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How Republicans and Monarchists view the world?
Ahreeman X
1st Edition: February 27, 2008
2nd Edition: January 20, 2018

It is time to Evolve! Welcome to the 21st Century!

Before I begin, I would like to state here that I do not want to change anyone's ideology, yet I am only arguing for argument's sake. My tool is logic and that's all! Now let's elaborate,

They say:
"Not all the people in the world are fit to be ruled by one particular system."

Great! This is exactly where we have 2 different ways of thought patterns. Let me explain:


Monarchists view people as a unit which are "Ruled" by a "System". They believe the masses are ruled and must be ruled by a "Regime" (Totalitarian) or a "Monarch" (Monarchy) or etc. This is their view of the world.


I. Government of a Monarch by the parliament/cabinet and for the people.
ex: Sweden, United Kingdom, other European Monarchies

II. Government of a Monarch by the Monarch and for the people.
ex: Imperial Iran

III. Government of a Monarch by the Monarch and for an Elite.
ex: Saudi Arabia

IV. Government of a Regime by the Regime and for the Regime.
ex: Bashar al Asad and The Ba'th Party of Syria

I do not view the world in above manners, simply because it is not an up-to-dated view of the world; therefore, it is not logical nor it fits in to today's world. In today's most sophisticated forms of government, a person (Monarch, Tyrant, Chairman, Emperor, etc.) or a Regime (Imperial Family, Monarchy, Communist Party, Mosque, Church, Ayatollahs, Fascist Party, Ba'th Party, etc.) does not rule over the people, yet people rule over the people.


I. Government of the people by the people and for the people.
ex: United States of America

II. Government of the people by the parliament/cabinet and for the people.
ex: Parliamentary Republics of France, Italy, Germany, etc.

World Views


In my view of the world, no system, regime or person should rule over the people and there are no needs for any particular force to rule over the people. People must decide and elect their government; they rule over themselves. No one rules over me. I have no masters. I rule over me. I decide the type of the system, who runs the system, who will govern and their power limits.

In a Republic, the masses "Elect" the whole hierarchy of the government; therefore, the people rule over the people.


In monarchists’ view of the world, a person, a party or a regime must rule over the people. Consciously or subconsciously this has been registered in their minds. Even in the most sophisticated present forms of the Monarchy, one person (The Monarch) rules over the people (for instance Queen Elizabeth of UK), yet by the power of the Parliament/Cabinet. Of course it took centuries of struggle and numbers of Revolutions for the masses to finally gain the power over the Despotic Monarchs of Europe or elsewhere. Even in Sweden, the King of Sweden rules over the masses and all the people are his subjects! No one had "elected" him the king. He inherited his kingdom.

He maybe head of the state and the prime minister is the head of the government, but he still rules over all the people and the people have no power over him, because people cannot "elect" him. Swedes are being ruled by one person. In 21st century, this is simply not logical

In a Monarchy or a Totalitarian system, a person, a party, or a regime rules over the people;
therefore, people do not rule over the people.

Monarchist Arguments

The best one comes from Daryoush Homayoun (my favorite monarchist). Daryoush stated:

"In a Constitutional Monarchy, the Monarch rules, yet he does not govern. Monarch acts as a "Symbol" to unite the people. The people look upon the monarch as an uniting force."

In 21st century, this trend of thought is simply illogical. Monarchs of the 21st century do not have full or even limited powers. They are figureheads of states. They serve no role, no purpose and no use, except waste of the national budget on their salaries and luxurious lifestyles. They unite no one, except those Tabloid Reader simpletons and Teenagers who follow the Royal Families’ lifestyles and gossip on which king or prince done what and who banged who!

The Iranian Scenario

In our case, since 1979, Monarchial Ideology and a puppet monarchial system (Constitutional Monarchy), has not united the Iranian Opposition nor the Iranians, yet it had divided them more than ever! Why you ask? Because the majority of the Iranians and the Iranian Opposition does reject, refuse, despise, oppose and some straight forward hate the pre 1979 Despotic Monarchy or today's suggested Constitutional Monarchy for the future of Iran. Why? Believe it or not, the majority are not keen on the Pahlavis, rule of a tyrant or even rule of a puppet, and surely a useless figurehead (Constitutional Monarch)!

Maybe some of us are keen on Alahazrat, are keen on Reza Khan and 8000 years of our glorious history of Monarchy. Some enjoy the cheap rhetorics of Reza Pahlavi, Foroud Fouladvand or any other prospect Monarch of the future. I even look at Reza Pahlavi, Foroud Fouladvand and other Monarchists as fellow opposition members and fellow opposition Monarchists, which may play a role in the possible future constitutional monarchy of Iran; however, harsh but true, the majority does not have this view. The majority hears the term monarchy and they panic with mistrust and resentments.

What's wrong with the Constitutional Monarchy?

Now, you might say, what's wrong with a parliamentary constitutional monarchy?

This is what's wrong:

1) A puppet figurehead who plays no role except wasting tax payers' money and the national budget to support his lifestyle.

2) A puppet figurehead who will technically rule over me and I will have no say to vote him out.

What purpose does Queen Elizabeth, that shriveled up prune serves? The majority does not care if she is there or not! The minority are obsessed to follow gossip columns on Royal Family's events to see who had Charles banged this year (if he can still get it up)!

Now why on Earth, would I commit to a revolution to free Iran, and then grant a crown and a throne to a cheeseball such as Reza Pahlavi II, who has been playing with his balls for 30 years in exile? Why would I pay his salary? Does Iran have extra money to pay for a puppet monarch in a monkey suit? Why would I replicate the UK system in Iran? What can Reza Pahlavi possibly do for me, my nation’s prosperity and the good people of Iran? What has he done during the past 30 years?

The Symbol!

So you want a symbol to unite the Iranian people? I promise you, that symbol will not be Reza Pahlavi! The slight name of Reza Pahlavi will divide the people furthermore than they are today!

So what do you want? You are looking for a symbol? Just a symbol to put on a Royal Banner and then praise it? You want the masses to have a symbol to praise?

Then by all means, why not Haji Kuchike?

Haji has a role, a function and a purpose! Actually many purposes: Pro creation, Urination and Erection for massive sexual penetration are amongst his roles! Haji is healthy and wealthy! Haji has a usage and he is a productive member of the Iranian Community! Now what role or usage does Reza Pahlavi has? If we truly ponder, we can observe that Haji Kuchike is more productive than RP! At least Haji gets fully erect yet RP is limp! Long Live Haji Kuchike!

Javid Haji instead of Javid Shah!

I hereby sincerely propose to get the Iranian Artists to either draw or photograph Haji's portrait, to be put on a banner as The Royal Coat of Arms, and a Symbol of Unity for the Iranian Masses to praise! Haji is a hard worker and I promise that the hard working passionate people of Iran will cherish The Haji Symbol more than the RP Symbol! Why not?

And there goes your symbol of unity for the future of Iran. I solved the problem. Hip hip hurray! More power to me!

Symbol of Unity

The greatest symbol of unity for the masses of Iran will not be a Shah, yet it will be an actual, factual and realistic symbol of unity which is called Federalism! Federal rights for "All" will guarantee the unity amongst all ethnic groups of Iran. Federal rights for all provinces and ethnic groups of Iran, will be the key word to keep Iran as a united country.


If one is logical, scientific, factual, practical and pragmatic, then one must stick with the most up-to-dated system of government for the masses. Sensationalism and emotions must play no role in this election. Election is the key word. When one has no say and no "Electoral" power to chose the government of his own nation, then that government cannot represent the masses of that nation. The majority must be able to vote the government out. This must happen every four years or six years or so. This cannot happen in a monarchy. The Dynasty will rule forever. The dynasty will rule until they rot (look at Elizabeth)!

At least in old times, one dynasty would overthrow another and that's how the dynasties changed. Today, in constitutional monarchies, no such action can occur; therefore, the same dynasty will rule forever until they rot and deteriorate! Look at the Windsors, will ya?!

A Secular, Democratic, Federal Republic is the key to salvation. This works, specifically for Iran, which is an empire and a union of many ethnic groups and states. The only "Symbol" which will unite Iran, will not be a Shah, yet it will be "Federalism", where Minorities, States and "All" the people will have internal autonomy and governorship in different states of Iran. They will look upon Tehran, for foreign policy, international trades and military decisions, yet they will have their internal autonomy to govern themselves. In 21st century, A country like Iran, with many ethnic groups can only survive due to Federalism. Monarchy, Centralism, Elite Rule and single official religion of the state, cannot satisfy the needs of today's world.

What I had written, was for the logical minds to comprehend. It was pure logic. In this argument, which is one of the most viewed political arguments about Iran on the Internet,

Monarchy vs. Republic (Discussion Thread)

Why Monarchy has ended and we must start a new?

I had proven beyond the reasonable doubt and via science and logic, that Monarchy is obsolete, a flawed system of government; furthermore, I had hammered the final nails in the coffin of the monarchy! But, will the fanatical, emotional, backward and reactionary monarchists as a scattered cult, be capable of understanding this fact and learn to move on in to the 21st century? Will the monarchists, ever be successful to get their heads out of Reza Pahlavi’s intestine, and rather than a sky of brown, be able to see the sunshine and the blue sky? Isn’t 30 years of wasting our time, not enough? Can monarchists possibly move on towards a bright future? Time will tell, time can only tell …

Eventually, we must all throw away our outdated beliefs and grasp the brand new scientific world, which is out there. Allow me to introduce you to our brand new world in the 21st century,

A Vision for Iran of Tomorrow (Nationalism)

A Vision for Iran of Tomorrow (Discussion Thread)

Basically this opposition is the same as a disillusioned donkey, going round and round, trapped in a quicksand and Monarchists are the ones whom are dragging this donkey to the bottom of the quicksand to his demise! 30 years had passed, Monarchy will never return to Iran. Time will not go back! Let’s stop spinning and let's move on towards the future ……

It's all about Free Thought versus Dogmatism!

Now, can we all Evolve, get over our dead doctrines and concentrate on ending the reign of Islam and the Islamic Regime in Iran? Let’s All Evolve ……

Government of "All" the people, by the people and for the people is the only salvation.


Dr. X

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