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The Iranian Disease
Series in 3 Chapters


The Iranian Disease!
Ahreeman X
Revised: November 19, 2006

The Iranian Disease! - Chapters Index
Chapter One: The Symptom and The Disease
Chapter Two: Roots of The Iranian Disease
Chapter Three: Cure for The Iranian Disease

Chapter Four: Epidemics of the Iranian Disease


The Iranian Disease!
Chapter One: The Symptom and The Disease
February 17, 2003
Revised: November 19, 2006

Persians, .......... who are Persians? Are there any left today? Are there any left alive? what has happened to the Persian Ingenuity? These are the questions which can only be answered by us, The Persians!

The Allahic Virus
This is a highly toxic virus, which primarily cripples the brain, and then the rest of the body goes into a comatose! This virus is highly epidemic and once one gets infested, it spreads throughout the society like Aids. Islam acts as The Brain Syphilis!

Once upon a time we ruled the world, once upon a time we ruled The Whole Near East, once upon a time we ruled The West Asia, once upon a time we ruled the region, once upon time we mattered as a regional power. Through the years we regressed! First, our domain was the globe, then it became boundaries of an area between South East Europe to China and North Africa to Central Russia; next it reduced to West Asia; then Mid East and Central Asia; then the region and now .............. oh well, it's a joke! We are the doormats of the civilized world but look at it in another point of view! We are the heart and soul and center grounds for Global Islamist Terrorism! Zip a dee doo da de! From Cyrus to Khomeini, from Darius to Khamenei, from Omar Khayyam to Hezbollah, from Ferdowsi to Rafsanjani, from 8000 years of History to 28 years of disease! What a way to go, this is called The Islamization of The Land of Aryans!

We are a diseased society, many of diseases, not just one or two, but we can put the main diseases under the microscope and analyze our viruses! Shall we? We as a nation do have a few major diseases, hell no, they are more like Symptoms! Persian Symptoms! But we can be politically correct and call them The Iranian Diseases! These diseases are not particularly limited to Iran, but they also run through the whole Middle East, even Near East, and sometimes the complete Third World! These are famous diseases that we shall analyze them very carefully!

Shall we get down and dirty?

1. The Helpless Victims Disease
2. The Eye to The Sky Disease

Basically these are the two most contagious diseases and syndromes of Iranian society.

The Helpless Victim Disease

We are the helpless victims, we are not responsible for our acts, we have no power, we are being controlled by the super powers, the Americans, The British, The Russians, The Germans who been controlling us through the years! We are helpless victims, We have no power, no say, no how! Allah or God has our destiny pre-planed for us. Our destiny is written in blood and cannot be washed away not even by bleach! God has written our destiny in Quran and The Superior Powers control our destiny. They are the ones who decide what way we must go to! What happens in Tehran is pre planed in Washington, DC or London, don't you know that? We are just parts of the machine, robots with no minds of our own. DC writes Iranian history and we have no say in it! Sounds familiar? How many times have you heard this one? How many times from our intellectuals to our illiterate people of the streets? From Yahoo Groups to Persian Forums on the Internet, from our politicians to our authors?

The Allahic Virus
This is a highly lethal virus and it kills on the spot. Once you catch it, you grow a beard and a mustache, put a Beanie Hat and start reading Arabic Gibberish (Verses of Quran)! Next thing you know, the whole society around you, gets infected. Suddenly the society turns in to a Hanging Mob! They run the streets with long sharp daggers and knives, screaming "Allah O Akbar" and demanding Islamic Revolution! Then they turn a progressive civilized society in to a Pile O Shiite! Allah Bless!

The Afghan Engineer does not hold himself responsible for the future possible problems with the airplane engine that he designed! He clearly states that "I have done my best and now it is up to Allah"! The Jumbo Jet commercial airliner will go up the air and if there will be any problem, it's in the hands of God to save the passengers! I am just an Aerospace Engineer who designed the engine but God will take care of the rest! This guy works for Boeing! Scary?! Hmmmm?

The Cinema Critic who been asked to vote in an IPC Survey regarding future political decisions for Iranian Provisional government will clearly state in his Iranian Cinema Critics Weekly, that well, you know, Iranian political matters has been and will be decided by The Masters outside Iran, now is it wise for me to input my opinion here?! Spooky now isn't it? Hmmmmm?

The Mother of a female friend of mine just comes back from a vacation to Iran. She was cruising the Bazaar of Tehran and the Merchants, Customers, every day people of the streets in Bazaar were asking her: "Haj Khanum, we beg you to tell us, when will America come here to save us from The Mullahs? When will President Bush remove the Mullahs?" Really out there, really radical, isn't it? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?

Mother comes back to states and tells me: what am I, assistant to President Bush? How would I know when America will make a move to save us? They say Bush is determined! I am not a Republican and I don't like Republicans, but you, Dr. X, have a picture of Reagan above your head, you are a flaming GOP member, so do you know precisely about when America will make its move, so the people can run the streets with US Backing and overthrow the Mullahs? Tell us Dr. X, do you have info on the exact date? Will it be next year? Next time I go to Tehran, I must inform the Iranians in the Bazaar about the exact move and time of the movement by Mr. Bush, can you give me some kind of an idea? Maybe a timeframe? Hmmmmmmmmmmm?

The Jordanese Truck driver drives his truck and pissed off because of the lack of trades between Iraq and Jordan, and the shadows of The War in the region that all this made his import export business gloomy! He is being interviewed by MSNBC and Canada's News World International. He clearly speaks out that, King Abdullah doesn't make policies here, Saddam doesn't make policies there, People are not making policies here. All the scenario is being pre-planed and will be acted upon it by Bush. He will decide about our role in the conflict. Will we join US or Iraq or will we be active or passive or will we participate or will we be effected? Don't ask me, Bush knows best! amazing, no? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

I can give you examples till tomorrow morning! I can talk about all the different times that I am personally being asked via IM, Net Meeting, Video Net Meeting, E-mail, Telephone, Mail, etc. about when, how, where, and who from United States will decide on the future politics or next government of Iran and will it be decided in DC or London?

This is amazing! Just picture this:

If George Washington would have asked questions like this and believed in conspiracy theories like this, or wait for the faith and the faithful or "the above" to decide the future of this nation, today we would still live under The British Red Coats and sing "God Save The Queen" songs and be a huge land nation with a few population and a so and so military and technology, living our lives as another great land mass like Canada, Australia or so on under her majesty The Queen Elizabeth! America would have never been born!

What if Cyrus would have asked the similar questions like, should I consult the Median King on if I should take over the region and start the Persian Empire? Should we discuss it with Babylon? Should I discuss it with Assyrian Empire? Should we consult with God, Angels and Heaven above? Should we round up an assembly and bring on the fortunetellers and send a few letters to Media and get permission to create the Persian Empire? Well, I imagine Cyrus would still be sitting in Persepolis playing with his Shambool and singing Vedai Songs and finger in between Avesta to get Book Fortunes to read his fortunes via Amshaspandan Zoroastrian Angels to either create The Persian Civilization or not! I bet Cyrus would still be in Persepolis and playing with his balls, deciding on a Median Invasion or not! Cyrus Cylinder, the first human rights document would have never been written!

How about Ferdowsi? Did he have to consult Caliph in Baghdad to write the Book of Kings (Shahnameh)? Maybe he had to double check with God or Angels to let our language remain Arabic and forget about our ancient Persian Language! Who needs Persian?! It's only the mother of all Indo-European Languages, that's all! But Arabic was hip and hot in those days, and it was word of the streets! "Word Up? Arabic baby, so screw Persian, why would I revive the Persian Language?" Ferdowsi asked himself? Oh ye, why would he bother for 30 years of his life writing the Shahnameh? Just float, lets float on by the waves, lets all float, oh yeeeeeeeeeee, down here, we all float.............we are the Neo Persians, let's cruise on by in life, let's float on by the river, let's see where the wind would take us, down here in Iran, We All Float! And if so, then today we would be speaking Arabic in Iran and not Persian! We would have been just another Arab nation like tens of others!

Hows about Yaqub? Maybe Yaqub had to sit in Zaranj, Sistan and play Arshimalalan with his balls and his brother, Amro's balls, hell, they could both play pull the balls and massage the shambool! Forget about Kicking Arabs out of Iran and regain our glory, lets Ball and Bang each other, why not? We are only Persians, our life is being dictated in Baghdad and The Islamic Empire. We are only a colony, let's all float on by Shiraz via Esfahan, let's all float! Hmmmmmmmmmm?

You see comrades, if great men in history would have had this type of the present thought patterns and way of thinking, great civilizations would have never been built, great books would have never been written, great ideologies would have never been made, and world would have never been progressed! And we would be floating like Iranians have been floating for the last 28 years! Hell ye, down here we all float............

Why do you think America is where America is today in only 231 or so years and Iran is where Iran is today after 8000 years of history? It called Degeneration of a Nation.

The Eye to The Sky Disease

… or The "Eye-Rainian Disease", meaning Eye-Rainians always have their eyes to the sky for rain, rather than creating a system of irrigation to water their own land and to make it fertile! It's the Eye-Rainian Syndrome! They keep the eye to the sky for a hero, a savior, an Angel, a God, a new Religion, or........................

The Great Shiite Thinker
As the Symptoms of the Allahic Virus infection, you often find yourself sitting on The Shiite-Can, dumping Piles O Shiite while getting inspirations and bright ideas! Every time you dump a pile, you get enlightenment! However, the reality is that these bright ideas are in fact, Piles O Shiite, developing in your brains! This is the exact moment that you will become a "Great Shiite Thinker" due to infection by "The Allahic Virus"! You will turn to a "Great Shiite Thinker" such as Dr. Shariati, Dr. Bazargan, Dr. Soroush, Dr. Ebadi, Dr. Yazdi, Dr. Anabeh, Dr. Shamboo and Dr. Shiite for Brains!

When heroes disappoint them like Khatami, then they go to the next hero like Reza Pahlavi! It is amazing! If it's not Reza Khan then it must be Mosadeq! If it's not Nader, then it must be Aqa Mohamad Khan, no? Somebody must be out there to save us, no? Let's keep our eye to the sky so finally by concentrating hard, maybe The 12th Imam Mahdi will re-appear from the water well and save us and if he doesn't, then Jesus for sure will, no? Lordi lordi lord! Sounds familiar to you? How many times have you heard this?

Us people are ill, our society is ill, our intellectuals are ill, our political leaders are ill, our blood is contaminated, our minds are poisoned and we are infected with this "Arabo_Muslim Shiite Virus". We look upon the sky for a "Hee Row" and we consider ourselves as "Helpless Victims"! Nothing will be accomplished by this way of thought pattern and lifestyle!

Once upon a time we were proud people, logical people, strong people, pure people, determined people and Warriors with Compassion. Now we are reduced to Superstitious, Religious, Conspiracy Theory Loving, Hero Worshiping Mindless Baboons! Are we even allowed to still call ourselves Persians? Are we the sons and daughters of Cyrus? Who are our parents? Is it Darius? Or is it some Arab from Al Khali Desert with cheap Flip-Flops on his stinking feet? Who is our mother? Amitis? Mandana? Artemisia? Apranik? Or is it some Lachaqi Ancient Zeynab Khatun with armpits and poon-tang smell of heavenly hash like Prophet's Camel due to wearing hejab in 100-degree desert temperature named Al Khadijah? Al Zeynab? Om Ol Kolsum? Om Ol Hameleh or a female Baboon? Do you really consider yourselves Aryans and sons and daughters of Cyrus?

Then by all means, do something about it, you Pansy Ass, Superstitious, Mediocre, Half Sleep, Half Awake, Half ill, Weakling, Arab-toxicated, Arab-infected, degenerate, Quran Loving, Velayat Loving, Imam Loving, Hejab Wearing, Half Breed, Colonialized, Sick pitiful worms of a human being! Do something about it you worthless cowards who America or England controls your lives, Islam controls your daily bread and Allah writes your destiny for you?! Do something about it you shells of a human being deep in your superstitious cocoons waiting for a Super Hee Row, another Mosadeq, another Imam Zaman, another Hazrat-e Ali or Kaveh Ahangar to show up? What are you? Men or Mice? How long should a selected few fights your battles for you? How long should a few worthy comrades fight to secure your Persian Heritage? Are the rest of you alive? Or are you dead zombies of the Green skinned, Islam loving type, looking to the sky for Imam Zaman to reappear and waiting for Washington DC to save your Ass? What are you? Are you considered to be the same Persians who distributed the Cyrus Cylinder, the first charter of Human rights around the globe? Are you the same people who ruled the world and invented human civilization? Are you of the same blood as Yaqub? Will you ever wake up? Are 28 years enough? Do you need another 28 years? Hows about half a century or more?

No one but no one will appear from heavens, shall it be Bush or shall it be Reza Khan or shall it be Jesus Christ or Angel Gabriel! Nothing will change, you will always be slaves and puppets and robots to your destiny and super powers and religious fanaticism and your own ignorance and backwarded religious beliefs, until you make the move to self educate yourselves, to make a personal effort to gain your lost identity and pride.

You need to wake up, that's all. Personal Education, via Moral Evolution and committing to your social rehabilitation to regain your national identification, which maybe, and hopefully it will all lead to a Political Revolution to step forward to a Social Evolution. This is your salvation, not looking into the sky and looking in the hands of Washington to throw you a bone! Wake up, you have been cheated out of your place and value in the globe and in the history. Wake up, everything is lost, you have been Colonialized by Arabo_Muslim and Pan Arabism for decades, you are people with no identity, no goal, no destiny, no value and no hope. You are infected by this Shiite Virus called Arabo_Muslim Cancer. You are reduced to measly terrorists! You are ill, you have both:

1. The Helpless Victims Disease
2. The Eye to The Sky Disease

The Iranian Disease! Time to wake up out of your cocoon and revive Mother Persia or forever remain in Depth of The Abyss at the bottom of the pitts! Islamic Empire died, lagged behind, remained in The Dark Ages, remained in Stone Ages and all Arabs are still consider themselves helpless victims whose lives are controlled by Super Powers, that's why they are threatened by presence of America in the region. Arabs dragged you down to the hole with them. Arabs flushed you down the toilet with themselves. You have become Muslims, just another group of Muslims. Your Persianhood vanished in the fresh air and atmosphere of superstitious Islamic Bull Shiite! you have lost your identity and that's why you are doomed. Regain your identity and once again you shall be glorious. I promise you that.

Enough floating, enough cruising, as you see, there will not always be a Hero in the Horizon! You cannot always rely on a Ferdowsi, a Yaqub, a Reza Khan, or an Aryamanesh. You are neither children nor retarded; therefore, you are not in need of a Velayat al Faqih! A selected few of our resistance to tyranny have been fighting your battles for you and frankly they are tired and burned out. It's time for you, The Persians to revive the Mother Persia, so once more in the history of The Earth, we can raise our heads and loudly speak these words that "We are Iranian and We are Proud of it". Revive yourselves and reviving of Iran will appear in the horizons, I promise you that.

Until There will be life in this Earthly body
Our Ka'bbah and Prayer Direction remains Iran

More power to The Resistance

Dr. X

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The Iranian Disease!
Chapter Two: Roots of The Iranian Disease
August 8th, 2004
Revised: November 19, 2006

Monitor (Mobser) Factor!

Dear Comrades:

Amongst the latest analysis of Admzad on the Iranian society (Book on MIRAN), and amongst all the past analysis that we have done on Iranian Society, such as:

Iranology (Courses on Iran): Iran 101 - Iran
The Iranian Disease

We discover many roots, causes, symptoms, diseases and aftermath results on the Iranian society; however, one of the most interesting factors that Admzad had put under the microscope, was "The Monitor (Mobser) Factor".

The Monitor Factor, even though very visible in Iranian Society, yet it can also be seen all around the region and somewhat to a lower level, all around the 3rd world.

This particular Iranian Disease has an 8000 years old history! For thousands of years, Iranians were trained to conduct themselves as a herd under the supervision of a Mobser, Monitor, Moderator, Marja'e Taqlid, Mullah, Feudal, Arbab-e Deh, Master, Dictator, Conductor, Emperor, Lord, Khan, Shah, Guru and now Velayat-e Faqih and Ayatollah.

The Iranian Diseased Society has been trained and based in this manner. This disease has been existed since beginning of the time; however, this disease had become an epidemic and largely expanded since entrance of Islam to Iran, about 1400 years ago.

We can sense a presence of a Mobser Syndrome even in small groups of Iranians such as, a group of Amaleh (labors), a group of Alaf (unemployed), a group of students, a group of thugs, a group in a tea house, a group in a cafe, villages, a small town, bazaar, etc.

So in a way, Arabo_Islamic Sub Culture extended the depth of this disease! In general, Iranians are great with creation of Heroes, Mobsers and then heredity of Mobsership! For instance, Iranians been creating Dynasties for thousands of years and gathering around the toughest thug and erecting him as the Neo Shah for centuries; however, when Islam came into the scene, they had to reform Islam and adopt it to the Iranian Way of life, so they created Shiite Islam! In Shiite Islam, same as the Monarchy, the heredity of Crown goes back from son to father and generation to generation........., yet in Shiite, it is called Imamate! Each Imam follows his predecessor, onward and forever...............

The Future Generation
Two Good Shiite Kickers (Good Young Muslim)
Olaq-Ali (below): Allah O Akbar, Allah O Ar Ar Arrrrrrrrr Arrrrrrrrrr Hee Haw, Hee Hawwwwww….
Qolam-Ali (above): Today, I am both Retarded and a Minor, I am in need of a Vali, a Velayat-e Faqih (Supreme Spiritual Imam)! But I will keep on drinking my Shiite Water (Anabeh) and one day I will grow up to become a Big Shiite! I want to grow up to become a Great Shiite Thinker! (Is this what you want for the future Iranian generation?)

Monarchists believe that Monarchy works and it is our tradition! The truth is that Monarchy had never worked, but the only thing that worked, were the Great Shahs! Monarchy is a dysfunctional, outdated and illogical form of a government. Iran did not survive for 8000 years because of Monarchy; yet, Iran survived for 8000 years because of some worthy individuals (Shahs). But in between these individuals, we had periods of comatose (Disastrous Shahs)!

So in a way, after Arab Invasion, Iranians transformed the Shahs into Imams! In 1953, they transformed the Shahdom into Fuhrerdom and erected Mosadeq as a Guru and Neo Fuhrer! After 1979, they replaced the Shah with Imam (once more) and they erected Velayat-e Faqih!

Do never trust the people who scream Zendeh Bad and Mordeh Bad! One day it's long live this and one day it's long live that and death to this! One day Mosadeq is on their shoulders, next day Shah and the day after Ayatollah! These people are of the "Mordab Culture" and these people need to be Fragged deep and hard in the shiiter! (In mardom ro bayast kard!) Pardon my lingo!

Basically Supreme Religious Guardian (Velayat-e Faqih) has a definition and it is set for 2 types of people! In dictionary, Vali (Guardian) guards and supervises the either "Under Age" or the "Retarded" and mentally challenged! So basically according to Shiite Islam, Iranians are either minors or retarded! At first, I used to agitate Iranians by stating these words to make them realize that they are neither retarded or minor, so in a way I agitated them and arouse them to jump start a rebellion against Velayat-e Faqih. Later on, after a vast analysis of the Iranian society, I have came to this conclusion that in a way, due to lack of Education, Cultural Poverty, Fanaticism, Religious Superstition, and Iranian Disease, our people are in fact either minors or retarded and they are in definite need of a Vali, an Ayatollah, a Shah, a Fuhrer or a Comrade Chairman!

Alahazrat used to say: "I am like a Father to my people. My people are like little children, they are lost without their father!" (Quoted from a meeting between Carter and Shah in DC)

Take a good look at Iranian Society, will ya?

Each Tribe has its own Hero, whom they absolutely worship, makes posters of him/her, follow blindly, raise him/her to God-like level and follow him/her to grave and with no logic whatsoever! They do this only due to Fanaticism (Ta'asob)!

Do you recall Mojaheds who burned themselves to death for Maryam Rajavi in Paris, so the French Government would free her?!

This behavior is not a logical normal behavior of a human being, yet this is a fanatical illogical Hero worship, Totem Worship behavior between Master and Servant! Iranians do not see the flaws of their heroes, they only see the glory! Iranians do not want to hear about the lacks of their hero, yet they only see greatness! Iranian Heroes are also often have their authority due to divine rights and via God! Iranians are often superstitious and religious fanatics, if not in surface, then in depth and underneath! Religion can be visible in our people, like beard and mustache of Hezbollahis! Or it can be hidden under the surface, like deep superstitious rotten beliefs of so called many Meli Mazhabi "In-Tel-Egg-Chew-Alls"! Religion acts as a Cancer Cell, you often cannot view it until its very late!

Monarchists glorify Reza Pahlavi, just because his father was Shah! Qualifications and actions of the Guru does not mean anything, simply because Reza Pahlavi inherited the crown and God gave him the crown!

Muslim Fundamentalists have the same episode with Imam! Imam Khamenei has the Allah given right and got erected by Khomeini and is the absolute authority and Marja'e Taqlid.

Jebheis have Mosadeq to worship. They created a Fuhrer-like Pishva out of this poor politician! Majority of Jebheis are Meli Mazhabi, so was Mosadeq! If you go to his grave, you will see a picture of Ali on top of the wall of his shrine! You will also see a Quran on the table! In a way Mosadeq was erected by Shiite Imams to save Iran, the same way that Boroumand is now the Neo Fuhrer! Same Shiite goes on ......

Tudehis have their own Gurus like Eskandari, Ruzbeh, Kianuri, Tabari and now Shomali! But these guys do not get their power from God, yet they get it from the Proletariat! However sometimes, it is good for the party leaders to turn Muslim to save their Ass, like Tabari done in 80s, when he saw the light of Imam and Islam! Over night, the Theoretician of the Tudeh Communist Party turned Muslim!

Hezbe Communist-e Kargari has Mansour Hekmat as a legend to worship and created a God out of him!

Same thing with Mojahedin and Khiyabani, Rajavi and now Maryam Joon!

You see, our people are ill, extremely ill! They complain about lack of democracy, but they are the ones who create these Gods, Dictators, Fuhrers and Legends! Our people are like children in the classroom and in need of a Mobser, a Monitor!

Take a look at these Cheesy Iranian Forums on the Internet! Each of them has some kind of Thug who acts as a Moderator to control the Gav o Guspand! Some kind of a thug, some kind of a Mobser, some kind of a Censor Chief, who sometimes can be benevolent and semi civilized and sometimes can be ruthless and rootless, runs the show! Take a good look at some of these Ex forums and their Thug Masters like Anvari, Pirouznia, Javid, etc! These are small samples of the large Iranian society as a whole, for you! Of course Thugs don't last and today all three Jebhe Meli, SMCCDI and forums are closed down and dead.

Then you got the Tofeyli, sidekick, kiss ass boy who is behaving in a relation such as Morid (Disciple) to Morshed (Mentor)! These Tofeylis are Yes Sir Yes Sir men of the Moderators! Each forum has the Mobser and the Tofeyli figure, for instance Kazemzadeh was the Tofeyli to Anvari who was the Mobser of Jebhe Meli! Now that Jebhe Meli forum is closed, he moved to Tabloid website to kiss Jahanshah Javid's ass!

Same thing goes on in Iranian politics! For instance Dariush Homayoun is the Tofeyli to Reza Pahlavi, which this relation causes jealousy and envy amongst other wanna be Tofeylis! That's why from time to time, you can see that these other Yes Sir Boys of the Harem, praise Reza Pahlavi but badmouth the Tofeyli Homayoun! So in a way they put down the Tofeyli and want to become the Neo Tofeyli themselves! Just take a look at all of these Monarchist Sites and groups and check out how they put each other down and badmouth each other's leaders! Usually they badmouth Homayoun, because they want to replace Homayoun and be the new Harem Bitch Boy! Dr. Oskuyee is the perfect example!

Why do you think there are 100 different Monarchist Groups and 100 different Communist Groups? Each has a conflict with the other one! Once a strong powerful group forms, next thing you see is for it to faction and fraction into 20 different groups! And each Faction splits in two! It's like an expanding Molecule or Human Egg! Best Example are Fedayeen and their 20 different factions!

If every Monarchist loves Reza Pahlavi and believes in Constitutional Monarchy and Shahdom, then why the hell, we have 100 Monarchist Groups? I tell you why! Iranian disease that is! Everyone wants to be a Guru, everyone wants to be Mobser to the masses of Gav o Guspand!
They do not have the balls or guts to bring down the Head Honcho and disqualify him (Reza Pahlavi), so they fight amongst each other to be the Neo Bitch boy and the new Tofeyli, so in a way they can pose for the masses and say my Dick is bigger than yours!

Same Shiite with Jebheis! First there was one and now 10 different sub organization factionized out of them!

Jebhe Meli Iran
Jebhe Etehad-e Meli va Mihani Iran
Jebhe Democrative Iran
Jebhe Meli dar Kharej
Jebhe Meli dar Dakhel
Nehzate Azadi
Ayandeh Sazan
Social Democrats
Jebhe Dooli
Jebhe Kachalan-e Qarbi
Jebhe Nimche Kachalan-e Sharqi
Jebhe Shambool-e Babam
Jebhe Choochool-e Nanam
Jebhe Band-e Dool

But these days Jebhe Meli is like Cancer! Everyone distance himself from it! Now, Pan Iranist Party and MPG (Marze Por Gohar) had totally distant themselves from Jebhe Meli.

And then, some are screaming that babam jan, we are not Jebhei, we swear we are not Jebhei! We are an independent party, we are far from Jebhei! Its like Jebhei is a Cuss word and when you call someone Jebhei, its like cussing their mothers and fathers!

Take a look at Farahanipour's Crew and our Buddy Espandyar Irani, you can hear them scream that they are not Mosadeqi and Jebhei! Baba we swear Marze Por Gohar is an independent party and not a faction of Jebhe! At least not now!

How about my buddy Sam Ghandchi's famous statement:
"I am not a Jebhei"!
I am a Futurist Type O Guy!!!

kind of reminds me of the Elephant Man Merrick:
"I am not an Animal, I am a Human Being"!
(Pulling Sam's Short)

So these days, Jebhe or Tudeh are like Gangrene or Gonorrhea and everyone is taking distance from them and announces independence from them! Well, Jebhe is like Syphilis and Tudeh is like Claps!

Back to the subject we go ............ So as you can see, in Iran, "Us The People" are not a Determining Factor and Power to change regime, government, election results and we are unfamiliar with parliamentary system and democracy! "Us The People" are basically consisting of:

a) Gav o Guspand
b) Tofeyli of Mobser

Riding the Wild Wild East and Fantasies of The Iranian Opposition!

In this article, I talk about Iranian versions of:
Don Quixote
Sancho Panza

so go figure!!!!!

So Tofeyli and Gav o Guspandan, in total harmony erect a Thug, named Dictator, Fuhrer, Comrade Chairman, Shah or Ayatollah! This has been the Iranian Way, at least during the last 8000 years! What will the future bring, Allah knows?!

Some Roots of The Iranian Disease:

Cultural Poverty
Lack of Historical Knowledge
Not learning Lessons from the past
Mordab Culture (Admzad)
Shifting Responsibility
Dead Worship
Hero Worship
It's God's will and I am not in charge Syndrome
and most important,
Lack of Education

has caused Iran to be where she is today! We ruled the world once, and now some Arab Half Breed Ayatollah and Gang of Turbaned Gol Kalam Cabbages rule over us! Go figure!

Iranians take no bloody responsibility for anything! 28 years of disaster under Islam! Who is responsible? Everyone is innocent! Jebhe, Tudeh, Muslim, Commies, Meli Mazhabi, Right, Left,
intellectuals, Gav o Guspand, every single one of them, every bloody Iranian is innocent and furthermore a victim! No one is responsible for 1979, it was Allah's Will!

If no one is responsible for this F Up, then what Mother Fragger has committed the 1979? What Son of a Hound Dog committed the 1979? Who was the guilty Mother who done 1979? I guess all Iranians are innocent victims, they been tricked, they were used, and abused and forced to commit 1979 and Frag Iran and switch it into a Shiite Hole!

Now they want Reform, they want Parliamentary System! They want to reform the IRI from the within and they call us "The Revolutionaries", savages and bloodthirsty beasts! I got one word
for these cheese balls:

If you wanted to reform the system, why the hell haven't you stuck with Dr. Bakhtiar on 1979 and try to reform the legal Constitutional Monarchy Regime which was 100 percent more civilized than the Shiite Hole of the Islamic Regime? Why did you pick up an Axe and cut your own roots? Why did you pick up a knife and stabbed your own ass? Why did you abandon Dr. Bakhtiar? Why didn't you Reform Iran then?

You missed your chance to reform a legal civilized regime and now you want to reform Heart of the Global Islamist Terrorism? You want to reform IRI in framework and under the Islamic Structure? Now you want to reform the un-reformable Islam? Why don't you Reform This (I am
pointing at Haji)!? Actually, why Ms. Ebadi, Khatami Jr., Dr. Yazdi and leaders of Jebhe Meli, all and all not joining together and Man-Handle Haji Kuchike! Haji maybe Reformable but IRI is not! I'll give you guys something to Reform! Refrom This!

In 1979, whores like Dr. Sanjabi did not stick with Bakhtiar to Refrom the Constitutional Monarchy, bring Democracy to Iran and Save our nation from becoming a Shiite Hole!

In 2004, and even today in 2006, Mr. Amir Entezam, Mr. Boroumand, Mr. Varjavand and other whores of the opposition, other so called Reformists, other Bastards of Jebhe Meli Iran, other sellouts, other Bitch Boys of Mullahs, want to Reform IRI under the framework of Islam and Islamic Constitution which in itself, does not even recognize Democracy!

After the disaster of 1979 and in the 80s, after Ayatollah Khomeini, Fragged all the Opposition Feeders of 1979 and all the people who brought his Hezbollah to power, and one by one eliminated all the political parties of Iran, after Khomeini picked up the leaders of Jebhe Meli by the tail like Rats and threw them in jail or out of Iran, back then Dr. Fereydoun Farokhzad had a chat with Dr. Sanjabi that it went like this:

Farokhzad: Why have you brought Khomeini to power?
Sanjabi: He tricked us!
Farokhzad: Haven't you known about his agenda, everything was written in his Resale (Book)?
Sanjabi: I haven't read his book!
(experts from the dialogue)

Mr. Sanjabi, you followed Khomeini and dragged illiterate masses of Iran as the head honcho intellectual in to the streets of Iran and destroyed the Imperial Regime and replaced it with a Theocratic Shiite Hole without even reading the book that your Revolution Leader wrote?!

These are Iranian Intellectuals! These are your intellectuals who created 1979! They saw Imam's face in the moon (Mr. Bazargan)!

To Youth of Iran

Youth of Iran, remember these wise words o mine! Every time you see a Kachal Intellectual participant of the 1979 disaster running his mouth, I beg you to get a coke bottle and shove it up their rear and please do it hard and do it all the way without the use of Vaseline! Just stick it to them anywhere that you can find them! Sinful Fathers of 1979 need to be Fragged up the shiiter! So for Allah's sake Do it to them! When you see a Kachal Intellectual, just shove it to them Hard until they bleed!

A Group of opportunist traitor bastards like leaders of Jebhe Meli destroyed Iran on 1979 and now they want to Reform the Islamic Republic! Actually, the only way to deal with these people is to line them next to the wall and shoot them all! Starting from Amir Entezam himself! Well we can't shoot Forouhar, because he is already a Dead Jebhei!

Your leaders and intellectuals are opportunist sellouts.
Your masses are Gav o Guspand Cattle
Your Opposition Heads are Self Centered, empty talkers
Your Government is consisting of Mullah Thieves
You worship a religion (Islam) which destroyed your land, already twice!
You worship an Arab Murderer (Hussein), but you have no idea who the hell your legends were (Rostam Farokhzad)!
Your system is corrupt
You Frag each other in the Shiiter
Brother Frags Brother
70 million thieves are living amongst themselves peacefully and in harmony in a closed eco-system!
The whole system is corrupt, the culture is based on Shiite and Mordab.
You people have been dead for centuries, yet you assume that you are alive!

and you see no need to Educate yourselves to make a Change!
and you wonder why you are doomed?
and you wonder why True Nationalists give up?
and you wonder why the cycle goes on and on.....?
and you wonder why you are going back in time?
and you wonder why you are regressing?
and you wonder why Iranians are doomed?

Yes my friends, The Monitor (Mobser) Factor indeed! Our people do not deserve Democracy, Freedom, Better Lives, and Progress. Our people are children in need of a Mobser and Tofeyli. Our people enjoy being Gav o Guspand (Cows and Sheep), they are used to it! 8000 years, not too long and not long enough!

Look at the bright side:

Well, at least we have some Free Thinkers with something to say and some promising ideas and plans, such as Ghandchi, Taheri and a few others ..........However.........

The last and The only hope for our diseased culture is:

The Moral Revolution

One cannot save the people who do not want to be saved! We have plenty of Doctors and Engineers and Technocrats and Professors and Well Schooled people, but are they Truly Educated?

"Many are Schooled, yet only a few are truly Educated!"

More power to all Freedom Fighters of Iran


Dr. X

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* * *

The Iranian Disease!
Chapter Three: Cure for The Iranian Disease
August 8th, 2004
Revised: November 19, 2006

Scholars, Friends, Fellow Persians, and Comrades:

Greetings to all.

In the past we have talked about:
The Iranian Disease!
The Iranian Disease II - Roots of The Iranian Disease
and now we will discuss
The Iranian Disease III - Cure for The Iranian Disease

I believe the political mood of Iranian politicians and the flame of the Iranian politics havst blown out by the wind of hopelessness, disunity, indifference, stagnation, chaos and vegetation! Iranian Politics in general has come to a halt! Inside or outside Iran, no difference, its all no good and its all dead! It seems like masses have lost their faith in a meaningful Change, simply because Iranian Resistance has no unity, no organization, no power, and certainly no leadership!

So it is not only IPC which has come to stagnation (back then), yet Iranian politicians and Iranian politics as a whole, has come to a halt! Do you remember back then, every 5 minutes, there were 1001 announcements, memos and bulletins coming out of this or that Iranian Opposition or Reformist or Politician's secretariat or office? Now it's every month! Here or there, you hear a silent scream mumbling something, saying something, just so the masses would not think that they are all dead! Once a blue moon, the politicians make some noise, so that the masses will get their hearts warmened and they get assured that Iranian Opposition still exists and it is not a myth!

Oh Lord,

Our preachings has basically been the same as reading chapters of philosophy to a deaf, dumb and blind fellow or the same as preaching Hegel, Nietzsche or Immanuel Kant to a brick wall or a white buffalo, take your pick!

We screamed SOS and we preached about an urgency that our very own Persian Identity, Heritage, Philosophy, Traditions, Culture and lifestyle is about to be extinct and these folks in exile had risen up Reza Pahlavi, Maryam Rajavi or Mosadeq's banners, and then in Disco Tehran in Los Angeles while dancing to the beat of Persian Techno by Andy Pashmak, they cheered for each other's healths!

We screamed our nation is under occupation by the Arabo_Islamic Occupational Government (AIOG) and the enemy has corrupted the foundation of our culture and degenerated our Persian ways from the within, but these people in "Inxile" inside Iran are too busy with their opium dens, vodka parties and sex bashes!

Please observe:

Domestication of Persians

We screamed that as of today, inflation, unemployment, oppression, drugs, corruption, crimes and prostitution has turned our Aryan Nation into a Shiite Hole and Persian Empire has turned to the Islamic Whorehouse of Iran (IWI), and unfortunately our people are too busy banging each other up the shiiter for a fist full of dollars or tooman, and our leaders are damn busy playing with their balls or poonani in DC, Paris or LA, take your picks!

We screamed, the foundation is rotted and it's about to collapse to the ground level and they told us: "Would you prefer rose red or sky blue for painting the exterior walls of the Iranian Culture"?!

We screamed, get ready for the Ending Period to our Glory of the past and they showed us 101 different 24 hours Satellite TVs and Cable Radios full of commercials and no content, Persian Style!

We screamed Survival and they showed new rising Persian Stars of the Dance beat, shaking their Asses and showing their Habibati on video clips!

We screamed HELP and they sang: Chila Bolbol, Chila!

We screamed unity and they sang different tunes.
We screamed corruption and they showed us indifference.
We criticized their Heroes, Gods, Shahs, Presidents, Imams and Reformists, but they bashed us!

Is it any wonder why the masses, intellectuals and the resistance has come to a halt and to a situation of a political indifference?! It is simply a lost cause and a losing battle and a waste of time!

But do they get a clue? Hmmmmmmmmmm! We wonder!

The solution, we brought,

The Moral Revolution

Thus our issue is not a regime change, a coup de tat, a political revolution or coloring the surface without rebuilding of the foundation! Our solution is a major overhaul. Democracy, Secularism and Federalism are nice fairy tales and bedtime stories for our masses, unless we commit to a cultural renovation as we named it the Moral Revolution.

Iranian Culture has been degenerated and infected with Arabo_Islamic Virus and that's why in today's Iran we do not hear of:

Cyrus Cylinder, Darius Inscription, Avesta, Gatha, Shahnameh, or efforts of Reza Khan, yet we hear plenty of:

Ashhado ana Mohammad al Rasul Allah, yahaha yahahaha yaaa haaaa yaaa haaa yahaha....

Coming from every speaker, radio, minaret, mosque, grocery store, street and corner!

We are a tribe whom are about to lose our own identity and cherish and praise their occupying master's identity by becoming their slaves! We enjoy becoming Arabo_Muslim House Niggers and slave Boy Toys!

We have no clue about who the hell was Rostam Farokhzad or Aryo Barzan or Yaqub Leis Saffarid, but we rip our asses apart by screaming and crying and chaining our backs and daggering our heads and bleeding to death on Ashura for some Arab Bandit who banged our mothers, killed our fathers and married 1000 wives, named Hussein!

I do not believe we can call ourselves Persians, any more! We are Arabo_Muslim Bitch Boys and Lap Dogs and our culture, best be ended and destroyed and Persian culture, best be removed from face of the Earth, thus we are not worthy and we are a Wormed Apple with no hope of recovery or salvation.

You best recognize, Persian culture is almost extinct!

We are not a nation. We are a combination of tribes, each waving some dead man's poster in the air, some Shah, some Mosadeq, some Rajavi, some Imam, some Stalin, some Reform and some other posters! Our tribal identity comes first and our Persianhood comes second!

Our Religion comes first and our Persianhood comes second!

Our toy political parties comes first and our Persian Heritage comes next!

Ideology first, Iran second!

Well, practically, the way this is going, get ready to throw a funeral for the Persian Culture, a Democratic Iran and any hope of a bright future for that doomed Shiite Hole will remain a fairy tale!

I am not here to preach, I done that before! I am here to play a bit, thus I believe, life is a game of chess and we are pawns in this game and on the chessboard. I just play my part and I'm here to play a little cause we are way beyond any constructive plans, agenda, unity and renaissance! We been vegetating for 28 years and we will vegetate for at least another 28 years! Any person who truly wanted to Do something for Iran, has violently been isolated and pushed away with a broken heart by the Fat Big Boys, Big Shots of Exclusive LaLa Land Diners Club of the Iranian Wanna be Politicians of DC and LA! It took 70 years for Communism to end in Russia. Islam is much horrifying than Communism and Iranians are much superstitious, illiterate and comfort seeking than Russians! So go figure! Maybe go:
70 x 2 = 140 years for us to End Islam in Iran!

Iranians never commit to a revolution on a hungry stomach (present).
Iranians always commit to a revolution on a full stomach (1979)!

When Iranians are well fed and wealthy, they have nothing to do but to scratch their balls and make leftist, Islamic or any other bull Shiite revolution! One should always keep Iranians hungry and enslaved to control them! This breed must be kept poor, hungry and in chains, so they shut the hell up and remain oppressed! Mullahs are well aware of this fact and that's why they have been successful for the last 28 years!

Alahazrat was a despot but a progressive despot who gave everything to Iran except political freedom and he made Iranians wealthy, but Iranians thanked him by shiiting all over his face! That's Iranians for you!

The problem with Alahazrat was that he was too week and he couldn't kill 10,000 of these Muslim baboons in the streets like sick dogs, to stop the Islamic Revolution!

Personally, I have lost my faith in Iranians and even in humanity, a long time ago!

I was only a 16 year old kid when Shiite dropped all over Iran! Since we were kids, they preached in our ears:

"God, Shah, Nation"

over and over and over .......

Our Motto has turned to Shiite!

God, ended up being a fairy tale and a make believe myth for adults. God has died.

Shah with all his glory, Darbar, Courthouse, Cabinet, Imperial Regime, Persian glory with all its myth went upside down like a toy ship, like a paper plane. Cancer or no cancer, in times of need, Commander in chief, King of Kings, Shahanshah jailed his friend and servant, a true patriot, Amir Abbas Hoveyda (My God Father) and others, then he fled the battlefield, escaped Iran, left all his friends, servants and patriots to die in Iran and jumped ship! Hoveyda became the escape goat for the corruption of the Pahlavi Family and the Leeches around them. After the Islamic takeover of Iran, and after this incident, the heart broken Hoveyda, even though had a chance to leave Iran, yet preferred to stay and clear his name and defend his innocence in a public trial. The fair trial that never happened! In a way Shah caused the death of Hoveyda! This was Shah's way of thanking his comrade, servant and a patriot for decades of sincere work for the nation; however, you will never hear Reza Pahlavi or Monarchists to even talk about these crimes! If Pahlavis treat their friends like this, then how do they treat their enemies?! So the true nationalists of Iran, whom had not stolen a dime, like Hoveyda are 6 feet under, yet certain corrupt and criminal members of the Pahlavi Family and Leeches around them whom stolen billions, are vacationing comfortably and permanently in exile!

In a million years, Reza Khan, Father of Nation would have not abandoned Iran and Iranians, but Alahazrat did! Reza Khan would have never left Iran by will, but British had to kick him out by force. Alahazrat never had his father's guts or balls, just like Reza de Nim Pahlavi doesn't even have a shred of Alahazrat's guts or balls! Balls are the amazing shrinking balls in Pahlavi Dynasty!

The Allahic Virus
This virus is deadly! Once you get infected, it is only a matter of time till you and your whole community turn dead! This virus also causes delusions because you and your whole community may think you are alive, but the truth is that you have been dead for centuries, you just don't know it yet!

Religion and Pahlavis

It is amazing that the least schooled person in the Pahlavi Dynasty (Reza Shah The Great), was the most educated, most intelligent, most secular and the brightest of them all! Reza Khan was the only one whom without any schooling, broke the religious chains of ignorance and superstitions! Reza Khan, Father of Nation, was The True Secular of the Dynasty. Reza Khan often mocked the whole institution of Islam. The rest of the family, including Alahazrat, Empress Farah and Reza Junior were and are superstitious, religious Muslims! How can a Muslim Seyed, Haj Seyed Reza Pahlavi, create a secular democratic regime in Iran?! Alahazrat was a great Nationalist and done many goods for Iran, but that does not change the fact that he left Iran in times of need.

Yes, Shah had abandoned us.

Nation, what nation? Who were these barbarians in the streets who turned Iran to IRI? These faces were not Iranian! They were Palestinians, village Idiots, Filthy Arabo_Muslim and other Mongrel faces or half breeds deeply hidden by Alahazrat with the veil and superficial westernized progressive civilized cover-ups and Make-Ups! Alahazrat showed the civilized face of Iran to the world! Alahazrat had never shown the true barbaric Shiite Savage face of these Mongrels to the world!

Iran was a Pile O Shiite, which Alahazrat covered it up, well hidden inside a golden pot! Once Mullahs came to power and mass murdered and committed genocide by tens of thousands, it was like Mullahs had taken the lead off of the Golden Pot of Iran and the stench of Shiite had hit the world! Islamic Fundamentalism and its creator Ayatollah Khomeini, unveiled! Welcome to seeing the True face of Iran! Bon Appetite world! Eat some fresh Shiite, Iranian style! Would ya?!

So Carter and Democrats erected Khomeini and Khomeini erected Fundamentalist Islam! It is very strange to me to still see some Iranian morons are members of the Democratic Party and rip their asses for Senator Kerry or Mr. Dean! Democrats are the reason that Iran turned to Shiite! To vote for the Democratic Party, by an Iranian American is not only stupidity, yet a crime against Iran. GOP has shown through the years that they are the only ones who would take a half step or a full step towards the prosperity of the Iranian people. Let's just say this much that on 1979, if Nixon or Reagan were in power, the Islamic Revolution would have never happened in Iran. Carter abandoned Shah and crippled Shah with his bull Shiite human rights issue! Carter sang a different tune, every day of the week! Remember The Island of Stability Speech a month before riots? That's how much CIA and Carter were out of touch about the reality of Iranian Politics back then! So my dear Iranian American Democrats, as far as I am concerned, you are either having Shiite for brains or you are receiving your candy from Qom and Tehran, cause Senator Kiri (Kerry), Hillary or Mr. Dean are definitely the candidates of choice for Foreign Leaders (Media)! Foreign Leaders such as Osama Bin Laden, Mullah Omar of Taliban and Imam Khamenei.

Put a Democrat in the White House and that would be the last of any meaningful Change, Hope or Help for the Iranian Resistance. So my dear Iranian American Democrats, keep on massaging Senator Kiri's Schlong or Hillary's Poonani and watch Iran's hopes turn to Shiite or Shamboo (my neo term for the S word)!

Kiri or Hillary would turn the US Policy towards Iran, the same as French Foreign Policy towards Iran! Same as EU, they would rob Iran blind and put Dollars in Mullahs pockets!

Now put GOP once more in the House, and at least you got a half ass hope for a change!

Liberalism is a mental defect and Social Liberals, specifically Iranian Democrats need to be Fragged up the Shiiter with Coke bottles, hard and firm and rough, so they would come back to their senses! Praise Allah!

Sorry, often I get passionate and lose control by escaping to S&M! Dear Me! Sometimes I mix politics with Rough Sex! After all, isn't politics a type of a mental sex game? It definitely gives me an erection!

Yes, my friends, when we were kids, they taught us of God, Shah and Nation!

God Died
Shah Abandoned us.
Nation had turned to Shiite!

I have lost my faith in God, Shah and Nation! I have lost my faith in humanity, specifically Iran and Iranians!

Everything was for show and everything was Bull Shiite! Everything was a facade. The whole Imperial Regime was a paper palace of 1001 night, glorious outside and full of Shiite inside! Same as this regime, same as all superficial regimes, all for show, and nothing basic and fundamental! At least during Imperial Regime, we had prestige and now, well now, we are Shiite!

Roots, foundation, columns, base is rotted and corrupted. You can erect anyone that your heart desires and on to the power, tomorrow you can erect Reza Pahlavi, Maryam Rajavi, Boroumand, Madani, Khatami, Tabarzadi or you can even drag Khajeh Hafez-e Shirazi out of the grave and erect him as the president or maybe you can re-animate and re-assemble Nader Shah Afshar as the Shah; however, once the foundation is full of Shiite, then the regime will end up collapsing and no meaningful change will be possible. Its like you are building a marble tower over Shiite!

First remove the Shiite from our people's brains, the same way that I have been shoveling some tough Shiite out of our people's brains for the last 28 years, and next, erect some Neo Hee-Row as a Shah or President or Fuhrer or Imam or any other Title or position.

First, clean our people's brains and get Shiite back into the toilet and then erect a leader, a party, an organization, and a regime! Educate these people of their true identity and culture. Educate these people of today's human rights and freedoms.

Referendum, Referendum, my sweet ass! Why don't you try to sing:

Intelligence, Intelligence
Open mind, Open mind
Culture, Culture
or maybe
Clean Brain, Clean Brain
Education, Education
or possibly

The Moral Revolution, no?

Iranians Gossip!

Iranians also gossip a lot! Men are worst than women! A High Tech position was offered to me in a Defense Contracting Company, and I had to reject it, because of the Persians' Gossip. The position was in Virginia! So Iranians automatically predicted that I was going to work for CIA! Only after they sang their rhetorics and made a fool of themselves, I told them that the position was a High Tech position in Virginia but not in Langley, Virginia!

Cattle, Fanatics, and 70 million thieves, criminals, hookers, druggies, addicts, charlatans, con artists, bribe takers, corrupts, gangs, petty thieves and bicycle snatchers and other Dayus do not have the comprehension, concept and proper knowledge of even the meaning of the words:

Democracy, Secularism, Federalism, Human Rights, Free Speech, Free Press, Equal Rights for Women, Equal Rights for all Races and Ethnicities, and Civilization!

Cattle comprehends only the Belly and Under Belly!
Cattle wants to put some Kabob in his stomach and bangs some 9 year old and call her a legal wife according to Sharia' of Islam!
Cattle sees someone is bending over and he will stick it to them, no matter if it's his cousin, brother or father! Its a Dog eat Dog world and Cattle must bang cattle to make a profit! Kind o like what Snoop Doggie Dawg does!

Whoof Whoof, Whoop there is, whoop there is ..............!

So please,
Primarily, give these people some brains!
Secondarily, conduct Referendum!

It is amazing how these cheesy Out of Touch Monarchists, Mojaheds, Marxists, Jebhei or Tudehis, scratch their balls behind their comfy office desks on their comfy leather chairs and conduct referendums in DC, Paris, LA and London while Ayatollahs of Tehran laugh and make a joke and mockery of these so called Opposition Leaders in Exile!

Wake up folks, Mullahs are here to stay and you folks in exile are jokes of the neighborhoods in Tehran and Qom! Give it up! Go conduct referendums for your sweet Auntie Big Meme! What Referendum? Imam Khamenei and Ayatollah Rafsanjani are cleaning their anuses with your referendum flyers! You guys are humoring them! Your referendum is putting a smile on their faces and you are the after-dinner humor pieces for Islamic Regime of Tehran! Iranian Opposition Leaders have become jokes and humor pieces and chats for Mullahs after their dinner and while having a cup of tea.

... yes, let's have a cup of tea with sugar cube and mock Iranian Opposition Leaders of LA! Ya Allah!

You can conduct all the referendums that you want in Washington, DC and the Mullahs will conduct a referendum on which of their balls to play with tonight, the left one or the right one! Your Exiled Referendums are equaled to their balls!

Do you want to remove Mullahs? Then its either a bloody revolution or the American Intervention. Both solutions are not possible now, so educate this sleeping herd of dreamers, will ya?!

We conducted many of these online referendums and elections and surveys and you bozos did not even bother to vote! With leaders and activists like yous, no wonder Iranian Opposition is Fragged! The Frag with the Iranian Opposition! Exclude me from being an Iranian!

At 1979, I was a proud Iranian citizen. On January of 1979, I kept my Imperial Birth Certificate and Imperial Passport as souvenirs and refused to change them and to become a citizen of IRI. I am an American citizen until we re-create the country named Iran! Iran has died on 1979. Until then, please exclude me from being one of you bozos! And its pretty obvious that changing IRI to Iran, with what we got, with these masses and with these opposition groups and with these leaders, will take a long long long period of time!

Ahreeman bless thou my children!

They told us:

God, Shah and Nation are in danger! Stay and fight to save them!
We saw, God was dead, Shah had left and Nation was full of Shiite!
The only thing in danger was our Asses!
Everyone had abandoned us, so why would have we stood our ground and fight?
Fight for what?
So we Shiited all over the nation and we fled!
We fled like our Opposition Leaders!
We opened our eyes and suddenly we saw our Gods fled Iran, our Security forces collapsed, everyone got arrested, jailed or fled! What the Frag?! What was there to fight for? What was the Belief to fight for? And then the genocide happened and people were mass eliminated by tens of thousands!

We were kids and were teens as 15 and 16 and 17 years of age. I was 16. But where were the Giant Political, State and Military Giants of Iran when everything had turned to Shiite?! Where was The Shah?

As I have stated, Alahazrat with all his glory, jailed Hoveyda and then escaped Iran in times of need! He abandoned his comrade and he abandoned Iran!

At least Alahazrat done plenty of good for Iran and he was a progressive despot!

Now, many of these cheesy Opposition of so called constitutionalists and other bozos want us to put our hand in the hand of the future Shah or future President or under her skirt and in his pants to show devotion and make "Bey'at"!

Well, folks, once bitten, twice shy!

Been There, done that! And this is exactly how masses of Iran feel! They simply do not trust any of these opposition leaders, may it be Reza Pahlavi, Maryam Rajavi, Marxists, Jebheis or Tudehis or other Dayus!

The Allahic Virus
This is the result and aftermath of the infection via The Allahic Virus! This is what you become and look like, after the infection and the third stage of the disease! A Living Dead, A Zombie, A Brain Dead Muslim on his way to meet his maker "Allah"!

However, we are doomed and cursed to work with this opposition cause that is all we got and as the Persian Expression says:

"Something is better than Nothing!"

So this cheesy opposition is better than no opposition!

Washington - Tehran, Cat and Mouse Games! (Then and Now)

What can we do? So as always we work with all groups and parties and organizations of this opposition and keep our fingers crossed to not get Fragged this time! We hope to accomplish something!

Bathing in Persian Baths!

We really do not know which way to bend over to pick up the soap in the shower! If we bend over with our backs to Tehran, Reformist Mullahs might jump our bones and if we bend over our backs towards DC and LA, Opposition Leaders might give it to us deep! Both groups are having no concept of the Vaseline and they love to stick it to us skin to skin and dry! Its kind of like we are in need of a clean shower to clean up the filth and move forward but we are hesitant to bend over around these good old Persian Boys! And that's exactly how masses of Iran feel towards these Opposition and Reformist Leaders!

But what Can we do? We are of the opposition and we been opposition for 28 years and we are doomed to remain opposition forever! Good or bad, this is all we got, and we must do with what we got! We support all opposition groups and all ideologies. After all, we are all opposition, may it be Monarchist, Republican, Marxist, Mojahed, Nationalist, etc. We are what we are and we are doomed to work together, otherwise, we can not achieve anything!

As I have always said,

"Pick up a pen or a gun and fight the Islamic Republic of Iran and you are my brother and sister."

What can I say? I am too Iranian to be American and too American to be Iranian! I am like a "Two Headed Shiite Stick"! It must have been a curse!

Yes my friends, the cure is The Moral Revolution. Our people are in need of a Moral Revolution, so they can achieve their Cultural Revolution and from there, the Political Revolution to establish a desired Social Revolution. Moral Revolution is the key. On to Chapter 4



Some bum still in search of his home!

Dr. X

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