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Zarathustra, the Real Story
Zoroastra and Zoroastrianism


Zarathustra, the Real Story
Zoroastra and Zoroastrianism

Ahreeman X
1st Edition: August 3, 2007

2nd Edition: February 5, 2017

Zarathustra Spitmata the great Persian Philosopher - Contemporary Image

Realistic Portrait of Zarathustra

The time has come for us to finally write a truth based, historically accurate and scientifically valid document about Zoroastra and Zoroastrianism! May the Truth be revealed and The Light of knowledge spreads around. Shall we begin?

L. Common Portrait of Zarathustra
R. A Sketch of Zarathustra

Zarathustra's Timeline Theories

The ongoing historical debate on the exact timeline of the birth and life of Zarathustra Spitmata will never end! There is basically a difference of opinion, which varies about 1000 years. There are tens of different versions by tens of different historians! Allow me to mention a few different theories.

L. Realistic Portrait of Zarathustra
R. Realistic Interpretation of Zarathustra

Myth Based Theories
These theories are often based on Persian mythology, Shahnameh Ferdowsi, and other epical myths

Greek Testimonial Based Theories
These theories are often based on Greek myths and Plato Era documents. These theories date the time line of Zarathustra some millennia before the fall of Troy and the Trojan wars.

Archeological Based Theories
These theories study the various archeological discoveries. Some try to compare Gathas with Rig Vedas, because Sanskrit and Gathic languages are the branches of the same mother language. A factor has been taken into account, which is the Aryan migration from the northern lands (Siberia and or Caucasus) towards the Persian plateau and the Indian sub-continent. These theories are not accurate to figure the exact date but they can be considered the best approximations on the time line of Zarathustra.

Historical Based Theories
These theories compare the social aspects of life during Zarathustra (as reported from the Gathas) and compare it with the first accurately known times, mainly, the Achaemenian period, and then figuring out a date. But the point is that Gatha has been tampered with, over and over through the years.

Traditional Based Theories
These theories are based on Pahlavi of the Bundahishn, one of the Zoroastrian scripture written around the time of Arabo-Islamic invasion-occupation of Persia, The scripture was written either during the Sassanid or after the invasion. Overall the scriptures state that Zarathushtra was born in 588 BC, stating that this was 258 years before Alexander's Invasion-Occupation of Persia.

Various Other Theories
A number of historians use other methods and come up with post Achaemenian dates, which are now for facts, proven to be inaccurate.

Persian Heritage: Pure Persian Pride
Persian Immortals protecting the Holy Fire

Why don't we review some of these timelines by various historians:


Zarathustra's Timeline Dates (BC) - Source

Historian Myth Based Theories
10,000 - Manly Palmer hall
7129 - H.S. Spencer (The Aryan Encyclopedia)
6600 - J.K Katrak, Shahnameh Ferdowsi
6312 - Pithawala

Greek Testimonial Based Theories
6480 - Xanthus of Lydia (5th century BC)
6350 - Eudoxus and Plinus quoting Aristotle, 6000 years before Plato (4th century BC)
6200 - Hermodorus (3rd century BC)
6000 - Hormazdyar Mirza (Outlines of Parsi History quoting Greek scholars)
6000 - Plutarch

Archeological Based Theories
6000 to 4000 - Kavosji and Bharucha
3500 - Firouz Azargoshasb (Chicago lecture 1981)
2000 - Hippel and Lassen
2000 - Asgarov (based on excavations in Uzbekistan, 1984)
2000 to 1500 - (based on Rig Veda and Aryan migration 1700 - 1500 BC)
1800 to 900 - Moulton
1767 - Zabih Behruz (based on various astrological techniques)
1700 to 1400 - J. Ashtiyani (based on Gathas and the Rig Veda)
1500 - Mills (first 900 BC, and later changed to 1500 BC)
1400 to 1000 - Mary Boyce (A History of Zoroastrianism, 1989)
1200 to 1100 - Thomas Burrow (based on Farvardin Yasht and other post Zarathushtra scripture)

Historical Based Theories
1080 - Pour Davoud (The Age of Zarathushtra, Journal of KR Cama Institute, 1935)
1080 - Shapour Shahbazi (based on post Alexander Persian historical records)
1000 - Dastur M.N. Dhalla (history of Zoroastrianism, 1938)
1000 - Hummel (based on Assyrian inscriptions)
1000 - Lommel (based on Egyptian papyri)
1000 to 900 Wesendonk
1000 to 600 Gherardo Gnoli (based on Gathic and Achaemenian Scripture)
900 - Bartholomae and Widengren

Traditional Based Theories
660 to 583 - E.W. West (Pahlavi Text, part 5, Oxford, 1897)
650 to 541 - W.B. Henning (Zoroaster, Oxford, 1947)
570 to 550 - Herzfeld (Zoroaster and his World, Princeton, 1947)
589 to 512 - Anquetil du Perron (Zand Avesta, Paris 1971)
588 Bundahishn (based on Bundahishn, Alexander's Invasion-Occupation of Persia)

Various Other Theories
458 - H.S. Nyberg (Die Religionen des Alten Iran, 1938)
100 - Darmesteter

Zoroastrian Calendar

Zoroastrian Calendar is also an issue of controversy amongst the historians. There are three Zoroastrian calendars of Fasli, Shahanshahi, and Qadimi.

Fasli Zoroastrian Calendar
Fasli means seasonal. This is a religious calendar, which is based on seasons by calculating one day every four years, patterned after the Gregorian Armenian calendar. Nowruz, The Persian New Year is fixed on March 21.

Shahanshahi Zoroastrian Calendar
Shahanshahi or Shenshai means Imperial. This calendar is used by Parsi Zoroastrians, including some of the most influential Mubed Mubedan (Top Zoroastrian Priest), Mubeds (Zoroastrian Priests) and generally, Dasturs (High Priests). It is based on a religious calendar, which was theoretically synchronized with the seasons by calculating a month every 120 years, but the calculation was not consistently followed on. Nowruz was observed on August 23. A recent proposal would reform the Shahanshahi calendar by bringing it back into harmony through the calculation of whole months.

Please note that "Shahanshahi Zoroastrian Calendar" is different than "Shahanshahi Calendar" (Persian Imperial Calendar) aka PIY.

Why Persian Imperial Year (PIY Calendar)?

The "Shahanshahi Calendar" is based on coronation of Cyrus The Great 559 BC and starting of The Persian Empire to replace the Median Kingdom. IPC uses this calendar.

Qadimi Zoroastrian Calendar
Qadimi means old and ancient. In 1746 Dasturs in Surat adopted the Irani calendar on the basis that it represented an ancient tradition. The Qadimi calendar is one month ahead of the Shahanshahi.

So as you see, it comes down to many theories.


Theory One
According to certain Zoroastrian Fire Temples and Mubeds, Zarathustra was born on 1777 BC and the Zoroastrian Calendar is based on his 40th Birthday, so right now, the year is 3742 Zoroastrian Holy Year.

Theory Two
According to other Zoroastrian Fire Temples and Mubeds, the Zoroastrian Calendar has a base year 631 AD, the year of coronation of the last Zoroastrian Sassanian king, Shahanshah Yazdgird III. So right now the year is 1374 AY (Avesta Year).

Theory Three
Then you have other Mubeds claiming that in the post-Sassanid Persian astronomy books, Zarathushtra built an observatory in Zabol, Sistan (eastern Iran) and that it was inaugurated on 21st March 1725 BC, the day King Vishtasp and his court converted, chose the Good Religion of Zoroastrianism and joined the Zoroastrianism Fellowship. It also provides us with the clue that the Good Religion was founded by Zarathustra, exactly twelve years earlier on vernal equinox of the 1737 BC.

And the list goes on and on, and each Fire Temple based in India (Parsis) or Iran (Yazd) or America (Orange County) or etc., has their own beliefs!

For more information on Persian Culture read:

Persian Cultural Month

What do I believe?

Zarathustra Spitmata's Birth-date is on Farvardin 6th, - 71 Shahanshahi = March 26th, 630 BC. And, Zarathustra Spitmata's timeline is 630 BC - 550 BC. He was born on this glorious day. Why you ask? Because after studying all the above testimonials, analysis of historical facts, study of archeological discoveries, latest scientific debates, I chose to have a progressive approach and view history as a science; therefore, I shall state that this is the most logical conclusion based on the latest evidence.

Zarathustra could have not been born way back in 1000 BC or before, simply because back then Iranians had Mithraism and Vedaiism Religious beliefs. Beside some mythical documents such as Shahnameh, there is no solid evidence that there was a trace of Zoroastrian Beliefs back then!

Even early Medians had no clue of Zoroastrianism! Median Kingdom (728 BC - 550 BC), only started to grasp Zoroastrian values in later years of the Kingdom. Eventually the Achaemenid Court after 559 BC (Coronation of Cyrus), started to fully grasp the concept of Zoroastrianism.

There is a difference between actual historical evidence and myths of Shahnameh or Hierarchy of various Zoroastrian Temples! Mubeds, Zoroastrian Temples and Shahnameh are not evidence of true history! I deal with science and I view history as a science.

Firooz Baharm (Dare Mehr) Center and Fire Temple, Tehran, Iran

Firooz Bahram Zoroastrian High School, Tehran, Iran

Zarathustra Spitmata

The Timeline of Zarathustra will remain in debates and questions! Also many scholars believe in various different birthplace for him! No one exactly knows where or when the Zarathustra was born. Some scholars put his birth in western Iran, perhaps near Tehran, others due to the eastern Iranian dialect and language of his poetry, place his birthplace in the east (Khorasan). Some place his birth in Troxiana (Transoxiana) between Amu Darya River (Oxus) and Sir Darya River (Jaxartes), near Aral Sea (Aral Lake) in North East of Persian Empire, Soqdiana (Today's Uzbekistan). Then of course, you have some who believe he was born in Atropategan (today's Azerbaijan), most likely in City in Shiz.

Faravahar Door top of the Fire Temple

Some consider him an Azeri. For those who believe Zarathustra was Azeri, I must clarify a few points. Back then, Atropategan (Atropatgan) was a Khashtarah (State) of the Median Kingdom. Ancient Atropats were a world different than today's Azeris. Ancient Atropats were Median Aryan but Today's Azeris as a majority are mixture of Turk (Turkish Race) + Persian (Median Aryan), and as a minority are Semi Aryan (2/3 Aryan). Ancient Median Atropats were a totally different story than today's Turkish Azeris!

Faravahar Door top of the Fire Temple, up close

As for the date of his birth, it has been a matter of controversy forever (as stated above). Some Greek sources placed him as early as 6000 BC, few if any scholars take that date seriously. The traditional Zoroastrian date for Zarathushtra's birth and ministry is around 600 B.C. This is derived from a Greek source that places him "300 years before Alexander" which would give that date; other reasonings behind the 600 BC date, is that King Vishtasp of Zarathustra's Gathas is actually the father of the Persian Achaemenid King Darius I, who lived around that time.

The Meaning of The Name

Zoroaster, is a Greek term of the name Zartosht. Zarathushtra, which means, in ancient Persian, "yellow camel."

Zarathushtra = zara (yellow or gold) + ushtra (Ushtor, Shotor, Camel).
Zarathushtra = Referred to as "The Owner of the Gold Camel" or "The Golden Camel"

Animals such as camels and horses were essential and even sacred to the people of Zarathushtra's Era and thus a name containing one of these animals marks a person as important. A similar naming practice occurred among the ancient Greeks where names containing "-ippos" or horse denoted high birth, such as Philippos (lover of horses), Aristippos (best horse), or Xanthippos (yellow horse). So as you see, it is not a put down to call Zarathushtra, the Golden Camel or Owner of the Golden Camel.

The later Hierarchy and Bureaucracy of The Zoroastrian Fire Temples, perhaps embarrassed by their prophet's primitive-sounding name, stated that the name meant "The Golden Light," deriving their meaning from the word zara (gold) and the word ushas (light or dawn).

There is no doubt about Zarathushtra's clan name, which is Spitama - perhaps meaning "white."

Spitama = White or White Race or White man


Zarathushtra Spitama = The White Man who owns The Golden Camel
Zarathushtra Spitama = The Golden Camel of The White

Historical Fire Temple of Azerbaijan

The Evolution - Transformation of the Zarathustra's name

Through the history of Persian Language,
Pahlavi Avestai
Pahlavi Sassanid
Colonial Persian
Modern Persian

The name has transformed:

Zarathushtra (Ancient Persian) => Zartosht (Persian) => Zoroaster (Greek) => Zarathustra (Western)

Spitama (Ancient Persian) => Spitman (Persian) => Espitmata (Greek) => Spitmata (Western)

This is why in today's world, he is known as Zarathustra Spitmata.

Historical Fire Temple of Esfahan

Zarathustra's Family

Zarathushtra's father was named Pouruchaspa (many horses) and his mother was named Doqdu or Duqdova (milkmaid). For more information read:

Famous Historical Persian Women 1

Zarathustra is said to have had six children, three boys and three girls. This is not confirmed as history, because the number, equals of the six Amesha Spentas (Amshaspanadan Angels) and may be only symbolism. For more information read:

Persian Mythology 1

Gatha is supposedly composed for the marriage of Zarathustra's daughter "Pouruchista" (Great Wisdom) so he is known to have had at least one child. Zarathustra, in the legends, had three wives (in sequence) of whom the last was Huvi (Hovi or Hvovi meaning Prime Cattle or owner of fertile cattle) the daughter of King Vishtasp's prime minister. Zarathustra married into the king's court; Pouruchista, in turn, married the Prime Minister of the court.

Zarathustra meets Vishtasp Shah

Zarathustra's Life (Historically Accurate)

There is a little biographical evidence in the Gathas. Whatever there, indicates that Zarathushtra was out-casted from his original home, wherever that was, and forced to wander and move about without a fixed course, along with his followers and their animals.

Zarathustra and his followers wandered around until they found a sympathetic friend such as King Vishtasp, who was in fact not the father of King Darius Achaemenid, but an earlier ruler of the same name, who may have lived in eastern Iran or in Bactria aka Bakhtar (today's Afghanistan). There, Zarathushtra won over the king, and his court, and became the court's spiritual inspiration and guru. He was basically the philosopher poet of the courthouse. There is also not much accurate historical information about Zarathustra's life and times in the courthouse. Some say it was here that he composed the Gathas, which the names of king and his court appears in his poetry.

Zarathustra most likely spent 30 years in Vistasp's court before his death at age 80 or so. Some say he had murdered by Anti Vishtasp forces and some say he died of a natural cause. According to my studies, he has died of the natural cause.

Historical Fire Temple at Naqsh-e Rostam, Iran

The Reality of Zarathustra

Historically, Zarathustra Spitmata, has never ever claimed that he was the prophet of Ahuramazda or God!

He never referred to himself as a prophet. He always referred to himself as a simple poet or a writer. The fact was that he was a great philosopher poet, way ahead of his time and era. Reading of Historical Documents, Zoroastrian Texts, Avesta and Gatha with a deep historical analysis does teach us the same.

The Fantasy of Zarathustra

The Grand Hierarchical Bureaucracy of The Zoroastrian Fire Temples, Mubed Mubedan and Mubeds, have created fantasies of Zoroastra's Prophethood! The Fire Temples and Meqs (Zoroastrian Priests), like any other Organized Religious Hierarchy, have fabricated stories such as:

Zarasthustra's mother, Doqdu glowed with the divine Glory. The soul of the prophet Zarathustra was placed by Ahuramazda (God) in the sacred Haoma plant (which Zarathustra condemned in the Gathas) and the prophet was conceived through the essence of Haoma in milk (though the birth which is not a virgin birth, but the natural product of two special, but earthly parents.). The child laughed at his birth instead of crying, and he glowed so brightly that the villagers around him were frightened and tried to destroy him (envy and superstitions). All attempts to destroy young Zarathustra had failed; fire would not burn him nor would animals eaten him. Some say he was
grown up by a mother wolf in the wilderness! Zarathustra then spent years in the wilderness searching for God before his first vision, in which Vohu Manah came to him in the form of an Amshaspand (Angel). All the heavenly entities, the Amesha Spentas (Amshaspandan), declared Zarathushtra as prophet in heavens, and he received perfect knowledge of past, present, and future. Zarathushtra's preaching to King Vishtasp was enhanced by some miracles, especially the healing of a paralyzed horse that convinced the king to accept the new religion and many other superstitions and stories about Holy Cattle!

According to the 'Zand Avesta', the sacred book of Zoroastrianism, Zoroaster was born in Azerbaijan, in northwest Persia. He is said to have received a vision from Ahura Mazda, the Wise Lord, who appointed him to preach the truth.

Of course in today's Zoroastrian Fire Temples, we witness many progressive preachers and scholars who deny all these Mumbo Jumbo and only stick with the fact that Zoroastra was prophet of God and lived as a Meq (priest).

Either progressive or fanatical beliefs of the various Fire Temples, they are both fabricated stories made up by High Priests of the Temple, away from historical realities. Through millenniums, Zoroastrian scripture has been tampered with and fabricated.

The Modern Fire Temple of Kerman, Iran

Face Reality

As a scientist, I deal with science and logic. I deal with archeology and scientific discoveries. I view history as a science; therefore, the real Zoroaster was only a man, but a man with great vision far ahead of his time. Zoroaster was a Philosopher Poet and a great mind. The rest of the mumbo jumbo, prophethood and religion are all fabricated by the Fire Temples and Mubeds. They have no historical and scientific values.

Fire Temple of Yazd, Iran
Yazd is the Zoroastrian capital of Iran

Zarathustra's True Teachings

Zarathushtra was never divine, he was only a man but a progressive man, a poet and a philosopher. His teachings were basically:

Good Words (Goftare Nik)
Good Thoughts (Pendare Nik)
Good Deeds (Kerdare Nik)

The Good and Evil are there for you to chose. The choice is yours. The man chooses his own destiny without the fear of burning in hell in afterlife (Shiite Islam)!

Avesta, Gatha and Zoroastrian Scripture, teach us many goods about Zarathustra and his ways. We can learn many goods about Zoroaster's philosophy and poetry through these documents. For more information, visit the largest Iranian Online library (IPC Library) with books written by Zarathustra and many books written about Zoroastrianism both in Persian and English:

Iran Online Library

also read:

On Faravahar, The Persian Zoroastrian Icon and Ancient Iranian History:

Meaning of Faravahar, Derafsh Kaviyani and Persian Colors

Faravahar History and Art Galleries (5 Parts)

8000 Years of Iranian History (3 Parts)

Ahuramazda and Ahreeman are Two Sides to the Same Coin!
The Duality Factor

According to original Zoroastrian Scriptures and Doctrine, Ahuramazda (Ancient God of Good) and Ahreeman aka Ahriman (Ancient God of Evil) were two sides of the same coin. It has been stated that:

Ahuramazda and Ahreeman are two sides of the same entity. To back this up, there has been archeological discoveries, in which certain statues were discovered. These statues were representation of Ahuramazda. Inscriptions on some of them, stated that Ahuramazda and Ahreeman are the same entity. There were other statues with actual two faces (one back and one front), one representing Ahuramazda and one Ahreeman. These artifacts are highly valuable.

Many historians and Scholars believe that The Element of "Duality" has been inputted in the original Zoroastrian Doctrine. Ahuramazda and Ahreeman were two sides of the same coin. All elements in the globe have Good and Evil, both inside of them. There is a Good and Evil balance in all elements of the world. That is how everything remains balanced and a state of homeostasis rules the world. Pure Good or Pure Evil can cause catastrophe; therefore, a Balance is needed for the universe to operate.

These scholars, go as far as interpreting that Faravahar consists of both Ahura and Ahreemanic symbolism. The half-human part is representing Ahuramazda and the half Beast part representing Ahreeman.

Faravahar is a Zoroastrian Symbol. For more information read:

Meaning of Faravahar, Derafsh Kaviyani and Persian Colors

The element of Duality can also be witnessed in all creatures from all walks of life. The duality factor was the original doctrine of the Zoroastrian Philosophy and it has been stated that it is up to us (human being) to choose between the two; however, the path to salvation is to keep a balance in between the two!

In later years, The Hierarchy of The Zoroastrian Fire Temples and Mubed Mubedan has tampered with the original doctrine, done major forgeries, deducted some and added some texts to the original doctrine. What we have today, has been fabricated many times over. The original valid parts of the scriptures are few, because:

Why The Original Avesta and Gatha Does Not Exit?

a) Destruction, Vandalization and Burning of the Persian Libraries during Greco-Macedonian Invasion-Occupation (Alexander) and Arabo-Islamic Invasion-Occupation (Omar, Ali, Hassan, Hussein), and ................

b) Tampering, Forgeries, deduction-addition of Texts to the original Zoroastrian Documents by Mubeds.

c) Revisions and Reformation of the original scriptures by scholars, to adopt and harmonize with the literature of the Conquering Occupational Arabo-Islamic Government and Religion of Islam. The original Zoroastrian Scriptures and Zoroastrian Fire Temples had to soften their tones and blend in with Islam to survive! The Arabo-Islamic Occupational Government (1st Arabo-Islamic Invasion-Occupation), had no tolerance for anyone except Muslim!

In Islam there is Allah and then Shaytan but in Zoroastrianism, Ahuramazda and Ahreeman are two parts to the same Entity. Besides, Ahuramazda and Ahreeman are equals. Ahreeman (Ancient Persian God of Evil aka Satan) is not a fallen angel from heavens (Christianity, Judaism and Islam)!

L. Historical FireTemple of Atashkuh, Mahalla, Markazi State, Iran
R. A Realistic Statue of Zoroaster

More on Zarathustra’s Philosophy:

Universal Intelligence vs. God

For more historical information about Muslim Atrocities in Iran, view the book:

222 Years of Struggle for Independence of Iran (4 Parts)
651 AD - 873 AD

For more information on Zoroastrianism, visit Zoroastrian Sites in:

Iran Culture and History Directory

Of the

Iran Web Directory

Truth of Zoroastra and Zoroastrianism

Organized Religion had created a prophet out of Zarathustra! Zorostrian Fire Temple, the same as Mosques, Churches, Synagogues, Buddhist Temples, Hindu Temples, other Temples, are businesses who sell salvation.

There is no doubt that there are some good decent High Zoroastrian priests and Scholars out there, but the majority are businessmen! The scientific reality is that:

* God is a myth, an invisible big guy sitting up there in the sky ruling the world that he had created!

* Prophets of God were all charlatans, some were ahead of their time and very wise but still charlatans!

* Saints and Imams were all Con Artists!

* Holy Men are all Businessmen!

* Worship Temples are places of business!

But in comparison, today, many Fire Temples, unlike other places of worship, do not beg for money to sell salvation! They state a lot of historical facts, teach a lot of good, and avoid mumbo jumbo miracles and story telling. Whoever wants to donate money, they will do it behind the scene and anonymous. There are many rich zoroastrians who support the Fire Temples.

A Fictional Portrait of Zarathustra portrayed by Mubeds (Zorostrian Priests) and Hierarchy of the Fire Temples.

A 3rd Century portrait of Zarathustra from a Syrian Temple

Real Zarathustra Spitmata
Portrait drawn based on archeological, historical and scientific facts rather than rhetorics of the Zoroastrian Mubeds (Priests) and fabrications of the Fire Temples.



I. Zarathustra was a great philosopher poet, ahead of his time.

II. Zarathustra was a great Persian and human being who taught us many goods.

III. Zoroastrianism is a Persian philosophy, not a Holy religion.

IV. There are only two people amongst the prophets, whom never claimed to be prophets of God, one was Buddha and one was Zarathustra. That's why I respect both of them as great philosophers and I truly have not much respect for rest of the prophets, thus they were a bunch of miracle sellers, magicians and con artist frauds. I respect Buddha due to my Martial Art philosophy of Kung Fu and Meditations; I respect Zarathustra because he was pure thought!

V. Iranians and in general global public by majority, have limited weak minds and they are in need of some kind of God, Prophet and Religion. Evolution is too scientific for these folks! Therefore, in Iranians' case, we cannot simply take away Islam from them and leave them with nothing! They are like lost children and they will collapse! Therefore, we shall replace the more logical, realistic philosophy of Zoroastrianism with Islam. Besides, Zoroastrianism is a Persian Philosophy unlike Islam, which belongs to Arabs and enemies of Iran!

VI. If Iranians must have a religion, then Zoroastrianism is far better and progressive and more Persian than the fanatical reactionary cult of Shiite Islam! Please observe:

Cult Characteristics

1. The Leader, The Divine Guru
2. The Use of "Controlling" Techniques such as Fear of the above, conversion and afterlife
3. Social and Physical Isolation
4. Extremist or Fanatical Behavior
5. Secrecy and Deception

and they are all present in Shiite Islam.

Questions People Ask from Me?

People often ask me many questions …

People often ask me why IPC emphasizes this much on Faravahar and Zoroastrianism?

Even though Bahaiism and Shiite Islam are also Persian creations, yet they both have Arabo-Islamic roots, but Zoroaster and Zoroastrianism are Pure Persian Pride. IPC is here to protect and serve the Persian Culture, not Arabo-Islamic Culture! That's why IPC emphasizes so much on Faravahar and Zoroastrianism!

People also ask me why an Atheist such as yourself emphasizes so much on Zoroastrianism?

The historical reality teaches us that Zoroaster was not prophet of God (invisible myth in the sky)! Zoroaster was a great visionary mind and a philosopher poet. Zoroaster was a Persian Great mind. I value people for their minds and brains. That is why I respect Zarathustra, or else I have zero respect for Religion and holy men and indeed the cattle of religious people who follow them!

Let us value and study our rich Persian Heritage. Let us value our Persian Icons such as Zarathustra Spitmata.

For more information, please observe

IPC Calendar

Iran Online Library

In these days of fear and indecision forced upon us by the AIOG (Arabo-Islamic Occupational Government), let us safeguard our great icons such as Zarathustra and our great classical Persian Philosophies such as Zoroastrianism.

Zarathustra Spitmata, may his Great Spirit rest in peace.

Fire Temple of Yazd at daytime

Fire Temple of Yazd at nighttime

Yes my friends,

Many are schooled, yet only a few are truly Educated!

To be Persian, means to Live as a Free Persian, to love Persian, and to Die as a Proud Persian.

IPC Faravahar Roundel
Iran Politics Club Glass Design Faravahar

For more information on IPC Faravahar Flags, Banners and Insignias, visit:

Iran Politics Club Flags and Emblems (Chapter 13)

Of my book:

Pictorial History of Iranian Flags

Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds (English)
Pendare Nik, Goftare Nik, Kerdare Nik (Modern Persian)
Humata, Hukhta, Hvarshta (Avestan Persian)

Yeta Ahu

As we see, the Duality Factor has an ancient root in Persian Psyche.

Maybe, this can be the reason that the Top preacher for Zoroastrianism and the Best protector of Ahuramazda, is no one but The One and only Ahriman aka Ahreeman!

Ahreeman works in mysterious ways!

Pure Persian Pride

No Gods
No Shahs
No Imams
No Masters
No Prophets
I bow to no Gods.
I serve no Masters.
I control my own destiny.
I am a Thinking Man.
I am a Free Man.


Dr. X

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