless Hussein Obama!

Iranian American Liberal Reformists, IRI Lobbyists, IRI Media and IRI Agents had wet themselves when Obama was erected as the president! On daily basis, they were jerking off furiously and passionately with the pictures of Obama! Have you ever seen a single Iranian American Liberal Reformist or IRI Lobbyist who ever voted Republican? Show me one and I will show you traces of democratic reforms under the Islamic Constitution in IRI.

Trita Parsi’s famous “Act as a Community” Slogan!

Where do you think Trita Parsi and the rest of the degenerates get their “Community Organizing Platform” from? Their model is Hussein Obama’s “Corrupt Community Organizing” in Chicago. Community Organizing is another term for “Corrupt Lobbying” and “Under the Table Deals”.

“Act as a Community”
(Trita Parsi)

Do you know what this slogan really means? It means:

“Become one community under IRI and vote Democratic in American elections to keep IRI in power for another 31 years”!

That’s what it means!

Iranian American Liberal Reformists

Iranian Democrats are neither American Patriots nor Iranian Nationalists. They are not American patriots because by supporting the Obama Agenda, they are destroying the American Economy, Constitution and Way of Life. They are not Iranian Nationalists because by voting Democratic, they are supporting and prolonging the IRI’s lifespan. Democrats have destroyed Iran on 1979 (Carter Era) and continue to destroy Iran now (Obama Era). How can you support a party who destroyed your country and helped bring to power and give birth to Islamic Republic of Iran and Father of the Neo Islamism, Imam Khomeini?


Reasons for the birth of IRI

What gift would you give to Carter?

The Tea Party Agenda

As a Tea Party Activist / Organizer, I can inform you that the Tea Party is a grass roots, true conservative movement which is planning to cleanup corruption in America from bottom to the top. The 2010 Midterm Election victory (House, Senate, and Gubernatorial) was a massive punch in the face of Hussein Obama and the Liberal Establishment in DC. Our agenda is to primarily cleanup the GOP, secondarily to clean up the Democratic Party and thirdly to cleanup America via Washington DC.

2010 Midterm election was a clear victory for the Tea Party. We started the Tea Party from nothing and now it is the most popular movement in America. GOP won the midterm election because we (Tea Party) are winning back the GOP!

Our platform is taking back the GOP and clean the GOP from Career Politician Republicans and so-called Wheeling and Dealing Moderate Republicans. Our plan is to return the GOP to the Golden Days of Reaganomics and the True Conservatism, Reagan Style.

American Democratic Party has been hijacked by the Radical Socialists (Obama, Pelosi, Reid, etc.) and their agenda is to change the American Constitution, Capitalism, Free Markets, Exceptionality in the world and in general American Way of Life. They want to replicate a Euro-Pee-On Model in USA.

We say No to that. We say Yes to American Way of life. We are American Constitutionalists. We are American Patriots and we are indeed Iranian Nationalists.

Reaching Across the Aisle!

Lame Stream Media says that we (Tea Party) do not reach across the aisle (in the congress to work with the liberals). This is far from the truth. As a Tea Party Activist I can testify that in fact we often do reach across the aisle!

“The only times that we reach across the aisle is to reach out and grab a few liberals by their necks to choke the hell out of them!”


Who does IRI Lobby Groups go after?

I. Celebrities to become members and to promote their cause.

II. Naïve students deprived of a social identity, seeking scholarships, free grants and a group to belong to and identify with.

III. Opportunist rats (business owners) seeking recognition, grants and funds, joining the long list of IRI Servants in America. A good number of Iranian American Satellite TVs, Radios, Websites and Media Lords are on the payroll.

IV. Many Persian restaurants, markets, libraries, centers and other front businesses with not much clientele and no business (catching flies), which always happen to manage staying open and stay in business are amongst some of these good business persons owning good front businesses doing various creative business practices (money laundry, espionage, drug deals, gun running, black market parts purchase, trades, etc.) with Tehran!

V. Last but not least, Authors, Scholars and College Professors fabricated out of nowhere, become famous and become celebrities by well IRI funding.

In the past, IRI was insisting to buy off or con the Iranian celebrities to join their lobby groups. These lobby groups would preach “No War, Make Peace” message and “Community Organizing” message to con celebrities such as Rudi Bakhtiar, Maz Jobrani, Anousheh Ansari and many others to fall on their web of deceit.

Voices for Peace Video: A Hezbollah - IRI Production

But today they have added a new tactic to achieve their strategy. Today, IRI fabricates and creates their own celebrities! They go around, seeking the college students or instructors who are already very keen on the liberal democrats, Socialists, Islamists and Anti Imperialist movements. Then they invest time and money on them, develop them to become fine university professors, get them to write a cheesy book, some articles and of course beg to shove them in to available 3 minutes time slots in the leftist shows on CNN, MSNBC and even Comedy Central. Afterwards, IRI brands them as scholars, authors, political analysts and Insiders! So basically IRI creates her own celebrities AKA Scholars in America and promotes them in the American media.

Take a look at how people like Trita Parsi, Reza Aslan and the rest of so called scholars on the boards of NIAC, PAAIA, AIC, and other IRI Lobby Groups have been fabricated and given birth to as celebrities AKA Scholars in America!

IRI Anti Opposition Activities in Southern California

An Example of Drafting Celebrities: Rudi Bakhtiar

For instance, we have warned Rudi Bakhtiar that we will expose PAAIA the same as we had exposed NIAC. So out of respect to your great uncle (Shapour Bakhtiar), I am informing you that I do not care about why you are working with them but get out ASAP while you can. I hate to bring you down with PAAIA because I have a special respect and admiration for Dr. Bakhtiar, so out of courtesy, I am giving you a heads up!

It is very difficult for me to believe that Rudi Bakhtiar was PAAIA’s spokeswoman because she was a sellout! I do not believe that she needed the money. Aside the fact that she is from a wealthy family, she is also independently wealthy. So this confirms my primary theory that these charlatans have conned her in to joining their IRI Lobby Group, but again, was Rudi Bakhtiar so naïve that she had fallen for the con job as a perfect “Mark”?!

The bottom line is that right after our contact with her, Rudi Bakhtiar dropped out of PAAIA. This was probably the most logical task that she has ever done to save her family’s and her own prestige and honor!

You Cannot Trust Anyone!

Take a good look at this list:

Iranian Political Organizations and Media index: Part 4 =>
IRI Lobby Groups, Media and Personalities outside Iran Section

Iranian Political Organizations and Media index: Part 4

And then visit these IRI Lobby Groups and take a look at the list of their board members:


PAAIA Board Members

PAAIA Fund Board Members


NIAC Board of Directors


AIC Leadership

Do you see some very familiar names? Do you see some of them are also on the payroll of George Soros and his Special Interest Groups:

Center for American Progress

There are Iranian American diplomats, judicial attorneys and counselors, government employees, Iranian TV and Radio producers, journalists, celebrities, college professors, authors and businessmen. You simply cannot trust anyone anymore! For God’s sake, your own father and mother could be IRI Lobbyists!

Important Note: How to Recognize IRI Lobby Groups?

Please notice that for each IRI Lobby Group that we expose, 2 new ones will pop out! IRI creates Lobby Groups in America by the speed of light! They have unlimited amount of funds and unlimited manpower and servants willing to be on the payroll of the Mullahs. The way to not fall for any of these groups is to keep this fact in mind that:

There exists no Iranian American Lobby Group in America.
There are only IRI Lobby Groups in America.

Anyone who tells you different, is surely an IRI Agent.

IRI Media in America

Then I would like you to take a good look at these IRI Media in America:


Now take a good look at who are their authors. Every single IRI Lobbyist and IRI Agent in America is amongst their authors! For more information, read:

IRI Lobby in USA

Basically, Jahanshah Javid ( and Ali Moayedian (Payvand) have a job and their job requires them to provide a free propaganda tribune for all three fractions of IRI:

Fundamentalists (Khamenei and Ahmadinejad fans)
Moderates (Rafsanjani and Kargozaran fans)
Reformists and Greens (Khatami and Mousavi fans)

IRI Media in America has a duty to promote IRI Lobby in America.

On the other hand, they are extremely reluctant to publish any serious and substantial voice of the Iranian Opposition:

Jahanshah Javid, Hezbollah in Disguise

This is not the place to continue exposing the IRI Lobbyists, Media Lords and Agents. I shall leave that for future articles.

Alireza Pahlavi’s Death and Trita Parsi’s Alligator Tears!

Now why have I done all of this intro to get to my point and what is my point?

Trita Parsi is a good propagandist, con artist and organizer. He also does great Photo Ops. and PR Ops.

* When he talks about Iranian Americans getting united as a community, in reality he is talking about community organizing skills must be drafted to gather Iranian Americans under the banner of IRI.

* When he is speaking of lobbying for Iranian Americans, in reality he is conning the US Congress in to believing that he does actually speak for the Iranian American community and he in fact represents them.

* When he goes around drafting Iranian naïve celebrities to become NIAC members, in reality he is using the already proven skills and methods used by various cults such as Scientology, Religious Groups, ACORN and other Liberal Reformist or Socialist ilk to use the popular names to attract and draft the everyday Iranians and community organize them (Corrupt Hussein Obama Style) into subliminal submission to IRI.

Alireza Pahlavi’s Death had become a photo op. and PR op. for Trita Parsi. The final draw was this media release by NIAC,

Trita Parsi (NIAC):
“The Iranian American Community was deeply saddened by news of Alireza Pahlavi’s death. There are many divisions in the Iranian American Community, but on a day like this, I think we are all united in our sympathy with the Pahlavi family for their tragic and painful loss.”

This statement is sadly laughable! Trita Parsi’s Ayatollah grandfathers, Hezbollah fathers and IRI Lobbyist brothers were the ones who primarily designed and established the Islamic Revolution. On the secondary, they facilitated the means to kick Shah and the Pahlavis out of Iran and put Iran under the boots of the AIOG (Arabo-Islamic Occupational Government) so far for 31 + years!

It does not matter if they wear turbans or 3 piece suits. It does not matter if they call themselves fundamentalists, moderates, reformists or Greens. What matters is that none of them has ever sought the overthrow of IRI and an end to the Islamic Constitution. All of them are always seeking for new means of reforming the IRI and they support all types of reforms as long as the IRI Islamic constitution and government stays intact. Why is that? Because the complete hierarchy of the IRI Lobby Groups in USA is funded by government and private corporations and companies either residing inside Iran or making money off of the regime of Iran. If IRI goes, all of these businesses will also go and then there will be no money and no honey for Trita Parsi, his gang NIAC and tens of other IRI Lobbyists and Lobby Groups in USA. This is their lifeline and they are shaking their moneymakers for the US Congress!

So the same people who kicked the Pahlavis out of Iran and indirectly had caused the death of Shah, Leila and Alireza, are now sending their condolences to the Pahlavi Family! Now they call for community organizing and one community of Iranian Americans united to mourn Alireza’s death! One community under Allah, Imam and Islam!

Depending on the direction of the wind, sometimes the IRI Lobbyists (Trita Parsi, Reza Aslan, etc.) wear their Green Armbands and support the Reformist Fraction of IRI and sometimes they wear their Black Armbands and support the Fundamentalist Fraction of the IRI Government but never be fooled in to believing that they have ever in the past and will ever in the future support the benefits and salvation of the Iranian people. Freedom of Iran means nothing to them. Lining of their pockets with Iranian made Green Dollars is what makes their little sensitive hearts to beat like a Symphony Drums!

What is IRI Lobby all about?

Then there are people who say Trita Parsi is Zoroastrian and so is Siamak Namazi! To them, I say so what?

Minorities can be IRI Agents too:

Voices for Peace Video: A Hezbollah - IRI Production

Zoroastrians, Bahaiis, Jews, Christians and even Atheists can also be fine IRI Lobbyists and Agents! In fact they have a better chance of selling themselves to the public if they are not Muslims! The further they are from Islam, the more believable is their message to the Iranian Americans! This is not about religion but this is about money and a lot of it indeed!

We are talking about billion dollars corporations which will be destroyed if America invades, liberates or even poses substantial sanctions and forces the globe to also post these sanctions on IRI.

No War, Make Peace, No Sanctions, Community Organizing, Good Democrats, Evil Republicans, Green Movement, Reforming IRI, and now Alligator Tears for Alireza Pahlavi are all crap and cons. Even saving the IRI regime and Islamist Ideology or Liberal Reformist doctrine are all showcases. This is not about ideology or politics.

This is all about business, money and I mean tons of money. Nothing personal folks, but we are talking about Big Billion Dollar Businesses in Tehran throwing a few pieces of bones to mutts like Trita Parsi, Hooshang Amirahmadi and other loose street puppies like them in exile.

The depth of the things we Iranians do for money!
No principles, no ideology, no ethics and surely no morality!
It’s all about money, what makes the world go round and round ….

This is why as a culture we are in desperate needs of a moral revolution to cure our Iranian Disease:

Moral Revolution, the Alternative Solution

The Iranian Disease Series

Pahlavi Family in the garden at Exile
L to R: Leila Pahlavi, Reza Pahlavi, Yasmine Pahlavi, Shahbanu Farah Pahlavi, Alireza Pahlavi and Farahnaz Pahlavi

Alireza Pahlavi

May Alireza Pahlavi’s restless wondering spirit at last rests in peace.

In hope of better days ……


Dr. X

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