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Ahreeman X at the Banquet
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Ahreeman X at a Formal Banquet

A Night at the Banquet
Ahreeman X at a Formal Banquet

Ahreeman X
August 8, 2008

I have been directing so many female modeling photo shoots and some silly comrades were asking that why don’t I pose for a photo shoot? In addition, some of you were also asking for more Ahreemanic photo albums. I have been ignoring these smart-ass remarks and requests, but finally at a formal banquet, the crew had caught up with me and insisted on a photo shoot! What the hell, why not?! But no nudes, absolutely no nudes! For God’s sake, leave something for the imagination of the viewers! Paris Hilton, you bimbo, eat your heart out! Folks, you asked for more photos, you got more photos:

A Night at the Banquet
Ahreeman X outside and before a formal banquet

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