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Persian Cultural Center San Diego Iran Lobby Bank

San Diego Iran Lobby Threatens Ahreeman X
PCC Persian Cultural Center San Diego Iran Lobby Bank

Ahreeman X
March 12, 2021

Joe Biden Violin Played by China and Iran Lobbies Branco Cartoon
Xi Jinping and Ayatollah Khamenei play Biden like a violin.
As senator and VP, Biden has been on China and Iran Lobbies’ Payrolls for decades.
Joe Biden is the most corrupt politician in DC for 50 years!
White House occupied by the Biden Crime Family is now the Crime House!


Iran Lobby is a Multi-Billion Dollar business. To lobby for a Terrorist Sponsor Regime is a crime in USA. Iran Lobby is an Organized Crime Enterprise. Iran Lobby Crime Enterprise operations begin in San Diego, and they go all the way to Silicon Valley, Washington DC, US Capitol and even the White House!

At the bottom of this article, you will read the trade of e-mails between a Multi-Millionaire Iran Lobby Agent and I. In this e-mail trade, San Diego Iran Lobby threatened me and I handed them a teeth-breaking response! Before we get there, I would like to clarify a few issues here, so you will have sufficient background information about the subject in hand:

Iran Lobby Information Section Index
* Hezbollah Definition
* Who is Hezbollah?
* Iran Lobby Definition
* Iran Lobby Crimes
* Who is Iran Lobby?
* Trita Parsi
* Who Supports Iran Lobby?

Trita Parsi Top Iranian Spy in Washington DC
Trita Parsi the Iranian Agent and the George Soros Agent
Head of IRI 5th Column Espionage Ring in USA
The Man behind NIAC Iran Lobby Organization

Hezbollah Definition

Many people in the west are still assuming that Hezbollah is a terrorist organization in Lebanon. Allow me to elaborate:

Hezbollah = Hezb (Party) + Allah (Islamic God) => Party of Allah

Hezbollahi = A member of Hezbollah

Hezbollah is a term promoted by Ayatollah Khomeini the founder of IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) and the Neo Islamic Terrorism on 1979. Hezbollah refers to all the followers of IRI. We refer to Hezbollah as anyone who ideologically follows the Shiite Islamic Ideology of IRI, works for IRI, lobbies for IRI or supports IRI.

Hezbollah of Lebanon is only a fraction of Hezbollah. Hezbollah headquarter is in Iran. The Iranian Hezbollah is “Ansar-e Hezbollah”. Hezbollah is headquartered in Iran and it has various fractions and organizations in Lebanon, Iraq, Syria and other Islamic countries.

Who is Hezbollah?

Many assume that Hezbollah must look like bearded and mustached men in black, wearing Palestinian style scarves and jack boots! Hezbollah comes in all shapes, forms, sexes and fashion styles! There are clean cut shaved men in three-piece suits and women in miniskirts right here in Washington DC who are Hezbollah and they lobby for IRI:

Sahar Nowrouzzadeh IRI Spy in Washington DC
Highest Ranking NIAC Alumni Still in the US Government

Namazi Family are Iran Lobby, Not US Hostages!
Globalist Criminal Billionaires, Not Innocent Victims!

Hezbollah's Front Businesses in America!
Jahanshah Javid, Hezbollah in Disguise!

Hezbollah also comes in all types of religions and religious minorities of Iran. Iran Lobby Agents have no religious boundaries. For proper amount of dollars, they commit any crimes for IRI. We have Zoroastrian, Jew, Christian and even Bahai Hezbollah:

Trita Parsi Iranian Hezbollah Agent in America

Namazi Iran Oil Mafia Family History and Photo Gallery
Namazi Family Created the IRI Iran Lobby in America

Voices for Peace Iranian Video, a Hezbollah – IRI Production

Iran Lobby Infiltrates San Diego Persian Cultural Center PCC: Part 2

Of course, we also have Iranian Terrorist Cells, right here in Washington DC who await orders from Tehran to assassinate the Iranian Opposition:

Iranian Terrorists in Washington DC

So basically, Hezbollah comes in all shapes and forms:

IRI Iranian Hezbollah Agents and Lobbyists in America

We refer to all of these groups as Hezbollah:

Hezbollah Types
* Ideological Followers of IRI
* Employees of IRI
* Terrorist Groups in Connection with IRI
* Iran Lobby in USA and the West
* IRI Backed Media in USA

Iranian Female Spies in Washington DC
Yesterday’s Muslim Whores with Islamic Hejab in Tehran before getting imported to USA
Today’s Liberal Whores without Islamic Hejab in Washington DC after being imported to USA
Negar Mortazavi and Mina Jafari Iranian Spies and NIAC Iran Lobby Agents with Javad Zarif, Iran’s Foreign Minister and the Architect of the Iran Lobby Operations in USA.

Iranian Female Spies in Washington DC
Yesterday’s Muslim Whores with Islamic Hejab in Tehran before getting imported to USA
Today’s Liberal Whores without Islamic Hejab in Washington DC after being imported to USA
Negar Mortazavi and Mina Jafari Iranian Spies and NIAC Iran Lobby Agents are Media Propagandists for IRI and Hezbollah.

Islamists in Washington DC
Negar Mortazavi Iranian Female Spy in Washington DC
L – R:
Ilhan Omar Islamist Congresswoman from Minnesota
Negar Mortazavi Iranian Spy, NIAC Iran Lobby Agent and Media Propagandist
Kamilla Sultanova Uzbek Radical Activist

Iran Lobby Definition

To lobby for the Terrorist Sponsor Regime of Tehran is a crime. The criminals who lobby for Iran are referred to as the Iran Lobby Groups.

Please notice that it is legal to lobby for a foreign regime in USA; however, you must be declared as an agent for that country. In Iran’s case, technically no one can lobby for Iran, because to lobby for a terrorist sponsor regime, such as IRI, is illegal in USA. Then you may ask, how come we have so many Iran Lobby Groups, agents and supporters in USA? The answer is very simple:

All of the Iran Lobby Groups, Agents and Supporters in USA are undeclared agents of a foreign country because they deny that they are lobbying for Iran! All of them are criminals because they are committing crimes. Their first crime is that they are “Undeclared Foreign Agents”! Then you may ask, how come Iran Lobby Agents are not in prison? Again, the answer is very simple: Iran Lobby in USA has powerful friends and supporters such as George Soros, International Globalist Corporations, Oil Cartels, Google, Corrupt Democrat and RINO Republican Politicians and Media.

Iran Lobby Crimes

Let us clarify the most important crimes committed by the Iran Lobby in USA:

Iran Lobby Crimes
* Undeclared Iranian Agents
* Lobby for a Terrorist Sponsor Regime
* Creation of the IRI 5th Column for Espionage in USA
* Espionage for Iran
* Co Espionage with the Chinese Spies Against USA
* Treason to USA
* Bank Fraud and Money Laundry
* Acts of Terrorism in USA
* Acts of Sabotage in USA
* Purchase and Shipment of Technical Parts to Iran
* Theft of Corporate Intellectual Properties
* Theft of US Government’s Classified Material
* Direct Connection with IRI Terrorist Groups
* Sabotage, Espionage and Terror of the Iranian Opposition in USA

Who is Iran Lobby?

Let us be very clear here:

There is no such thing as Iranian American Lobby Groups who lobby for the Iranian Americans. There are only Iran Lobby Groups who lobby for IRI. Iran Lobby groups such as:





Complete Iran Lobby Organizations List:

IRI Iranian Hezbollah Agents and Lobbyists in America: 3 Parts

Iran Lobby Infiltrates San Diego Persian Cultural Center PCC: 2 Parts

Trita Parsi

Head of Iran Lobby operations in America, the head of Iranian 5th Column Espionage in America, the real president and the man behind NIAC and the top Iranian Agent and George Soros Agent in America is this weasel:

Trita Parsi Site

Quincy Institute


Trita Parsi is not only on the payroll of the Mullahs of Iran but he is also on the payroll of George Soros through his “Open Societies Foundations” and the “Quincy Institute”! Trita Parsi is the Executive Vice President of the Quincy Institute, fabricated by the great criminal George Soros to undermine the America’s foreign policy, destroy the American Economy and abolish the American Free Market System and Capitalism. George Soros is the creator of the Global Chaos. George Soros makes his billions due to the global chaos and destabilizing nations’ economies and banking systems!

Trita Parsi AKA Pencil Neck Trita, Scarface Trita, Weasel Trita, Hezbollahi Trita
Quincy Institute’s Vice President, Agent of George Soros, Agent of IRI and the Man behind the NIAC Iran Lobby Group, Trita Parsi leads the Iran’s 5th Column Espionage Ring from the Washington DC. He is the Top Iranian Agent in USA who runs the IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) Operations in USA. Trita Parsi is a criminal who is walking the streets of America as a free man! Why Trita Parsi is not in prison? George Soros works in mysterious ways!

Who Supports Iran Lobby?

Iran Lobby has powerful supporters:

Iran Lobby Supporters
* International Global Corporations Wanting to Make Business with Iran
* Oil Cartels wanting to make business with Iran
* George Soros who is already making business with Iran
* Iranian Billionaires who are making business with Iran
* Google Iranian American Management in bed with Iran Lobby
* Facebook, Twitter and Other Social Media Iranian American Management in bed with Iran Lobby
* Silicon Valley Iranian Mafia in bed with Iran Lobby
* Democrat Corrupt Politicians
* RINO Republican Corrupt Politicians
* Mainstream Media such as CNN, MSNBC, etc.

Google Iranian American Corrupt Management
Google, Facebook and Twitter Iranian American Management

Iran Lobby Infiltrates San Diego Persian Cultural Center PCC

Is San Diego Becoming Another Liberal Shiite Hole?

San Diego has been a hot bed for terrorism! It didn’t used to be like this! San Diego used to be the last Conservative Stand and Strong Base in California and the last line of defense against the liberal infection of California. What happened to San Diego is the subject of my future article and I do not want to get in to it here; however, I tell you this much that presently, while the whole California is fed up with the liberals and moving towards conservatism, San Diego is moving towards liberalism! Even the Iran Lobby infected city of Los Angeles is moving towards Conservatism and Trumpism but recently a liberal mayor and a liberal city council has been elected in San Diego which all of them are up to their necks in special interest’s pocket!

The empowerment of the Iran Lobby in San Diego is not only because the corrupt Democrat Politicians have occupied the San Diego City Hall but they also stolen the 2020 election and occupied the Capitol and the White House in Washington DC! George Soros works in mysterious ways!

New Absolute Proof of US 2020 Election Fraud

How American Election was Stolen?

US Elections 2020 Rigged by George Soros
Complete System is Rigged by Deep State

Is City of San Diego Funding Terrorism?

I have lived in San Diego for about 37 years. So far, I have seen nothing but one corrupt and/or incompetent RINO Republican or Democrat Mayor and for most, City Hall, changing hands and passing the City Government to each other!

The latest one was the RINO Kevin Faulconer who handed the office to the Liberal Fem Old Boy Todd Gloria who is neck deep in Special Interest’s Pocket! As the result, the San Diego City Government is becoming similar to Chicago, another corrupt liberal town!

The funny thing is that RINO Kevin Faulconer wants to now run for the Governor of California! He had done such a great job in San Diego that now he wants to run the state! If this happens, we will replace Nancy Pelosi’s nephew and Jerry Brown’s Butt Boy (Gavin Newsom) with RINO Dopey (Kevin Faulconer)!

These corruption and incompetence were one of the major reasons which Iran Lobby bloomed and grown in San Diego! Now let’s study the case of the City of San Diego funding Terrorism by funding the PCC:

San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture

The City of San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture serves in an advisory capacity to the Mayor and City Council on promoting, encouraging and increasing support for the region's artistic and cultural assets, integrating arts and culture into community life and showcasing San Diego as an international tourist destination.

San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture

The Commission is composed of 15 volunteers appointed by the Mayor and is supported by a staff of professional arts administrators.

Commissioners of 15 volunteers

Commission Staff of professional arts administrators

The Commission makes grants through a competitive application process under two categories:
1. Organizational support for nonprofit arts and culture organizations
2. Support for specific projects

Its funds come from a portion the city's transient occupancy tax as well as from grants from the California Arts Council (CAC), the National Endowment for the Arts, and other sources.

California Arts Council (CAC)

National Endowment for the Arts

For years and possibly decades, the “San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture” has been funding the Persian Cultural Center of San Diego (PCC) which in the past, we have proven that it is an Iran Lobby Organization.

We released this article in 2019:

Is City of San Diego Funding Terrorism: Persian Cultural Center PCC?
San Diego City Government Finances Iran Lobby

Obviously, City of San Diego funded the PCC in 2019:

Organizations funded by San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture

“Persian Cultural Center - Iranian American Center” was only granted $ 46,585.00 in 2019.

In other words, “San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture” budget comes from the:

* City tax payers
* State tax payers
* Federal tax payers

The San Diegans, the Californians and the American Tax Payers’ dollars are being spent to fund Iran Lobby and Islamic Terrorism! Congratulation to the past and the present Mayors of San Diego including Mayor Kevin Faulconer, Mayor Todd Gloria and the San Diego City Hall! You must be really proud of yourselves!

San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture, and IRS must comprehend that Non-Profit Organizations are tax exempt. They do not pay tax and they should not affiliate with political organizations. Then why the hell PCC is sponsored by NIAC and PAAIA Iran Lobby Groups?

Iran Lobby Infiltrates San Diego Persian Cultural Center PCC

Persian Cultural Center’s Fake Mission Statement

Here is the fabricated PCC mission statement handed to the City of San Diego:

“The Persian Cultural Center's (PCC) mission is to provide an enriching and welcoming environment for all who seek to strengthen the bonds of community, culture, and cross-cultural understanding. PCC is nonpolitical, nonreligious, and preserves, shares, and celebrates Iran's ethnically diverse and historically rich culture via education, and literary/visual/performing arts.”

In reality:

PCC is not Non-Profit because it is a front business for IRI Money Laundry.
PCC is not Non-Religious because it supports IRI an Islamist Regime.
PCC is not Non-Political because it is an Iran Lobby Organization.
So, PCC is a fraud, a lie and a Con Job!

Plundering San Diegan Tax Payers’ Dollars

It is one thing to plunder the tax payers’ money but it is another to fund terrorism with it! I work hard for my money, how about you? I have fought the Islamic Republic of Iran, Islamic Terrorism, and Islamists for all my life. I do not want to fund them with my tax money, do you?

City of San Diego is not here to plunder your tax money on terrorism. City of San Diego is not here to boss you and decide on how to spend your money. City of San Diego is here to serve the people of San Diego. City works for you, not vice versa!

At some point the politicians, the unelected bureaucrats and city officials have forgotten that they work for us, they serve us the people, not vice versa!

Incompetent, Corrupt or Both?

I do not care if they are volunteers or staff:

Commissioners of 15 volunteers

Commission Staff of professional arts administrators

Why have they been funding the Islamic Terrorism? Years and Decades of funding Terrorism cannot be justified!

Who elected these people? They are a bunch of unelected bureaucrats who do as they please and they decide what is good for the San Diegans and the American people!

Like every other government office, their bookkeeping system is also a chaos! Reports are set sadly, elementary and chaotic! Various subjects are missing even complete years are missing!

“San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture”
The Organizational Support Program (OSP)

“San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture” Reports

City of San Diego Support of Terrorism Through the Years

God knows how long this charade has been going on because records are missing in the City Hall but so far, we could locate these amounts of dollars granted to PCC by the City of San Diego:

Funds Granted to PCC by City of San Diego
Organizational Support Program (OSP) Allocations
2021: $ 22,147.00
2020: Unknown but only $ 2,000.00 [Arts, Culture and Community Festivals (ACCF) Funding Allocations]
2019: $ 46,585.00
2018: $ 31,468.00
2017: $ 38,669.00
2016: $ 35,874.00
2015: $ 31,304.00
2014: $ 24,025.00

City of San Diego Support of Terrorism Then and Now

IPC Expose came out on 2019 and the City of San Diego was supporting Terrorism then:

2019: $ 46,585.00 Granted to PCC

City of San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture Fiscal Year 2018
Organizational Support Program (OSP) Organization Descriptions

Today, City of San Diego still supports Terrorism:

2021: $ 22,147.00 Granted to PCC

City of San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture Fiscal Year 2021
Organizational Support Program (OSP) Organization Descriptions

City of San Diego Gives Legitimacy to Terrorism!

You have to understand that Iran Lobby is a Multi-Billion Dollar business, industry and Organized Crime Enterprise. These petty cash amounts which San Diego City Hall grants to PCC means nothing to them but by granting these petty amounts, the City of San Diego legitimizes the PCC as a cultural institute! In a way, City of San Diego blesses Terrorism!

Read more about PCC history and activities:

Is City of San Diego Funding Terrorism: Persian Cultural Center PCC?
San Diego City Government Finances Iran Lobby

San Diego is the Bank for Terrorism
PCC SD - Persian Cultural Center of San Diego

Persian Cultural Center San Diego is the Bank for Iran Lobby
Iran Lobby Infiltration and Corruption in San Diego

Shahri Estakhry Iran Lobby Mafia Godmother in San Diego
Shahri Estakhry Iran Lobby’s Faithful Servant

Shahri Estakhry AKA Iran Lobby Mafia Godmother, Nana Hezbo, Granny Spy
Shahi Estakhry the Most Dangerous Woman in Iran Lobby Organized Crime Enterprise in USA
Shahri Estakhry is not your good old Persian Grandmother but she is the head of PCC Persian Cultural Center San Diego which is the bank for the Iran Lobby operations in USA. She is trained and bred by Trita Parsi in DC and sent to San Diego to turn the San Diego from a conservative town to a Liberal Shiite Hole, so the Iran Lobby can freely operate the town! Democrats and Islamists are best of friends! Democrat Infested San Diego City Hall Funds and Legitimizes PCC and Iranian Terrorism!

San Diego Iran Lobby Threatens Ahreeman X

Now you are ready to read the threatening e-mail. We have been exposing Iran Lobby for decades but they never found the courage to threaten us! Now that they have incompetent and corrupt politicians in San Diego City Hall and in the White House supporting them, they are emboldened and gotten brave!

I have always wanted someone in PCC to challenge IPC, so we could crucify them! It had finally happened!

Rats are Jumping Ship!

Through the years, we have put so much pressure on Iran Lobby and PCC. The Ship of Rats are being squeezed! The Big Fat Rats are feeling the pressure on their little puny necks! Finally, now they have found the courage in their little Rat backbones to threaten us!

Obviously, the Fat Rats such as Trita Parsi, Shahri Estakhry and Tayebi Brothers have ordered this Little Puny Rat to test the water and make the threat! This Little Rat is an Iranian Crooked Businessman and a Multi-Millionaire but he is a small potato who is a puppet operated by the Big Fat Rats who are the Big Potatoes!

I will blank the name, e-mail, religion and businesses of this Iranian Multi-Millionaire because he may become our (IPC Operations) and FBI’s informant to Rat on the Big Fat Rats! After all, there is no honor amongst the Iran Lobby thieves and Dirty Rats! Once the pressure builds up, the Rats will abandon ship and Rat on each other!

Iran Lobby Infiltrates San Diego Persian Cultural Center Thread

Iranian Hezbollah Agents, Lobby & Front Businesses in USA Thread

E-mails to Ahreeman X Thread

Enjoy the trade of e-mails:

San Diego Iran Lobby Threatens Ahreeman X E-mail

E-mail to Ahreeman X

From: … (name of the Iran Lobby Agent)
To: Ahreeman X
Date: March 1, 2021
Subject: Regarding Materials about … (name of the Iran Lobby Agent)

… (name of the Iran Lobby Agent)
… (e-mail address of the Iran Lobby Agent)

Regarding materials about … (name of the Iran Lobby Agent)

There are some materials and bunch of lies that have been published on your website about me that is totally false, nonsense and irresponsible. This has caused me and my family great personal and financial damages.

I am asking you to remove those from your website immediately before I proceed with my legal options.
If you like and want to clarify those comments, I am willing to meet with you at any time and any place, since you claim that you know me and have met me before.

… (name of the Iran Lobby Agent)


From: Ahreeman X
To: … (name of the Iran Lobby Agent)

Iran Lobby Agent Threatens Ahreeman X

Dear Iran Lobby Agent

I know you, your partner and your whole family. I know every detail about you. I know your deepest darkest secrets.

You are an insignificant little crooked … (name of the trade type) and businessman who is threatening the publisher of the largest Iranian website in the world which is also the backbone of the Iranian Opposition. You are threatening a 4 decades veteran of the Iranian Opposition. What you see on the website is the result of 11 years of research and investigation about you, your partner, your fellow Iran Lobbyists at PCC, NIAC, PAAIA and Trita Parsi. For 20 years, we have been fighting the Iran Lobby and the IRI Islamists. What you see on the website is also only a fraction of what we have on you.

We have:

Evidences Against You

* Evidence of Tax Crimes
* Evidence of Health Department Codes Broken
* Evidence of Crooked Business Deals
* Testimonies of Ex-Employees
* Testimonies of Ex Business Associates
And more

We have been collecting information on all of you as leverage.
You have been under surveillance not only by us but also by authorities.

We have enough to put you in prison for a long time.

We did not damage your business. You bought down the wrath of the IPC Operations and the Iranian Opposition upon yourself when:

* You made partner with a known Hezbollahi connected to IRI
* You made donation to a known Iran Lobby Group PCC
* You become a member of PCC an Iran Lobby Group
* You colluded with Iran Lobby, NIAC and PAAIA
* Your businesses become Front for the Iran Lobby

We are inviting you to sue us. We have been waiting for a PCC member to threaten us. This is what will happen if you sue us:

* Due to evidence from here to the sky, you will lose the Sue Case.
* You will be counter sued.
* We will gladly take your … (business name), … (another business name), and Shopping center properties.
* We will take your home, other properties and every penny you have.
* This time it will not be a slap on the wrist for Tax Crimes (like last time), this time we will land you in prison for a long time.
* As long as your sister, family and partner are also partnering in your crimes, everyone you know will also be fair game and they will end up in prison.
* After landing in prison and losing everything you own, we will do our best to deport you from USA for treason, espionage and being an undeclared agent of IRI.

Do you recall what happened to Trita Parsi who sued Hassan Daioleslam? We will do 100 times worse to you or anyone else who makes a move against us.

You make one move against us and we will guarantee that we will destroy you.

Your other option:

You can meet in secret with us and our FBI friends. We will record your testimony. You will become informant against your partner, Shahri Estakhry, PCC, NIAC, PAAIA and Trita Parsi. You will let us know everything you know. In return, we give you immunity, witness protection. New identity for you and your family. What you give us must be worth it, so we can prosecute PCC, NIAC, PAAIA and put a Major Iran Lobbyist in prison. Of course, you will lose your cushy businesses because you must liquidate them and move to another faraway state.

Everything published in the website can be backed with evidence plus much more unpublished material which we will hit you with.

Do not even try to get PCC or Trita Parsi to send assassins from Tehran our way because then, your life will become a nightmare.

You are welcome to make a physical (assassination) move against me.
You are welcome to make a legal move (Sue) against me.

You are a disgrace to the … (Minority Religion name) community who are being slaughtered in Iran. You collude with Hezbollah for money. People like you are the root of our problems in Iran.

You are a crooked businessman who found a quick to get rich way by joining the network of the Iran Lobby and Iranian Agents. Do not act stupid because ignorance does not fly in the court of law.

You allowed yourself to be used by your partner, PCC and NIAC as a water tester to send me this threatening e-mail, because on your own, you would never have the courage to send me this e-mail.

Be assured that they do not care about you. You are only a petty owner of a few front businesses for them. Once they are done with you, they will throw you under the bus, abandon you or possibly send assassins from Tehran to take care of you. You mean nothing to them. There is no honor amongst the thieves in the Iran Lobby.

The offer still stands, immunity for information.

Your greatest mistake was to join Iran Lobby to make a buck.
Your second mistake was to send me a threatening e-mail.

I want to make an example of an Iranian Agent of PCC, NIAC or PAAIA so the rest will understand who they are dealing with. Do not let this example be you. You are small potato, I want the big potatoes like Tayebi Brothers, Shahri Estakhry or Trita Parsi.

I may also publish this trade of e-mails in IPC for millions to read and learn about the IRI tactics. I promise, if I do, I will blank your e-mail address, name, religion and businesses as a courtesy for your privacy. After all, you may become our informant!

A word of advice:

If you take a shot at Ahreeman, you better hit and drop me, because this will be the last shot you will ever take! The last thing you need is a wounded Ahreeman!

I made my move and I do as I say and I publish it on the public Internet for millions to read. I am a man with no fear. I have backbone and huge balls. For over 40 years, I have made friends in this country. This is not Iran for you IRI Agents to threaten, or sue the press. There is such a thing called the first amendment and the press shields laws.

On this chess board, I made my move. Let’s see your move. Your next move could be your last move!


A Monster Eating Iran Lobby Agents for Breakfast
Ahreeman X


Future Plans

This is not my first Grave Dance! In the past, there has been assassination attempts by Hezbollah on my life.

Iran Movement Index

Racing with the Death Poem

People who make a move against me, tend to disappear in thin air! I fight my battles, old school (Persian Style)! I despise Hezbollah but I despise Iran Lobby most, because these people are not in it for ideological reasons but they are in it for pure greed! These people are in it for money and for the proper amount of money, they will sell their own mothers! It also has nothing to do with religion because we have scum bag Zoroastrians, Jews, Christians and even Bahais the same as Muslims amongst the ranks of the Iran Lobby! They betray their own community for Big Bucks!

My greatest desire is to see IRI die in my lifetime! Once we overthrow the IRI Islamist Regime in Iran and establish a Free Democratic Regime in Iran, I will make sure to at least be in charge of only one thing if any! I want to create a task force, kidnap the Iran Lobby Agents in America and Europe, drag them back to Iran, and put them on public trials (Similar to what Mossad done to Nazi criminals).

Only after just public trials and conviction, I will have decisions to make:

I. Hand the Iran Lobbyists to the Iranian people in the streets of Tehran who suffered during the reign of Mullahs and IRI while these criminals were leading comfortable and luxurious lives in America on the Mullahs’ payroll. They will be lucky if the people only dismember them in to tens of pieces each!

II. I personally perform slow torturous death which will take weeks on each Iran Lobby Agent! Chinese Torture or cutting limbs from small to large, piece by piece from each limb of the small pinky all the way to the shoulder and from the small toe all the way to the hip would be desirable! A quick death would simply be a sin for the Iran Lobby!

Styles of Torture: X Diaries Canada!

Ahreeman X’s: X Diaries

III. Undecided Future Grand Wrath of Ahreeman which will become upon the Iran Lobbyists!

I have been in this game since 1979. Like my great ancestor, Aqa Mohammad Shah Qajar, I live by the sword and I will die by the sword! I am already a dead man walking! Have no fear, stare that beast in the eyes!

Last Persian Emperor: Aqa Mohammad Shah Qajar
Historically Condemned or Historical Hero?

The only reason that many Iranian opposition personalities are dead and I am still alive is that I am extremely cautious and I am also extremely violent!

Ahreeman is my name, extreme violence is my game!

Ahreemanic Oath of Vengeance

Once Hezbollah and Iran Lobby makes a move on me, everything about them will become fair game. I will go after them, their organization, their friends, their family and everyone they know.

So, right here and right now, I shall declare on the public Internet that if you do not hear from me again, you will know that who is responsible! I will fully authorize the great patriots in the IPC Operations and the Iranian Opposition to fully retaliate, attack and demolish “All” Iran Lobbyists without mercy. In IPC operations, we do not believe in eye for an eye but we believe in 10 eyes for an eye! If I have to go, then I make sure that I will take 500 of them with me to Hell! This is not a threat; it is a promise!

Promises Made, Promises Kept, Big League (Trump Style)!

Grave Dancer!

Folks, I am a Grave Dancer, I love Grave Dancing; it is exciting and sexually arousing, what is life without danger? Who wants to live forever? I have been Grave Dancing for a long time! I have Grave Danced with various dancing partners! After the Grave Dance, one always ends up under the Grave and one ends up above the Grave! I promise you; I always end up standing over the Grave! I am a Great Grave Dancer!

The Persian Grave Dancer

Dr. X


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