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Stoning Women in Islam
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True Value of Women in Islam!

Stoning and Public Hanging of Women in Islam!
True Value of Women in Islam!

Ahreeman X
June 25, 2008

Chador: Muslim Women trapped in their veils held by their own hands!
Photo by Carrie Walker

Welcome to Islam Religion of Peace!

Woman Stoning is a fine Islamic Tradition. It all started from Mohammed’s era until the present time. Woman Stoning is a public event often held with much excitement for the whole family to participate and watch. It is kind of like a Sports Game held in stadiums of the West! Woman Stoning is happening right now all around the Islamic world, but when it comes to the International public opinion and media, it is all hush hush! Look at this poor woman pleading for her life while the Iranian Female Police (Sister of Zeynab) with machine gun on her back (on the right) tries to comfort her by convincing her that now she will be free of her sins! Two revolutionary guards are anxiously burying her and getting her ready for the main event while the public is getting impatient holding the stones! The stones must not be too large to kill in one shot and not too small to be ineffective. They must be just the right size to inflict a lengthy, torturous painful death carried on for hours of fun and joy! Iranian officials deny the stoning. In an interview with Le Figaro on September 10, 1994, Ayatollah Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani was questioned straightforward: "Are women accused of adultery being stoned in Iran?" Rafsanjani replied: "No, no such thing exists in Iran. This has been fabricated to damage Iran." Well, here is the proof. The picture speaks a thousand words! Welcome to Islamic Republic of Iran! After 1979 (Islamic Reaction), our nation had turned to a Pile O Shiite! It is 30 + years that we have been drowning in Shiite. When will we free Iran? It is totally up to you? Are you Iranian or are you Muslim? You can’t be both! It is an oxymoron to be both! The sooner you decide, the sooner we can determine our future!

A Woman and a man stoned to death in Afghanistan. The dead woman is inserted in the hole.

Stoning Women in Islam, an old tradition.

Morally Erected Muslim Men are stoning a couple of women to death. One thing is for sure: It will be a lengthy, torturous and painful death!

This beautiful tradition has an ancient history. It all started from Mohammed’s era and the fine tradition carried on until the present era! Stoning of women is one of the most joyful pastimes in the Islamic countries! It is widely preferred over the Baseball and Football! The roots of this fine tradition goes back to stoning the Satan around the Kabbah, Mecca in Saudi Arabia during the Haj. Until this day, pilgrims gather around a huge rock representing Satan in Mecca and joyfully stone him! Of course in Islam there are not much differences between the Satan and the women, so stoning either one is recommended by the clerics!

Camping outside, waiting for the Rock!
This is the Islamic Style of camping outside the stadium, waiting in the ticket line for the Rock Concert, awaiting the ticket sales to begin! The only difference is that this is Haj and these pilgrims are camping in the desert, waiting their turn to throw stones at the Rock (devil)! Superstition at its best!

Stoning the Satan during the Haj! Huge rocks represent the Satan!

And they say Muslim can’t evolve! Here is the proof: Primarily they were stoning the devil and then they have evolved to stoning women! Allah is merciful and extremely peaceful!

Then there is another fine Islamic tradition and pastime, which is called: The Public Hanging of Women! This beautiful tradition is more humane than stoning and this is why it is widely practiced in the most civilized regime of the Muslim world, the jewel of the Muslim world, Islamic Republic of Iran. The Iranian Muslim had basically evolved from beheading or stoning women all the way to now hanging them from the cranes! You see, those backward barbaric Arabs still behead and stone but the civilized Iranians are much sophisticated for that stuff, so they hang! Shiite are much more progressive than Sunni!

In today’s progressive Iran, we don’t stone anymore (well, maybe only in the small villages and maybe just a little bit)! We are now more humane and we only hang women! Welcome to Islamic Republic of Iran. If you are a misbehaved woman, please be prepared to be hung! Islamic Republic of Iran, the regime which Barack Hussein Obama and Liberal Democrats want to negotiate with! I wonder what will they negotiate about? Which of the US cities Ahmadinejad must avoid to nuke and which women, the Islamic judicial system should avoid to hang! Liberalism is Islamism’s best friend! US Democratic Party is Islamists’ party of choice!

Sister of Zeynab (Right): Be strong infidel, Allah is merciful!

Iranian Woman Protestor (outside Iran): Women hang in Islamic Iran!

Barack Hussein Obama: Yes, women hang in Islamic Iran but we can still negotiate on how humane are the degrees and methods of hanging! We demand that Iranian women must be hung humane!

Welcome to Ameristan!
Abdullah Somali: Brother Hussein, you must hold your cane not towards the direction of Kabbah and Mecca, because it may go straight in to Mohammed’s tomb (Kabbah) and up Mohammed’s butt! That is surely not Halaal!
Barack Hussein Obama: Allah forbid, we must not be harsh with the Muslim and injure prophet’s corn-hole! Please remind me to also negotiate about the thickness of the gap on Mohammed’s corn-hole with Ahmadinejad and the Iranian Delegation! Praise be upon Allah!

This is why women get stoned in Islam. Stupidity is epidemic. It goes from one generation to another.
Muslim Woman: We are cattle and we are proud! Praise be upon Allah.

Perfect Cattle (Muslim Women)
The one on the right even tries to cover her veiled face from the camera!
The one on the left flips an “F You” (British Style) sign to the camera!
The one in the center was short on Niqab so she had to use the kitchen rag as the face cover!

Prophet Mohammed Cartoon Protests
Female British police has so much tolerance while 3 eggplants covered from head to toe (even black gloves) agitate and enflame hatred in London. Liberals preach diversity and tolerance, but I wonder how come these bloody Muslim do not adapt the western culture and dress code while living in the west and enjoy all western freedoms?! If they hate the west so much, then why not get the Frag out of London and go back to the Shiite Hole they came from?!

The Veil is Women’s Liberation
These are the Muslim Cattle who ruin it for all the women in the Islamic world fighting for freedom, justice and equality.

Allah Bless Hitler
Typical brain drained female Muslim cattle proud to be second rate citizens and inferior to males!

Tolerance, Islamic Style!

More Islamic Tolerance!

Islam, Religion of Peace!

Muslim: Why do they (West) hate us?
Ahreeman Joon: Do you have to ask? Just take a look at yourself!

Have you ever wondered who stones women in the Muslim world?
Have you ever wondered what type of people are capable of this action?
Have you ever wondered what type of mindset would do such despicable act?
Well, here are your answers!

More peaceful faces of Islam!

Have you ever wondered why Darwin was never successful in finding the Missing Link?
Well here is your answer! The Link was hiding in Pakistan!

Banner of Islamic Tolerance
(Suggested by IPC)

Questions come to mind:
How can we end Women Stoning and Women Hanging in the Muslim World?
How can we negotiate peace and co-existence with the Muslim World?
How can we guarantee Women’s Rights in the Muslim World?
How can we teach tolerance to the Muslim World?
How can we reform the Muslim World?

Answers are very simple:
Islam is a reactionary, inhuman, bloodthirsty and dangerous political ideology, which can never reform nor evolve. Islam has been killing people since Mohammed’s time. Islam is based on violence, conquer and force conversion. There maybe moderate Muslim but Islam in its nature is reactionary, intolerant and terrorist.

The only way to dialogue with an Islamist is to quickly send him to Allah.
The only way to negotiate with an Islamist Regime is to end its reign.
The only way to reform a Muslim is to convert him from Islam.
The only way to reform Islam is to destroy Islam.
The only good Islamist is a Dead Islamist.

Allah is Merciful!

A perfect end for the perfect Religion of Peace!


Gorg Ali the Exiled Wolf
(Gorg Ali dar Qorbat)


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