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Part 1: Faculty and Staff

Ahreeman X at the University
Part 1: Faculty and Staff
Ahreeman X
April 1, 2008

Ahreeman X at SDSU

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I have been receiving many e-mails in regards to this issue. You have been asking me: How come there exist no pictures of me in the IPC Website? Well, I shall admit that it is a valid question and it deserves a valid answer. It is not that I am not in to photography, but the reality is that I am very much in to photography and I have volumes and volumes of analog (hard copy) and digital (e-copy) photo albums, which covers my life long story from the birth up to this point.

SDSU (San Diego State University)

However, I am way too busy with the other 45 sections of the IPC Website that I simply did not have enough time to attend to this issue. Actually you may say that I have been neglecting your desires, but finally at this moment I shall grant your wishes.

Art Piece at SDSU

To obey your wishes, from time to time, I will publish a few series of my photo albums in IPC. Let us start with this 3 parts series which I call: Ahreeman X at the University. Let me take you for a ride to another world and another aspect of my life. In this world, we will now enter a university.

San Diego State University is one of the largest universities in USA. SDSU is practically the size of a small town.

Welcome to the Party Central, USA: SDSU (San Diego State University) voted by the nationwide student body as “The Party University” in USA. SDSU is the coolest university in US of A. I mean figure it out: If Ahreeman is a professor in a university, then that university must be the coolest and the most awesome university in United States. So without further due, let’s dig in.


I instruct my courses at the CS1 computer lab, which I have designed. It is located at the Computer Science Department of the Math and Science College of the San Diego State University.

Ahreeman X and University Staff

I teach these courses:

Computer Animation
Computer Programming
Computer Web Design
Computer Architecture
Computer Technology

Ahreeman X and University Staff

Ahreeman X and University Staff goofing around.

For each course, I have an:

IA = Instructional Assistant (a university staff)
Who aids me by helping the students with their projects, grading assignments and other hi tech tasks.

For each course, I also have a:

TA = Teaching Assistant (a student)
Who runs errands and fulfils petty tasks to learn the tricks of the trade, for the future, so after graduation, he or she can become an IA or an Assistant Professor.

Ahreeman X and University Staff

I teach my courses with the use of the projector, giant screen and remote access to all students’ computers. Students do hands on system work, while the IAs roam around to help them with their problems. I conduct my courses using real life projects, assignments and subjects. We discuss all aspects of computer science such as Graphic Design, Web Design, System Architecture, Net Security, Net Crimes, Hacking, Probabilities, Encryption, Animation, Robotics and Programming.

Most of my classes are designed for the Young Elite Prodigy Students whom are either:

I. High GPA Students from High Schools, now entering the university.

II. Students whom are showing great potentials in the fields of math and science.

III. Students who passed High School in a couple of years and way ahead of their class. Now they are in the university and they are the youngest in their class.

Ahreeman X and University Staff

My classes are the liveliest classes on the campus and that is why practically for every consecutive academic year, I have been voted by the student body as the most desired and popular CS (Computer Science) Professor on the Campuses of SDSU. My students practically worship me, but the hypocrite bureaucracy of the campus are something else! They despise me with the passion. I am not exactly whom you call popular with the president, vice president, deans and directors of the campus! Why you ask? Because I am very unconventional, creative, progressive, revolutionary and politically incorrect with conducting my classes. The campus bureaucracy and paper pushers despise my politics, my popularity and my unorthodox teaching methods, but they have no choice but to give in, because:

a. I am on the progressive edge of the technology.

b. I am one of the most popular instructors on the campus. Students jump over each other's shoulders and wait in line for semesters, only to take a course with me.

c. I am in demand. I do not have to teach, but I love to teach. I can work in the private sector, take hi tech contracts from corporations (which I randomly do) or not work at all (I have no need for money). So I dictate my terms to the university, not vise versa. My policy is to screw the bureaucracy and the paper pushers!

Ahreeman X and a colleague

Now, why don’t we move on to the photo albums, because that is what you have been waiting for. Let us take a walk back in the memory lane all the way to the present time. So without further delay, let’s roll:

Ahreeman X and Computer Programming IA

Ahreeman X and Computer Web Design IA

Ahreeman X and Computer Web Design IA

Ahreeman X and Computer Web Design IA

Ahreeman X and Computer Web Design IA

Ahreeman X and Computer Web Design IA

Ahreeman X and Computer Animation IA

Ahreeman X and Computer Animation IA

Ahreeman X and Computer Animation IA

Ahreeman X and Computer Programming TA

Ahreeman X and Computer Animation TA

San Diego State University Football Field

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