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Everything has a Beginning, Even the Universe


Everything has a Beginning – Even the Universe
Nicholas Ginex
April 16, 2018

Queen Nefertari Tomb Paintings at the Valley of the Queens, Egypt
Left: Goddess Hathor (left) with Queen Nefertari (in white)
Right: Goddess Isis (right) with Queen Nefertari (in white)
Goddess Isis (Goddess of Moon, Earth and Nature) gives the Ankh (Key of Life and Symbol of Truth) to the great Queen Nefertari of the Egypt
* Note: Goddess Isis (Goddess of Moon, Earth and Nature) not to be mistaken with Goddess Hathor (Goddess of Fertility, Childbirth, Music, Dance, Love and Sex) because sometimes they both wear the similar topless dresses and horn ornament headdresses on their hairs. Sometimes the images are so similar that we can only distinguish between the two via reading the Hieroglyphs at the backgrounds to see who is who? Their necklaces are also slightly different.
* Most of the times Hathor and Isis wear different outfits: Hathor with Cobra and Globe headdress and Isis with Vertical Headdress wearing wings but sometimes they wear very similar outfits.
* Note: Ankh (Key of Life) is the Egyptian Symbol of Life and Truth, the highly regarded Egyptian quality.

Anwar Shaikh, born in Gujrat, Punjab, India, lived between the years 1928 and 2006.  From a religious Shite family, he initially was an active Jihadi Muslim and, in his youth, killed three Sikhs, which haunted him in his later years.  After the age 25, he questioned his Islamic beliefs and later became one of the greatest Indian authors.  He distinguished himself as an author, poet, philosopher, and a great Islamic historian and scholar.  An apostate of great intellectual value, he objectively presents the true nature of Islam.  He spoke Urdu, Arabic, Persian and wrote about consciousness that complements a philosophical conclusion of this article that, “Everything has a beginning, even the cosmic universe”.

Queen Nefertari of Egypt

Anwar rationally wrote, “Since consciousness means cognition or knowing, there must be something worth knowing. Therefore, eyes have a multiple purpose; firstly, to play a definite role in the evolution of consciousness, and secondly, to know the world around us. From this conclusion, it also follows that the world or cosmos has a purpose: it wants to be known; it aspires to be conscious of itself. This seems to be the entire purpose of consciousness. Since man is the cosmic baby, he happens to be the medium for the universal consciousness.” 1 The conclusion by Mr. Shaikh was also derived in an article, Does Consciousness Pervade the Universe? 2

Goddess Isis (Goddess of Moon, Earth and Nature) gives the Ankh (Symbol of Truth) to the great Queen Nefertari of the Egypt
* Note: Ankh is the Egyptian Symbol of Life and Truth, the highly regarded Egyptian quality.

This article hypostatized that the universe began with development of a fundamental unit that is the basic building block of all matter – the atom.  Over an undetermined period of billions or trillions of years, the atom and its sub-particles appear to inherently possess a consciousness to evolve matter at higher complexities with a purpose to create intelligence that can reach out to understand its creation - the universe.  This hypothetical idea that matter, created by atoms that determine inorganic and organic outcomes that assumes higher levels of consciousness may have some merit because we are proof as thinking products of our universe.

Egyptian Gods and Goddesses Chart
Left to Right Columns: Today’s Latin – Hieroglyphics – Common Ancient Egyptian

Anwar Shaikh is to be applauded for his philosophical conclusions because he has delved into the science of quantum physics, whereby he agrees with scientific findings that fundamental particles evolved the atom.  It becomes evident that if particles evolved into atoms then it was atoms that eventually coalesced to form enormous stars.  But we also learned though the astrophysicist, Carl Sagan, that stars can become unstable or explode due to gravitational forces that cause extremely high pressures and temperatures.  The gravitational forces are so immense that astronomers have found it is responsible for pulsars, quasars, and black holes to exist.  These entities eventually reach a state whereby they will explode or emit matter, gases, and radiant energy back out into the universe.

The gravitational forces in matter verifies that it is impossible for a star to become a singularity that is so dense that it can be composed of matter that could populate an entire universe.  The pressure and extreme temperatures created by gravitational forces will cause the star, or singularity, to explode before it can coalesce billions and trillions of particles and atoms that supposedly can initiate the birth of our universe.   Therefore, from a logical perspective, the theory that the universe began with one big bang is not comprehensible.  Rather, it is more likely that the universe has had multiple big bangs initiated by such phenomena as black holes, pulsars and quasars.

Another rational conclusion that the Big Bang could not have happened was provided by Tanya Techie in an article titled, Top Ten Scientific Flaws in The Big Bang Theory. 3 Tanya reveals, “Since the Big Bang was supposed to occur only 13.7 billion years ago, then we should be looking at the early pre-formed universe. We shouldn't see fully formed stars and planets. However, instead we see stars and planets just like in our own galaxy. This is a serious problem for the Big Bang theory because we're looking at the "early universe" yet it doesn't appear very early at all. Thus, the Big Bang could not have happened.”

Dismissing the Big Bang theory, this author presents a philosophical view that scientists may eventually confirm; that “Everything has a beginning, even the universe.”  It is incomprehensible to believe that the universe always existed when in fact, it is constantly changing, dying, and forming new stars to exist.  Just as inorganic and organic matter come to exist through an evolutionary process on our planet, matter has evolved throughout the universe through a consciousness inherent in particles.
Particles have evolved to form atoms that have become the basic building blocks of inorganic and organic matter throughout the universe.  It appears that consciousness exists at every level of matter and is able to express itself in the higher forms of organic matter, such as plants and complex life forms. Mankind is one of its highest created achievements on earth caused by a force that is universal and conceived by our latest scientific findings in quantum physics to be consciousness.  Like man, life forms with high levels of consciousness exist throughout our universe populated with the stars of many billions of galaxies. 
It becomes apparent that the forces within the atom have an intelligence or a consciousness that tries to express itself in many ways through the evolution of organic life forms.  It is this consciousness that reaches its height in human beings to think and reach out with hypothetical thoughts to try to understand its own existence.  And that is why this author believes that the transformation of energy in particles is a long, involved process whereby it transforms itself into matter with an inherent will to exist as consciousness in higher life forms that will question and examine its nature.  Namely, thinking life forms are the crown achievement of consciousness in the universe. 

Anwar Shaikh, a perceptive philosopher, has presented another aspect of consciousness.  He wrote, “If we delve deeper into consciousness, it transpires that it is the apex of evolution.  Without it, existence or non-existence of the universe will not matter.  A thing may exist but it is the knowledge of its existence which gives it a proper valuation.  The universe obviously wants to be recognized, otherwise consciousness will have no meaning because whatever man sees, feels, senses or perceives relates to the universe; man, himself is a part of it.  Therefore, human consciousness belongs to the universe.  More properly, the cosmos evolves man for the sole purpose of seeing, feeling, sensing and perceiving through him.  Thus, man ranks as the cosmic baby with a special purpose.  What is this purpose of man?”

This author attempts to answer Anwar’s question with a command given to us by a man of God - love one another.  It is through love that mankind will be able to reach the highest levels of integrity and truth that enables mankind to make sound decisions in the future. It is a command that has evolved with the highest regard for truth as illustrated by the Figure above of Isis presenting the symbol of Truth to Nefertari.  This attribute was conceived by the ancient Egyptians and presented in the book, Future of God Amen. 4 But truth depends on the ability to love one another, to listen with objective reasoning that sustains a loving relationship with others.  It is this component or attribute of love that is inherent in consciousness.  To attain the apex of development that is the crown of being, the purpose of consciousness is to love all life throughout the universe.  The undercurrent of consciousness is a profound will that instills the reproductive desire in all organic life forms, which promotes in our evolutionary purpose the attribute of love. 

This apex or purpose of consciousness is challenged today by a religious ideology that has, since its inception, caused bigotry, hatred, violence and the killing of people.  In the Qur’an, verse 9:33, the belief that Islam is the Religion of Truth and that Allah may make it prevail over every other religion has caused armies of Muslim fundamentalists to destroy many civilizations in efforts to subjugate people to follow Islam.  People around the world need to be conscious of this regressive ideology.  They need to come together to educate misguided Muslims by revealing that the Qur’an needs to be revised by advocating the greatest command given to man – love one another. Why and how people around the world can assist Muslims to develop the consciousness to love one another by revising the Qur’an is presented in an article titled, Worldwide Communication Will Expose the Quran. 5 It is available on the Internet with an Internet search on the title.

In closing, the purpose of man, is the inherent will of consciousness to propagate with the beautiful attribute enjoyed through the love of others, and that my dear people, is the greatest philosophical idea of all – love one another. By doing so, mankind may exist long enough to someday find there are other living entities in the universe that have also learned to exist and survive by acknowledging the attribute of consciousness – love.

After all, “Knowledge without action means nothing.” (Nicholas Ginex) 6
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Note 6:
Nicholas P. Ginex Site
Brief Summary

How did the universe begin?  Quantum physics has found that minute particles have evolved the atom, which is considered the basic building block of all matter.  But physicists and scientists are investigating what appears to be an unknown force that is currently being characterized as being consciousness.  This force exists as the lowest levels that has a will to create inorganic and organic matter with a purpose to reach its highest evolutionary perfection – to create the ability for thinking organisms to articulate a consciousness that can reach out and comprehend its own consciousness.  This will is instilled with a reproductive desire that fulfills a noble purpose, which is to love one another and all things in our universe that also possess consciousness.  

Nicholas Ginex Comment

We all reflect and wonder about the creation of the universe.  This article attempts to have us reflect on what is considered the basic building block of all matter – the atom and have us investigate a force that appears to be inherent in matter as consciousness.  If so, does this unknown force seek to create life forms that will someday articulate the very nature of its consciousness?  Does this consciousness exist with the purpose to imbue all matter with the ability to love one another for it is this force that drives sexual desire for others and found in all organic life?

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