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Iran Politics Club Operations 20th Anniversary
A Pictorial History: Photo Gallery 1


Iran Politics Club Operations 20th Anniversary Special
A Pictorial History: IPC Founded on March 30, 2000
Chapter 1

Ahreeman X and IPC Operations
March 23, 2020

Iran Politics Club Futurist Faravahar Tricolor Iran Flag

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Chapter 1
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Long Live Free Iran Pigeon Graphic by Mandana

Through the Years

Greetings Folks

Soon on March 30th, IPC will be 20 years old. I cannot believe 2 decades has passed. Luckily, this anniversary lands in the “Persian Cultural Month.

Persian Cultural Month of March
An IPC Tradition on Month of March

I have been studying politics since age 10. I have been political since age 11. I have been participating in street wall slogan writing, protests and brawls against the Islamists during the dark intense days of 1978 when I was only 16. I was street fighting and conducting operations with my crew in the streets of Tehran pro the Imperial Regime and against the Islamists. My political activities were not for the reason that I was a monarchist, but they were due to the fact that since that young age, I knew that if Islamists would take control, Iran would be gone and it would enter the dark ages. Actually, I have never been a monarchist and I have always been a great critic of the monarchists and the monarchy as an outdated political ideology. On the other hand, even though I was criticizing the Shah, yet for all the good which he had done, I always respected him as a Nationalist.

My feelings towards the Shah was always a love / hate relationship, same as the feelings which I had for my own father.  Shah was the same as my father, how can you hate your own father?

My parents were both high ranking officials of the Imperial Regime. Back then many of the Imperial Regime officials had two jobs, one out in open which they were famous for and the other job which was indeed more important was a trade which they were not so known for.

Ahreeman X the Chain Breaker Graphic by Mandana
Graphic is based on the “What I Believe?” Poem by Ahreeman X
3 Lines of the Poem in the Graphic:
I believe in fighting against the norms.
I believe in breaking all the statues.
I believe in destroying all taboos.

What I Believe?

My Father

My father was an atheist. My father was British graduated and an English speaker. My father was a famous journalist with a long history of working for almost every major newspaper and magazine in Iran. Finally, he owned his own magazine. He was the publisher and general editor of a major political magazine in Iran. In Imperial Iran, Shah granted only a handful of political licenses to publications which one of them was to my father due to the fact that Shah was a big fan of my father’s writings. My father was also a historian and a famous author of various history books. In addition, my father was a minister in the cabinet of his excellency Prime Minister Amir Abbas Hoveyda. Aside from work, my father was a very close friend of Hoveyda or as we referred to him in the cabinet and Darbar (courthouse) Aqa (Mr.).

The Orchid Man

In Darbar, we eat this kind of Mame!

As a child, I grew up in Darbar (courthouse) and cabinet. I clearly remember the clean cult, well shaved and dressed officials of the Imperial Regime with much intellect, education and devotion who tried to serve the nation by reforming the regime from the within and then I compare them to the today’s IRI officials who are a bunch of illiterate, filthy, dirty, unshaved, badly dressed degenerates who can easily be mistaken for the street porters and lampoons. I still remember that as a child, I was ease dropping and watching from the door frame of my father’s office or Hoveyda’s office, my father and uncle (Hoveyda wanted me to refer to him as Uncle Hoveyda) having a marathon (hours) of discussions on various subjects from politics, philosophy, literature, poetry, and language all the way to the current pop culture, cinema, and music while both were smoking their handmade  home-blend pipe tobacco mix! Hoveyda got my father in to pipe smoking. Hoveyda was a big pipe smoker and collector. His aromatic pipe tobacco mixes were legendary in the upper circa of Iran.

Iran Politics Club Faravahar Rainbow Spectrum Emblem Banner Iran Flag

My Mother

My mother was a non-denominational who only believed in God. My mother was German graduated and a German speaker. Throughout her life, my mother earned 6 medical degrees. Technically my mother was a nurse, midwife, and a social worker. She had worked as all of these positions. My mother was a high-ranking official in the Health Ministry. At a time, she was the head of social workers in Tehran. In addition, she was the consultant and assistant to Empress Farah Pahlavi (Shahbanu) in her charity organization. There was a time that my mother was issuing the medical certificates and licenses for the doctors, so they could start work and visiting patients. That was a powerful position and she used it to help the poor people. My mother was also routinely inspecting the major hospitals.

I have a specific memory that even my mother was a civilian, yet every time she entered the Health Ministry, the guards were military saluting her. She was a hot shot back in the day!

Throughout her life, my mother had forced the hospitals and doctors to visit, bed and operate on the poor patients for free! No one was dare to defy her will. The poor people and the lower classes which she helped, worshipped her. After the revolution, it was some of these people who become in charge of the important positions in IRI. It was some of these people who helped her hide and escape Iran when she was on the run!

Both my parents, due to their positions in Imperial Iran were on the list of arrest and execution; therefore, they had to leave (father) or escape (Mother) Iran.

Iran Politics Club Futurist Faravahar Blood Trim Banner Revolutionary Iran Flag

My Grandmother

My Grandmother was a non-denominational who only believed in God. My Grandmother was graduated as a medical doctor in the first graduating class of the Tehran University in Iran. My Grandmother was love of my life, my mentor and my strong column. Grandmother was an extremely bright woman. I was Grandma’s boy. In her era, when women were in deep religious superstition wrapped in chadors as obedient housewives, she was a famous medical doctor (gynecologist) wearing fashionable clothes, reading “Burs Morning Newspaper” (Stock Market) with her breakfast and investing in stock market, real estate and rentals. She was a businesswoman, a medical doctor and a wise educated woman.

DeChadorization Day!
"Women's Liberation Day of Iran"

I was raised in this family with my father’s massive library of history, literature and political books, and my mother’s library of poetry books. I also had my own library that was mostly consisting of history and geography books which were my main focus.

Back in those hairy days of 1978, odds were turning and Islamists were gaining power. On January 1st 1979 I was forced in to exile by my parents because as a political hot head I would have been arrested or killed by the Islamists.

After spending the first 16 years of my life in Imperial Iran with great memories, I came to America as a 17-year-old. I have been with the Iranian Opposition since 1979, when the Islamists and Mullahs had taken over the control of Iran. It is over 4 decades that I have been a freedom fighter serving the Iranian opposition. Many of my masters, mentors, comrades, friends and colleagues have been assassinated by the IRI. The secret to my survival is due to two facts:

A) I am extremely cautious about whom I allow in my close circle of associates.
B) I am extremely violent, and with Hezbollah and Islamists, I retaliate like Hell!

Iran Politics Club Futurist Faravahar Dark Banner Iran Flag

Online Politics

I had become aware of the importance of the Internet when it became popular. I clearly understood that the future wars would be fought in cyberspace. Internet would have become the greatest propaganda tool on earth for me to use to fight against the IRI and Islamists.

Primarily I was writing on the AOL Iran political board. At the time it was “The Hot Forum” of the era. Due to censorship of the Giant Techs (back then in the late 1990s AOL was a giant), I moved to Yahoo and created my own forum “Iran Politics Club” on Yahoo Groups. Back then, Yahoo was the latest fad of the day and the new Giant Tech Co. At the same time, I created the IPC website on AOL cyber space. Due to Yahoo censorship (the same as the AOL censorship), I closed down the club (forum) on Yahoo and website on AOL. I drafted my own independent server so no one ever again could censor my writings.

Tech Giants

I have been on Internet since Internet was created. I have seen Liberal Tech Giants come and go. Silicon Valley is full of Techies. Every once a while some of them create a Tech Giant, make a lot of money and then they die out and next fad of the day comes along! Through the years I have seen giants come and go and die out. AOL, Yahoo, My Space, and now YouTube, Google, Twitter, Facebook and so on. There is no doubt in my mind that one day YouTube, Google, Twitter and Facebook will also die out. These Tech Giants have two things in common:

1. They all censor conservatives and freedom of speech.
2. We the people are the ones who make them Tech Giants.

Tech Giants Cyber Censorship Cartoons

Tech Giants and Social Media are nothing without the people. Once the censorship becomes outrageous, then people leave and basically only a bunch of liberals will be left to complement each other on them. This is the same old story with Tech Giants. The same as AOL, Yahoo and My Space died, in the future, Facebook, Twitter, Google and YouTube will also die. You cannot silence the freedom of speech for so long and survive in this business. But then again Silicon Valley is full of Liberal Techies. They are like cockroaches, they multiply. When one dies, two replace him! They are insects. As a computer scientist, I know these people very well. This is the sign of times and the only thing that we can do is for when one dies out, we can dance on its grave. No one will miss them, no one will shed a tear. They grow into monopolies which are destined to soon or late fall.

Iran Politics Club Light Faravahar Dark Banner Iran Flag

IPC Was Born

On March 30, 2000, IPC was born. After the early days of Yahoo, we had primarily created our club forum on our server: “IPC Club”, and after a while we had created our website on our server: “IPC Website”. After much blood, sweat and tears plus hard work, IPC had become a major website and after many years of hard work, IPC had become the largest Iranian website in English in the globe.

IPC Operations

At first, I have gathered a group of my friends, students, technical people and activists to work with me. Throughout my life, I had the pleasure of meeting and working with some of the greatest Iranian and non-Iranian writers, activists and minds. Together, we have made IPC to bloom, grow and become a giant cyber empire which is today.

Iran Politics Club Lion and Sun with Straight Persian Sword Square Standard Iran Flag
Mitra the Sun Goddess Shines Behind the Persian Lion

More information on Mitra:

Mitra and Mitraism: Foundations of Christianity

IRI Cyber Terrorism

Throughout the years and decades, IRI and Hezbollah have done their best to get IPC off the air. After a various number of sabotages, hacking and cyber terrorism, the best that they could do was to get IPC off the air at a few different occasions, for a time frame of between few hours to few days.

Naturally for each incident, I have retaliated and we took various IRI government websites off the air for a period of time. I do not believe in an eye for an eye but I believe in ten eyes for an eye!

For the history of our cyber battles with IRI, go to:

IPC Club => Movement Hall => Political Activists Room

And read various posts in the:

Iran Political Activists Room

Posts such as:

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Iran Politics Club is back on the Air after an IRI Attack (2009)

Iran Politics Club is back on the air!

Also go to:

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And review articles such as:

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Iran Politics Club Operations Members

IPC Op. has 3 types of members

IPC Operations Members
IPC Op. Members Inside Iran
IPC Op. Members Mobile (Travelling Back and Forth to Iran)
IPC Op. Members Outside Iran

IPC has members and sympathizers amongst the Student Movement, Democratic Movement, and Iranian Opposition. Naturally, we cannot reveal the pictures of any IPC Op. Members inside Iran or Mobile. We will reveal only “some” of the IPC OP. Members Outside Iran (due to security reasons).

IPC Op. are not your typical media and activist stuck-up snobs and snoots with canes up their butts who look like they have been swallowed a baseball bat and are constipated! IPC Op. are fun, happy, humorous, playful and lovely folks. They are devoted hard workers. They are my kind of people.

Here are a number of great activists who helped IPC bloom and grow through the years and decades. We will tell you a story, a pictorial history of some of the IPC Op. members throughout the two decades of the political activism. You have asked for pictures. Here we will display 2 decades of IPC history in photos. We will tell you the story of IPC from the beginning until today in pictures. I have the highest respect for the IPC Op. members and I salute them.

Iran Politics Club Lion with Long Sword Ahreeman X Persian Blood Trim Iran Flag
Blood Trim Banner of Ahreeman X

A Pictorial History of Iran Politics Club Operations

You asked for pictures, you got pictures.

IPC Operations Outside Iran (Some Members)

Ahreeman X
Founder, General Editor, Author, Writer, Poet, Graphic Artist, Cartoonist, Graphic Designer, Programmer, Web Designer

Ahreeman X in Black Leather, San Diego, CA, USA

Ahreeman X at San Diego, CA, USA

Ahreeman X at the Plane Runway in Catalina Island, CA, USA

Ahreeman X at San Diego, CA, USA

Ahreeman X at a Banquet in San Diego, CA, USA

Ahreeman X at the Banquet in San Diego, CA, USA

Ahreeman X at a Pyramid in a Mayan Expedition in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

Ahreeman X on a Ferry at Victoria, Vancouver Island, Canada

Ahreeman X in Canada

Ahreeman X on the Cruise Ship at Acapulco, Mexico

Ahreeman X at Acapulco, Mexico

Ahreeman X at Lake Tahoe, CA, USA

Ahreeman X at the Waterfall in Lake Tahoe, CA, USA

Ahreeman X at an Event in Orange County, CA, USA

Ahreeman X at a Party in San Diego, CA, USA

Ahreeman X on a Cruise Ship, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Ahreeman X Teaching American Football Blocking, San Diego, CA, USA

Ahreeman X at Dundee, Scotland, UK

Catayoun Razmjou
Web Mistress, Cyber Security, Writer, Photographer, Activist

Catayoun Razmjou the Glamorous IPC Web Mistress

Catayoun Razmjou at Morocco

Catayoun Razmjou Pose at Morocco

Catayoun Razmjou with Ahreeman X

Catayoun Razmjou Smile

Catayoun Razmjou Look

Catayoun Razmjou and Ahreeman X at a Meeting

Catayoun Razmjou and Ahreeman X in a Meeting

Catayoun Razmjou with Ahreeman X

Catayoun Razmjou looking at old photos

Catayoun Razmjou and Ahreeman X

Catayoun Razmjou with Ahreeman X

Catayoun Razmjou Cuddling

Catayoun Razmjou Look

Catayoun Razmjou and Ahreeman X at Gaslamp Quarter at the Bay, San Diego, CA, USA

Atusa Qajar
IPC Club Admin

Atusa Qajar, the Resourceful IPC Club Admin and Lawyer, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Atusa Qajar Iran Politics Club Forum Administrator

Atusa Qajar Smile

Head of Security

Qambujiye a True Friend Until the End

Qambujiye an IPC Activist from the Beginning and Until the End

Qambujiye at the IPC Office Ready to Rumble

Qambujiye very Relaxed

Qambujiye, the Ahreeman X Right Hand Man and Body Guard

Qambujiye with Bobby having laughs

Qambujiye Look

Qambujiye with Bobby at the Ahreeman X’s Man Cave

Qambujiye with Bobby

Qambujiye with Bobby at Ahreeman X Library

Qambujiye with Bobby on the Persian Carpet

Qambujiye with Bobby at the Blood Oath Ceremony of the Iran Politics Club Operations

Qambujiye with Ahreeman X at the Blood Oath Ceremony of the Iran Politics Club Operations

Qambujiye with Ahreeman X at the Blood Oath Ceremony of Iran Politics Club Operations

Qambujiye and Ahreeman X, Blood Brothers at the Blood Oath Ceremony of IPC Operations

Qambujiye, Someone You Can Rely On Forever, A True Persian Nationalist

Qambujiye Head of the Security of the Iran Politics Club Operations


Bobby Iran Politics Club Security Operations

Bobby with Ahreeman X during the Blood Oath Ceremony of Iran Politics Club Operations

Graphic Artist

Mandana IPC Graphic Artist and a Solid Nationalist

Mandana an educated engineer, an informed liberated woman and an artist

Mandana a Sweetheart of a Woman

Mandana the Iran Politics Club Graphic Artist

Lawrence of Persia
Graphic Artist, Writer

Lawrence of Persia, IPC Graphic Artist and Writer

Lawrence of Persia, an American Patriot and a Good Friend of Iran

Lawrence of Persia of the Iran Politics Club Operations

Lori Foroozandeh

Lori Foroozandeh, Author of Iran Politics Club

Lori Foroozandeh in her Study

Lori Foroozandeh Look

Lori Foroozandeh the Wild Woman of IPC

Lori Foroozandeh Special Moment

Lori Foroozandeh Pose

Lori Foroozandeh of IPC

Lori Foroozandeh of Iran Politics Club Cuddling with her Cat

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